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How to fix 55 inch panasonic cinema vision that has ghosting and colored 3D effect type shadows on half the tv. Television powers on and sounds great. I just has one half of the tv showing correct and the other half is showing in a 3D type colored neon effect shadow on every image and word.

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How to fix 55 inch panasonic cinema vision that has ghosting and colored 3D effect type shadows on half the tv. Television powers on and sounds great. I just has one half of the tv showing correct and the other half is showing in a 3D type colored neon effect shadow on every image and word.

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I have a 63' projection TV. The picture is off. All of the lights are working, but the images are fuzzy, and you see the image tripled. The three images overlap each other in red, green, then blue. It seems like the colors have to put back in sync to form one clear image. Also I can see a bow effect at the top of the screen.

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading. Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are ... Philips 55PP9363 55" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have ilo plasma display, model number: P42BSMT. When I turn it on colorful bars show up and I can hear the audio. I opened up the tv and noticed that one of the square black chip had some little burn holes so I took it out, so when I turned on the tv half of the showed picture. Where can I get a replacement for this circuit board that is no good?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I changed my two IC chips and three resistances on my Hitachi TV to fix color alignments. Now the problems is that yellow and blue double image are seen at the bottom of my screen with no much effect on the rest of screen. Manual convergence show a white horizontal and vertical lines with focal right horizontal end with red line no aligned, but if I fix this side, the left side is disaligned. So, I am lost. What can I do?, what is wrong?

Ur tv still have dead resistors parts,test all 12 resistors parts around the 2 STK convergence ICS and changes some more dead resistors parts or changes all 12 resistors parts for sure.If tv still have the same problems after tested and replaces more ... Hitachi 43FDX01B TV

My LG led has had several problems, it started out with the left half of the screen flipping as if viewed from a mirror with the right part of the screen normal. After that, it displayed vertical colored lines (blue, yellow, black, white, etc) which went away and now it shows a vertical bar about 4 inches across that looks darker than the rest of the picture. I also noticed images burning in everywhere except that bar. I know it's a lot of issues but any help would be appreciated.

This problems are a very tipical of the coded pixels on the LCD screen panel passes through the board that call the T-CON decoder board to causing this problems.Vertical colors lines display on the LCD screen panel happen by itself.Yes.The T-CON deco ... LG 32LE5300 Widescreen 32 in. HDTV

I have a TP50H60 projection t.v. My dog stepped on the remote. I did not know how to get the picture back so I unplugged the cord. The picture came back on but it is blurry and shows ghost images in two or three different colors. How can I correct this?

... Toshiba 50HX81 50" Rear Projection Television

My screen only shows half the picture and the half showing is now good focus or color.

... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television


... JVC LT-42X688 42 in. LCD HDTV

I have lost red color on tv. hooked up to xbox 360 for over 2 years with no problen playing games and movies. The picture is perfect except for recent color problem. This happened gradually and corrected with remote picture adjustment for one month. I think this is fixable but repairmen respond in gibberish/latin say it's expensive to fix or want to sell me a new one.

Hi, well whenever this happens unfortunately it is a rather serious issue. Also the fact that it was gradual, also adds to the issue, as whenever it happens this way, the "Support" components are also stressed to the point of near failure also, (Res ... Flat Panel Televisions

My LCD Don't show white color. It's shows pink color instead of white. If there is setting fault, please tell me the procedure of correction.

Hello\015\012\015\012The CFL (cathode florescent lamp) of the LCD has gone bad, it needs replacement, because i faced same problem some time ago and only solution is to replace CFL.\015\012\015\012Good Luck ... Flat Panel Televisions

SunBrite Modle 2310 HD intermediately looses one color (green turns orange). Later it will turn back to correct color. The unit was in the shop for 2 weeks and did not loose color. This time the color has been lost for 2 weeks. I have changed the Direct TV box and the cable connection. What do I need to do?

Its video output section should be troubleshooted for any loose solder terminals. ... SunBriteTV 2300HD 23" TV

If I type in actor before naomi lisner my images appear but if I leave out the word actor my images do not appear, how do I make the images appear for both

... Projection Televisions

I have Sony's 43 inch Projection TV, its model no is KP-ES43 ME1. Problem with it is that it has lost Blue color from its pictures. Anything that is of Blue color turns into different shades of Green color. But one important thing which i would like to share is that when we turns on PIP (Pictue-in-Picture) mode, images on the right side of the TV screen looks absolutely fine but Pictures on the Left side of the screen still have the same problem. I want to know what is the real problem and its

... Sony Projection Televisions

Purchased a Westinghouse LD-4695 led hdtv bought it less then a month ago and its showing white cloudy spots around edges took pictures of it and they came out blue idk if its because the home theater

The question is can it be seen with a normal image on screen, if its a month old take it back and get it exchanged or fixed, the problem you will encounter with this brand is if no extended warranty when the maker warranty ends it becomes a throwaway ... Westinghouse 46" LED TV HDTV 120Hz Full 1080P

My Pioneer PDP-5060HD has suddenly quit showing the HDMI picture. The TV menus and dialog still show on the TV. When I connect my Apple TV it says I have an HCDP error. A Pioneer Authorized repair place says the main logic board is bad. I see a bunch of Pioneer parts online. So 1, is the repair guy correct? and 2. what would the part number be so I can buy one! Thanks

... Pioneer PDP-5060HD 50 in. Plasma Television

SD Tech: Looks like your are the source for all things Samsung...I have a Samsung HL-R4226W that all of sudden started making that loud vibration/humming noise, and the picture started flashing pale, off color images of the show mostly in black and white. I shut it off before anything popped or stopped. Is this likely the color wheel? Any way to diagnose this for certain before I buy the part? Thanks in advance for the help - much appreciated.

It is definitely the color wheel. The flashing images and the wird colors confirm it. Replacing the color wheel should resolve the problem. As for the loud whirring noise, its due to wear and tear in the motor that spins the wheel. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi. Lately my tv is turning on but once the video signal is recognized, the screen goes green with vertical lines. Then the set turns off, turns back on, and then I may see a picture but the colors and images are all distorted. After about 5 min of off and on, it would finally correct itself. It does this with any input such as my xbox and dtv. Now it is at the point where it keeps trying to turn itself on and off to seemingly correct the input signal. Each time I may get a green screen, blac

This is a foreign voltage issue. It's very high voltage with minimal current. Milliamps to say the least. It is not dangerous. The only way to test for this voltage is with a foreign voltage tester that low volt techs and electricians use to iden ... Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV

Sanyo tv color doesn't look good...it shows ghost images and is too dark. I went into tv settings to adjust the colors and brightness but that only helped a little.

Sounds like a weak output voltage transformer...the set is shot...live with it or get a new one...if it is still on warantee, call Sanyo! ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi my tv when turned on shows a half red and half blue light when turned on the picture is multi colored any idea what is wrong ive turned it off and on and unplugged it any ideas thanks Todd

Hi Todd,\015\012\015\012This kind of symptoms indicated of LCD controller board malfunction. First isolate the unit from loose connection inside because it will do same symptoms. Take it apart and pull-out the cable connectors from the LCD cont ... Proscan 26LA30Q 26 in. LCD Television

Half of my tv is just lines of all colors. the other half shows the pic

Not a good sign, that is usually a sign there is a controller board issue or a connection issue to the LCD panel its self. If you are not still in warranty there are some TV repair places taht are capable of fixing this issue, but you are probably lo ... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

The picture is doubled. one image has a lot of red and the other image has a lot of green. all conections are correct.

Its in your setings on remote to change pitcher around. ... Thomson 61DLY644 Rear Projection Lamp Module 44 in. HDTV DLP TV

Hi, I purchased a Sony Bravia model #KDL-52S4100 two years ago. About 7 months ago when the TV was turned on there was no picture for 15 minutes or so, then when you turn it off and on again half a picture will show with larger images on the right hand side of the screen. Other times there is half a picture and then when you turn it off it will come on with a full screen picture. Once it warms up the picture is fine. Is there any inexpensive solutions here? Thanks for any help you can provide.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Flat Panel Televisions

My dvd/vcr is show double almost like a split screen. There is a bar in the middle of the screen and the screen itself is slpit into two parts. When i put up the menu screen for it i can see half of one side and the other half on the other screen.

On your remote you need to hi the pip button. thats picture in picture. it allows the screen to be split so you can watch two things at once, though most equpiment doesnt support this function yet so its useless. \015\012\015\012Hope this ... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv has a projection problem. It shows the image but in 3 different colors. The colors are red, green, and blue.

You need to replace your convergance IC's. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Sansui sv-epd-4240bp. Monitor was gradually taking longer to show the image when powering up. Now the image is totally black with the odd pixel lighting up. Removed the back and measured all the power supply voltages. Every thing appears to be correct as far as the votages go.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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