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HI, Leader,MI philips Projection TV Model no.9P5511C102,Recently, i chance Convergence Parts(STK392-110,Now When i Make the adjust each POINT The arrow Donot Move in any side,And In The Botton Picture, Has The Short Arch Black Line, I Check The ALL Parts in The Convergence Board,With My Tester But i Cant Found Nothing Bad. Can You Help Me With This Problem. Again Thank So Much. aramos88

Answers :

Replace the electrolytic and check for the low omhs resisters that have change in value. recheck the solder job, make make sure leads are not jumped.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Projection Televisions
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HI, Leader,MI philips Projection TV Model no.9P5511C102,Recently, i chance Convergence Parts(STK392-110,Now When i Make the adjust each POINT The arrow Donot Move in any side,And In The Botton Picture, Has The Short Arch Black Line, I Check The ALL Parts in The Convergence Board,With My Tester But i Cant Found Nothing Bad. Can You Help Me With This Problem. Again Thank So Much. aramos88

Replace the electrolytic and check for the low omhs resisters that have change in value. recheck the solder job, make make sure leads are not jumped. ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

BLANC SCREEN My 42" RCA LED47A55RS just went puff.. when I was watching a video. I don't get any picture. The screen is blank. If I leave it on for while it gets about 6 vertical white lines for about 1 minute and then its blank again. No sound either. Check for bad or burnt capacitors and other parts but everything looks good. The only board that smells bad is one near the speakers, lower part, a small boatd that has to connections going to the LCD screen. I checked for the part number but

... RCA Projection Televisions

Vertical lines In the middle of watching a program, this tv displayed green and vertical lines ( matrix like). Turned on/ off, didn't do anything. Checked inputs and cables, all checks out. Any ideas on what part to replace? Thanks in advanced!

There are mainly two reasons for this fault. Circuit board, and panel. Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for\012more details. Click this link. V ... Panasonic TCL42U22 42 in. TV

Convergence issue Can't complete convergence.. Replaced Power Boards, Convergence Boards, 2 RCA manufactured RCA IC's, even replaced convergence chip. Can't move convergence lines.. At this point, anyone interested in parts for this 62# projection TV, email me... Screen and all components are in working order.. Done with this beast!!

... Samsung PCL6215R 62" Rear Projection Television

Dp42sm got black line in the middle, i tried to open it and found one component part is busted but i dont know the name of the part , i took some pictures and if somebody could help me where to buy this small part. Thanks

Likely the individual part is not sold---try to GOOGLE the model number with "boards" or parts to get the board. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I cant get my convergence to line up on my tv

Your convegence has gone out. You can get complete kits with instructions from sites such as www.TvRepairKits.com or just the parts from ... JVC AV-56WP30 56" Rear Projection Television

Hello i got a toshiba lcd tv (52hl167) and all of a sudden i saw a black vertical line in the center of my screen and now it got worse the half left side plays perfect however the right side of the screen has alot of colorful lines on it and blinks sometimes cant see and picture on the right side...a local technician told me its the t-con board...i bought it and replaced it and same thing but screen is darker now can u help me please

Hi,I'm afraid it is problem of LCD Panel (screen) and lcd panel will be replaced to solve this issue.I'm sorry for breaking this news but there is no way to fix lcd panel.Thanks. ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have a lg42pc3d plasma tv. its about 5 yrs old has worked just fine till last night the picture went out. Sound works but no picture. Have been on line and the consensus seems to be the x and/or z sustain boards and maybe also the control panel. Wanting to know if that is the problem and how do i check. Where are the best places to find the parts i need and the part numbers? thx

Yes usually the x and y sustain boards go. Not always with both fail, but they communicate with eachother...this is why replacing both is "good practice." You can check shopjimmy, ebay and encompass parts for parts online. Just order new replacements ... LG 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

I have Vizio XVT3D474SV I bought a year ago, in the last week while watching TV, the screen start to flash, display becaome white with 3 black lines and after a while it becomes black (the all time the sound stay as normal). while looking inside I see the backlight flashing till the screen becomes dark (than I do not see any light inside). After turning off and ON the TV several times I get back normal pictures but the same phenomenon comes back in few minutes. I checked all 8 micro fuses I have

When the picture is dark, show a torch light on the screen from a safe distance. If you can see the picture, the backlight is the problem. Anyhow, it is better to show it to a qualified service technician. ... Vizio XVT3D474SV 47 in. 3D LCD TV

I have a Samsung model HLS5085WX/XAA. We have black specks all over screen and black horizontal lines approx 4 inches a part all the way across the screen

Hello,All Plasma and LCD ts have boards that control vertical and horizontal output to their respective areas. They are connected to the screen by ribbon cables. If one of these boards fails all together, has a failed chip, a bad connecti ... Projection Televisions

My Hitachi 550dx10b has white rolling lines in the pictures. Its not the convergence chips because i change them and checked the resistors. The picture comes on fine when ever i first turn the set on then about 2 min later the lines starts.

You may want to try to find the service manual--a guess from a Hitachi expert (me) who has repaired a lot of these sets:Most of these sets use a comb filter board that is to the left in a metal box or stands alone to the left.It is fu ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Heve a phillips 60pp9202 projection. i had convergence issues being that i couldnt move my red. i went in and replaced both ics but i forgot to check the resistors. a week later i finally got in there and found 2 bad resistors. the thing is i didnt take the convergence board out, nor did i unplug anything when i tested the resistors. i put the cover back on until i get the parts. now, for some reason, when i power up the set it will come on like normal, then you hear a click and the screen will

Get a complete kit from www.TvRepairKits.com and start over.They will walk you though the repair. ... Projection Televisions

I have a LG 32LD350 which is like 1.5 yrs old. when i turn it on the screen is all black, but then after like 5mins. there come the picture but it has a white horizontal line across the screen. then it flicker part of the time, what could be the problem?

Try changing the input device to something you are sure works. If problem persists, it can be due to dry/leaky capacitors and/or dry solder on PCB. Anyhow, this might then require attention by a qualified service technician. ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

Brand new out of the box, Half a picture bottom right is black, cant see menu or picture in that area and has horizontal noise lines all over, slow response or none at all

When you turn it on and go into the menu and the picture is still Halfed then you need to take it back and exchange it. If the menu fully appears the try unhooking the HDMI unplug it wait a minute plug it in hook up a device see it that helps. ... Element ELC-HS321 32 in. LCD TV

The tv was moved, turned @ a different angle in the room but at the same spot & turn it back on & its black at the bottom part of screen with one red line going up the screen, still shows all

Try to play dvd. if it is worked fine there you have cable box connection problem. ... Protron PLTV-37 37 in. LCD Television

Cant get rid of the black lines top and bottom of television got no remote control

Purchase a universal remote control and go in through the universal control to remove black lines ... Sanyo Standard (CRT) Televisions

Tv was working and the reds wouldnt line up good did the convergence and they were acceptable not perfect though. now the tv went black. is it worth fixing?

Maybe so. Convergence is generally controlled by two large ic's " chips" from the symptoms you describe the convergence ic or stk's as they are commonly called are possible blown. When these short generally that will lead to a shutdown. There could ... JVC AV-56WP30 56" Rear Projection Television

My LG led has had several problems, it started out with the left half of the screen flipping as if viewed from a mirror with the right part of the screen normal. After that, it displayed vertical colored lines (blue, yellow, black, white, etc) which went away and now it shows a vertical bar about 4 inches across that looks darker than the rest of the picture. I also noticed images burning in everywhere except that bar. I know it's a lot of issues but any help would be appreciated.

This problems are a very tipical of the coded pixels on the LCD screen panel passes through the board that call the T-CON decoder board to causing this problems.Vertical colors lines display on the LCD screen panel happen by itself.Yes.The T-CON deco ... LG 32LE5300 Widescreen 32 in. HDTV

I've a LG 32LC56 that suddenly becomes black screen while i was watching it. Since then, i was never able to get any picture on screen, even the menu picture. Sometimes, when I switch it on, i see some colored lines on the upper left screen part, but never a menu. I've replaced the main board by a new one, the problem is still the same. May i try to change the screendriver board?

Learn about T-CON board: \012http://www.scribd.com/doc/25276757/E40951307-TCON-Troubleshooting-10-22-09-OPT ... Flat Panel Televisions

Tn61x81 My screen has a horizontal black arcing line across the top and bottom of he screen. The bottom is worse. It almost covers 1/2 the screen. I changed the convergence chips with no luck. I can tap on the side of the set and it works for about an hour, then it comes right back. Also, I have tried to get a service manual for this tv and cannot find one, any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

Mitsubishi ws-55311 red convergence is way out of line wont let me fix the problem is there a part i can buy to fix this

The convergence IC chip or chips need to be replaced. Sometimes you can find them on Ebay pretty cheep. Sometimes just buying a used working board is less of a hassle. These chips will have a number like ST 393570 (Just an example). And they would b ... Mitsubishi WT-42311 42" Rear Projection Television

Reading the convergence issue my issue seems to be in line with the IC chips going out. Is the a way to get the part numbers I would need or possibly need? I live in Mexico and to get all the pieces here could be a challenge. My TV is the Pioneer Pro-710HD.

Www.tvrepairworld.com should be able to assist with the convergence ICs and they do ship to other countries. ... Pioneer PRO-710HD 64" Rear Projection Television

Panasonic PT56WX33G rear-projection television problem...Wavy vertical lines and basically two-colors blue-green and red. My uderstanding when checking this out awhile back, consensus seemed to be replace the low-ohm concergence resistors (6) and maybe the convergence lcs

Check the convergence ics they are usually stk type ics they are fafaulty ... Projection Televisions

Thin black line accross my 50 inch samsung plasma TV

... Samsung FPT5084 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Samsung 50b550 has many thin black lines across the top of the screen

... Samsung PN50B550 50 in. Plasma HDTV

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