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Replaced bulb for a PT-50LC14...worked great til I turned TV on then click off 25 seconds after. 3 hrs later...turned it on and nothing except 8 green blinks on power button then solid red(shuts off) No warm up no picture...nothing except for the 8 green blinking...anyone know...please help

Answers :

Remove lamp to see if it was not inserted correctly (easy mistake to make) and also make sure door on lamp was closed securely--a safety lever there will prevent set from working if door not engaging the lever.

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Replaced bulb for a PT-50LC14...worked great til I turned TV on then click off 25 seconds after. 3 hrs later...turned it on and nothing except 8 green blinks on power button then solid red(shuts off) No warm up no picture...nothing except for the 8 green blinking...anyone know...please help

Remove lamp to see if it was not inserted correctly (easy mistake to make) and also make sure door on lamp was closed securely--a safety lever there will prevent set from working if door not engaging the lever. ... Projection Televisions

Recently my benq mp620p projector stop working. When I connect the power cord the power button lights up green and the power led orange as usually. When I push the power button, it starts to blink in green, the filter wheel starts to spin and the lamp starts to warm up with some light comming out. Few seconds after, the fans start, the power led becomes solid green and the lamps goes of. I can't do anything else since that other than unplug the power cord. No response to any button. Any help?

I'm assuming that you have checked the bulb and it appears ok. Either the inverter/ ballast board has a fault or , much more likely, the control board is no longer capable of finishing the loading of the firmware. This is usually caused by the failur ... Flat Panel Televisions

I've replaced the lamp for my panasonic 50DL54J. When i try to turn the tv on, the power button blinks green, then turns yellow, then the lamp red light blinks..and turns off. Can you please help?

Some times when the lamp is not sitting in place it will give you this problem. removed the lamp, put it back and make sure it goes all the way in. close the door and attach screws if any. remember if the lamp door is not close, your tv will not t ... Panasonic PT-50DL54 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have an LG 50pc3d plasma tv. I recently turned on my tv and it made a pop and then I had sound and then no picture. I have read on here to look for puffed up capacitors on the power supply and I found several and replaced them, still have the same issues. I have noticed when I turn on the TV that the power lite blinks green 4 times and then stays solid... Thanks for any help

Check for defective component part at the z and y sustain board. ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 730mv 17' Monitor. It's been sitting for nearly a year. After charging it, the power button does not turn on the monitor. I've pressed the Menu button & the Power button to get a reponse of a blinking green light [3 blinks] yet it will not power on when the Power button is pressed. Any ideas on what is going on??? I am not computer Savvy' [The result I'm looking for is to utilize the monitor with my Asus laptop.] -Ty for reading'

... Samsung SyncMaster 730MW (Silver) 17 in. HDTV-Ready LCD Television

I have a Sony Wega KDF-E55A20 rear projection LCD TV. The screen stays black when pressing the Power On button. When the Power on button is pressed, a GREEN blinking light (5th light in a row of 5) comes on and blinks about 58 times, along with an intermittent "popping static" noise. It then goes to a STEADY RED accompanied by the 2nd light in the row of 5, BLINKING RED. It continues like this until I unplug the power cord. It will do the same thing if I plug it back in an press the Power On but

It sounds that the SCL ' SDA signal path has some short. You must have thorough knowledge in electronics to follow. Checking I2C bus signals is a skilled work. If you wish to get more details, ... Sony KDF-E55A20

Sony kdf-e42a10 green light blinking, followed by solid red lamp light - tv will not respond to power button

Follow instructions in owner manual and remove and inspect lamp to see if shattered inside.Most of these sets have a 2,000 hour life span on the lamp which is customer replaceable. ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

I hav an LC AQUOS TV Model Number LC-C3234U..The power button keeps going off and blinking green..tried holding power button down but it comes on yellow and then goes to sleep blinking green again..wh

These blinks are fault indications. Count the number of blinks occurs at one time switch on, and check this link for details. The link contains the blinking cod ... Sharp Aquos LC-C3234U 32 in. LCD TV

Push power button green light flashes several times then goes solid red for about 3 seconds but tv does not come on we unplugged for 30 mins did not help

My friend always left their LCD on and the TV did the same thing the main board inside needed to be replaced call service provider. ... Emerson LC320EM9 32 in. LCD HDTV

There are two green lights blinking at the bottom of the tv. where the power light is..i believe it's the opc lights. the tv shuts of it self and the two lil green light blink...we put the tv power button back on and it works fine for like 5 min then shuts off again with the green lights blinking.

The tv main logic board known as a tv Tuner signal board it is the causes and the problems.The tv main logic board,the tv Tuner signal board it is shorted and not taking in and sustance power from the tv power supply board anymore that why tv Power a ... Sharp Aquos LC-52SE94U 52 in. LCD HDTV

Have a lg 20ls7d 20 in.power problem .theres power to the tv.the red light in frontis in .i hit the power button on top green light comes on then blinks 5 times screen cums in or a second then goes off.so does the green light .but the power light in the front wont come back on unless i hit the power button on top again.like i was turning the unit off.any ideas?

... LG RE-20LA70 20 in. Analog TV LCD Television

I have a sharp aquos lc-c5277un. Both the power and OPC lights together blink twice. I tried unplugging it, holding down the volume up and channel down buttons while plugging it in. That left me with a solid power light on. I pushed the power button to turn it off and it turned off. Pushed it again to turn it on. It turned on and worked. 10 minutes or so later I heard a pop sound and the lights started blinking as before. This loop has played out three times. Is this the power board or

... Flat Panel Televisions

Rca 52w67 power button blinks three times then goes off or hold power button in the blinks once then a short pause then blinks 9 times. Could you help with this?

... RCA Projection Televisions

My emerson lc320em1f tv will not show a picture here is what it does with multiple times of hitting the power button....please help...thank you

... Emerson Flat Panel Televisions

I got a Sony Bravia KDL-40WL135. Blank screen. There's two LED lights: red standby and green power light. When I turn on the TV, green led comes on, then after about 30 seconds red led blinks once, then green resumes. The green led stays solid. I think that's a SONY error code, I tried to look it up but can't find anything useful. I have replaced the power supply, AU board, backlight inverter, logical board, and the second power supply board. Any suggestions? I haven't checked the t-con bo

Http://www.smpcshop.com/KDL-40WL135-KDL-46WL135-p-8895.html\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Above is a link for a service manual.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV not turning on. When trying to switch on TV - light on power button on TV goes green; hear buzzing noise over speaker for few seconds and the green light on power button goes away. TV not turning on. Any help is greatly appreciated

Replace the deflection board. You can get deflection boards from www.tvrepairworld.com for your model. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Toshiba 62hm15 . we lost power, then the tv had blinking red & green blinking, ordered new lamp, still no results, still blinking, help!!!!

... Toshiba 62HM15 62" Television

ViewSonic PJ503D Power light flashes orange, lamp light solid red. It starts powering up, the power light flashes yellow for a minute, then green for a minute, then flashes yellow again with the lamp light solid red, before powering down. The lamp has at least 50% of its life left. I pulled the lamp and made sure the filaments were intact. Any help would be much appreciated!

... Projection Televisions

My panasonic th-42pwd8uk tv wont power on. When I press power it clicks to turn on then clicks again and the screen never shows up. No red lights no blinking lights just a solid green light.

Check the capacitors and replace the power components. It is an easy fix if handy with soldering electronics. Tv Repairman may charge less than $100.00 bucks to fix it !Good luck ... Panasonic TH-42PWD8UK 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma Television

My panasonic flat panel tv with model no. TH-L32c20x has a power problem.. i push the manual button on tv side,the red light is on..then second is the remote power,the green light come and blinking 20 times,then turn to red light blinking slowly, the power not goes in, i unplug and plug again,try the same way its not working..

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

The tv just turned off on its own this morning and will not power back on...the power button is blinking 3 times when we push the power button..either manually on the front of the tv or thru the remote ..please help

3 Blinks means Convergence -replace Both STK ICs they are big black ICs and will have Part number on them STK392-110 Mats Electronics sales ICs 1-800-628-1118 ... Panasonic PT-51HX42 51" Rear Projection Television

I borrowed a Sharp projector PG-M20X. When connected, the Power indicator (red light) is blinking but when I push on the button, nothing happens. Normally, shoud the power inidcator blink or not ? Does the blinking indicates some special condition. I have read the troubleshooting section of the operational manual and it is of no help. Thank you.

Red light blinking genreally indicates a problem with the bulb or the fan ... Sharp LC65D64U 65 in. LCD TV

Hi, i got samsung dlp tv m# HL-P5063W.i changed lamp,ballest,collerwheel,and lamp door cover sensor. but tv still doesnt come on.once you plug in the power cord green lamp sign blinks 35 times then cutts off and one time stand by red light blinks,then green lamp starts blinking again. lamp never gets come on. please help.

Seemed like it is a problem with the power supply circuit. Check the circuit where the power chord is connected internally to the TV. You should see capacitors. Check for swollen or leaking ones that may need replacing. Check also for burnt compo ... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv aquos sharp LC 32L400M problem is power onl blink green suddenly is green and no power,,,help me to this problem,,,thank you more power

... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

My magnavox power button is blinking green and wont power on

Sounds like a power supply issue very famous for bad power supply replacement power boards are available from www.tvcircuitboards.com ... Philips Magnavox 42MF521D/37 Television

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