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The tv menu screen keeps popping on and off when watching TV. Sometimes the sound volume control screen will appear but you cannot control the volume. The set is only 4 months old.

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It should be under warranty still but if not and menu comes up on its own I would suspect a problem with the keyboard where the buttons are---they may look and feel fine but they usually are the cause of this kind of problem----In several cases I have had to remove individual micro switches under the buttons to confirm or deny this---if for example menu is disabled by removal of that switch (not the plastic button but the switch under it) then the set can be operated with the remote-----I would see about getting it fixed/replaced even if just out of warranty.

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The tv menu screen keeps popping on and off when watching TV. Sometimes the sound volume control screen will appear but you cannot control the volume. The set is only 4 months old.

It should be under warranty still but if not and menu comes up on its own I would suspect a problem with the keyboard where the buttons are---they may look and feel fine but they usually are the cause of this kind of problem----In several cases I hav ... RCA 32" LED HDTV LED32B30RQ - ON Corp US, Inc

Set comes on with a blue screen with retrace lines,then shuts down. Turned down screen control on flyback, set stays on cannot control brill

The set is shutting down because the picture tube is been over driven, it is most likely the picture tube has a short in the blue gun, turning down the screen control drops the voltage to a safer level. The only other possibility is a short video dri ... Sony KV-32S40 32" TV

Menu controls I have a 22" Luxor 22-860-cob television. Recently when I turned my Xbox on, the screen displayed in black and white. I have had this issue before and managed to deal with it by changing the PAL settings in the TV menu. However since then I have broken the Luxor remote and I am using a top up tv remote instead. When I am trying to change the PAL settings this time, I can access the menu but cannot scroll through it or change the settings. Is there a way I can control the menu using

Can please help ive a 32 luxor tv which has lost vol and need reseting to get vol working but not got pin number ... Flat Panel Televisions

I cannot access the "Tint" on the menu screen and therefore the colour is not working - I have looked at the set with color off to zero and still cannot cursor to the tint screen - what can I do - TV is only 2 years old

... Seiki SC221FS 22 Class LCD HDTV

I'm not sure of the model # but I have a 42" lg flat screen hdtv. Just recently the screen went blank. By blank I mean the tv is on, the power light says so, but the screen is a cloudy blue and the remote control will not function. I cannot shut off or turn it on with the remote and the channel do not work with the remote or directly on the console. It's like it just froze. Is this common? is there anything I am missing( reset button? a restart sequence?) Please help. This tv is only 4 yrs old

Well first 4 yaers old is sadly quite old these days.The first thing to do is to contact the LG support service. It might be difficult to find someone really competent on the phone, but if you do find one, they are usually helpfull. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

We have a ALBA flat screen 42", just 1yrs old. recently. problems are: set to record a problem it will record but when you go to see the programme you get a blank screen it is saying 'viewed' and we cannot rewinde this has happened 2. While watching a programme the screen will go blue for a few seconds then continue with theprogramme, this will happend right through a programme. The 3rd problem is the sound will just go off you can watch but no sound will be there? I do hope you

... Albatron LNX-21TIS-3 Television

I am using the tv in the RGB-PC input mode. The display picture is off set and I cannot find a control to walk the picture back into the screen like they have on regular moniters. Is there such a control?

It should have an auto adjust built into the set. If you are using it as a pc monitor, you need to make the adjustments yourself on the PC. ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

Hi. My Sony KDL32EX400 started to have unusual problems few months ago. Channel, volume, menu, setting, controls stop functioning. (The little green led is flashing when trying to switch channels or control volume, but nothing else happens.) The only function works is the power. After I turn it off it shuts off but sound remains for another 30-40 seconds. Also sometimes display info remains on screen after TV turned on then the same problem happens, as mentioned above. I have to note that it do

Hi,Does Standby light flash/ blink on tv when it does not show picture or any display in screen?If standby light blinks, please count how many times it blinks after three seconds long pause to diagnose possible problem in tv.And if ... Flat Panel Televisions

After 30 minutes or so of being on and watchin tv, the screen flashes black, then turns black. The sound stays on, it just loses the picture. The tv is 14 months old, and I have it set up as 24 months same as cash, which im not happy with now. So im paying for tv that doesnt work.

... Samsung LN46B630 LCD TV

My tv brand is Vivo I got it from Australia about a month ago. Its 50" Plasma tv with HD Tuner. The menu setting and the source selection menu keep popping up on the screen and then it just change to different channels by itself like someone is controlling the remote control. This has been happening for almost weeks now. I turned off the power and unplugged the tv from the power source for a day and turned it on again but it gets normal for about 10 minutes and then the problem starts to occur

... Philips 50PF7320A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

My lc320slx is about a yr old and two days ago we were sitting watching tv and all of a sudden the channels started rsndomly changing, I thought something was on the remote control but there was nothing. Then the set up screen kept flashing on th screen an randomly moving all around, and now the vol. randomly comes on and goes all the way up and the back down to zero. What is up with this tv? pls help

The control on the television itself is probably dirty or malfunctioning. Unplug the television and remove the back. Find the board underneath the buttons on the TV and gently clean off any dirt using rubbing alneeded and cotton swabs if needed. ... Sylvania LC320SLX 32 in. LCD TV

While watching TV - I heard a slight click noise in the remote and the screen color immediately changed color to predominately green ( still see blues and yellow) but red spectrum is not working ?? I have played with color/tint/contrast settings and still cannot get back to the red tones ??? Tv is maybe 5-7 years old ( not a flat screen) and it has never given us any trouble before this???

U have all the tools and can u also do basic soldering?Tv might have cold sodering joints on the CRT video board socket that connected video board and the CRT tube together.Must take tv aparts and resolders all the CRT holes sockets of the video boa ... Toshiba 32A33 32" TV

I have an old Global 4 remote control (2002). I had recently and successfully tuned it into my SilverCrest CT 2105-A television set. I do not know the code, so I followed the unknown code-scanning procedure. At some point, after 2 months approximately, it lost communication with my TV. I reestablished communication, as above, but it operates on my TV from a distance of only 10 cm and no further away. I have tried the following: (i) using new batteries. This showed no improvement. (ii) pr

... Flat Panel Televisions

1991 CS3515R has vertical instability. (picture often flips vertically. Seems worse when there is more light color on the screen. I remember old sets that had horrizontal and vertical stability controls. This does not. Anything I can do that would be cost effective? Otherwise it gets a beautiful picture.

By stability control do you mean the V-hold knob inside the tv? If not then the only way to fix this is to find the source of the fault in the deflection circuits. Be wary that this is a high voltage circuit and should not be handled unless you have ... Mitsubishi CS-35503 TV

Hi, All functionsof my westpoint television are locked(lock symbol on screen) Cannot access the menu,sound etc. Set can only be switched on manually or via remote control

All sets with the lock feature have a way to unlock either with or without the remote--called a default code or method.Look first to the owner manual as it may be there, failing there contact the maker with the model number for assistance. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My LG Flatron M2262D, about six months old, stopped working with the on screen message 'check signal cable'. I checked it by using it on another set, and it is perfect. Any ideas?

Check out the menu used to manage your inputs. It sounds like the TV is looking for an input in the wrong location. The signal may be coming in on HDMI port 1 for instance but the TV is monitoring and expecting the signal to be on HDMI port 2. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have 40" Sansui TV and cannot get signal for dtv channels. TV is only about 7 months old so it should have dtv converter built in but I am not sure. It has dtv in the menu but skips over it when scrolling with arrows to try to set tv. Does this mean it does not have converter built in?

... SansuiS3275 TV

While re-setting the Display function it was accidently set for PAL viewing instead of NTSC. The image is now rolling vertically on the NTSC TV screen. Now, I cannot re-set the display functions because I cannot view the steps while the screen is unreadable. The manual does not supply a step-by-step link. Unplugging the player does not help. Inserting a standard NTSC DVD does not help. The menu cannot be viewed in order to clear it. Help!

Hi hrosenelp,\015\012\015\012There's no other way to get it back to NTSC mode but to access the set-up. Your digital camera will help you see it clearly. While in the set-up mode, take a picture of the screen(TV) for every command that you will ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo led-lcd model 46xr10fh tv. have no remote control. touch controls will only active the screen. Cannot active any other controls by the use of screen touch . Do I have to have a remote to activat

... Flat Panel Televisions

I had sound but no picture on my Element Electronic FLX 3211B LCD Television Set. I replaced two capacitors, and now I have lit screen by turning on the tv on the side panel. Remote does not control the tv and no indicator light are on. But the tv screen is lit. the indicator light and the remote controlling the set may be the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

You might have bad capacitors still that you cannot see. The only way to be sure is with an ESR meter. Check all the connections on the boards again to be sure that the sensor for the remote did not come off. ... Element Electronics FLX-3211B 32 in. LCD HDTV

My 24SL410U Toshiba flat screen only has a black screen, no sound, green power light comes on and that is all it is only 7 months old and worked fine then just went out. None of the other buttons work

... Toshiba 24SL410U LCD TV

Sony 52S5100, cannot set to normal screen, cannot see hockey score or time left on screen, normal sellection is greyed out

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52S5100 52 in. LCD HDTV

Dlp sony television model kds50a2000-the screen is green.you still have a good picture. The older projection tv's you had a screen control to adjust each individual color...I would be increasing the red and blue screen controls to get a white bal. These newer sets don't have that?. I heard that the complete light engine assy has to be replaced. Is this true?.

Hi,Yes, I'm afraid it is problem of light engine that will be replaced to solve green tint in picture.KDF-50A2000 is 3 LCD rear projection tv and light engine replacement is only solution.Thanks. ... Sony KDS-50A2000 50" HDTV

Under screen settings, it is stuck on PC settings and i cannot play my games. cause the screen size are messed up.

L would contact (listed here as a Sony) customer service to see if a reset is available that will set all back to default......... ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52W4100 52 in. LCD HDTV

The remote control does not workand the tv works manualy but the settings are not in order ie channels have not been set correctly,but they cannot be re set manualy

To reset and arrange channels in the order, you must have its remote control. Check whether the remote control emits infrared emission. Check it with fresh batteries. Clean the battery contacts inside it batter compartment. If these contacts have ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

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