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Mitsubishi WS-65809. Yesterday, plugged into the wall in the first outlet, I powered off my modem and computer (trying to get Cox to fix my internet connection) that were attached to a power bar in the second outlet. TV was turned on. Once I got my internet connection working, realized that the TV was no longer turned on, and would not turn on. Made sure plug was seated right, but no dice. Checked the outlet to make sure it was working, and sure enough it was. Plugged the TV to another outlet, n

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Hi mikalkintner,\015\012
\015\012Is your tv haven't a led light in the front panel? I need to know to assist you further.\015\012

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Mitsubishi WS-65809. Yesterday, plugged into the wall in the first outlet, I powered off my modem and computer (trying to get Cox to fix my internet connection) that were attached to a power bar in the second outlet. TV was turned on. Once I got my internet connection working, realized that the TV was no longer turned on, and would not turn on. Made sure plug was seated right, but no dice. Checked the outlet to make sure it was working, and sure enough it was. Plugged the TV to another outlet, n

Hi mikalkintner,\015\012\015\012Is your tv haven't a led light in the front panel? I need to know to assist you further.\015\012\015\012Jdvillanueva ... Mitsubishi WS-65809 65" Rear Projection Television

I have a Panasonic PT-51630T CRT projection TV, 50" screen. It was manufactured in 1995. I had picked it up from our town clean-up (people come to throw away trash and old stuff they don't need or want anymore; pretty much anything you can think of). I got this TV last Saturday and I plugged it in to make sure it worked before loading it up in the truck and bringing it home. It turned on and the picture looked completely fine. Once I got it home, I used it for a couple of hours or so until sud

CRTS tubes projection tv,don't have a projection bulb.Only have 3 CRTS tubes guns like R,G,B crts tubes.The tv have picture a couple hours than dies and have a high pitch sound,that mean the tv have a bad and dying or a cold soldering to the (FBT- th ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

I just got a monitor, samsung LS19GSESS/Xaa from my friend cause he got a new 22" . However when i tried it on my computer it doesn't work. So when i plug the monitor onto my video card, 5770 brand new! it doesn't display anything. But when i turn off my computer i see the computer test thing when it says "blue, green and red." sooo i'm assuming the monitor does work but it doesn't work when i plug it into my video card and turn on my computer!!!

What you are seeing is the monior test and adjust features. If your old monitor worked then the computer is not at fault. Try this: Boot up your computer and while doing so continually press the f8 key, ever second or so, don't hold it down, just kee ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 54 inch LXI projection TV and it worked fine until today. The power company changed the meter on my house while I was out and when I got home the TV would no longer turn on. I unplugged it and changed outlets and still no luck. Is there a fuse and where would it be located? Thanks.

Trace the AC cord to the fuse inside the set. It is very likely to have blown a fuse. 4 or 5 amp GMA will work. ... Projection Televisions

TV shut off independently and we then got the 11 blinking red light signal The only way to turn the tv off is to unplug it. We unplugged all of the cables and connections and then re-plugged and also tried another outlet...Problem is still the same. This TC-P50VT25 is @ 7 months old

... Panasonic TCP50VT25 50 in HDTVReady Plasma TV

Hi I have a Panasonic LCD 32" and the following happens 1. I turn on TV and after 10-20 min it goes black screen and few second later it turns off 2. Red light blinks at one second intervals 3. I unplug it and plug back it and it will work for 5-10 min longer then same symptom 4. I plug back in and go to menu and reset to default and it resets and then works much longer Any suggestions?

It may have unstable power supply due to bad DC filter caps, very common problem in ALL LCD TV's and monitors. You will need to do in-dpeth troubleshooting the problem.\012Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:\012 ... Panasonic Viera TX-32LX70 32 in. LCD TV

I got a Mitsubishi ws-55411 from a friend and I am trying to set up the cable. this is my first HD TV. The cable comes from a wall outlet (no cable box). I followed the manual and attached the cable into ant. A and turned the input connection on. I am only getting channels 2-13, I think these are the same stations I would get with just an antenna and no cable which makes me wonder if the cable is being detected at all. I have confirmed that the cable is working, because if it was not I would not

Go to the customer menu and switch the set from air-antenna to cable.The set is in the air band and not the cable band hence only channels 2-13.Let me know if you need help.SD TECH ... Mitsubishi WS-55411 55" Rear Projection Television

WS-65807 quit working. We only had it connected to DirectTV via the DTV connection. Now when I turn it on I just get three color lines on the screen. When I push the reset button I get no change. When I adjust any of the top three adjusters at the front I do see a change to each line. If I turn one of these all the way left, the TV turns off. I have tried unplugging, waiting and then plugging back in, but never see any codes being flashed. What are my options?

If you move the convergence too far the set will shut down.Have you done the self check this model does have? ... Mitsubishi WS-65807 65" Rear Projection Television

Toshiba 42H83 42 in. Rear Projection HDTV had the hyper module capacitor problem that Toshiba put notice out about. Changed those then plugged set in picture came in the three lamps noticably showed green,red, blue at the bottom of screen noticed grey static area because TV was not connected to cable or other device. Suddenly TV turns self off, now when plugged in to outlet power light blinks three times set turns off with speakers acknowlegement(sounded like speaker). I apparently have power d

If you bought a hypermodule rebuild kit from www.TvRepairKits.com go back to their site and ask for help. If you just bought parts off the web and winged the repair its hard to ... Flat Panel Televisions

50pfp5332d got this tv not working. found no power when conected and decided to remove back cover. found blown PCB fuse and replaced it,turn the tv on and the picture came on for 10 seconds and when out but tv was still on since the logic board led was on,also noticed led on PCB started blinking. pull power cord off and then plug back in turn power button on and got picture for 10 second PCB relay clicked picture died and led on PCB started blinking again. what do you think?bad PCB or ba

Hello\015\012The power regulator PCB has some fault it it. It does not outs proper regulated voltages needed to the other PCBs in your TV. Normally Plasma TV power regulator PCBs are very difficult to repair, and PCB as whole should be replac ... Philips 50PFP5332D 50 in. Plasma Television

I have a lg 32lc5dc that powered off by itself and now when i unplug it or turn it on with the remote the remote no longer works and i have a snowy screen. It will not power off when i plug it back in it just comes right back on, every once in a while it will stay powered off when i plug it back in and the remote will turn it on but then the remote will not do anything else. i have changed the batteries and used the reset button on the back of the tv i dont know what else to do

Hello,It's the problem of overheating in the power supply board of the TV.on the power supply board of the TV there are few capacitors and IC.any of this ic is got short or may be weak.so due to this when you start the TV the current passes fro ... LG 32LC5DC 32 in. LCD HDTV

Not sure what happened my tv had sound and then it just went away. I have Dishnetwork cable but other tvs in the house are working fine. I made sure all connections were good. Turned off tv and turned it back, same with cable transmittor.

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

Zenith L20V34S Completely DEAD Zenith LCD flat screen 20in Model: L20V34S Manufactered: Oct 2005 Listed HealthCare Facility TV Hello all, TV wont turn on (no red light either)after turning it off from the night before. Heres what i've tried: WHEN AS IS -Checked to make sure on/off switch on rear of TV was indeed "on". -Tried using the remote and the actual TV "on" buttons. -Checked of course all my outlets and made sure it had power and had good connections. -Used voltm

Repair of the Zenith L20V34S\012The power supply is responsible for 90% of failures on this model.\012Symptom 1\012TV cannot be turned on. It will act as if it is completly dead.\012Repair\012Replace capacitors C5 and C6, rated at ... Zenith L13V36 LCD TV

My Samsung Plasma 42 in. TV turns itself off after a couple of minutes of being on and then makes a clicking sound like its trying to turn on again but it doesn't turn back on. It just makes this clicking sound. If I unplug it, sometimes it will function normally again and sometimes the same problem occurs. We thought it might be the power strip so we plugged it into a different outlet. At first, this seemed to work. Then, the cable box and the sound system started turning off spontaneously

Try checking the standby mode. . . ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, the YouTube on my lg tv is not working I've checked my Internet connection and everything else on netcast is working but YouTube. I've tried turning everything off from The mains but still no results. Please can you help?

Was this ever solved ? Have the same issue with Facebook only..... ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Cant get the power to turn on,worked fine last night, it got unplugged, this morning plugged in, won't turn on and the power button just flashse

Flashing is either an error code or the set trying to boot up--some of the Mitsubishi sets if power removed will blink for a minute and then stop--then the set can be turned on.a model number? ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Laptop interference When I open my laptop, my cable, plugged in to my TV, starts reacting with interference, sometimes completely turning to "no signal." When I close my laptop, there stops being interference issues. It doesn't matter whether my wireless internet is connected or not, I've checked the line in where the cable's connected and it's happens with predictable accuracy. Please help!

All laptops must meet certain requirements for interference---about all you can do is move the laptop further away and or see if another laptop has the same issue. ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

My Toshiba powers off every few mins and will not turn back on until i unplug the tv and plug it back in. Will only stay on for another few mins. The long its unplugged the longer it will stay on up to ten mins now. Previously only did this when I turned the tv off then back on immedietely. Removed front panel and placed a fan there in hopes the the heat syncs are now being over worked. Still shuts down every two mins.

It sounds like you have a bad capacitor. When one is faulty, they will demonstrate this type of behavior. The issue is finding out which one. If you are not a skilled technician, this is a difficult task. I would recommend that you take it to a TV re ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a VP50HDTV20A, was watching tv this past Sunday and all of a sudden it shut off. Tried to manually turn it on and then noticed that the yellow/green light was off....acts like there isn't any power getting to it. Checked all outlets, they work with other electrical cords, un-plugged tv and plugged in again....nothing? I wonder if this is something that can be fixed or if anyone else has encountered this problem? I don't want to have a tech come to fix it and spend the money to do it i

Could be the fuse? try replacing the fuse.\015\012http://www.diyfixit.co.uk/electrics/fuse-changing-1.html\015\012\015\012Adam ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV


HI:\015\012 This is a plasma unit and philips plasma's are nortorious for bad power supplys, your problem may very well be the power suppy in the television, it is possible you blew a low B+ fuse on the power supply. There is also a issue with ... Philips 50PFP5332D 50 in. Plasma Television

My Zenith Inteq IQB55M90W is not turning on at all even though it is plugged in. I know the outlet works, it just wont turn on. What can I do to fix it?

Nseay52,\012\012See my tip at http://www.fixya.com/support/r4168009-change_lamp_in_dlp_projection_tv which explains the troubleshooting ... Zenith IQB55M90W 55" Rear Projection Television

Philips 42pfl5522 LCD TV. Digital channels no longer work, when i select the digital channels with the remote either with the Digital MENU button or the EPG button I just get a small blue cross appearing in a box in the top left of the screen. Using the A/D button or the AV selection button simply takes me to a blue screen. It's the first time the TV has been used for a few months (having been to Australia for a while) but it did work when we got back for about a day. I'm not sure if

... Flat Panel Televisions

My apex 3230 tv wont turn on, i stored it a few monthsago when i got a new one,and it was running fine, i was giving it to a friend so before i did, i made sure it worked (just for some reason) and it didnt turn on. i read onlinea little about it and it seems that its usually a fuse, where is the "power" fuse? or is it just a general fuse that runs more than the power? and how much would this fuse cost, where would i get it? (radio shack?) and is it easy to fix if i did it myself ? thanks a bun

... Apex Digital PF3230 32" TV

TV was working fine. Shut it off, all power went, no red light or any other sign of power. Will not turn back on, as if no power source. Unplugged for 1 hour, plugged back in again, nothing, uplugged over night, plugged it in, still nothing. Tried other outlets. Checked the safety fuse, it is good. This TV is not over used (2 adults), TV is 2 years old.

Hello,ok you have done almost everything you can do with a no power on Tv problem, if you have the tech background you could try using a volt meter to see if the TVs power supply is getting the power it needs or if there is a lose wire on the p ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

Sony TV EX500 32 inch was not turning on

... Sony KDL32EX500 32 in. TV

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