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When having the back panel removed You can see the three Bulbs. When I turn on the TV the red and green flicker then shut off but the blue stays on for several seconds and then it to shuts off Then I get a code of seven blanks on standby what could this be pleas help not my tv And I think I'm in trouble.

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If you wish to get more details, surf the following\012link. There are over two thousand and\012four hundred posts. All are related to\012television and other domestic electronic equipment service help. You can get a solution there. Type in the\012brand name to your device to its search box, can be located at the top right of\012the display window. It will make search\012easy. More than Nine Lakh viewers\012cannot be wrong. Blinking codes to many brand TVs are described in detail. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/

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When having the back panel removed You can see the three Bulbs. When I turn on the TV the red and green flicker then shut off but the blue stays on for several seconds and then it to shuts off Then I get a code of seven blanks on standby what could this be pleas help not my tv And I think I'm in trouble.

If you wish to get more details, surf the following\012link. There are over two thousand and\012four hundred posts. All are related to\012television and other domestic electronic equipment service help. You can get a solution there. Type in the\01 ... Projection Televisions

Replacing light fan on Mitsubishi WD-Y65 after getting error code 42. I had gotten the good old "TV will shut down in a few seconds. Please check if the air flow is blocked," message a few weeks back and the TV shut down. Called Mitsubishi and they sent out a replacement thermal sensor under the recall. A week later a tech showed up, replaced the part, and the TV would not fire back up. The tech left saying he needed to check some things back at the office and would get back with us. He could n

... Mitsubishi WD-Y65 65" HDTV

Panasonic PT-60LC-14 Getting the 1 orange flash every 5 seconds code at random times. This code says fan stopped. I cleaned all 3 fans and filters I could find...bulb is only 300 hrs old. Tv had shut off again (with same orange code) while I happened to have the back still removed and all 3 fans still running. Can someone help??

... Panasonic Projection Televisions

I turn tv on, the status light flash really fast continous, screen slowly starts to light up . I can see it getting brighter, the introduction screem Mitsubishi Electric Welcome screen displays, green light still flashing and then screen shuts off green light continue to flash for a few second then stops and tv is has shutdown. The process is about 30 to 35 seconds. scince 1/24/11 Tv has been starting up this way, but it would eventually turn on after several attemps. Know on 1/28/11 Tv would no

... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

Turn tv on, green light flashes several times, blue Mitsubishi screen for several seconds, then shuts down. No error code. Help

... Mitsubishi WD-65C9 65" DLP HDTV

Tv turns on with solid green light for about 4 seconds and then shuts down. Can hear relay working correctly. Checking error codes I get "21" 5 times - xray protection circuit. Have opened back and see no visible signs of damage on main board. No leaky electrolytics or burns. No bad smell.rn Have all service manuals

"21" 5 times - xray protection circuit is activated for some reason. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Hello, I have a Toshiba 57H84R rear projection tv that has developed a problem. Occasionally the screen would turn bright blue for a couple of seconds and then go blank (dark screen, like it had shut off). The red power button would go from a steady red light to blinking continuously and would have to be unplugged, then plugged back in to get it to come on again. One time it did this, there was a bright blue circle in the center of the screen and now there is a permanent yellow spot in the cente

I am 100% sure that this is not an issue with the CRT board(the tiny board attached behind the CRT's in this case the blue CRT). The problem is usually caused due to failure of high value resistors 500K-ohm or higher. Do you have an ohom-meter and kn ... Toshiba 57H84 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My TV has been having a shacky picture when it first turns on for a few minutes, then clears up. the other day after using the TV for most of the day, it shut off unexpectidly, and now it will turn on and shut off after about 5 seconds, then must be unplugged to turn on again, then again only will stay on for a few seconds. what could cause this, and is it worth trying to get fixed?

1. YOUR flyback is going bad 2. Peform a removal and replacement 3. check your error codes first to ensue nothing else exists 4. Proceed to change out the required parts 5. Observe all electrical risks 6. Order replacements from jimmyparts.com ... Panasonic PT-47WX49 47" Rear Projection Television

TH50PZ80U two blinking lights when attempting to power on, if power button is pushed and held for several seconds after initial turn on blink code turns to ten.

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Projection Televisions

Have a Mitsubishi Model WS-55311 TV that shuts off about 5 minutes after i turn it on...I pushed the Menu and Input button for 5 seconds and got the 1 Blink pause 2 Blinks code

... Mitsubishi WS-55311 55" Rear Projection Television

When I shut the TV off with the remote, in a few seconds it comes on again by itself. I can get it to a dimmly lit screen but it does not shut down completly. What to do?

... Dynex DXR24TV 24" TV

Hi I have a sharp 27H S60, has worked fine for many years. Now, I get fine sound but no picture. When it is first turned on I get a thick white line in the center of the screen for a second, then it is just blank.

The problem is a vertical deflection issue, it means the picture from top to bottom has collapsed. The set will require two or three capacitors and an ic and it is quite fixable. ... Sharp 27H-S60 TV

My rca HD52W59 shut itself off; i can power it on and i get a few seconds of audio, but no picture, then it shuts off. The green power light does not blink any sequences

This may be an indication that your H.O.T 'High Output Transistor' that is the main transistor that supplies the High Voltage to the 3 CRT's when the TV starts up. Just a thought. ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

Tv wouldn't turn on. green light would flash, sometimes would get "welcome" screen for 10 secs then would shut down. Now after trying to get to turn on several times, goes to "welcome" screen and won't turn off until holding power button for 10 secs to reset.

What kind of TV is it? ... Flat Panel Televisions

I got a Sony Bravia KDL-40WL135. Blank screen. There's two LED lights: red standby and green power light. When I turn on the TV, green led comes on, then after about 30 seconds red led blinks once, then green resumes. The green led stays solid. I think that's a SONY error code, I tried to look it up but can't find anything useful. I have replaced the power supply, AU board, backlight inverter, logical board, and the second power supply board. Any suggestions? I haven't checked the t-con bo

Http://www.smpcshop.com/KDL-40WL135-KDL-46WL135-p-8895.html\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Above is a link for a service manual.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a problem regarding WS-65413 Mitsubishi Rear Projection television. When I turn on the tv, it the green "on" light only stays on for a few seconds, and then turns off. When I press the menu and device buttons simultaneously, I get error code 23. Is this problem user-fixable, or is it time to get a new tv?

On this set, error code 23 means "Deflection Failure". The deflection circuit is the high-voltage circuit that powers the CRTs. Usuall faults in this circuit are malfunctioning Horizontal/Vertical deflection ICs, failed HOT or VOT(Horizontal output t ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an RCA 32LA30rqd TV/DVD combo unit. It is just over two years old and now shuts itself off after only a few seconds of operation. If I unplug the set and re-plug it in, it does the same thing. I did get picture and sound for a few minutes when the problem first started, but now it shuts off almost immediately. What could be wrong with the set? Thanks for any advise.

... RCA 32LA30RQD TV

When i turn on My LG plasma TV from a cold start (almost 20hrs from the last time i watched it) it will shut off and turn on several times for 5-10min. each time it turns on, it may stay on for a few seconds, but will shut off again. After that, it will turn on and stay on and work just fine.

Hi fssidhom,\012\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section, that's why you encountered the start-up problem. The very\012common caused of this fault is th ... LG 50PG20 50 in. Plasma HDTV

My tv worked great then while watching it it stared to get lines through the picture then it just shut off and now when you try to turn it on it just shuts back off within 5 seconds

Amiepoole1,\012\012You have a bad main board. It is not currently available on any of the websites I use for parts. You can go to http://www.emcompass.com and put in a ... Daewoo DSJ-5510CRA 55" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Samsung HLR5067wx/xaa - My says we had a power surge today and the tv turned off. After that, it will not turn on. Press the power button and the greens lights flash on the front for a few seconds then it shuts off. Never get any picture or sound. Any ideas? I don't want ot just go out and buy parts without a clear plan. A bulb sure, but I get no sound either.

It may be the blue switch on the inside remove the small plate covering the lamp and tape the buttton down its on the bottom rigth hand corner ... Samsung HLR5067WX 50" Rear Projection HDTV

Daewoo tv is 7 yrs old. Problem started yesterday. when i switch it on, red light on TV comes on, blank screen. I press the on/off key on the remote, red light on TV turns green, I get picture for 3 seconds, then blank screen and light on TV turns red. Have to start again, same result. What is problem? Worth having repaired?

... Daewoo DTQ-14N2FC 13" TV

I have a sch-u820 & for no reason the phone will get extremly hot, I don't have the charger plugged in when this happens. When the phone heats up, it will shut off and blank out all of the screen savers. This happens at randmo times, and sometimes if I am trying to text, it will just shut down on me. This has been going on for 3 or so months. This is the only issue I have had with the phone, Has this happened to others?

Sounds like a defective battery. should have returned it right away, Im sure your 90 day warrenty is up. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Powers up then I get a blue screen that says no signal and it shuts right off in 3 seconds

Power supply regulator fault. Repalce the power supply regulator board. ... Vizio VW42LF 42 in. LCD HDTV

Getting a message that hdmi is blocked?????and have several blinking amber/green light turns red and tv shuts off....help please WD-65737

Hello!Please, read my previous solution for WD-65.....you'll find the answer to your questions.good luck,thanks,Alex. ... Mitsubishi WD Projection Televisions

No sound at all on Mitsubishi LT-52151. Fixed before by unplugging, waiting 30 seconds, plugging back in. Was occurring more and more often to the point of having to do this every time I would turn it on. Have let it go several minutes and tried plugging it back in. Nothing getting the sound back this time.

Just fixed this on my TV today! (after 2 months of the sound intermittently failing to turn on and failing completely yesterday) Go to Mitsubishi-tv.com. Go to support. Enter your model number. You will be directed to the documentation for your model ... Mitsubishi LT-52151 52 in. LCD HDTV

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