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I have a Samsung HL56A650C1F. We just recently replaced the lamp due to the error code that we received from the LED Lights on the front panel. New lamp lasted about 3 weeks and now we are getting the same code indicating that we have a problem with the lamp. My question is, Did we get a bad lamp or is there some other underlying problems that may be causing the lamps to burn out?

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I have a Samsung HL56A650C1F. We just recently replaced the lamp due to the error code that we received from the LED Lights on the front panel. New lamp lasted about 3 weeks and now we are getting the same code indicating that we have a problem with the lamp. My question is, Did we get a bad lamp or is there some other underlying problems that may be causing the lamps to burn out?

... Projection Televisions

3-yr old Samsung HL-S46765;symptoms indicated lamp diing; finally TV would not turn on;un-plugged tv, removed lamp to verify code and make (Phillips);put in new lamp; TV turned on for about 30 seconds;all indicator lights went out;tv shut off; all indicators lights blinking (lamp problem). unplugged tv, removed lamp housing; put back in; plugged in.; waited; tried to turn tv on - tries, then indicator lights start blinking

Thank you for posting your question on Fixya. In such a case the first thing to check would be to see if the lamp is coming on momentarily before it shuts off. For this please remove the back cover of the tv and fire it up. Please check the status of ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have Sony Bravia KLV-32S400A Couple of months ago suddenly get switch off after I switch on standby light(Red) gets blink. I unplug the power code and switch on the LCD after 3 hours it works fine. I happens occasionally. Couple of days ago I'm unable to power on the LCD. When I plug the power code I can here a sound like cutout gets on off (tick tick) nothing happens no indicating lights, no display and no sound. Please help me to solve this problem

Dear User,in your case there is a supply fault..capacitor of power board is weak .kindly change the capacitor ..the sign of capacitor faulty is that capacitor is blow up like oil is coming out form upper side..kindly do the need ful.dnt ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

I need detailed schematics with wire codes and values for diagnosing problems I am having with a Westinghouse SK-26h520s. The original problem was a dead machine, no indicator light so no power, replaced power supply now have indicator light but no sound or backlight, figured bad main board. Replaced board, made no difference. Any information, help or schematics with points and corresponding values to test with a volt ohm meter would be greatly appreciated

... Westinghouse SK-26H520S 26 in. LCD HDTV

TV powers on and the LAMP light blinks. There is no picture no sound. This problem arose randomly and out of the blue. Some sources as well as other answers here recommend to replace the lamp, but the lamp glows bright. As well, I removed the lamp from the housing and everything appears to be intact. The blink codes for this unit only indicate that the unit is powering on and will be ready in 15 seconds. Other sources I have read also suggest the digital main board is toast. Seems to be quite a

... Samsung HLR5667W 56" Rear Projection HDTV

When turning on tv picture looks like you have bad reception then after a few minutes picture gets clear, problem started a few months ago and tv was bought nearly 3 years ago. is this an indication of further problems later on or nothing to worry about?

Hi,This is not a good news. There could be few probabilities, however more often on this set it is either faulty T conn board ( LCD control board ) or faulty mainboard. As it is already 3 years old, so it is already out of warranty. I wou ... Sony KDL-32M3000 32 in. LCD Television

I have a mitsubishi WD65731. When turned on I have a perfect picture for about 3 min. TV then shuts off and I get a solid red lamp light. Can wait for a couple of min and turn back on problem repeats. Removed back cover cleaned all fans. No help. Have error code 34

... Mitsubishi WD65731

I cleaned out my Samsung hl-s6187w and put everything back together and now it doesn't turn on. It makes a beeping noise like fast morse code and keeps cycling the power trying to turn on. The ballast gets about 270v from the power board, but the lamp never comes on. Could it be the ballast or the dmd board causing the problem? I can hear the color wheel spool up, but the beeping isn't consistent to be the color wheel.

Tv projection lamp inside the tv less than 2 years or so?Yes than the tv projection Lamp is good.You have this tv like 3 or 4 years already?The tv colors wheel even have been replace at leat once?No the tv probally require replacing the colors wheel ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

Replace lamp and ballast, still get code 66

... Mitsubishi WD-62531 Projection Television

Hi there, my sony grand wega kdf60wf655 had stopped working and was flashing 5 red lights. I tested the voltage from the power board to the lamp ballast board and got a 272v dc. Just replaced the lamp ballast board and now get blinking lamp indicator. Tried a new spare lamp that i had in reserve and still flashing red lamp indicator every 1 second. Any ideas? thanksp i

... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-55XS955 55" Rear Projection HDTV

I had a lamp problem. I changed the lamp. Now when I press the on/off button I get nothing. The orange light in front of the TV that says lamp is flashing. Is there some kind of reset button I have to push? Or do I have another problem

... Mitsubishi WD57831 Television

Ballast problem? I replaced the lamp after it ruptured, and it doesnt work indicating yellow flashing led light, and voice command saying lamp not working. I tried 3 different times same problem. I also put the back cover back all times. I was told it may be the ballast

The ballast is possible if it does not light the lamp even for a few moments----about the lamp= generic bulb or a OEM Toshiba lamp unit? ... Toshiba 65HM167 65" Projection Television

I have a problem regarding WS-65413 Mitsubishi Rear Projection television. When I turn on the tv, it the green "on" light only stays on for a few seconds, and then turns off. When I press the menu and device buttons simultaneously, I get error code 23. Is this problem user-fixable, or is it time to get a new tv?

On this set, error code 23 means "Deflection Failure". The deflection circuit is the high-voltage circuit that powers the CRTs. Usuall faults in this circuit are malfunctioning Horizontal/Vertical deflection ICs, failed HOT or VOT(Horizontal output t ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung hl-r4226w tv. the lamp went out so i purchased a phillips 000007225 lamp, installed it and still have no lamp lighting up. Question, did the guy sell me the incorrect lamp or do i have another problem. when i turn power on you hear the little tune then lamp light blinks. all help apopreciated

... Samsung HL-R4266W 42" HDTV-Ready Projection Television

I have a InFocus lp70+ video projector with a bad lamp. When I replaced the lamp the new one worked but when I moved it to a different room the lamp would not come back on. The lamp has failed a continuity test. Could a problem in the projector be causing the lamps to burnout or is it worth trying another bulb.

Hi. It is possible that the projector to send the wrong voltage out to the bulb, and that is what is causing the bulbs to go out. But more than likely, when you moved the projector, it jarred things around in the bulb, causing it to fail. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dear welcomejee, I have a Sony Grand Wega 60" LCD, owned since June 2004. Model # KF-60WE610; Date of manufacture- April 2004. Recently while watching TV, the screen turned black. No picture. No sound. Presuming it may be the XL-2100U lamp, I took apart the TV to check and found that the filament inside the lamp had exploded. Thus, I ordered a new lamp. But, here's my main question. If in fact the problem is the lamp, then why would the sound NOT work? Or is there a safety cutoff on

The lamp is an arc type lamp an as such has no filament.Look again as I expect there will be a different reason for you lack of sound/vision. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a kdf-e42a10 TV. I repaired the optical block, however the does does not come on. When I turn on the TV, I get a continous green blinking lights and then it resets itself. I hear the ballast trying to fire up the lamp for a second, but lamp does not light up. The lamp is good. (my friend has the exact same TV and we swapped out the lamps.....no problem there) Any suggestions???

Double check all connectors and terminals for possible loose connection, make sure that all of the board are properly placed, ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" Rear Projection HDTV

Panasonic Plasma TC-P46C2 - 7 Blink Light Error Code, Is this a reliable way to troubleshoot the set?

... Panasonic TCP46C2 46 in Plasma TV

Picture problems My 4 year-old Panasonic VIERA TX-32LZD80 32 in. LCD TV is becoming unwatchable. The main problem is the picture keeps distorting and jumping along with a 'zip' sound or distortion to the sound at the same time. The distortions are horizontal and getting so bad I switch it off and give up trying to watch. I had a similar problem quite a while ago, then it got better and now its back - but much worse. Some channels just produce the odd small distortion,whilst others are unwatc

... Panasonic VIERA TX-32LZD80 32 in. LCD TV TV/HD Combo

My Panasonic PT-40LC12 turns on for about 15 seconds with a normal picture and then the lamp shuts off and the fan continues to run. The lamp indicator flashes 4 times. Is it a problem with the lamp or possibly the ballast board

Hi sbr7352,\015\012\015\012Best that you have to test the ballast board for faulty parts, the problem is, this need to checked with an experienced technician because lots of parts in that board involved like the driver transistor, resistors, ca ... Panasonic PT-40LC12 40" Rear Projection HDTV

Mitsubishi wd-73737 turns on for a few moments then the picture flickers and turns off after a new lamp replacement. A red led appears and I get error code #34. I have carefully cleaned dust out of the unit as many people have suggested but I am still having this issue. I am using lamp 915B403001 purchased from an official Mitsubishi reseller. This is the second time I have replaced the lamp, the first replacement worked perfectly.

... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

Tv turns on and immediately goes off. then the red blinking light comes on which the book indicates it needs service. upon calling a tech he tells me the lamp is out. but I can find a panel and take the cover off, remove the door and take out the cartridge holding the lamp. then he will replace the lamp at the shop. but we can't find the door to get to the cartridge! help Sony Bravia model KDL-40W3000

Have you got the right model number this is an LCD TV, not a back projection set which uses a projection system. There is no bulb to take out on this model number. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40W3000 40 in. LCD HDTV

When I turn the TV on, the green power light comes on, then it turns red and finally begins to flash. There is no picture at all. I can get into the service codes via holding Volume down and input while clicking main power and get the "K" indication and can get menus with VOl up and Channel down. This should confirm backlight and power supply. Could there be a synch error?

Your TV will need to go to service agent for repair. ... Sharp Aquos LC-32G4U 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

My toshiba 50hpx95 has a steady blinking red light, it has no pauses or breaks to recite a code, just steady blinking. I had it in the shop and they said the power board needed replaced, so i replaced it and still get the same code. Is there a trap reset, or other mode of reset that i am not finding in the "service" manual, or was the problem misdiagnosed by my repairman. I cant even do a boot via service code thru the remote. is there a way to do a soft boot under low voltage so the chip can gi

This tv have a Tuner signal board it is also dead too,this problems happen sometimes,the power supply board dies,but sometimes the Tuner signal board take power surges from the power supply board itself than kiill the tv Tuner signal board too.Try we ... Toshiba 50HPX95 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a samsung projector tv model # hly5676sx/xaa tv turnes on fans run for 3 seconds then tv shuts off no picture or sound and the standby and lamp light blink on and off its been suggested lamp cover not properly closed but thats not the case is lamp bad or do i have some other problem

... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

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