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The timer light on the front panel is blinking (although we have never used the timer feature) and the TV will not turn on at all. Could an electrical surge have caused this problem? This happened after we lost power and then it came back on. What do you think is wrong?

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The timer light on the front panel is blinking (although we have never used the timer feature) and the TV will not turn on at all. Could an electrical surge have caused this problem? This happened after we lost power and then it came back on. What do you think is wrong?

Have you fixed your tv yet? just lost power and same issues...unplugged tv and hit reset button on front panel. please help [email protected]\015\012\015\01 ... Mitsubishi WS-65809 65" Rear Projection Television

I have a panasonic TH-50px70a a and its lost power? when i turn the power on, the red standby light is showing but nothing happens on screen, when i press the remote power buttons. the green like flickers but nothing happens.

... Panasonic TH-50PX70 50 in. Plasma TV

Remote Lost remote' timer on' can Lost remote can't turn power on because timer set

... Mitsubishi WD-52528 52" Television

TV remote on my model TXL2791F won't turn TV on. When I press the power button on the TV itself the little timer light blinks and the TV makes a ticking sound for a few seconds. If I press the power button again the blinking light and ticking sound happen again for a few seconds. If I repeat pushing the power button on the TV again the blinking and ticking will then go on all day long unless I unplug the TV for 15 minutes or more. All during this time the screen is dark. Just before this ha

... Samsung TXL2791F 27" TV

Hi there, I have a Bush lcd32tv022hd that today has just stopped working. the standby light is not lit and nothing is happening. I have taken the back off of the tv and we have power coming into it and also power going up into the top PCB but now i am a bit lost as to where to try next! Any ideas??

... Flat Panel Televisions

TV turned off by itself one day. I pressed reset, timer light blinked green for a minute, then I pressed power and it sounded like it wanted to boot up, but nothing happened and the status light turn

Two thoughts:First is this is a DLP set and the lamp may have failedSecond is it should have the self check which reads error codes---most of these sets that is the same:" After you turn on the set, and get the regular red bli ... Mitsubishi WD-Y65 65" HDTV

Sony Bravia has lost all channels besides ABC and 7 Network, this happened while the TV was on, what is wrong?

Unless you are on a antenna look in the menu to make sure set is on catv and not air or antenna. ... Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR9 32 in. LCD HDTV

After a minute power outage my Vizio VF55OM tv will not turn back on even though it has always been hooked up to a surge protector. I just get a orange light and thats it? can somebody plz tell me what can be wrong with it and how can i fix this problem? Also why this has happened?

... Vizio VF550M 55 in. LCD HDTV

I have a dvd/VCR combo unit. Model: DRC8335. Lost power 2 days ago. Now I get the "HELLO" Scroll on the display. nothing more. This happened before, and it eventually resolved itself. But this time, it goes no further. I have no sterio output and can't remove or open any VCR/DVD. What too do? Derrick

Hi, This is a problem I'm familiar with-you almost assuredly have a failing power supply. This would account for the problem resolving itself the one time. ( It hadn't gone all the way ) Now you're stuck with just the greeting. If you are a little fa ... Flat Panel Televisions

I just purchased a Vizio e420vl. When i first plugged it into my surge protector, it worked fine, for about 20 minutes. Then it lost power completely. I went and bought a new surge protector, one made for home theater set-ups, and the same thing happened. When plugged straight into the wall outlet, it works fine. How can i resolve this and still have surge protection?

This tv has built in surge protection that is why ... Vizio E420VL 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

While watching tv the entire screen went black and there is no power. I try turning it on and turning it off but nothing happens no light nothing, what could be wrong?

This will be 6 capacitors that are 3300uF 10v that need replaced with 3300uF 35v to avoid them popping again. They will be located in the upper right of the power supply if you are looking down on it! Because of the short you may also need to replace ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

What's your problem?My LG model # RU-44sz63 tv won't turn on. The operations light blinks orange when I power on then then it goes to red. I've unplugged the tv, waited 5 mins then plugged back in...still the same thing happens. What's wrong?

... LG RU-44SZ63D Television

Remote lost cant turn power on because timer set

... Mitsubishi WD-52528 52" Television

I flashed the wrong Firmware on my LG 42PJ350 Now i cant turn the TV on. If i connect the power cabel it makes 2 times "klick - klick" but no LED goes on and also nothing happens with the Remote Control

You cannot reverse it. Some other manufactures if this happened, you could reinstall old firmware, but not on LG. You must replace your Main PCB ... LG 42PJ350 42 in. TV

Sony Television BRAVIA KLV 37S400ArnThe television can not turn on Electrical power already checked & it's ok. The last event is AC power un-plug but the timer indicator is still amber color. The timer indicator is gone after the power button top of the TV is pushed (without AC power in).

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Problem with Samsung HLS4676SX/XAA Television My samsung tv will not power up, timer light is blinking The timer light on the front of the tv is blinking and the tv powers on, there is sound and then

... Samsung HLS4676SX/XAA OEM TV Lamp

TV has worked just great since purchased in 04. Sat down this morning, grabbed the remote and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries in the remote, tried it again and nothing. I tried the manual power button on the front of the TV and still nothing. I tested the power outlet and it works fine. As I plug the TV in, I hear a soft click as if it is trying to power on but still nothing happens. I pushed the reset and it makes a soft click but still no picture or sound. Could you possibly help

Hi. This is an all too often occurrence. The TV's manufactured in the earlt to mid 1990s relied on an inferior set of capacitors in the power supply and mainboard components. They should have lasted about 25 to 30 years, but most are on ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

The Timer indicator on the front of the TV is continuously blinking green. I have made several attempts to fix this by pressing the System Reset button and held it for up to 30 seconds at a time. Each time I release the System Reset button, a few seconds later the Timer indicator starts flashing again. I have also totally disconnected the TV from power for up to 15 minutes but as soon as I connect it back to power the Timer light starts flashing again. I cannot locate my owners manual for

Hi,Let me know model number of your Mitsubishi tv to provide you helpful info about problem and manual pdf file.Thanks. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi WS-55909 projection TV. There was a power outage and when the power came back on, the TV won.t turn back on again. There is this light (Timer) that keeps on blinking on the front panel of the TV. I tried unplugging the Unit and waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before turning it back on , still won't work. I tried using the original remote for the TV to try to turn the power on, still doesn't work. There is a reset button beside the timer light, and I tried to reset the unit

Unplug,replug the tv back like 24 hrs later.That the whole tv is resetting itself everythings.Tv now should be working again.If still have the same problems,than ur tv DM power supply board is have dying parts,must repair the tv DM power supply board ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Hi, I have Sony Bravia KLV-32S400A Couple of months ago suddenly get switch off after I switch on standby light(Red) gets blink. I unplug the power code and switch on the LCD after 3 hours it works fine. I happens occasionally. Couple of days ago I'm unable to power on the LCD. When I plug the power code I can here a sound like cutout gets on off (tick tick) nothing happens no indicating lights, no display and no sound. Please help me to solve this problem

Dear User,in your case there is a supply fault..capacitor of power board is weak .kindly change the capacitor ..the sign of capacitor faulty is that capacitor is blow up like oil is coming out form upper side..kindly do the need ful.dnt ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Lost power sometime it can be on but now lost power. Is it probably from the power switch?

A general answer: This sounds like a very common issue. If set is hard to turn on (takes several tries)but will eventually turn on here is what my guess would be. Every set has a standby ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have a colby tv and when the power goes out we can't get it to turn on. This also happens when we unplug it. There is no picture or sound but the little blue light on the front is bright which

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I bought a Vizio L32 HDTV10A that didn't power-up. There were charred components on the power board (an 8-pin IC with heatsink and 2 resistors). I replaced the power board, and the power LED then turned on (yellow) when power was applied. When the ON button is pressed, the power LED turns green for roughly 8 seconds and then the power LED turns yellow again. Nothing else happens. I checked many components (fuses, capacitor ESR, diodes, etc) on the main board and the master and slave inver

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a mitsubishi dlp WD-65733 and it went out on me a week ago. when I power it up i get only the green light above the timer. when i hit the reset button in the front i hear a click in the back and the green timer light starts blinking for about 30 seconds the it powers off. I do not get any lights above the status or lamp. i have replaced the bulb before about 1 1/2 years ago. could this be the bulp again? when i replaced it before i had an orange lamp light but not this time.

Hi,It seems problem in power supply board that got few electrolytic capacitors leaky and causing problem. It does not look like lamp issue.Let me know are you handy with electronics stuff repair and can replace parts in circuit board? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Received this TV from a friend, was working when it left his house, I have place on tv stand, plugged it in, hit the power button, it came on for a breif second. Now the on-timer light is blinking, I can hear the (possible) tube kicking (a clicking sound) but can not get the tv on, nor can i get the tv to stop blinking the on-timer / power light. At times it is a fast blinking (once a second), other times it is blinking slower, (once every 3-5 seconds). I do not have the original remote, but hav

Did u ever find a solution? ... JVC AV-32150 32" TV

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