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Ws 55511 no blinking light possible lightning run in. checked pico fuses and glass fuse-both ok. I have no continuity across pc9a21. Everything was plugged into a surge protector and nothing that was plugged in there works anymore. Satellite box, dvd player and the tv. Outlet is good. I have the chassis out.

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Just what kind of component is PC9A21. In other cases, check all grounds on the under neath of both the power supply and the convergence board. You must really inspect for these, grounds in this case are far to common on this TV. The next board to inspect will be the convergence board. I was surprised at how many bad grounds this board will have. The pins connecting the convergence IC to the board are also in need of resoldering! And, most certainly, really eveball the connections that have jumper cables connecting these two boards. This area is terrible for grounds. If one side is bad, you know the connection on the other, is also bad! Before you reinstall these boards,please check you capacitors ESR. You will need to have an ESR meter for this. One bad capacitor can cause a dead TV symptom.This meter may be purchased for about $50.00. This will be a very good investment. You will be able to repair many, many electronic gadgets with one! Thanks for asking and show all hands of support!

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Ws 55511 no blinking light possible lightning run in. checked pico fuses and glass fuse-both ok. I have no continuity across pc9a21. Everything was plugged into a surge protector and nothing that was plugged in there works anymore. Satellite box, dvd player and the tv. Outlet is good. I have the chassis out.

Just what kind of component is PC9A21. In other cases, check all grounds on the under neath of both the power supply and the convergence board. You must really inspect for these, grounds in this case are far to common on this TV. The next board to in ... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television

I just purchased a Vizio e420vl. When i first plugged it into my surge protector, it worked fine, for about 20 minutes. Then it lost power completely. I went and bought a new surge protector, one made for home theater set-ups, and the same thing happened. When plugged straight into the wall outlet, it works fine. How can i resolve this and still have surge protection?

This tv has built in surge protection that is why ... Vizio E420VL 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

LG 26LX1D. Has worked for 2 years. Recently moved but the day I left I was still watching the TV and then wrapped it in a thinks blanket for protection and placed it ontop of several winter coats for more protection, screen side up. Nothing placed on top of it. No jars or crazy stops. Whn I plugged it in with the first cord at my new destination, no red LED that usually comes on to show that power is getting there. Tried 2 more cords, 5 outlets and two surge protectors. Finally I get a faint con

It's possiable the powerboard is just not filling those cap's to capacity, this would explain why the green light does not come on, also what can be possiable is a relay in the power board that is not passing the 110v. I am uncertain of cause.. Howev ... Flat Panel Televisions

We had a power surge other evening due to lightning storm. Samsung LCD TV was on surge protector and everything else on surge protector is fine. But red light comes on on TV when plugged in but no response from remote, no picture, no sound, nothing. Checked capacitors and no bulging or leaking from hem. Help please. TV only 14 months old.

The first thing (after unplugging the set) to check is whether you have a shorted diode in the main power section of the power supply. Test each diode with an ohmmeter to verify it conducts in only one direction. I assume from the red light that Stan ... Samsung 52 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

No power. Electricity has gone off several times this winter. Power went off Firday due to high winds. WHen I came home, tv would not come on. Was plugged into a surge protector with Bose stereo and Dish Network. They both work but not the TV. I turned off the surge protector and turned in back on, and the green light on front of tv flickers for a couple of minutes but then goes out and still no power to the tv. Any ideas

Is sounds like the power supply has been spiked by high voltage from the power reset it may be possible to fix by replacing the power supply if you have some electronics skills such as soldering and reading wiring digrams ... Mitsubishi WT-46809 46" Rear Projection Television

I had a power outage today but my jvc Lt-46AM73 was plugged into a surge protector and now it won't turn on at all. Everything else that is plugged into the SP is working fine

... Flat Panel Televisions

I just got a WS 65807 from a family member who didn't want it anymore. By the time we moved it to our home, it doesn't work at all - no lights, no error blinking, nothing. The only thing I can notice is that when I plug it in, I hear a slight "squeak" so I know that electricity is getting into it but I don't know what to do from there. Any thoughts or should I just go ahead and contact a repair guy? ('cause it's a really nice TV if I can get it working)

Yes,if u want put in like $400-500 bucks into the tv unit?This tv is completely dead,like have no major high voltages response to the tv at all.Mean the FBT-Flyback transformer is totally dead,that why tv have no high voltages at all,that why there i ... Mitsubishi WS-65807 65" Rear Projection Television

The power went out and then came back on, now my sanyo lcd tv wont turn on, model # dp32649. It is plugged in to a power surge protector and evwerything else that's plugged into it still works, any suggestions? Please help. Thank you

Surge protectors will go bad. try direct to wall outlet. ... Sanyo DP32746 32 in. LCD Television

I have had a Pioneer Plasma TV Model PDP-4271 HD for about 4 1/2 years and now it does not work. I went to turn on the TV one day and it did not work. There was a faint picture and then the picture cut out. Now there is no screen picture, no sound....nothing. I believe this may have happened when we had a thunderstorm and thinking maybe lightning hit the breaker. I did not have my tv plugged into a surge strip. I took my tv to a Pioneer dealer and they stated that it could be the cirucuit b

... Flat Panel Televisions

My TN61X81 cannot start. When plugs in, there is a "click" sound like relay action, but nothing else happens, screen is black, the front red LED flashes (not in a constant pulse), front "power" button doesn't work. This kind of problem happened before, but it could be solved by re-connecting the power. This time it didn't work anymore!

We have the same problem with ours, not sure what exactly is wrong with it, but what we do is unplug the tv, take the back bottom panel off, and press down on all the circuit boards. After we do this the tv comes on and works fine, but we have to do ... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

I purchased an LCD Projection TV in November of 2007. Model no#KDF-50E3000, Serial No 8701626. I started having problems with it recently. It wont stay on. It turns itself off and then on again(the process takes about 30 seconds or more every time.)Does it every few minutes now. I have plugged it into a different socket and tried a brand new surge protector but nothing changed. This has been going on for 5 days now. I was hoping you might be able to help me with this problem. Have you heard

You have problem on power supply section.In most cases regulator ic and ic Mcz3001 is faulty. you need to replace these ic. ... Sony Projection Televisions

No picture I replaced the lamp and it worked for 3 months then I lost picture. Pulled it out and saw nothing wrong with it but when I put an ohm meter to the bulb it was an open circuit. I ordered a new one and it lasted 2 hours with the element exploding. Is there something wrong with the TV or are the bulbs junk? They are not from Mitsubishi and the bulbs are not Osram. I have had the TV since 2006 with no other problems. The TV is protected with a Monster surge protector. Any help would be gr

If you are not using the correct bulb, that is exactly your problem. Get the correct lamp. ... Mitsubishi 915p020010 Wd-62825g / We-52825 / Wd-52825 Generic Tv Lamp W/housing

I have an athena iVoice stereo speaker, had it since 2006 and just recently after i cleaned my room and unplugged my stereo from the surge protector, i plug it in and it won't work. the blue light that indicates its on it doesn't blink the way it usually does. it quickly blinks for like a millesecond when you try to turn it on but usually when it was on, it would blink for a couple of seconds. someone help!

Make this test and fix it. God bless you\012\012Verify TV is plugged-in and\012 getting power.Verify your home's power\012 breaker has not tripped.Verify the batteries i ... Projection Televisions

We had lighnting storm pass by and our TV was plugged into a surge protector along with many other devices. When the storm passed the TV will not turn on anymore.

Likely, the surge protector failed.Depending on the manufacturer, you may have some sort of warranty available. That is, the manufacturer of the surge protector may reimburse you for the cost of TV repairs.\015\012\015\012But foremo ... Insignia Flat Panel Televisions

Surge problem? I have a Samsung LN40C530 LCD TV and when I plug in and turn on anything that pulls alot of power ( Vaccum,Iron, Perkulator coffee pot)into a wall plug on the same circurt my tv goes blank and soundless for a minute and then back on. It has always been plugged into surge protectors and I have tried a new one, same problem. Also plugged a different TV into the same plug and no problems. I have had this TV for about 3 years now and this just started happening. Thanks for your help i

Try plugging vaccum or what ever you are using into a different plug that is not on the same circuit and see if it still does it. I had a heater and microwave plug into same circuit and it would blow the circuit. I had to find another circuit. Rememb ... Samsung LN40C530 TV

TV has worked just great since purchased in 04. Sat down this morning, grabbed the remote and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries in the remote, tried it again and nothing. I tried the manual power button on the front of the TV and still nothing. I tested the power outlet and it works fine. As I plug the TV in, I hear a soft click as if it is trying to power on but still nothing happens. I pushed the reset and it makes a soft click but still no picture or sound. Could you possibly help

Hi. This is an all too often occurrence. The TV's manufactured in the earlt to mid 1990s relied on an inferior set of capacitors in the power supply and mainboard components. They should have lasted about 25 to 30 years, but most are on ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Our Memorex model #MVDT2002B, SH 067460905582A, was working fine. There was a short power outage in town during the work day. When we came home, the TV wouldn't power up. The cable box had reset just fine. We upluged and plugged back in, but nothing happened. We plugged a different, older TV into the same power source and that worked fine. Is there a reset button? We can't seem to find one. Also, we can't find our manual. Thank you, Janet and Brian

Hello\015\012There is a protection fuse inside your tV, which can be located at the power regulator section, to which the main power cable enters to the board. It is a class cartridge type, and can be replaced. Check it first. If found blown ... Memorex MVDT2002 20" TV

Have a vizio SV370XVT. 13 month old daughter was playing with the remote, and now none of the HDMI including directTV satellite and playstation are working. I can plug in computer to RGB and this works. Help! The result is blue screen that says NO SIGNAL!, even though clearly the satellite and playstation appear to be working.

Hello there,Push\012 the input button on the remote control if you can not find it on the \012remote Control there should be a input button on the front of the TV .Using the TV remote control or the DirectTv remote if programe ... Flat Panel Televisions

I plug in an external hard drive into the usb port and get nothing but when i plug in an flash drive it works. I plug the hard drive in into my seiki and it works just fine can you clear this up for me or should i just return the dvd player and get another

... Flat Panel Televisions

Spot of bad weather here, just had a power surge in the house and now our tv (sharp lc-42SB48UT) won't power on. There is no blue or red light on the front and changing outlets/surge protectors doesn't fix it (although the outlets and surge protectors do work). Any suggestions on how to find out if this is fixable?

90% to 95% ur tv have a dead power supply board only.5% ur tv could have both dead boards the tv power supply board and the main tv Tuner signal board too.The tv power supply board.That the board,where the power a/c cord plug into it.The tv main Tune ... Sharp LC42SB48UT 42 in. LCD TV

Hello my name is Corey, I own a LG SL80 47in LCD. On thanksgiving I come home and my TV don't have the red standby light on so I checked my surge protected where it's plugged in. I have a PS3 and surround sound that is also pluged in the surge protector, the other two electronics have the red standby light on, so I switched the plugs around , unplug from the back of the tv, and tried the wall and still no red standby light on my TV!!! any suggestions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

TV was working fine. Shut it off, all power went, no red light or any other sign of power. Will not turn back on, as if no power source. Unplugged for 1 hour, plugged back in again, nothing, uplugged over night, plugged it in, still nothing. Tried other outlets. Checked the safety fuse, it is good. This TV is not over used (2 adults), TV is 2 years old.

Hello,ok you have done almost everything you can do with a no power on Tv problem, if you have the tech background you could try using a volt meter to see if the TVs power supply is getting the power it needs or if there is a lose wire on the p ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

Some kind of weird hdmi surge took out my cable box hdmi output, the hdmi through my onkyo receiver and Mitsubishi wd-65c9 tv. Everything else associated with the components works fine. I tried all the normal stuff including unplugging and initializing the tv. No go. leads me to DM board? After initialization the tv will recognize a connection on hdmi-2 and 3, but will not work. The hdmi-1 port nothing. That is the one the surge came through (the one hooked to the receiver). Would like t

... Mitsubishi WD-65C9 65" DLP HDTV

Toshiba 32AV500U problem: A friend gave me his "non-working" TV. When I plugged in, the power led goes red. If I turn it on, the power led goes green, but nothing happens. No image, noise, nothing......like the only thing working is the power supply. Any advice? Thanks!

Power supply board needs new caps.....\015\012\015\012.if you can use a soldering iron........cost you about \302\24316 to repair..\015\012\015\012\015\012cheers ... Toshiba 32AV500U 32 in. LCD HDTV

My JVC LT-46AM73 was plugged into a surge protector but won't come on.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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