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Mitsubishi wd-73737 turns on for a few moments then the picture flickers and turns off after a new lamp replacement. A red led appears and I get error code #34. I have carefully cleaned dust out of the unit as many people have suggested but I am still having this issue. I am using lamp 915B403001 purchased from an official Mitsubishi reseller. This is the second time I have replaced the lamp, the first replacement worked perfectly.

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Mitsubishi wd-73737 turns on for a few moments then the picture flickers and turns off after a new lamp replacement. A red led appears and I get error code #34. I have carefully cleaned dust out of the unit as many people have suggested but I am still having this issue. I am using lamp 915B403001 purchased from an official Mitsubishi reseller. This is the second time I have replaced the lamp, the first replacement worked perfectly.

... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

I picked up a Mitsubishi Model No. WD- 62527. The guy said all it needed was the lamp replaced, I replaced it and the tv still doesn't turn on. Their is a green light that blinks were it says timer for about a minute then the orange light under lamp turns on. About a second later the green light under timer blinks three times then turns off and then the only light on is the lamp orange light. It will continue to do this hole scenario over and over again...HELP!

... Projection Televisions

I have a samsung dlp model hls5086wx/xxa that recently stopped working. Lamp light came on so I assumed the lamp needed replaced. Replaced the lamp and still won't turn on and lamp light blinking. It also make a whining noise when turned on but I don't get a picture. Is it the color wheel or ballast? Any suggestions?

... Samsung Projection Televisions

Have a mitsubishi 65 inch flat screen model 65735, I replaced the dlp chip because it went bad. I put it back together and now the screen stays dark blue with the timer light on green. I can still hear sound but my screen is so dark blue i can bearly tell its not a black screen. I rearranged the connectors and got different results, one time the lamp light was flashing orange, the other time when i turned the tv on it would turn right back off instantly with the lmap light orange and timer ligh

... Mitsubishi WD-65732 65" Projection HDTV

My mitsubishi tv sceen went black but i can still hear sound but no picture. I replaced the lamp but that was not the problem any suggestions?

... Mitsubishi WD60735

Mitsubishi hd1000 I replaced the lamp and still two red lights .....won't turn on

Has the set been cleared of all dust and dirty fans with compressed air? It is not uncommon if air which enters from front or exits rear is blocked the set will not even come on.If set very dusty begin there. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Just replaced lamp on 72 inch mitsubishi and still does not turn on

... Mitsubishi WD-73827 73" HDTV DLP TV

Hey , wish you well, i bought a replacement lamp for the pt ax 200e it's the et lax 100. Installing it works great. Fits perfect. But when i switch on the projector, it still shows me the same runtime hours count of the lamp, says i need to replace it and switches off after a while. So this is the same behaviour like with the original lamp. The unit still thinks that there is a overused lamp inside. How can i fix this ? Regards , Tino

Reading the manual in this case made the trick. I only had to reset the timecounter. Works normal again , plus , the original lamp is still in use, and holds three times longer now than suggested by manufacturer. ( the time till it says ``change lamp ... Flat Panel Televisions

I replaced my lamp cartridge in my mitsubishi tv (915P043010). TV worked fine, I shut it off the next day when I turned it on, got only sound. Turned it off took the lamp out of the cartridge and replaced it in the old cartridge, turned it on and it worked fine. Today I turned it on and there was only sound, no picture. What do you think is wrong with it?

... Mitsubishi WD-62327 62" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hitachi Ultravision 50V710. Replaced the lamp bulb with the correct part step by step. Even cleaned out the dust that was inside before replacing. It went in fine, I put everything back together, but when I went to turn the tv on, it immediately turns off and the lamp light blinks! I bought the tv in 2006 everything has worked fine til' now. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss now...

Lamps going out are normal so don't worry. On this TV, if you replaced with an exact replacement then it's not the lamp. Something is not reattached properly or completely. Normally it pertains to ventilation or a lamp access panel being loose. C ... Projection Televisions

I replaced my lamp after the "replace lamp" message showed up every time I turned on my t.v. for a month. I did this about two weeks ago, but I'm still getting the message every time I turn on th

... Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE610 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Have replaced my lamp myself. TV work fine. "Replace lamp" warning still appear when tv is turned on and yellow light still flashing.

You need to reset the "Lamp Hours" in your settings. It is a timer that just runs down, and doesn't know if you changed the bulb. It just needs to be reset to 0. ... Epson Livingstation LS57P2 57" Rear Projection HDTV

Thomson 50DSZ644. Just replaced the Lamp great picture but burned smell.. after few house it smelled verry bad..and i turned off. now when i turn on the tv the picture in middle is dark and still thi

Should have unplugged it when you noticed the smell.UNPLUG and remove and look at lamp you installed--is something in the housing where lamp goes melted? I hope you did not touch the face of the bulb with your hand or fingers.What ev ... Thomson 50DSZ644 50" DLP Rear Projection TV

I just purchased my Mitsubishi WD52628 projection television used as it only needed the bulb replaced. I replaced the bulb, however now it will only run for a couple of minutes then the remote and all selection buttons will freeze up and it turns itself off. After turning itself off, the green timer light flashes rapidly. Once it has stopped flashing, I can turn it on again only the problem is the same. I have tried the reset button on the front, no change. Any suggestions?

Factory reset with remote, power up tv immediately enter "MENU 1,2,3" ... Flat Panel Televisions


... Hitachi 53UDX10B 53" Rear Projection Television

I replaced the lamp in my Mitsubishi WD 52628 and the tv will still not come on and the lamp light still blinks

"Initialize" a "factory reset". Power on the tv, on the original remote, enter "MENU 1,2,3 ENTER". This will get you to the factory reset window. Initialize the default reset and you are fixed. Try this before ditching the set or tearing it apart. G ... Mitsubishi WD-52628 52" Projection HDTV

I have a Mitsubishi wd-52525 HDTV... Picture went out and red indicator light came on. I shut off the tv and turned it back on and it made a crazy sound.. I shut it off and replaced the lamp. After installing the lamp I tried turning the tv back on and the green indicator light came on a blinked approximately 6-7 times and shut off and would repeat along with a crackling sound from the speakers. The green light is not continuous and you can not shut it off with out unplugging it from the wall. I

You must test the power supply inside. See if the fan is working, and thermostat is ok. test it.God bless you ... Mitsubishi WD-52525 52" Rear Projection HDTV

Mitshubishi WD-62327 TV will not turn on and no sound. TV made a interference sound and shut off. Tried to turn it in the morning still nothing. Replaced lamp/bulb still nothing. Red light is on (not blinking) Need help any suggestions?

If you have a voltage meter there are some things you can check.Unplug the unit and remove the back cover of the set. Then Plug the unit back in.You will need to tape down the lamp safety switch in order to do these tests.Here are all the ... Mitsubishi WD-62327 62" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hello. my samsung HL61650A 61'' DLP tv is about 2.5 years old, and tonight it just shut off. tried to turn back on, got 2 'buzzing' sounds from the back, but it wouldn't turn on. unplugged, undid back cover, put blue switch to 'down', still no luck. now, it won't really even try to power on, and standby & lamp LED lights blink. do you think it is solely the Lamp that needs replaced? help!?

... Samsung HL61A650C Television

I just replaced both the lamp & ballast on my LG 52SX4S (5 yrs old). The front indicator light scrolls for couple minutes, then top 2 lights turn red with second light blinking. Then the top light stays red for minute and it repeats the process. Someone suggested the power supply board should be replaced, what do you suggest>

I have had the same model HDTV and had the same issue. It was the power supply and I got it replaced at a TV repair shop for 300.00. ... LG 52SX4D 52" HDTV

I have a samsung HLN5065W dlptv. My wife turned it on one night and no picture. we did get sound. i noticed when I turn the tv on, it shuts down and restarts to no avail. I see a blinking lamp light and after a few restart attempts, i get the three blinking lights. I have replaced a lamp supplied by samsung parts. still no picture. same three lights blinking. do you have any ideas?

The tv also have a board that call the Ballast board could be dead too.This Ballast board only job are to ignite the tv projection lamp. ... Samsung HLN5065W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Just replaced a burned out lamp but the tv still wont turn on and the lamp light is still flashing? tv model #50V720

The tv have clicking sound alot too?Yes,the tv the board that call the Ballast board is dead too.The ballast board only job is to ignite the projection lamp. ... Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Our panasonic HD tv displays every time we turn it on that the LAMP LIGHT needs to be replaced.....we replaced it.......it still pops up and last for about 2 minutes every time we turn on tv

Sir reset the lamp hour meter this will resolve the problem. Follow this instruction.\012\012\012\0121.Turn on your Panasonic television.\0122. Press and hold the - volume butto ... Panasonic PT-60LCX64 Television

I have a Model HLT5055WX/XAA that will turn on, but shortly after coming on the picture goes out. Audio still works but picture goes out and the lamp turns off. I think i need to replace the lamp but am not sure.

Sometimes you have to gamble, lamp most likely--at least look at the lamp and make sure the glass pillar in it is not at a angle etc.Sounds like you have taken all the easy steps, hate to buy a lamp you may or may not need but since wheel is ... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

My Mitsubishi ws-55809 works fine although the screen turn pink but the picture is still visible. After a while it goes back to perfect color. Then it repeats this back and forth. Sometimes it will fl

Problem is likely on the small circuit board that plugs onto the bottom of the red picture tube---be careful as dangerous voltages in and around that board---each of the three picture tubes has a small board that plugs on the end of the tube. ... Mitsubishi WS-55809 55" Rear Projection Television

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