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Panasonic model PT-50LCX64A started shutting itself off a couple of weeks ago. Then a few days ago it wouldn't turn on. I have unplugged it for a few minutes and then bypassed the power bar straight to the wall and tryed it. Still nothing. It blinked green for about a minute then went to red. I read online that there is code for the number of red blinks but it appears to be blinking red continous. The TV is about three years old.

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The first thing I would check would be the status of the lamp. Did you verify if its broke?

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Panasonic model PT-50LCX64A started shutting itself off a couple of weeks ago. Then a few days ago it wouldn't turn on. I have unplugged it for a few minutes and then bypassed the power bar straight to the wall and tryed it. Still nothing. It blinked green for about a minute then went to red. I read online that there is code for the number of red blinks but it appears to be blinking red continous. The TV is about three years old.

The first thing I would check would be the status of the lamp. Did you verify if its broke? ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I had nothing but problems with my plazma since I bought it. But a couple months ago there was too much red on the screen so I adjusted the red to almost 0 and it was OK not great picture. Then the other day the whole screen turned green , no picture just green with sound. A few minutes later it went black no sound and said searching for signal then went off completely. I turned off and unpluged it over night. But now nothing at all just black.

Your main digital and sub digital have failed. incredibly expensive.there is one attempt that you can make to try (by chance) to save it temporarily.The digital and sub digital are the two boards in the center of the TV where the input ja ... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a Sony KF 50 WE 610 projection screen TV. It has worked perfectly since I bought it six or seven years ago. This morning I turned it on and the sound came on for a second, but then the sound went off and nothing else happened for about one minute. At the one minute mark it turned off by itself and the red indicator light blinked 5 times in a row... paused... blinked 5 times in a row... paused... and then blinked 5 times in a row again. When I powered it up again, the indicator light blink

Hello\015\012Five consicutive blinks at a time and the stops and again blinks five; is its self diagonosis procedure. All modern Sony sets has this function included in its circuits. If the system control IC inside it detect any fatal fault ... Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE610 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My 2 and half year old DTVS-1b Digital Satellite Reiceiver stopped working 2 nights ago. There is a pale orange light instead of the bright red stand by light and the two green dots, but not hour or minutes. When the tv is turned on there is nothing. Is it kaput?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Lg 52sx4d turned tv on-picture but no sound. shut tv off, unplugged for a few minutes, plugged back in and turned on-nothing. white lights scrolled bottom to top for a minute then top light went red and second light blinked red a few times. replaced bulb, nothing changed. no fan sound or clicking noises, just the light sequence.

Hello\015\012Power supply switching regulator board inside your LG TV is faulty. There are more than 8 regulated supply rails emerges from that board, after switching regulation, which will enter to different sections of circuits in your Tv. ... LG 52SX4D 52" HDTV

Vc3207 v7 tv/combo dvd player, turn on tv, worked, changed channels, worked, when back to orginal channel, stayed on for a couple of minutes then the screen went black, the little red light came on. tried turning tv on manually , nothing happens. unplugged tv from wall, after 5 miutes repluged , still the same, nothing works except the little red light in front. regards brian

... Combination Televisions

TV was working fine. Shut it off, all power went, no red light or any other sign of power. Will not turn back on, as if no power source. Unplugged for 1 hour, plugged back in again, nothing, uplugged over night, plugged it in, still nothing. Tried other outlets. Checked the safety fuse, it is good. This TV is not over used (2 adults), TV is 2 years old.

Hello,ok you have done almost everything you can do with a no power on Tv problem, if you have the tech background you could try using a volt meter to see if the TVs power supply is getting the power it needs or if there is a lose wire on the p ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

The lamp has just been replaced and now the tv will only stay on for 30 minutes and then turn itself off. The lamp indicator light is red. We can turn the tv back on and the light goes off. Six months ago the optical engine and the lamp were replaced. That lamp only lasted six months and the picture went dark.

Did you press the System Reset button with a ball point pin on the front of the set? You might have a ballast going bad if it has never been replaced. But first, the reset button then you may have a thermal switch which is located just above the la ... Mitsubishi WD73727 73" HDTV

I have a Samsung LN32c450 model LCD HDTV and it does not turn on. The red led in the front is on but no display or nothing. I read online a lot about the bad capacitor syndrome a lot of Samsung TV'

When you change the caps check the polarity.Check the diodes,and the regulators, Resistors,Fuses looks like a transitorstwo legs no 3 legs like the transistors get a voltmeter and read the voltage if are there, check the screen voltage. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a panosonic TX-47PT1. No problem since new. 3 days ago the convergance went. The colours (mainly red ) have slightly seperated and become a horizontal wave. I have read the forums and it seems there is a convergance mode I can enter into but have lost the manuel. Can someone help please. [email protected]

Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are more details and solutions for both. Repair kits with instructions are also avail from ... Panasonic PT-51HX43 51" Rear Projection Television

Vizio GV47L...when i turn on the tv, the screen stays black. The vizio light turns white and it makes the click noise like normal but after a minute of it doing nothing the light turns back to amber. I can turn it on and off using my remote. I read other problems where people had to unplug there tv to turn it off. Mine will turn off. Would the problem be the power supply or the motherboard. The slave inverter was making a squeeling noise and i replaced it like 2 months ago.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic pt-52lcx16 power starts and green light flashes and nothing happens it shuts off and the lamp light turns red for a minute the lamp light was replaced less than a year ago

... Panasonic PT-52LCX66 Projection Television

I have a Teac LE3285FHD Problem with the Teac LED television I have a Teac LE3285FHD and about 10 minutes ago, as we were watching a dvd, the picture/display went all weird and now the picture/display is looking like an oily negative picture with blotches of red, blue and green. I have tried amending the colour/picture settings and I have also done a factory reset and it is still happening... We only brought this on 29th April...

Hello\015\012Its video card has damaged. It will be colstly for you to repair. If the set is in warranty period, do the needy as fast as you can. OK. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I just replaced both the lamp & ballast on my LG 52SX4S (5 yrs old). The front indicator light scrolls for couple minutes, then top 2 lights turn red with second light blinking. Then the top light stays red for minute and it repeats the process. Someone suggested the power supply board should be replaced, what do you suggest>

I have had the same model HDTV and had the same issue. It was the power supply and I got it replaced at a TV repair shop for 300.00. ... LG 52SX4D 52" HDTV

When I turn the TV on a solid green light comes on for about a minute. I can also hear the tv is working just no picture. After about a minute the sound will go off and a solid red light comes on and stays on, the green light also went out at the same time the red comes on. Does this mean that it is possibly just the bulb?

... Mitsubishi WD-65733 65" HDTV

KDF46e3000 image/audio went dead 3 minutes, came back for an hour or so, went permanently dead regardless of video source. Red light continuously flashes. Lamp relatively new (4 mo) German make, still looks new, filament good, red wire good, lamp and door reset, no go.

... Sony KDF46E3000 46" Television

What's your problem? Tv wont turn on the little red light next to the power button is blinking Turn it off two days ago to sleep and in the mornin tryed to turn it on and nothing i try pushing the

What is the model of your tv? ... Flat Panel Televisions

WhaWe have a Panasonic Model TC-P42G25 TV. We were watch the evenings when all of a sudden the tv went out and the red power button was blinking. I thought I heard a snap but an not sure. I unplugged the tv for about 10 minutes plugged it in again, the light was out. When I used the remote to start it. The red light started blinking again. I also noticed that when i plugged it in I you could hear it what i would say energize the circuits. No response other than the blinking red light.

The blink code asked for by another expert would help--but if you heard a pop and the set is out commonly this is the POWER supply board in the set failing--not unusual.Individual parts are not sold for these sets and generally this will be a ... Panasonic TCP42G25 42 in. TV

Hello, my television suddenly didn't work when we woke up on Sunday morning. It's weird, the red lamp light is on now. The television will turn on and the red lamp light will go away but only for about one minute before the whole tv shuts off and the red lamp light returns. Please dont tell me its dead, its only 4 years old . I look forward to hearing back from you . Thank you . Noel W

Sir can you give me the make and model number of your unit good day and best regards. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

The red will not align up in our Hitachi model 51UWX20B with magic focus done automatiaclly or manually. When the red first started to go out of line we did magic focus and it worked. then after turning the tv off it went out of line again and will not go back. Once while messing the the pip buttons we got it to align somehow, but after about 20 minutes of watching tv the red moved again. How can we fix this?

You have a bad convergence board. You will have to remove the convergence board. If I remember,this board also has the flyback transformer mounted on the same board. It is quite complicated to pull this board. You will need to use different colored p ... Hitachi 51UWX20B 51" Rear Projection Television

Our 47" Magnavox TV suddenly went black, the sound continued with chirping sounds for a few minutes and then the sound went out leaving only the chirping sounds. The TV is only 3-4 years old. Is there

Could be main AV board not receiving the proper voltage due to a failing capacitor or power transistor. So I suspect a PSU failure. ... Toymax Magnavox 47MF437B 47 in. LCD TV

I have the Sony WE655 and I heard a "POP" sound and the TV went off? The RED light POWER/STANDBY blinks 5 times. I replaced the Optical Block & lamp about 2 years ago. What could be the problem

... Sony KDF-42WE655 Television

Trutech plv16320vm tv/monitor, will not come on,when you plug it in you get a red stand by light ,when you press the power on button. it goes off and nothing happens. or after u plug it in and u get red stand by light just wait 2-3 mins and it goes off.. no power. only 1 or 2 years old please help

Are you still having problems with this?Please let me know.Thank You very much!\015\012 Tyler ... TruTech PLV16320 Television

We purchased our DVD player about 3 mths ago and everything was fine, then about a week ago after the kids were watching TV and went to record a show the DVD turned itself off. Now when we turn on our DVD player we get the welcome note on the display window and as soon as the welcome has disappeared the whole thing automatically switches itself off. We cannot do a thing with it! I have even tried unplugging it overnight and then connecting in the morning and nothing changed. Any ideas

If you only purchased it 3 months ago it should still be under warranty.\015\012\015\012Just bring it back to your place of purchase for a refund or exchange. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I heard a pop. The TV went off then when I turned it back on the white has red pixels showing. Seems one of the LCD colors went out. Is there a fix. The TV is jsut over a year old.

This is a plasma tv not lcd. The pop mostlikely was a part on the y main board. IF the y-main voltage shifts the set will have red sparkels. \015\012 EBR55360701 All tech depot . com $65.00 ... LG 50PS80 50 in. HDTV Plasma TV

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