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Purchased 73 mitsubishi hdtv diamond series 1080 used....some ch are crystal clear while others just 2 or3 have white or colored spots. i dont have a cable box or any receivers, boxes hooked up to it...just regular cable with local stations only....Why am i having this problem???

Answers :

First: an old adage with TV sets of all kinds is the set is not smart enough to know what channel you are on---problems only on a few channels usually are not the set.

The only place where this is not the case is a group of several adjacent channels like 2-6 having this could mean a problem with the low band in the set's tuner--a bad tuner.

Most of these large Mitsubishi sets have PIP or picture in picture--the remote will have a swap button--engage it and see if the PIP has the same issue----if not the set uses 2 tuners and one is bad.

A cable box would allow you to instantly get around that by going into the rear audio/video jacks.


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Purchased 73 mitsubishi hdtv diamond series 1080 used....some ch are crystal clear while others just 2 or3 have white or colored spots. i dont have a cable box or any receivers, boxes hooked up to it...just regular cable with local stations only....Why am i having this problem???

First: an old adage with TV sets of all kinds is the set is not smart enough to know what channel you are on---problems only on a few channels usually are not the set.The only place where this is not the case is a group of several adjacent ch ... Projection Televisions

Some kind of weird hdmi surge took out my cable box hdmi output, the hdmi through my onkyo receiver and Mitsubishi wd-65c9 tv. Everything else associated with the components works fine. I tried all the normal stuff including unplugging and initializing the tv. No go. leads me to DM board? After initialization the tv will recognize a connection on hdmi-2 and 3, but will not work. The hdmi-1 port nothing. That is the one the surge came through (the one hooked to the receiver). Would like t

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My wt-46809 Still has a good picture. It receives its signal from an HD converter box from Time Warner Cable. The other inputs on the tv however don't seem to work. I can't use my DVD or hook up any game systems through the various inputs. In addition, while the HD channels (1000 and up) work, channels 1-999 don't project a picture (only audio). I've never added any HD retrofit to the set, so I'm not sure if true HD is being projected or if the picture is just very good digitally clear SD.

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Westinghouse LD-4695 led hdtv bought it less then a month ago and its showing white cloudy spots around edges to pictures of it and they came out blue idk if its because the home theater speakers were all placed around the tv or what bt they would pop till i changed the audio cords from cable box to receiver to a optical audio cord nd then it stopped and now the tv is showing spots i think its a dead pixel and dont knw how it happened my lady says they were there when we got it the tv at this mo

Depending on how big your speakers are and how they were to the TV....that might be the reason. Magnets are the worst thing you can have next to electronics. It either that, or you bought a lemon, or you have a kid in the house and they put magnets o ... Westinghouse 46" LED TV HDTV 120Hz Full 1080P

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I bought this tv used today. The hdmi port was used from the cable box to the tv when I looked at it . Now at home, my cable box only has the coax port to hook up the cable and I'm showing weak or

What's the problem? could you tell it again? i can not understand, there is no hdmi port on your cable box? or what? ... Samsung HL-T5076S 50 in. TV

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Hi, unfortunately the only ways to get the signal to the tv is with either coaxial, the red white and yellow rca cords, or hdmi and also the " RGB " inputs, also called "component video input ". some dvd players have component video outs-that could ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

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Hi i got a vhs/ dvd recorder from a friend who upgraded,but dont have a manual,i have set it up to my portable tv upstairs,which has a set top box,but dont really know if i have the cables right. the problem is i can watch the videos but cannot record them to dvd,when watching them the dvd button does not record,but when you switch to dvd the record button works, im sure i have the cables in wrong. please can you help me audrey

Hello Audrey,\015\012\015\012If you can watch the videos on the TV, your cables are correct, but you don't generally record a video to DVD using the record button. Most VCR/DVD combinations have a DUBBING button on the front of the ... Flat Panel Televisions

Trying to connect a new Sherwood RD7405 receiver to my cable box, LG TV and X-Box. Using HDMI cables I have great picture and only sound from the TV no stereo sound. Speakers are wired in, mute is n

I see that you have no hdmi cables connected to receiver. You only have hdmi connected to tv from cable box. There are a few ways to do get sound. Try going from sat recvr hdmi to Sherwood reviever hdmi input. There are 2. Pick one. Then out of Sherw ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Philips 30FW5220/37 commercial tv that was working fine with the old cable box. I just got a new Explorer 3250HD box and can't get anything working. It was hooked up through a home theatre system before but, I'm trying to just hook up the TV and nothing.

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I want to hook up a blue ray dvd player they told me to m=buy HDMI cable and this only goes to the tv, but doesn't have to go hooked up through the cable box

If you want to connect your blu-ray player to your tv, use the HDMI cable.If you want to connect your cable box to your tv, I'd use component cables or get another HDMI cable. You're right, you don't have to use your cable box to use your ... Insignia 50 in. Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV

Trying to hook up to a new Dish network box that was sent as a replacement. Before I can go through the Dish set-up the TV picture blinks on and off constantly. I have replaced the HDMI cable, confirmed that the input setting is correct and cable are hooked correctly. Is there a resolution compatability issue?

I would try using a gold plated HDMI cable. Often the problem is that the cable is not capable of sending enough frames per second. I replaced mine with a slightly better quality cable I picked up at Sears for $25.00 and the issue was not only resolv ... LG 42LE5400 42 in. LCD TV

The 'out' cable got ripped off of the receiver box :(. The cable came completely out, leaving the metal adapter end cap attached to the receiver. Can I resplice this back together myself?

Throw the old screw end away, it will only provide you with more headaches if you use it.\015\012Buy some coaxial connections from the store for about 3 bucks.....you cant get the wrong thing if you just bring the old end and match them up.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC RM-C60 TV. I'm trying to tune it in to my Virgin Media HD box using a standard SCART lead but having no joy. It's completely failing to find the cable channel (or any other for that matter). TV worked fine when connected to a Sky+ box the same way, and cable is fine since it works when hooked up to the DVD player. Any ideas?

Tuning of the TV not required when using scart lead, just select external input that the scartis connected to, ie AV1,AV2 (EXT1,EXT2) etc. The problem is possibly to do with the Virgin box, it may be set to HDMI out in which case it will not output a ... JVC Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hi, my Phillips was hooked up and working fine directly to the DISH receiver using the HDMI 1. I moved and had to put the DISH receiver in another room and ran a coax cable to where the TV is now using the ANT in spot. I select TV as the source and choose channel 60 and no signal. I hooked up another TV and it works OK. Any ideas?

Hey, I'm Seth. I work as a sub contractor for dish network. I am picking up that your problems are on TV 2? If so, you will need to go into the menu on the TV itself and look for, "channel scan" or "auto memory". Run a scan. If there are no channe ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

My LG TV is detecting no signal when we hook it up to cable. An older analog TV hooked up to the same cable outlet does receive a signal. Ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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How do i hook up my cable to a toshibi 34hf85 flat panel tv without a cable box i have a converter box and antenna also what do i need to do to fix it?

Download the user manual to your tV. It will have all wiring details, and installation instructions. Click here to doownload it. ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

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TV not receiving channels from cable box

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I have a ws-65511, it's been in storage for about 2 years. The picture is working fine but there is no sound. Digital cable box in hooked up properly with audio cables and Pr Pb video cables. Any ideas?

Here is somethings you can do/try. \015\012\015\012Turn on tv and make note of any blink sequence on the power LED. \015\012\015\012Verify you have no sound on any input. \015\012Turn volume up on tv and determine if ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

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