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I have a 2004 panasonic ct-27hl14j tv that has no gun voltage on any gun. HV is present as i can hear it. I have the back off and can see that none of the guns are on. where does the heater voltage come from and what pins do i check on the pic tube board. corkmiestr

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Hi. The Heater voltage primarily comes from the LOPT, (Line Output Transformer). The pin on the transformer should be marked with a H. If there is voltage from that pin, follow the track from there checking for open circuit or out of value resistor(s). My personal view is that the LOPT is the cause of your trouble and should be replaced. It has developed an internal failure which has had the result of not supplying the heater voltage, even though it is generating HV. Hope this info is of some use to you and good luck.

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I have a 2004 panasonic ct-27hl14j tv that has no gun voltage on any gun. HV is present as i can hear it. I have the back off and can see that none of the guns are on. where does the heater voltage come from and what pins do i check on the pic tube board. corkmiestr

Hi. The Heater voltage primarily comes from the LOPT, (Line Output Transformer). The pin on the transformer should be marked with a H. If there is voltage from that pin, follow the track from there checking for open circuit or out of value resist ... Panasonic CT-27HL14 27" TV

No picture despite the presence of heater voltage and all other voltages required to ignite the picture tube.

If you have checked the voltages the reason comes out itself,i.e no picture occurs if cathode voltage is high or screen voltage is low ,please check the voltages properly and find out the reason of no picture,if everything is normal than try by repla ... Sharp 27F543 TV

I have A Samsung 52 inch LCD TV model #LN52A580P6FXZA. The relay clicks at A random rate, there is A red light that flashes steady. It will not power up. All my standby voltages coming from the power supply are present as well as the run voltages. Power supply on voltage is present, inverter on voltage is present, occasionally, it will give A loud high pitched squeal. It never comes on. Any help would be appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a TOSHIBA MODEL 36-A-40 YR 2000 (Tube Type) which works fine 98% of the time. It is connected to a Comcast cable box. It will occasionally go off for no apparent reason and then come back on in about 3-5 minutes. When it returns, it sometimes comes back on perfectly. Most other times it comes back on slowly with a large red strip across the tube and this will slowly but eventually blossom into a good video picture and the audio will return. If you hit the side of the console, tha

Bad solder connections do eventually happen for most sets from heat and expansion on the board--you have really solved this issue--you have a physical issue in the set and now you have to find where.If the picture were to dim out slowly and c ... Toshiba Standard (CRT) Televisions

Vizio VT470M no picture, no sound, no backlight. Power supply board looks good all voltages appear correct (24V, 5V, and 3.7V) and no "bulged" capacitors . When I unplug unit for two hours, the screen comes on normally backlight comes back up and picture is normal, but changing the channel causes it to go dead again. Bringing up menu with remote is really sluggish and when attempting factory reset, it goes black. Vizio light on the front of the TV comes on and off when pressing power button,

Im having similar problem and with my limited knowledge of lcd tvs and the voltages ALL being good except the pwr on or sw on voltage from the main board to the power supply which tells it to switch everything on Im guessing that something is going w ... Vizio VT470M 47 in. TV

I have a Vizio XVT553SV that powers up but nothing on the screen. The Vizio logo flashes org to white for 1.5 minutes then the V comes on the screen for 1.5 minutes. It will repeat this over and over. I tried the factory reset and it didn't work. I have the back off and no capacitors etc look bad. I could check voltages but the are a lot of wires coming from the power supply and I do not have a schematic. Any suggestions ? Thanks

That problem sir is usually cause of faulty inverter board...Try to replaced inverter board to fix your TV.. ... Vizio XVT553SV 55 in. LCD TV

Our lg tv no picture is coming on screen, just sound we can listen, in the middle of tv screen a small light is coming lika a tube light. what is the correct problem & how to solve

Hi sathiavl,If in the middle of tv screen a small light is coming lika a tube light, i'm afraid that broken panel. ( like hit by hard material). You must replace panel, but that very expensive. Or, that problem may because t-con, Open rear cove ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My RCA Model 27F530T is turning on and off after being on for only a few minutes. When it turns back on, its ususally on a different channel. I read the manual, the only thing thats comes close to sounding like this is a high or low voltage in my apartment. What else could it be, my voltage is fine.

Hello\015\012The fault you reports indicates some voltage problems inside it itsef. Check first, for any loose plug in point on your wall power socket. if it all found ok, there will be some loose soldering contacts inside your TVs power inve ... RCA 27F530T 27" TV

Have a problem with picture on 42" Grundig Xephia PW1106606TOP. There is picture ,but shades (hue) of all 3 colours ar very bad and picture is much darker than it should be. All voltages on all boards are OK ,sustain waveforms on y-sus and z-sus board - OK (tested with oscilloscope). Picture is much darker if video signal comes via SCART then if it comes via composite IN (chinch ,AV3) ,but it's not even close to a normal picture ,HDMI doesn't work at all. I belive that problem is on main board b

... Grundig Xephia 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma TV

Set wont start up green and orange lights flashing ht voltage 144vs pulsing disconected lopt stage put load across ht cap c711 voltage reading 12 vs wont come out of stand bye

Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv. The orange light flashing is usually a self-diagnostic code and I can tell you what that code means. Also count the number of blinks in between each pause and let me know ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have LG LCD TV Model No: 22LF12R. The problem is the TV fell face down when it was still powered ON. Now when you switch it on the power LED comes on but there is nothing on the screen. When you press the remote control the LED responds or it blinks and when you power off on the remote it goes off and when you power on it comes on. The problem now is there is no display on the screen. There is no voltage in the display unit. Which components shoul I change. Hope u reply soon.

In my experience, there will be damage to the main pcboard, usually under the transformer.If you are lucky you can find all of the broken track and remake the track.Good luck. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions


If the high voltage comes up and goes right down something in that area is either shorted , open or bad---only thing in power supply that could cause this is if the main voltage (130 volts plus to the high voltage area is HIGH---the high voltage wil ... Toshiba 27A60 27" TV

I have a MITSUBISHI PROJECTION TELEVISION model WS-65809. it power up with a curved red lines across the screen. When the power cord is unplugged for about 24hrs the picture comes on clear for a while and go back to the same curved red lines after a while. I opened the front cover and realized that the green and blue Tube is not as bright as the red tube, Please help.

When the power up the components get heat up\012but some times the heat may be abnormal due to fauly parts or associate parts, and the cct will \012malfunction.\012\012Once you check the voltage of all power points and out put ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have a HLT6187SAXXAA when I turn it on it does its little tune the n the fans come on for about 5 secs the reboots, it does this 3 times then it goes to all 3 lights blinking, my modle has no lamp but it has 3 leds, red , green and blue. I tested the voltages from the power board the powers the leds and all the voltages were fine but no leds. i tested a 3 leds with a 9 volt battery and they all power up so I replaced the led driver boarn with a new one and now it does the same thing what else

... Samsung HCM4215W 42" Rear Projection Television

Loud arcing sound and picture disappears and comes back. Sounds like high voltage section is arcing to ground.

... Panasonic TC-P42U1 42 in. Plasma HDTV

JVC AV-60D501 Tv will not power on. When I push the power button, there is a lick noise coming from the back of the tv. Could this be the voltage regulator?

... JVC AV-60D501 60" Rear Projection Television

Tube heater on a sony trinitron not working

They will usually be marked on the crt board socket on foil side with H, and another way to find them is follow them back to the high voltage transformer where the go---you will read a short and that is normal across them--I would bet if you locate y ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

(RCA D52W15 TV) Picture will come on for a few moments, then i hear the crackling of what i think is high voltage and then I lose the picture and the crackling, not use to this kind of set the flybac

... RCA D52W15 TV

My 30 yr. old Curtis Mathis console tv screen went black tonight after a white line went across the center of the black screen. Won't come back on. Is the main tube blown?

... Curtis-Mathis CM32010 TV

Heater fan on electric fireplace not working, so heat shuts off and won't come back on. The manufacturer is Southern Enterprises, Inc., model no. FA515500TX.

Was having same problem, found the fan needed a little oil on bearings. Was not spinning up to full speed so heater was cylcing on high limit ... Southern Enterprises Luxembourg Ivory Fireplace

The tube dont come on

... Insignia IS 20" TV040919 TV

I have not serviced one of these models before, 26XR9DA. The problem is no Picture Sound OK. The Bachlights come on for about 3 Seconds with Sanyo LOGO visible then go off with the High Voltage inverters powering down. 5 12 and 22 V lines are clean and steady I have changed a few electro caps but this TV seems too new for the common caps problems The B ON pin sits at 3.2 Vs and never changes during startup etc. Im hoping there is a common fault for this symptom. Any help is most welcome

Hi mroulston,\015\012\015\012First check the brightness of the logo when it's first come on, you will notice that there was a slight changed in brightness if the one of the backlights was already busted. This is the very common fault I've encou ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung s5053, will not turn on. clicking noise inside, screen comes on and goes off. No picture. checked voltage on pin 10 get 5 volts connector cn804-1. research on internet seems to point at main power board, but some think its standby power board. I was going to replace the PSPF501A01A board. But don't want to spend $100.00 on wrong board. Any advice will be helpful. Thank-You Ken

Ken, did you ever find out what was wrong with your set and have it repaired?I have the same "clicking" problem when first turn on the TV. First, it took about 30 secs clicking (came from the relay) then came on ok. The wait time gradua ... Samsung HP-S5053 Television

Recently I moved my tv by truck to another home and it was very cold out( winter in massachusetts) the tv had some condensation then plugged it in and it was working fine for 4 hours or so...while changing channels I beleive a friend of mine hit the off button and now the tv tries to go on as the orang timer light blinks and it starts to go on but then shuts right down just about when the picture is about to come on...also friend did have it near a baseboeard heater vent and now I have it moved

I have no sound ... Samsung PCL5415R TV

I have anew Sony 40 inch EX 520 series Led warranty not valid in India since purchased in Bangkok. The power standby light goes of very often and the Tv goes dead. If I switch off the power supply for couple of minutes and switch it on again the stand by light comes back on and TV functions normally. The TV is also very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and on Inverter power supply. Please let me know what could be wrong and how to solve this problem. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

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