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TV turns itself off after about 5 minutes (green light remains on). I can turn off the TV and turn it back on immediately, however, the TV turns itself back off after a few minutes. It started turning off itself off after displaying harizontal shock waves like lines on the screen that got progressively worst. Now there is no line, just powers off. Once turn back on shows great for about 5 minutes then clicks off (no picture or sound) with green light still on.

Answers :

Check and make sure your fans are working and there is sufficiant cooling to the back of the set. Sounds like it is overheating and going into protection mode.

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TV turns itself off after about 5 minutes (green light remains on). I can turn off the TV and turn it back on immediately, however, the TV turns itself back off after a few minutes. It started turning off itself off after displaying harizontal shock waves like lines on the screen that got progressively worst. Now there is no line, just powers off. Once turn back on shows great for about 5 minutes then clicks off (no picture or sound) with green light still on.

Check and make sure your fans are working and there is sufficiant cooling to the back of the set. Sounds like it is overheating and going into protection mode. ... Mitsubishi WS-65513 65" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a big screen Mitsubishi TV WS-55859. The green light on the front was blinking and the set wouldn't turn on. I read on the internet to replace the capacitors on the dm board. I did that and the set turned on but after awhile it tuned back off and the green light started flashing again and the set wouldn't turn on. If I unplug it and let it sit for awhile and then plug it in, it will flash green for awhile and then I can turn it back on. It stays on for about 5 minutes and then shuts down

Sounds like one of the fans needs replacement ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Large green wavy lines faded in background for 2 months. Then once turn on slowly fades to solid green. Turn off for 10 minutes turn back on, good picture for 3-15 minutes, then fades to solid green. appears something is getting hot or over heating

The Green CRT has shorted and will need replacement. You can verify the problem by removing the Green CRT drive board from the green CRT dont unplug the wires just slide the board off and let it hang suspended then try powering up the set if it stays ... Sony KP-57WS500 57" Rear Projection Television

I have bought a SHARP LCD Aquos TV Model LC-32M400X. The problem is after turning the power button ON from the back, the power light RED indication takes 1 minute to turn to GREEN, and after about 2 m

... Element Electronics Flat Panel Televisions

Our Hitachi 42HDT51 monitor has been shutting off, however the lights on the panel and AVC box have remained green. There is no picture or sound, the screen is black. If I unplug the power cord from the back of the panel for 5-10 min. It will turn back on. Sometimes this lasts a few minutes, other times it will remain on for hours until we decide to turn it off. Once we turn it off, we go through this when we try to restart it. We have eliminated the Satellite receiver to rule that out as

Hi,\015\012\015\012The symptom has no issue on the input (channel reception) because the problem is internal and caused by leaky/dried electrolytic capacitor in the power supply section of your tv. It will prod ... Hitachi 42HDT51 42 in. Plasma SLC1551AW

The TV turns on and shows a picture that you can watch and within 10 minutes the TV loses its picture, however, the light is still green. If you turn the TV off you can get the picture to come back after you wait like 20 minutes or so but the TV will lose the picture again in 10 minutes or so. Any suggestions?

... Hitachi 42HDT52 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a Haier tv that keeps shutting off. The green power light will not go out until I unplug it and leav eit unplugged for a cpl minutes. Then when I plug it back in and turn it on, it will stay on about 5 minutes and turn off. Why?

... Haier Flat Panel Televisions

The picture flashed green to black several times and the image went askew. Then everything went black and stayed that way. Sound remained on. After a few minutes, I tried to turn the unit back on and it did the white up and down lights ending with the two top lights on (now red). I have changed bulbs twice before when this happened and that fixed it. This time it didn't. One new thing that happens now (I know this is weird) is that when I turn it on the set chirps in the vicinity of the bu

Hi lc99527,\015\012\015\012This is an indication of faulty ballast board and or its power supply(gone to out-of-regulation) and once sense by the feedback circuitry it will automatically shuts off the power supply. First check for bad solder jo ... LG 62SX4D 62" Television

I have sony bravia kdl-40x2000 which: turns on and the power indicator light stays green (no flashing red light codes) has no picture has no images seen even using a strong flashlight has sound from the side of the tv cannot control volume/channels sometimes turns off and back on after being on for a minute I have tried changing the inverter boards already. Is it the mainboard 1-870-567-11 or something else??

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

My Panasonic 61 inch projection tv will not stay on. I replaced the lamp, but that didn't resolve the problem. It will come on then picture and sound goes out. The green light stays on until I turn tv off. I wait for the red light to stop blinking, then turn it back on. It may stay on few minutes or few hours...HELP

... Panasonic PT-61LCX65 61" Rear Projection HDTV

Sony turned off by itself then green light blinking about ten times then back on... every about 30 seconds - 1 minute, tv will turn off then on, then turn off, then on. It is really weird. What's up with my tv? When it is on, picture still very crystal clear! It just turn off and on like a kid playing with tv remote. Mine is Sony SXRD 50 inches tv.

Check the capasitor in the power suply and shange them thay might be swell ... Sony KDS-R50XBR1 50" HDTV

I have a 52 inch RCA rear projection TV and have had it for nearly 5 years without any issues. Now when I turn the TV on, the button lights up green on the front as normal, but after about 5-10 seconds, the button and tv turn off? It all started when I was watching TV one day and about 30 or 40 minutes into the show, the TV turned it's self off...I turned it right back on and this is what it is currently doing...? What can I do to hopefully fix this issue because the TV is a great TV and I wo

I would try resoldering the flyback terminals thats a component thats prone to have solder issues and it will cause those same symptoms. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Intermittent picture Our Philips 37 inch FLAT TV has some strange issues. Routinely the TV will go totally dark, there will be a click and it seems to turn off, and then 20-30 seconds later it turns back on. The green light stays on therefore I am not positive that it actually turns off but there's a clicking sound. In addition, you will be watching and all of a sudden colored lines come onto the screen completely distorting the picture. I have limited experience with electronics but som

It sounds that, the T'Con board to your TV has the fault. Check ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

42 inch Sony wega will turn on and stay on for a short period of time. It then turns off and the green light blinks numerous times before turning back on several minutes later.

Maybe youve got the wrong volt thing 4 it or overheatd ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an akai flatscreen tv model no. lct3785ta...i try to turn on my tv the little light turns green and the tv turns on for a few seconds then turns off and the little light turns red then a couple seconds later it turns green and the tv turns back on. it does this till i unplug it then plug it back in...how can i fix it?

... Akai LCT3785TA 37 in. LCD HDTV

Turn power on, power light blinks 3 times and goes back to "standby" mode. tried unplugging for 1 minute to reset, plugged back in and same result. called support line but can not find reciept for purchase date so can not get warranty repair.

Many tvs are having problems with the capaicitors on the power supply. I would remove the back of the set, locate the power supply, and look at the top of the capacitors "barrels", if the top is bulging up slightly, they are bad. Usually 6 of them ... Flat Panel Televisions

PT-50lc14 keeps shutting down. We just replaced the lamp and reset the meter. The tv turns on and will run for an indescriminate time and shut off. it may be 15 minutes or an hour. when it shuts off the light will go from green to orange, then flash red. Eventually it will go to solid red and th tv will turn back on.

... Panasonic PT-50LC14 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have Vizio XVT3D474SV I bought a year ago, in the last week while watching TV, the screen start to flash, display becaome white with 3 black lines and after a while it becomes black (the all time the sound stay as normal). while looking inside I see the backlight flashing till the screen becomes dark (than I do not see any light inside). After turning off and ON the TV several times I get back normal pictures but the same phenomenon comes back in few minutes. I checked all 8 micro fuses I have

When the picture is dark, show a torch light on the screen from a safe distance. If you can see the picture, the backlight is the problem. Anyhow, it is better to show it to a qualified service technician. ... Vizio XVT3D474SV 47 in. 3D LCD TV

I have a bush 40 inch tv model number lcd40883f1080p about 1 month old use for Xbox was playing and suddenly my screen flickered at bottom half a green and light blue so turned it off back on and now have light blue lines and red in top half but it's flickering the whole screen can't watch or do anything as takes over picture please some help ASAP thanks

... Projection Televisions

No power. Electricity has gone off several times this winter. Power went off Firday due to high winds. WHen I came home, tv would not come on. Was plugged into a surge protector with Bose stereo and Dish Network. They both work but not the TV. I turned off the surge protector and turned in back on, and the green light on front of tv flickers for a couple of minutes but then goes out and still no power to the tv. Any ideas

Is sounds like the power supply has been spiked by high voltage from the power reset it may be possible to fix by replacing the power supply if you have some electronics skills such as soldering and reading wiring digrams ... Mitsubishi WT-46809 46" Rear Projection Television

My TV repeatedly shuts off after being on for 30 minutes or so. then this morning it would not turn on at all no audio or picture the green lamp and red timer lights were flashing the tv had not been in use prior to this. I pulled the bulb ordered a new one then put the bulb back in and the picture and audio came on when i turned it on again help!.

OK, I am assuming you mean that after turning it on, or turning it off and on again that you again had no picture or sound.There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section ... Flat Panel Televisions

R52wh77 plays 15 minutes turns off !!! Power light (green) comes on but but turns back off

Thats the classic sign of a failed Deflection Power board. You can get the Deflection Board PSB260 from www.tvrepairworld.com which should solve the issue. ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

I turned my tv on and put put the cable channel on that my grandma watches, and i went into the kitchen to do the dishes while my grandma finished getting dressed in her room. ( the tv is in the living room) i finished up the dishes and went into the empty living room and the tv was off. i was only gone for 5 or 10 minutes so the cable box would not have gone into sleep mode, but every time i pushed the power button the light on the front of the tv would turn green then flash back to stand-by. i

... Sylvania LC260SS8 26 in. LCD Television

TV will play for 15 minutes, turn off while green light is flashing. Then we press the power button and the light flashes red. The TV will not come back on for a while.

... Panasonic PT-56LCZ70 56" HDTV

Hi I have an Akai 42 in. LCD TV Model# LCT42Z5TAP,when I try to turn on the TV the green LED light comes on but the screen does not ,then i try to turn it off but it does not comes off the green LED light remains,so i have to unplug the TV in order to turn it off then turn it back on the problem remains the same as before, so I leave it on for 10 mins unplug it again then turn it back on and only then it comes on and works proper.It seem the Tv now needs to be warmed up for 10 mins or more for

... Akai 42 in. LCD TV

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