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Techwood 40940fhddigital Television, switch on problem. When I switch it on at the plug socket, an amber light flashes on the front of the set and until it stops flashing i cannot get it to switch on,

\015 It is a brand new set that I bought at Morrisons. Also the other night my partner fell asleep with it on, when I came into the room the screen picture was all over the place.\015

Answers :

Try unplugging set but if brand new do not open as it will void the warranty--if brand new take it back for repair or exchange.

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Techwood 40940fhddigital Television, switch on problem. When I switch it on at the plug socket, an amber light flashes on the front of the set and until it stops flashing i cannot get it to switch on,

Try unplugging set but if brand new do not open as it will void the warranty--if brand new take it back for repair or exchange. ... Projection Televisions

I have an old Toshiba CF27E50 chassis no. TAC 9515 that has had no problems until last week. I went to turn on the power and the red light flashes continuously, but the set does not turn on. I have unpluged the set for an hour and tried to turn it on again, but the same thing happens. I have tried to turn it on using a universal remote and using the power switch on the front of the set. Can this be fixed or not?

This is a protection circuit that prevents the tv from coming on (to stop damage of the components) ....you need to check your voltages off the power supply and make sure they all read well (EX: 2 ... Toshiba 27A44 27" TV

I have a Sony tv KDF50WE655, the other day while I was watching tv, heard a noise and the tv went off, displying the lamp red light..I ordered and replaced the lamp. I made sure the lamp is ok and the door is secure...now, when I turn it on...the fans in the back run momentarily..the green light in front goes on...then the fans stop and get the standby red light flashing 3 times on and off..any help will be appreciated...thanks

Please make sure lamp cover is fixed properly in its position after lamp replacement as it has to press a safety switch located nearby lamp cover.3 times red blink problem is related with that lamp cover safety switch only.Hope this will ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-50WE655 50" Rear Projection HDTV

50hx81 toshiba remote stop working the same time all the buttons on the front panel turned into the power on/off switch. Cannot get the a/v display to pop up and each button I chose on the front either powers on the tv or turns it off? Any ideas?

... Toshiba 50HX81 50" Rear Projection Television

It's essentially stopped working! When you power it up you get either 'welcome' ..... and that goes out after a minute or so, or you get 'load' and that just keeps flashing. None of the other lights come on. If you switch it off for 30 minutes and then turn it back on - no change! No response if you press 'TV' on the remote. Suggestions? Richard Yates

Hi Richard,\015\012\015\012This symptom indicated of missing output voltage(s) in the power supply board. The processor can't power up the entire unit because of this fault. If you have necessary tools and test instrument and knowledgeabl ... Flat Panel Televisions

Pioneer pdp-ro6xe T.V keeps switching itself off and all i get is flashing blue light on media reciever. Flashes in sets of five.

... Pioneer PDP-507XD 50 in. Plasma Television

My goodmans flat screen TV LD2262D keeps freezing. I have to switch it off, then I cannot power on until the blue light stops flashing normally about 10 mins

... Flat Panel Televisions

My model#LC320EM2 died on me, when I turn it on the red light flashes twice and the stops. Cannot get a blue screen. Help is appreciated. Thanks

... Emerson LC320EM9 32 in. LCD HDTV

My plasme tv just switched off, i cannot get it on again, the blue light blinks 8 times then stops

I sense the urgency of your concern. There's a possibility that the power capacitors are dead. There's also a possibility that other parts of the TV which might not be working is causing the issue. The best thing to do is call your TV's manufactur ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have owned my Panasonic TC-P46G15 for over a year now and am no longer under warranty. I have never had any problems with the set at all since buying it but all of a sudden it's flashing code at me. I am getting intervals of 4 blinks of a red light on the front of the television. I lost my manual so that's why I am here. I heard it's a problem with the air filter but would like to make sure of this before acting. Thanks, Ryan

... Panasonic TC-P46G15 Plasma TV

I have a 4 year old Panasonic Viera - the on/off button on front of the tv stopped working and I can't switch on the set. How can I turn on set|?

... Panasonic Viera TC-32LZ800 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a big screen Mitsubishi TV WS-55859. The green light on the front was blinking and the set wouldn't turn on. I read on the internet to replace the capacitors on the dm board. I did that and the set turned on but after awhile it tuned back off and the green light started flashing again and the set wouldn't turn on. If I unplug it and let it sit for awhile and then plug it in, it will flash green for awhile and then I can turn it back on. It stays on for about 5 minutes and then shuts down

Sounds like one of the fans needs replacement ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I turn tv on, the status light flash really fast continous, screen slowly starts to light up . I can see it getting brighter, the introduction screem Mitsubishi Electric Welcome screen displays, green light still flashing and then screen shuts off green light continue to flash for a few second then stops and tv is has shutdown. The process is about 30 to 35 seconds. scince 1/24/11 Tv has been starting up this way, but it would eventually turn on after several attemps. Know on 1/28/11 Tv would no

... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

My Sharp Aquos LC-60LE847U lcd TV has some kind of controller issues. At times when we turn the set on using the remote, the indicator light will light but the TV never has sound or picture. It never "turns on". Then when you try to turn the power off, neither the remote nor the manual switch on the set does anything. If you fiddle with the power enough, the indicator light on the bottom bezel of the set will start flashing 3 blinks then one blink and keep repeating that. Unplugging the set

... Sharp Aquos Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung HP-T5054 plasma tv the tv powers up and the samsung tone is audable but i get no picture on the screen the screen is not broken the power light flashes 5 times then is steadily lit on the digital board in the back of the set led 2000 and 2001 stay lit led 2003 light for 2 seconds then goes out but led 2002 flashes every second I had a shop test my Y main and buffers with a set that they have and those parts test out I am a electronis tech with 12 years in the A/V repair field

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

RCA LCD X2620W TV no picture and possibly no sound. TV has no picture and cannot see if speakers are turned off as I cannot get see menu's. Set has 5v standby and 5v switched. I also have 12v switched. I also see 24v that is present with set on or off?. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi.The PSU looks OK. Double check that Volts are OK on all outputs.Check if there is DC out from main to inverter. If you have no back light: If there is no DC to inverter, then it is usually main board. If there is DC t ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi Model WS-65511 the green light on the front was flahing (would not stop) I replaced the 7 Capacitors as was suggested. The light flashed for a while then stopped and turned green

I think I advised you before (on this page you will find a "make a comment button" which allows follow up questions and answers without posting another question.Green power light now comes on and goes out in few seconds:On front of s ... Mitsubishi WS-65511 65" Rear Projection Television

I use this Alba television in my bedroom and usually watch it for a little while before I go to sleep. Due to the fact that it cannot be turned off completely (always on standby unless the plug is pulled out) I have connected it to a time switch. When I switch off it goes onto standby and shows a steady blue light. However, I have woken up again before the time switch has cut the power and found that the blue light is flashing. This can be cured by switching the television on and off again. Howe

If the tv is not a plasma unit which are expensive to run I would not be bothered completely turning off the power. I have a power supply readout connected in the mains power and Like you I believed the hype about switching every thing off but I lear ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hia I have this T.V panasonic TX-P42G10B, it has just broken, then it is switched on the standby light just flashes and it won't turn to green and when you press a button it stops flashing for a s

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Hisense HSLC2629HDI wont turn on, i will turn it on at the power switch and the red standby light comes on, i press the "on" button and the light flashes blue about 10 times then the TV looses all power and everything gets switched off, even the standby light. Help please?

... Hisense TL3000 30 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Hi I have a toshiba 32BV702B, I put it on standby and get the solid red light and leave it all day and when I come back and try to turn it on and I get a blank screen and get a flashing red and green light and I can't do anything, so I switch it off at the wall and back on and it comes on fine, is their a problem with the tv! Thanks guys

... Flat Panel Televisions

I am getting a continuous flashing red light and my tv will not turn on. At times the fan will kick on and at other times it won't. Bottom line I get no sound or picture and just a continuous red light. I was told it can't be my lamp due to the fact I get no sound. Is that correct or does Sony have a set up to where if the lamp goes out, it shuts down all components? Thank you,

"LAMP" LED light indication also flashes?Yes,than the it is the lamp. ... Sony KDF-E55A20 55 in. LCD Television

Audiosonic KM0767 TV set box - The lock light is highlighted on the set top box & I cannot get it off. Consequently I cannot use the remote control. Nothing in the instruction manual to help me, does anyone know how to fix it?

... Projection Televisions

My JVC LT-47GZ78 will not turn on. When I press the remote power or the main power switch on the set button the blue LCD light on the front of the TV lights and then starts to blink, the TV does no come on. Also there is a cliccking noise coming from behind the set. I'm in a country with 220v power supply.

The blinking indicates that the protection system of the power board from the tv has detected a short on one of its outputs and has cut the power to it to prevent further damage - the clicking is made by the main power relay being disengaged, repeate ... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic TH-42pz70B set will not switch on this morning. The set looks like it is going to switch on and flashes green on the standby light then just reverrts to red a few seconds later. Thanks

... Panasonic CT-32HX42 32" TV

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