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32v434t My RCA 32v434t will come on after 10 min of trying if its got a dark background such as blue or Black like the space between commercials and it will stay on unless the picture turns a bright color such as Yellow or White, I had it at the shop 4 or 5 yrs ago after the HV transformer blew they removed the old one put in a new and we got it back home it would come on for bout 15 min didn't matter the color and I took it back and they fixed it had a transformer set wrong, I brought it ho

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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32v434t My RCA 32v434t will come on after 10 min of trying if its got a dark background such as blue or Black like the space between commercials and it will stay on unless the picture turns a bright color such as Yellow or White, I had it at the shop 4 or 5 yrs ago after the HV transformer blew they removed the old one put in a new and we got it back home it would come on for bout 15 min didn't matter the color and I took it back and they fixed it had a transformer set wrong, I brought it ho

... RCA 32V430T 32" TV

LG tv model# 32LC2D has colored vertical lines. Buzzing noise coming from the back(which might be transformer not sure). Power button works on side but menu, volume, and channel do not. What's wrong with it?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Hitachi 43FDX20B's color goes in and out. If I bump the TV the color sometimes comes back on; sometimes it will come back on its own. Also of late there is a blue ghost image to the right, which appears to be a convergence problem. Is this something I can fix myself? How? Thank you

... Hitachi 43FDX20B 43" Rear Projection Television

My television just went off! We tried to turn it back on but it wouldnn't come back oh. Finally the button flashed red like it was trying to come on and we heard 2 or 3 words then that was it.then the blue power button just kept flashing. we like to never got it to turn off. Its a 50" hitachi flat screen plasma model # 50H401A. Someone told us it may be the power supply the power cord plugs into on the back of the TV? TV is 2 years and 5 months old.

For more info on this set please check out http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/hitachi/38229-hitachi-p50h401-le ... Hitachi P50H401 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a 22 inch AOC Envision LCD TV. When I first turn it on, only the top half of the screen displays picture while the bottom half is a gray/black color. If I wait about ten minutes or if I tap on the back of the TV, the picture is completely restored and I can watch everything just fine. However, it is pretty annoying to wait for the picture to come back. Since the picture does come back after a while and looks fine, I don't think I have a broken backlight or anything like that. Also, becaus

There is some loose solder terminals at the vertical scan output section at printed circuit board. If you are handy in electronic circuit boards, loacate the vertical output section, resolder all the suspected solder terminals there. This must sure ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Tv would not come on at first. so would unplug for a little while and then turn back on. would come on eventually but with a messed up screen, green lines, etc. after it warmed up, and you would turn it off during a commercial and back on, it would eventually work its way clear... sometimes immediately.. also would hear noises like... so we took it apart and found pieces of glass in the color wheel. cleaned it all out and it worked perfectly UNTIL one night it made a huge POP and blew the bulb.

... Samsung HL-R6167W 61" HDTV

We had a power outage, a transformer blew across the street last nite in the storm. Our TV was on a surge protector. However now it wont come back on, It shows green light as power is on, but you cant turn it off at power switch or turn it on there. You can shut down the main power switch, but when you turn it back it goes immediately from amber to gree lite but nothing comes on TV. Is there a reset button?

Hi coliver681,\015\012\015\012Do you check the output voltage of your surge protector, if not check it. If you haven't a multimeter, try to plug the unit directly to working wall outlet. Before you plug it to the wall outlet, power on the main ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC HD-ILA HD-61Z575. The color engine was replaced under warranty a few years ago. Recently, I started noticing some color artifacts in the picture... basically in a dark picture, you can notice red, green, or yellow stars randomly on the screen. If I turn the TV off and back on, they usually go away and don't come back until the set has been off for a while. I tried cleaning out the bulb area and that didn't affect the issue. I've also yet to have to replace the bulb in the tv,

I only have bad news for you. This tv uses an engine assembly. It is impossible to replace the color wheel only. The entire assembly is quite expensive and wouldn't be worth replacing for a tv of that age. (By expensive, I mean roughly $400-$600, bef ... JVC HD-56FB97 HDTV

Samsung LE40R7 colors got distorted (they have become electric similar to this example http://vickismithartist.com/images/paintings/azofadifferentcolor2009.png ). Next day they were back to normal, but after ~3 hours working it got distorted again and did not get back to normal. Should I call service or can I fix it myself? Thanks.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung HL85688W DLP TV. Turned on the TV .....channel came on, color is good and audio is fine. Changed channels and found it was only getting 3 channels. Tried changing "source" got black screen until I got back to the 3 channels. Unplugged TV for 50 minutes to let it reset ..........turned back on and have the same problem. What do I try next??

... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

My mitsubishi WS55819 TV will cause the colors to fade out. sometimes the color will come back only to fade back out after a little while.

Rule set in or by seeing if dvd does thi or not ... Mitsubishi WD-57733 57" HDTV

Hi I just got a tv from my friend and when I plug in that color was red mostly red and I try to fix to move the color control on the back but dosent work so now is so blue and I dont know how to put normal colors can any one can help me?

... Philips 55PW9363 55" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My tv and satellite box got struck by lighting and now the tv will only come on by the remote and the sound turns all the way down and I have to press the bottons on the side from bottom to top to get it to change back to tv mode then can turn it back to hdmi component then will let me turn the sound back up

The fact that the TV comes on tells me that more than likely the surge came on through the video cable. Without looking at the TV sounds like a main board issue. I recommend having a qualified technician check it out. ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Color problems the coloring is off and espically the color red won't come back clearly

... Sony Bravia Kdl-46ex500 1080p 120hz 46-inch Lcd Hd Tv

Hl72a650 Hi I have a Samsung hl72a650. Replaced lamp a year ago. Tv suddenly one day started to shut itself off and back on again. I have tried everything else I have researched online. Took lamp out and back in several times. When the tv comes on the picture is very bright and clear then suddenly the picture begins to loose color and shuts off and back on several times untill all 3 lights start blinking. I also started the tv with mute 182 power and selected options clear lamp, reset user setti

Color wheel issues replace light engine ... Projection Televisions

I cleaned out my Samsung hl-s6187w and put everything back together and now it doesn't turn on. It makes a beeping noise like fast morse code and keeps cycling the power trying to turn on. The ballast gets about 270v from the power board, but the lamp never comes on. Could it be the ballast or the dmd board causing the problem? I can hear the color wheel spool up, but the beeping isn't consistent to be the color wheel.

Tv projection lamp inside the tv less than 2 years or so?Yes than the tv projection Lamp is good.You have this tv like 3 or 4 years already?The tv colors wheel even have been replace at leat once?No the tv probally require replacing the colors wheel ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

TV: Aquos SHARP LC-42BT10U When you plug the unit in, the power light comes on. After a few seconds, you then hear a click. Next, the power and the OCR lights blink simultaneously twice and then the OCR light blinks 3 times. When I put the TV in service mode, The screen gives me a small multi colored band from left to right that will fade after a few minutes. If I turn off the TV and put it back into service mode again, the color band moves to a different place. I am trying to fi

... Sharp LC-42D72U Television

I just bought a 32 inch toshiba flat screen. When I hook up the DVD player and Wii game sysytem its in black and white.I got the color to work once, but then the next time I put it on it was black and white, and i cant get it back to color again.

Is the scart cable in correctly?is it damaged?maybe the scart input faulty? ... Toshiba 32AV700 32 inch Multi System LCD TV

My 35in rca tv won't come on. model # f35100st just stopped working. I turned it off and went to visit my mom for a few hours. when i got back and tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't do or say anything. it's completely dead. no lighst or sounds

... RCA F36669 36" TV

50" LG Plasma TV started flashing and colors are distorted after TV is on for awhile. If I turn the TV off for a bit and turn it back on it goes away after a minute, but then comes back after awhile

... LG 50PG20 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Tv gets light blueand stays that way...comes back to perfect color the back to blue X-RAy looking it is a samsung pcl545r

Behind the screen, there are three color tubes: Red Green and Blue.Unfortunately, rear projection screens often have these problems and the tubes do go out after extended use.Take the television to a TV Repair shop to have thi ... Samsung PCL545R 54" Rear Projection Television

Looses color after playing for short time. color comes back after turning off for awhile

First see if it does this with a DVD etc connected--rules some things in and out.Most of these have two resets, the soft and the hard-----if it has the soft with the Mitsubishi remote: (set on) Menu, 1,2,3 enter.I would not do the r ... Mitsubishi WD-73732 73" Television

I have a Samsung hlp5063w dlp tv. 1- loud buzzing noise coming from the left side of the set (looking from the front). When I tap it the noise tends to go away and come back. So I'm thinking it's the cooling fan for the lamp which I just replaced. Would the color wheel act like that when I'm tapping the side of the tv? The picture is beautiful and there are no problems there. 2- If its the cooling fan, how do I replace it?

It is much more likely considering all these the wheel fails to be your issue.The problem is often described as a fan like or high pitched sound which since the motor on the wheel turns at over 12,000 rpm is likely to be the cause.Hin ... Samsung Projection Televisions

My screen is tinted red and the picture is very dim. The menu of colors says that it's balanced. I tried increasing and decreasing the color and brightness but it didn't change. Please tell me what to do. I did have the TV fixed last year due to the picture shrinking, disappearing and coming back and ended up with a great picture but now it's doing something else. What should I do?

A common problem on these sets you will need to have or do the liquid kits in each tube most commonly blue and green but while there do the red it will look better \012or contact a local servicer about a est for doing so average cost to do th ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

Olevia 242-T11 won't power up. A few days before, it started by just not having sound. Continual off and on finally got sound, but after a couple of days of that, it won't come on at all. Unplugged for reset - when plug back in, blue light comes on for just a second and goes out. I'm suspecting the power supply. Is that a common problem?

Go to Amazon the kid for repair is less 20 usd Olivia 242fhd-t11 ... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

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