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Have Misubishi WD 73827. Get sound but no picture when turn it on. Shuts off within about 1 minute and the Red lamp light comes on. Does it need a new bulb? If so, is this easy to replace myself? Machine over 3.5 years old, everything original.

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Yes, buy a new lamp! You can change it yourself!

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Have Misubishi WD 73827. Get sound but no picture when turn it on. Shuts off within about 1 minute and the Red lamp light comes on. Does it need a new bulb? If so, is this easy to replace myself? Machine over 3.5 years old, everything original.

Yes, buy a new lamp! You can change it yourself! ... Mitsubishi WD-73827 73" HDTV DLP TV

Ok here you go, I needed to replace my lamp on my Sony KDF-50E3000, lamp XL-2500. Easy replacement, however now only the picture is HD and any words, at the bottom of the screen are blurry. The blurr comes in and out at times. Originally I took off the whole fron of the screen as I thought this was how to replace the buld as I could not find my manual. Do I need to clean the mirrors inside the TV? Thank you

Only getting HD has nothing to do with a lamp change. I would start by seeing if your antenna settings got changed. For example from cable to over the air antenna. As far as the blurry words on the bottom of the display, I think you didn't get the sc ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

My main breaker blew on my house and voltage dropped way down, anyway i replaced my breaker box but during all of this something blew. the tv wont come on now i have been told i need a new power supply board and an new convergance board. any ideas as to where to look for these items. this tv is real special to me, it was my late fathers. i would really like to fix this for sentimental reasons. any and all help i appreciated thanks in advance

Even if there is a part that is not stocked usually ued.net can get it for you. Here is the list of parts they have listed for your televisionhttp://www.ued.net/ued/searchResults.do?searchStr=P61310&mfgCode=TCE&searchType=model&listParts= ... RCA P61310 TV

Picture lost color to greenish black and white and rapid blinking. Lamp indicator was orange for many weeks previous. rebooted TV and lamp would not come on. Replaced lamp, now it will not power up the lamp. Is this failure just about the lamp timer/counter needing to be reset or do I need a new ballast as well? I'd like to test the bulb independently if I knew what voltage/amperage/ ACor DC to apply.

... LG RU-44SZ63D Television

Thought my Toshiba DLP needed bulb replaced, so I thought. New bulb did not fix issue. TV tries to come on, but cycles several times and then finally comes on (not always). I have no idea what the problem could be. No other symptoms. Color is fine.

How long does it take for set to come on and when set is ON How Long wil it Play? ... Toshiba 62HM95 62" DLP HDTV

The colour on my TV is awful, the colours are not true at all. Red looks orange, blue is glaring blue and sometimes the colours fade out a bit and then come back. I have tried adjusting everything but nothing seems to help. I'm not sure if these TVs have "picture tubes" anymore but is there something I need to replace or do I just throw in the towel?

I presume this is a TV with a picture tube, and if so, it would either be the chroma decoder IC or the jungle IC which could be possible causes of untrue colour, as well as the small components around them. Electrolytic capacitors, especially those i ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

Screen issues Originally bought in 2005. We replaced the lamp bulb in 2011, now every time we turn on tv, it says reset lamp , also we get red vertical lines about an inch apart , all across tv, then in left lower portion of screen a green glow, circle around 4 inches, how can we correct this, also would it be cheaper to buy new tv, and what brand and type would you recommend? The red vertical lines come and go as does the green glow.

I think better to replace the set as all this sounds like a light engine failing. ... Projection Televisions

Hello! I'm having the infamous black screen issue with my Viewsonic N3252W. I initially replaced the Power supply, because that looked like it was "the fix" for this particular issue. I powered it on, and I was getting the same problem. There was a faint picture (you need to look at the screen from a certain angle, with an appropriate amount of light shining on the screen.) with no back light! All of the voltages coming off the new PSU are right where they should be, including the 24VDC to the

You can do a simple test on the set.\012Turn the set on and place a bright flashlight against the screen. Look around the edge of the flashlight for a moving image. This will show you do not have a back light. If one of the transformers on t ... ViewSonic N3252w 32 in. LCD Television

I own a Mitsubishi WS-73711 that needs a new convergence board. I hired a crappy tech to come out and fix it in Septemeber, and have not heard back since. So now, the convergence board is gone and I would like to replace it if possible. Know how or where I can purchase one?

For a whole board try shopjimmy.com \012 \012 ... Mitsubishi WS-73711 73" Rear Projection Television

Sony KDS-55A2000. bought 1/07. replaced bulb 2/08. gave tv to parents 11/10. worked fine until last week. 1 on screen message, temperature warning (they checked all vents-everything clear and 1' away from wall) then lamp going out message came across. red light blinked 4x and powered off. I ordered new lamp assy came in mail today. parents installed. green light came on then red light blinked 4x-nothing. parents don't have extra income and my financial help is limited. any easy fix solutions????

You will need to check the fans are all switching on when you turn the tv on, it might be one of the fan sensors that has gone bad, the tv wont turn on if it detects that the fans or a single fan is not working. I have not worked on this particular s ... Sony KDS55A2000 55" HDTV

Thanks for your reply for my Toshiba 65H80 question...."as watching TV (Bears/Packers) and saw on the screen what I can only describe as a small "explosion"......or flash of light and then nothing! Do have sound but that runs through my receiver. Red power button light comes on but no picture whatsoever.....?????" answer..."The deflection board has failed in the unit and needs servicing or replaced." As a follow-up....I have had this TV 11 years now...is it worth fixing? Or time to get a new one

Hi. I believe you have been given some erroneous information. The items that are faulty are actually the capacitors. They are designed to last about 30 years if they are of good quality, however from 1998 until around June of 2005 Taiwan was f ... Flat Panel Televisions

My 42lg30 comes on everything works fine but the pictures has all kinds of distorted colors. example a person talking may have bright green inside the mouth while the hair is purple ect. My question is what part needs to be replaced?

This problem is due to change in system selected,i.e the broadcasting system is wrongly selected in the TV set.you may change the same in the menu function of the set,like PAL/NTSC/NTSC4.43/SECAM etc.,select as per your broadcasting system and your p ... LG 42LG30 42 in. LCD HDTV

The screen was black with white dots all over it, I replaced C766 with a 220uF 35VDC capacitor, I now have a picture on component 2 only but in black and white, AV1 and 2 same original problem all black with white static. When the screen first comes up the picture is in the upper left corner black and white only with a bright green bar under the picture, wait a few minutes and it goes full size in black and white. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

Look for more bad caps, sound like on video board also problem ... Maxent MX-42XM11 Television

I have an LG 42PG60UD. I am unable to access the menu on this set which I have had since new. If you press the menu button on the remote or the bottom of the set, the menu bar comes up on the screen. If you try then to select any of the sub menus, highlight them and press enter, the TV reverts back to normal viewing and the menu icons disappear. I am therefore unable to access any of the settings in this TV. I feel I need to get it back to the original factory settings so that it can update its

Did you try the buttons on the tv? See if it works and let me know. I am starting to think it needs a firmware update though ... LG 42PG60 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

TV have samsung rear projector TV model sp-56L 7HX my wife turned on tv then went off with no sound or picture, led blue lights come on but nothing else. also some speakers in case have blown and rattle, how easy is it to change repair speakers. Love this TV but if need to replace will do. Thanks a million kpmthomas

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Evesham Alqemi 32 SX LCD, the power board was replaced as an engineer informed that it needed replacing. this has been carried out. However the TV now seems to not want to come out of standby. The red LED on the front panel lights, but no matter what i do the TV will not come on from the standby mode. I am in mauritius and very little time left (days) before returning to the UK. do i need to trash this thing, i've been trying to fix it for two years.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have the Hisense TL2020 that won't come on. I read the solution to replace the caps. So I pulled out the (3) 1000mfd electroitics but they were all three 16V NOT 25volt as stated in the solution and I don't see a 220mfd at all. Should I replace these three with new 16 volt or new 25 volt electroitics??? Thanks for the assistance

... Hisense TL1700 17 in. LCD Television

My LG 52sz8r tv wont turn on. It suddenly stopped working. I presumed the bulb needed replacing as the bulb light was on before it stopped working, but did not come back on. however after replacing the bulb the problem remains. After pressing the power button the red standby light comes on, but when i try to operate the tv the standby light turns green and blinks about every second and nothing happens. I can hear a small click in the unit a few seconds after trying to turn it on. any suggestions

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have had ongoing lamp issues. I have purchased 2 new lamps, (Phillips) The new lamp won't light, but the old original lamp will light but is dim. Why would the old lamp light and new one won't. The old lamp takes about 15 green light flickers before coming on but does light. The new one, green light blinks till shuts off.

Hi,\012You old lamps were compromised due to long usages while the news lamps are defective. They may manufacturing defect. Please claim the new lamps to supplier then.\012\012Regards ,Jay ... Panasonic PT-56LCX66 Television

I think I need a new remote control I ordered a new remote that I was told this was an alternate the original was no longer available I order a PLT 3250 remote should I have order a PLT 32 instead the

Have the first remote tested--most shops have a tester--point remote at it and press buttons and it reacts with a flash (the tester) and if remote tests good the problem could be with the remote receiver in the set ... Protron PLTV-32C LCD TV

My samsung LN40A550 started taking a while to come on until it finally did not come on. I have changed the two boards .. it comes on as normal but the picture is very bright with lots of weird colors so I cannot see the image properly ...what can I do ... the new video board I put in is BN41-00975B which is identical to the original ...at least in looks ...any assistance with this one?

... Samsung LN40A550 LCD TV

I have a r52wm24 and have replaced the flyback. The main fuse continues to blow. I have replaced the two diodes on the MID (found faulty), Plugged everything in except the PSD board at MID powers ok. I have replaced many caps and some transistors to be sure they were new. I think the PSD have a direct to ground causing the diodes to fail. Im am at a lost, please help thanks.

Replace the deflection board you have the same deflection board as the R52WH74 model or the PSB-260 deflection board. You can get replacement deflection boards from www.tvrepairwo ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

My Vizio VX37L HDTV won't turn on. Was watching it one day & it turned off by itself. Replaced power supply with new one with no luck. Orange light comes on but will not turn white.

Reset the tv with the tv off, but plugged in hold down the soarce botton on the tv for 5 seconds it should click on and work. if not then there may be curcuit board issues. i found the same tv on the side of the road as somewone was throwing it out, ... Vizio L37 Television

Sayno tv a ds1310 and i got it use in 2004 and now i need another original remote control that will work it as these new universal remote controls and a sony remote commander as all these codes for

Contact Sanyo or use Google with that model number "original remote"Note: Sanyo and Fisher are same company. ... Sanyo DS19310 19" TV

I need to replace the optical block in my sony qualia 006 tv. What is the cost of a new optical block and approximately how much labor would be needed?

A new optical block will cost about 1100-1500$ for a tv of this size. I personally would not recommend it and you are better off going for an LED backlit LCD. For 1200$ you can get a very good one like Samsung 6 series or a near-top of the line model ... Sony Qualia 006 70" Rear Projection HDTV

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