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Sanyo DP50747-00 (Samsung Power Board LJ44-00132A) wont turn on ..

\015 Tv started to shut itself off the turn back on. Frequency of events became greater over a month period and eventually it would not turn on at all and the power on light did not come on either.\012\012I replaced 3 bad caps and a questionable one on the power board. \012This solved the problem.. for 2 days. the symptoms started again and this time within 4 days the tv would not power up at all.\012\012I let it sit for a week and had the board out. When I tried it again it stayed on for 12 hours. I figured it was time to hang it back up and as soon as I did, it was back to shutting itself off after 60 seconds. I got about 10 on/off cycles out of it over a few hours and now it will not power up at all (again)\012\012I have rechecked the board and cannot see any visibly damaged CAPs.\012When i hit the power button, i hear a click (like a relay) and a light humm (like a transformer) but it only lasts for a couple of seconds.\012\012When the TV turns itself off, I hear the same click and hum.\012\012I did check all replaceable fuses on power board and sub board.\012\012Volt meter check: \012\012There is a subpower board that the ac from the wall goes into. there is a connector from that board to the power supply board. There is 120v present on the connector pins going to the main power board at all times the TV is plugged into an AC Socket.\012\012There is a 3 pin connector from the power supply board. The pins are marked: Va, Grd, D5V. This is the only connector on the board where i found a pin marked Va.\012-With the TV on I get the following readings: Va pin - 63 V dc, D5V pin - 5V dc\012-When the TV turns itself off the power on the Va pin drops quickly, you can watch the meter display continually changing. after about 30 seconds it gets down to the mV range and continues to drop to about 140 mV. The D5v pin drops to about 10mV\012\012i found 2 connectors with PS-ON pins. with the power off one reads 5.18V and the other 4.75V. Voltage is not fluxuating. Power drops into the mV range on both pins when power is turned on.\012\012The connector reading 5.18V has the following pins:\012DV5, GND, D3V3, D3V3, GND, GND, A12V/AC-DET, PS-ON, GND, 5vsb, THEM-DET.\012\012The pin marked A12V/AC-DET reads about 3V\012\012On the 2 connectors that go to the X and Y sustain boards, there are pins marked: Vs, Grd, & Vg. the voltage on the pins marked Vs that go to the X and Y sustain boars top out at about 1.6V on both connectors with the TV plugged in. When i hit the power button, they jumped to 208V and held. \012\012I'm torn with what to try next:\012I don't have the competency level i would like to when reading electrical schematics. im concerned about my ability to diagnose a more complex repair\012\012I found schematics online for the Sanyo boards but not for the samsung power board.\015

Answers :

While I am afraid i can not say what is wrong with the board if only because I do not know with certainty I hope I can offer two possible solutions to anyone having a similar problem:


Here is an option to buy an already serviced and tested board and then send the old back to receive credit as per the listing:



This option may not always be available as some customers apparently prefer to pay the high price, but NOT return their old board and we eventually run out of boards.
Of course, in all fairness it also needs to be noted that sometimes we can't repair the board being returned (e.g. due to a bad transformer or a bad MCU) so it's not always the customers that cause us to run out of boards.

When we're out of boards, though, we'd probably still be open for a repair service for the board through




Additionally, we may also offer repair on other modules from the same TV, such as the main board, or perhaps DIY repair kits.

To find out, go to www.coppelltvrepair.com and search for the CHASSIS of the TV (for Sanyo models, which tend to have great deal of a difference between different chassi versions).

E.g. search for "P50747-00" and not "DP50747" or you will find a lot of other offerrings not related to your TV.


Finally, a note on the recommendation from Josh Hurst above: I am not a certified Samsung technician and I bet my lunch I know a good deal more than many certified technicians. I dare say that because we do get calls if not daily then at least a few times a week from people from other service centers saying they are licensed technicians and asking us all kinds of questions.

I do not consider myself *better* than them, but I repeat I do happen to know a good deal of things that they do not know.
I would have never known what I know if I was to follow your advice. It may be given witha care to the customer, but it goes a little too far. It is OK to mess with things you are not licensed to mess with. You just have to be aware of it and accepting the risks. No offense meant.

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Sanyo DP50747-00 (Samsung Power Board LJ44-00132A) wont turn on ..

While I am afraid i can not say what is wrong with the board if only because I do not know with certainty I hope I can offer two possible solutions to anyone having a similar problem:\015\012 \015\012Here is an option to buy an alrea ... Projection Televisions

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Samsung s5053, will not turn on. clicking noise inside, screen comes on and goes off. No picture. checked voltage on pin 10 get 5 volts connector cn804-1. research on internet seems to point at main power board, but some think its standby power board. I was going to replace the PSPF501A01A board. But don't want to spend $100.00 on wrong board. Any advice will be helpful. Thank-You Ken

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Samsung LN40B540P8FXZA. There is a Black screen when the power is turned on. I replaced 2 circuit boards but still no luck. Should I replace the capacitors in the power supply? The ribbons between the boards? I was given this broken TV and was told if I could fix it I could keep it....any suggestions?

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I have a Sanyo DLP 50747. When I turn it on It clicks off in about 10 seconds. I read online to try replacing the sub-power board(part# SJ-B10N2010A) and if that does not work then replace the power supply board (part #LJ41-05246A) both of which I purchased from Shopjimmy.com. I replaced both and it still does the same thing. Can anyone give me any other suggestions?

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Samsung ps43d450 make a bang and then turned off I unplugged it left for a minute and plugged back in all I hear is a clicking noise and the led flashes 3 times and then repeats I thought it was the power board so I put it in the tv down stairs as I have two the same but the power board worked fine so now I am stuck as I have no clue wot is wrong.

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Sanyo DP42410 I went to turn my Sanyo DP42410 on and I get a green status light. I also see that the light inverter lights up but no GUI whatsoever. I press every button on the TV and remote yet no luck. I noticed this about 6 months ago. I had it put away for the last 5. Went to turn it on and same thing. Checked the power board in the back and no puffed capacitors.

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My dp50747 started turning off, i could hear a click, if i hit the corner of tv it turns back on, then it finaly stopped turning back on, i can wait a few minutes and turn it back on but it turns back off. will stay on if no antannea,dvd ect connected to it.. replaced sub power board. no change.

You need to replace the primary power supply board..or you have cold solder on it. try to resolder that part ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a Samsung TV ln32C 450E1d that I recently replaced the power board. Now the TV comes on but if I turn it off and then try to turn it back on I cannot. I have to wait for some time until I can turn it back on. It is like it has a charge that must degrade before I can turn it back on. Any ideas?

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I have a Samsung TV ln32C 450E1d that I recently replaced the power board. Now the TV comes on but if I turn it off and then try to turn it back on I cannot. I have to wait for some time until I can turn it back on. It is like it has a charge that must degrade before I can turn it back on. Any ideas?

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Vizio VP322. Replaced 3 bulging capacitors on power supply. TV worked great for about 2 days. Now it wont turn on. The Vizio is lit up orange on the bottom but thats it. If I unplug the wiring harness going to the input board the screen will light up black but goes back out as soon as plugged back in. If I unplug all but the AC power cord I get 5V off power supply on one and 200 on both VS and VA. I'm not detecting power at those when all harness are plugged back in.

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Samsung 52 lcd wont turn on and i have replaced power supply

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