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I am wondering, I would like to hook up a very small pair of speakers to a ts3260c magnavox television, there are out puts on the back that are rca connections. i was wondering if when i plug in rca cords on the audio outputs,do the TV speakers shut off or do they stay on? thanks

Answers :

They will stay on if you are just hooking up the speakers. If you want the TV speakers to shut off, use a stereo system or something to switch audio inputs.

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I am wondering, I would like to hook up a very small pair of speakers to a ts3260c magnavox television, there are out puts on the back that are rca connections. i was wondering if when i plug in rca cords on the audio outputs,do the TV speakers shut off or do they stay on? thanks

They will stay on if you are just hooking up the speakers. If you want the TV speakers to shut off, use a stereo system or something to switch audio inputs. ... Philips Magnavox TS3260C 32" TV

I have been trying to add external RCA speakers ( 5 speakers with 1 amplifiler) to my LG PK950 directly through RCA audio put with red and white cable, but so far I couldn't get any sound coming out of my speakers. I have tried all the audio inputs on the back, mute my TV and plug it in and out back and forth and yet still no sound. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

The RCA audio plugs on the back of your TV are for input only, the only way to get sound out of the TV is to use the Optical Digital Audio Out plug in the back of your TV. ... LG Infinia Series Plasma HDTV 50PK950

Sentry 2.1 surround sound speaker system. i have my rca cords plugged in to my tv, but i only get sound from my tv, nothing out of the speaker itself. it only works when i have my headphone jack into

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Toshiba 51H84. I was trying to hook up my Xbox and the HDMI wouldn't work. Now the video works and the audio will work for about 30 seconds then the Audio cuts out but the video stays? Wondering if it's a problem with tehe HDMI input? It had a weird biz that screws into the back panel as has plugs but no other boards.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Just wondering if it is possible to hook up a pair of external speakers??? What cords do I need and where to plug them in... thanks

External speakers typically need a power source to run them, like a stereo or surround system.....AND this source is typically not from the tv, but rather the cable box. ... Hitachi 51F500 51" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have 2 Flat screen Phillips TVs a 47" and a 20" for my camper. I bought a set of rocket fish wireless speakers for use in my camper. I can not receive audio from the tvs to the speakers. The speaker sender does link up with the remote units but does not receive audio. I tried the wireless on a older TV with a cable converter and they work fine. I tried both tvs using the instructions TV owners manual but still no audio. I used all methods Coaxial,RCA. earphone etc. What am I missing? Are the

The sender plugs into the TVs audio out jack and you may need to select on a on-screen menu for the TV, audio out for the external speaker, in other words, the tv speakers are activated but maybe not the external audio jack for the sender unit. Many ... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

RCA soundbar won't work when plugged into LG LCD tv. Static noise comes out and no audio from the program on the screen. No audio out and directions say to plug into Audio out.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Westinghouse LD-4695 led hdtv bought it less then a month ago and its showing white cloudy spots around edges to pictures of it and they came out blue idk if its because the home theater speakers were all placed around the tv or what bt they would pop till i changed the audio cords from cable box to receiver to a optical audio cord nd then it stopped and now the tv is showing spots i think its a dead pixel and dont knw how it happened my lady says they were there when we got it the tv at this mo

Depending on how big your speakers are and how they were to the TV....that might be the reason. Magnets are the worst thing you can have next to electronics. It either that, or you bought a lemon, or you have a kid in the house and they put magnets o ... Westinghouse 46" LED TV HDTV 120Hz Full 1080P

I have an RCA Scenium with built in DVD player and the sound wont play now. Everything is plugged in, and haven't had problems with speakers at all. What could this be?

... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a toshiba 42h82 tv and my telus high def cords(blue green and red rca cables) work fine on the tv with good picture but when i plug my x-box 360 up to the same inputwith the same kind of cords i get a really fuzy picture. can i plug my x-box 360 into the telus reciever then transmit the picture to the tv from the reciever?

I have my Wii running thru my receiver with no problems, dont see why it wouldnt work for yours ... Flat Panel Televisions

All 3 HDMI ports aren't working showing "no signal" (my main problem), but only port(input/source) on whole tv that works is RCA input/source(A-V,Y-R-W cords)

... Curtis LCD3227A 32-inch LCD TV

I replaced three cans. they were bulged on the top. i plugged the tv in and it did the same thing. i said it blinks 4 times fast but it is only three. blink code says 3=RESERVED. i pulled the the y-sustain plug off the power supply board and it does the same thing blinks 3 times fast. when it is powering up i hear a popping noise and then 2 green lites just to the right of where power cord plug is, they come back on then it pops again they go out, the 3 time it pops, lights go out, they stay out

Philips lists 3 models of your TV:1) 50PFP5332D/372) 50PFP5332D/37B3) 50PFP5332D/37EUser Manual for your TV (actually for the 50PFP5332D/37E): ... Philips 50PFP5332D 50 in. Plasma Television


... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

How do i plug an audio output into this TV with an audio device that uses an 1/8th inch input output jack?? i have coaxial cables and all kinds of other adaption things i just want audio to come out of something besides the tv speakers

You need an adapter to go down to the 1/8th inch. ... Sylvania LC-321SS9 32 in. LCD TV

TV wont turn on sometimes. push the on button, light turns from red to blue but no display or sound. If I disconnect the power cord for 15-20 min and plug it back in to the tv it will turn on and stay

... LG 42LG30 42 in. LCD HDTV

I can't get RCA tv/VCR combo to find an input for my DVD player. All of the cords are plugged in, and the tv isn't responding to the input button on the remote. Usually there is a channel that says ''

Choose the 'input' on the remote... and select the dvd ... Combination Televisions

Want to connect my thinkpad to the Olevia 532-B12 CD TV. Cables I have found show 15pin conenctors for the video and signle RCA plugs for audio. The back of the TV indicates it needs an audio splitter for left and right - is this correct?

What connections to you have on your computer? because it is best to match connections with tv to computer. s video? hdmi? they sell av or color stream cables with a splitter to connect to computer color stream is just for picture av (RCA input) is f ... Olevia Flat Panel Televisions

I have a toshiba tv model 32AV700A the sound is ****. I want to plug into audio output acomputer sound system (amp and speakers)but I cannot locate audio output. please help ... Rob

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

Bought iLive IT202B sound bar built-in sub for tv. Connect audio cords. But sound from panasonic tv not projecting through speaker. Double checked inputs and cord. What am I missing?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo DP46849 my Sanyo DP46849 47" television wont stay on or power up all the way just keeps turning its self off and on I've tried unplugging it, changed wall plugs, and even disconnected all cords and wires still wont stay on and wont let me do anything how can I fix the problem with out giving up my left arm for the repair

The power supply is failing ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

I just purchased a Samsung LN46D630 television set. I'm attempting to hook the Audio Out plug to a stereo amplifier. I'm using an RCA splitter as shown on page 9 of the User Manuel. All I get from the amplifier is a humm. Do I need a special RCA connector? If so, what is it and where can I buy one?

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a VP50HDTV20A, was watching tv this past Sunday and all of a sudden it shut off. Tried to manually turn it on and then noticed that the yellow/green light was off....acts like there isn't any power getting to it. Checked all outlets, they work with other electrical cords, un-plugged tv and plugged in again....nothing? I wonder if this is something that can be fixed or if anyone else has encountered this problem? I don't want to have a tech come to fix it and spend the money to do it i

Could be the fuse? try replacing the fuse.\015\012http://www.diyfixit.co.uk/electrics/fuse-changing-1.html\015\012\015\012Adam ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

We have a RCA TV, it's pretty old, made in 1994.. it will not come on, we tried unplugging and plugging back, but nothing.. when you plug it in you hear a arcing sound from the cord.. do you think it can be fixed, or is it time for a new one??

The arcing sound usually does not come from the cord. If the LED is not coming on I would suspect the main 6A fuse on the power supply board that is located right next to the point where the cord plugs in. ... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

PC to LG TV. on PC we have DVI out. We have used a DVI to HDMI cable. we have plugged this into HDMI3 input on the side of the TV. we are using a wall mount, and dont want to damage cables by plugging cables into the back.. how do we use PC audio and feed it to the TV? we have RCA cables, but I don't think I can use these here...

Can you assign different audio inputs on your TV to go "with" video input HDMI3\015\012\015\012If so, you can connect the RCA cable into an input on the TV and on the other end you will need to purchase a "dual RCA female to 3.5(1/8") mini adap ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Im trying to connect my sound bar system to my panasonic viera 42 inch plasma tv. My sound bar system only has rca hook ups (red and white cords) but the only audio out on the tv is digital. How do i hook my sound bar sound system to my tv if the system is rca only but the tv is digital out only?

Hello,You will be needing a RCA Digital TV box converter or Digital RCA TV box converter. This converter will be the link between the Sound bar system and TV.You should find this converter in any electronics accessories store ... Panasonic TC-P42X1 41.6 in. Plasma HDTV

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