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In between ltl 19010205u umec parts looks brown like a burn i dont see any bad capacitors,but there is a red fuse thing that looks like it milted a droplet down itself.the red fuse thing is located next to the black capacitors its intact.As im looking a second time i see a red coloration on the black capacitor inside the shield with the three screws.what should i do?

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In between ltl 19010205u umec parts looks brown like a burn i dont see any bad capacitors,but there is a red fuse thing that looks like it milted a droplet down itself.the red fuse thing is located next to the black capacitors its intact.As im looking a second time i see a red coloration on the black capacitor inside the shield with the three screws.what should i do?

... Polaroid FLM-2601 Television

Same as others no answers black screen blinks three times red clicks once pause then two more clicks looked at cap look ok what next fuse ok

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more\012details. Click this link. View it in \012"Timeslide" or "Flipcard" option, which can be ... Toshiba 42HL196 42 in. LCD HDTV

Black screen I have a Samsung un46d8000 flat screen TV which is about 8 months old. It has so far worked without problems but yesterday when switching on there is just a black screen. Sound from all inputs is fine and it looks like that there are 4 small lights in the back that you can see glowing through the screen. Its still under warranty if I can find the receipt!! If I dont find the receipt any ideas? I did have a peek in the back and there looks to be one big board that drives the Screen.

You are on the right track suspecting a power supply problem. If you are tehnically inclined you might be able to repair your TV, especially if a board swap seems feasible. As always you have to dtermine the cost of repairs vs replacement ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have Vizio XVT3D474SV I bought a year ago, in the last week while watching TV, the screen start to flash, display becaome white with 3 black lines and after a while it becomes black (the all time the sound stay as normal). while looking inside I see the backlight flashing till the screen becomes dark (than I do not see any light inside). After turning off and ON the TV several times I get back normal pictures but the same phenomenon comes back in few minutes. I checked all 8 micro fuses I have

When the picture is dark, show a torch light on the screen from a safe distance. If you can see the picture, the backlight is the problem. Anyhow, it is better to show it to a qualified service technician. ... Vizio XVT3D474SV 47 in. 3D LCD TV

LG 42PQ30 plasma tv wont turn on anymore, when you plug the tv in it makes a click noise and when you hit the power button the blue light comes on then changes to red after couple seconds. Note the screen isnt coming on and no sound. What do you have to fix/replace to have tv work again, I opened back of tv up, I dont see any of those compactors thats look bubbled or leaking. I see some have like hot glue on them some have white glue. What do you think is wrong with the tv, i want to tr

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... LG 42PQ30 42 in. Plasma TV

SD Tech: Looks like your are the source for all things Samsung...I have a Samsung HL-R4226W that all of sudden started making that loud vibration/humming noise, and the picture started flashing pale, off color images of the show mostly in black and white. I shut it off before anything popped or stopped. Is this likely the color wheel? Any way to diagnose this for certain before I buy the part? Thanks in advance for the help - much appreciated.

It is definitely the color wheel. The flashing images and the wird colors confirm it. Replacing the color wheel should resolve the problem. As for the loud whirring noise, its due to wear and tear in the motor that spins the wheel. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony Wega KDF-E55A20 rear projection LCD TV. The screen stays black when pressing the Power On button. When the Power on button is pressed, a GREEN blinking light (5th light in a row of 5) comes on and blinks about 58 times, along with an intermittent "popping static" noise. It then goes to a STEADY RED accompanied by the 2nd light in the row of 5, BLINKING RED. It continues like this until I unplug the power cord. It will do the same thing if I plug it back in an press the Power On but

It sounds that the SCL ' SDA signal path has some short. You must have thorough knowledge in electronics to follow. Checking I2C bus signals is a skilled work. If you wish to get more details, ... Sony KDF-E55A20

I have a Samsung DLP HLN 5065W and recently the TV started to get Horizontal Lines in it with a 2 inch black horizontal line across the TV and the bottom half you could see the picture and the top half would look like it was rolling. Occassionly, you would see some very light yellow patches on the screen. Any ideas what this could be?

If your TV looks 3D, warped, or distorted it likely has a convergenge problem. If however it just looks dull, washed out, redish, greenish, or blueish or if it looks like objects on the screen have halos the fluid in the lens has soured.Y ... Samsung HL-R6168W 61" HDTV

Sony trinitron kv-32s66, picture flashes, removed back, looking for G2 control (?) supposed to be a black box, I see red wire but no black box or G2 or knobs to adjust. Please help, and a picture or diagram would be great! Thanks!

The red wire on the top of the tube will be connected to l.o.t ..inthat lot u can find g2 below screw....& focus upper screw... ... Sony KV-32S66 32" TV

Philips 50PF9431D/37 red blinking light. no picture at all. opened panel and looked inside to see if theres any blown capacitor as what people have been saying related to this symptom. nothing looks like a blown capacitor.

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

My picture looks 3d or like looking in to a bubble and i can see shadows of the picture in red and green

Depends and a model number is needed to give a reasonable answer and suggestions. ... RCA Projection Televisions

In my tv is 10 years old and by the 2007 we replaced with new board(Only the CRT is the old one). Last day I was switched on my tv only sound only came and no picture. I can able to see the menu setting in TV live volume increase and decrease, Chanel nos etc. When I remove the external cable connection the display comes like blue screen(looks like the CRT is ok). When I inserted the cable the blue screen goes off and became black color during that time the audio of the tv is good. Pls help to s

Hello\015\012Your TV is fitted with Toshiba kit I understands from your description. There is a sub-brightness contorl on board [a small preset resistor, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver] fitted near to the LOT and towards its le ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hitachi 50ux26b. Top left corner looks pulled down and recently I see red ghosts or like 3D image. i used magic focus and it got part way through and displated a #5 in bottom right corner. Would like help with where I should start.

This is a common problem. Its called a convergence failure. You can get all the parts from www.TvRepairKits.com Symptoms:\012\012 ... Hitachi 50UX26B/27K 50" Rear Projection Television

I have a 63' projection TV. The picture is off. All of the lights are working, but the images are fuzzy, and you see the image tripled. The three images overlap each other in red, green, then blue. It seems like the colors have to put back in sync to form one clear image. Also I can see a bow effect at the top of the screen.

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading. Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are ... Philips 55PP9363 55" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Screen is black and it smells like something is burning, but we cannot see any visable burnt wires or anything...we have removed the back of the tv, and looked at the circuit board...where exactly sho

Unless you know what you are doing you are playing with fire, Unplug the set and have someone qualified take a look at it. Smoke and a burning smell and you still have it powered up? ... Polaroid TDA-03211C 32 in. LCD HDTV

Hello got a Rca model 52wh74 seriel #c222c1072 Manufactory date May 2006 this has the convergence issue 3 D Look and a bow in the picture were you see three of all the colors I also went to the menu to try to adjust the convergence but No option to do that I do have some tv repair experence and soldering ability -- They have talked about a fuse that can open up and possible cause this no option issue for the convergence or resoldering the fly bac

The convergence ICs are the most likely cause of this problem. STK392-150 is the ICs that you need -2 of them. You can purchase Sanyo STK392-150 FROM EBAY for about 15$ a piece. As for the fuse, I am not sure what are the specs of the fuse but you ca ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

Convergence crosshair whats the crosshair supposed to look like when the convergence is properly configured? Are you supposed to see red, green, and blue or do you line those colors up with the white crosshair?

For more details about the convergence for projection TVs, check this link. Surf this link. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/ There ... Zenith Projection Televisions

Green tint The television is about 6 years ago. It has a new lamp in it (about a yr old). Over the past 6 months the color is really going downhill. Whites are really green. There is no real white anymore. Reds and blacks are ok. Greens are so green. The screen just looks like it has a yellow or green haze. It's horrible. Is this the light engine? Thanks.

... Mitsubishi WD52530, WD-52530, WD52531, WD-52531, WD62530, WD-62530, WD62531, WD-62531 Projector Lamp - 915P043010 - OEM Equivalent

I have an Audiovox FPE3706 Lcd TV. When you power the TV on most of the time it goes to a screen that says "Audiovox" and will do nothing else. Sometimes the screen just stays black even though the light on the bottom has gone from red to blue. I have the back off the TV now and I dont see any obvious damage. How do I diagnose and repair this thing?

... Audiovox FPE3706 37 in. HDTV LCD Television

My tv screen is black, although you can see that there are images when look really well. It's like a vail.

The inverter board - the one that powers the tubes that light the screen - has failed and it will have to be replaced. here it is\012\012\012http://www.alfa-electronique.com/product.php?id_product=1160&id_lang=1 ... BenQ DV2050 20 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Sony kp-51 ws500 rear projection tv. when turn on tv there is 3 duplicate images overlayed...green, white, red. looks like I am watching an old school 3d movie, but without the glasses. i already took the panel off the front, accessed the black cover, and adjusted the 3 color screws on the bottom row. no luck. any ideas ?

Hi,\012\012The problem is your convergence circuit board gone bad. This is commonly caused by shorted/open IC on that board. First try to spot if there is a bad solder joints and resolder it. If nothing replaced the convergence IC. Also check t ... Sony Projection Televisions

Model FA2B32570 The screen is black, i have sound. I have cable plugged into it. I have the back off and i do not see that i have a capacitor problem. What is the next solution? I also have a part looks like a strap it has the writing on it. Tennrich-5 AWM2062480cvw what is it? i think it is unplugged. It happen when i took the back off!

Look for a socket with no plug and :Solutions(1)I see so many people here with nosound /picture issues:ISSUES:1. If sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby light check fuse, standby power supply, and lo ... Digital Lifestyle Flat Panel Televisions

Whenever i turn my tv on it looks like its cracked but it isnt the screen is plastic and all you see is diffrent colored lines and black screen

Sounds like the bulb is gone depending on the tv there about 250 to replace ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a TV model: Vizio VX37L HDTV10Awith no sound no picture and the vizio comes on orange and the turns white the picture has vertical lines with black and white lines some red. None of the three boards look burnt and it won't turn on or off unless u in plug it. Any ideas? I assume its the main board from the sounds of other people talking. Could u help guide me please.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Where is the fuse located on my 42" ilo tv and what does it look like?

Follow the power cord or power jack, it will lead you straight to the fuse. While most fuses snap into fuse holders, some manufacturers solder their fuses in place. ... iLO Flat Panel Televisions

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