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WD-65737 mistubishi DLP television has what looks like black hills along the bottom, screen is darker than normal even moving brightness to high, and has been shutting itself off on occasion with led

\015 My television was manafactured in Decemeber of 2009, I have had the television since February of 2010. Just in the last week we have been having problems with the television set the first noticed problem is the tv shutting itself off on a few occasions I would leave the room to go to the bathroom during a commercial to come back and the tv be off with an orange light present on the front. The next issue that just began last night was a large and varying in size black stripe along the bottom. This black stripe looks like hills goes up about 5 inches on left side, down to about 2 inches varied in the middle , and back to 5 inches on the right side of the tv. I was wondering what this problem could be for have not seen ANY discussion on it.\015

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WD-65737 mistubishi DLP television has what looks like black hills along the bottom, screen is darker than normal even moving brightness to high, and has been shutting itself off on occasion with led

... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Power Surge After house power went out and came on 20 seconds later, my Pioneer would not power back up. It has two LEDs - the blue "on" LED flashes 12 times on, pauses, and repeats the sequence over and over. I tried powering down from the switch and even removing AC power entirely for a couple minutes. The best it would do is to go thru it's normal power up sequence, show a "starting up - please wait" screen for a couple minutes, and then shutting back down with the blue LED flashing.

Charlie the proble has something to do with the tv guide here is a response from an older post\012Un plug the power to the Plasma Screen and also to the Media Receiver for ten minutes. Disconnect the off the air antennas both A and B. After ten minut ... Pioneer PDP-6010FD 60 in. Plasma HDTV

Sanyo dp46848 has a washed out lcd screen... high brightness, very faint picture and OSD with moving warning about no signal present. Brightness, contrast and color controls have NO effect on the pict

... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

LC320ss8 shut down Red led lit - turn on - green led flashes 2 times - goes back to red led - power company had been working in area and power would ramdomly go out. At first would power up after unplugging and pluging in. no obvious burnt parts no caps appear to be bulging or leaking really need info on where to check for what voltages. schematic would be even better

... Sylvania LC320SS8 32 in. LCD Television

LG LED 42LE5300. We just bought this TV last week. When we first installed it, we noticed uniform horizontal tiny lines on the picture. We tried to change the cable box, use high res. HDMI, even tried playing blue ray disc on it, but still had the lines. We were going to return it, but one evening, we turned it on, & it was clear, w/ no lines. We thought that was it, a few days later, the lines are back. What can we do to fix it? Or do we just need to replace the TV? We're very disappoint

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sony TV shuts down after you get a bright flash of light from the screen. After it shuts down, the red LED light on the front flashes 8 times. What's the problem?

On some\012projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005\012(flyback\012transformer ... Sony KP-51WS500 51" Rear Projection Television

How to adjust for best picture a Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D LED LCD 52 inch tv. I'm having problem maintaining perferred brightness. Also when initial turn on the screen goes to channel then shuts down and the 3D screen comes on, I then shut down and start up again anf the required channel will come on and stay ??

This sounds like a setting that can be adjusted. What I like about some of the Sharp televisions is the av mode setting (preset brightness/contrast adjustments). I am not looking at the manual for this model so I'm not sure if this is an option on th ... Sharp AQUOS 52in. LE820 LED LCD HDTV

I have a 2002 Sony KP-57WS500 that occasionly (randomly?) flashes red lines and then goes to a full screen red while giving an electrical "cracking" sound before shutting down. Once shut down, the red power light blinks 8 times in a cycle. Any thoughts? I have unplugged and moved the plug to a different outlet.

Seems like your RED CRT is shorting out or failing. Do you notice any other colors besides just red having problems? The blinking of the red light eight times is a High voltage error. It could be your D board but I'm thinking it is more likely the ... Sony KP-57WS500 57" Rear Projection Television

Replaced the lamp in Samsung HLN437W and picture is brighter but not bright enough even after adjusting brightness. Also lamp LED still blinks

A few questions: was replacement just a bulb or bulb with housing and was it OEM lamp from Samsung?If lamp light is still blinking the issue it has is there---other possible reason would be a ballast that is not bad but putting out low voltag ... Samsung HLN437W 43" Rear Projection HDTV

My PT-60lc14 Shut down a few seconds after the lamp turns on and has 1 "lamp" LED blink every 5 seconds. This means it is either an open thermal fuse (not open when I tested it), a cracked lamp (looks like a big blister on the upper side of the lamp base), an abnormal ballast, or an abnormal main CB. The question: Can the bulb cause the shutdown even though it still lights? Is the shutdown from current sensing on the bulb? This is not explained in the service manual. Thanks!

... Panasonic PT-60LC14 60" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a 42LG20-UM that is having some issues. On the right side onf the TV the color gets distorted and there are shodows of the images from the show we are watching at the time. Now over a period of time it eventually goes back to normal but as soon as it is shut off it starts over. It started out as only a slight part of the right side and has progressively moved across the TV from right to left.

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

My nearly two year old Visio started when turning it in went to the blue screen like it was going to fully turn on, then would shut itself off. Did this for a week or two. No I moved it and plugged it in today and it won't even come on. Can this be fixed or cost two much?

If the set had an extended warranty this would be no problem--consider having a shop take a look to see what is wrong and what cost to repair might be. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 42LG20-UM that is having some issues. On the right side onf the TV the color gets distorted and there are shodows of the images from the show we are watching at the time. Now over a period of time it eventually goes back to normal but as soon as it is shut off it starts over. It started out as only a slight part of the right side and has progressively moved across the TV from right to left.

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

I have a WS-65611 that I have replaced the caps on the DM board. Before I did that, the power LED flashed non stop, Now it does the normal 70 seconds but when I attempt to turn it on, it shuts right back off. After attempting a power up I checked the error code I got a short protect error. I then removed the DM again and verified the caps were not shorted to the shield and checked the pico fuse and found everything to be good. Any ideas of where I should start looking??

Did you run the error code operational check? In not unplug the set and plug it back in. Press and hold the DEVICE and MENU buttons for 5 seconds and release. The LED should flash a certain number of times a short pause and another series of blinks. ... Mitsubishi WS-65611 65" Rear Projection Television

Hi I have an LG 42" plasma about 2.5 years old. When watching late at night with low sound so as not to disturb the household the screen buzzes when a bright screen/white sky or even with no signal and just the screen savor comes on and moves a round. Is this the power supply getting ready to pack up as is very annoying.

I do not think the buzzing is coming from the screen itself. It is either coming from the transformer on the power supply or the Sustain boards(labelled X-main and Y-main). My money would be on the sustain boards. Please remve the back cover and veri ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have a Phillips 60L9200D/37 television. It is extremely dim in brightness, even though we have everything as high as it will go. We have to have all curtains closed and lights off to view it properly. Help please!!!

It could be that your bulb is going bad or you have a problem with your white generator. ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

Lg 50pk540 plasma no pic no sound no menu no brightness pwr supply voltages ok on digital control lsi getting really hot and green led blinking2 shrt 2fast then pause tv not shutting down

Hey Mike...i know exactly what the problem is, and if you take a look at the video i posted on youtube, then you will have a better understand why your tv is clicking... Most likely it's your voltage regulator thats damaged, and needs to be rep ... LG 50PK540 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a hitachi 53SDX89B and it worked perfect at the previous owners house moved it to mine and there is no sound or picture but power turns on. I took off the back and there is a red light flashing(protect led). where should I start looking, the high powere or low power?

Hockeypro321,\012\012I have a tip at \012\012http://www.fixya.com/support/r6396176-projection_tv_troubleshooting\012 ... Hitachi 53SDX89B 53" Rear Projection Television

Hello. my samsung HL61650A 61'' DLP tv is about 2.5 years old, and tonight it just shut off. tried to turn back on, got 2 'buzzing' sounds from the back, but it wouldn't turn on. unplugged, undid back cover, put blue switch to 'down', still no luck. now, it won't really even try to power on, and standby & lamp LED lights blink. do you think it is solely the Lamp that needs replaced? help!?

... Samsung HL61A650C Television

SD Tech, I saw your posts on Loewe Acondas shutting off right after powering on. I have had mine since 2002, purchased it in SD but I live in Park City UT now. This is a TV in my kids family room now and Im wondering is it even worth fixing when I can get them a HD LED flatscreen for under 1K?

Depends on several things, flatscreen sets do not have as long a life, 8 years would be unusual for one of them.if the power light comes on then goes from green to red it may be the high voltage transformer; a issue common on these sets a ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung LE46B650T2PXXC I have a 46" LCD Samsung Model Nr. LE46B650T2PXXC Version AC07. Not even 3 years old. It does not come on from standby. The LED Red light blinks 8 times followed by a longish pause and than starts blinking again. The night before I turned it off OK, and the following day it would not come on. I normally turn it off from the Mains supply. Do you think this is the Power Supply ? George

... Samsung HL-S5679W 56" HDTV

I have a LC-60LE64OU LED TV - connected it and programmed the Direct TV remote to turn off the TV. Everything seems to work fine until you turn off the TV. The Direct TV receiver resets every time that the TV is turned off (the Direct TV receiver shuts off as well). Even if I use the TV remote and only power off the TV, the Direct TV receiver powers off and then resets when I turn the TV back on (meaning that it takes at least 10 minutes to cycle through every time the TV is turned on). Plea

... Sharp LC-60LE640U Aquos 60" Class 1080p Edge-Lit LED HDTV with 120Hz,

I Have A .AWA MHDV2411-03 When I Turn On The Mains Power Switch On The Tv - To On . The Red Stanby Led Lights Up As Normal Then I'll Press The Power Button On The Remote The Standby Led Lights Changes From Red To Green As Normal And The Tv Works Fine.When I Switch The Tv Off From The Remote Or The Mains Switch The Tv Switches Off As Normal. Now When I Go To Turn It Back On Again The Green Led Is On All The Time And The Tv Wont Work . When I Leave The Tv Switched Off And Disconected For Sev

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

We have a Samsung HL67A510 and when I turn it on, I can hear a click and the green LED light blinks and the "on" music plays and I can hear the fan blowing in the back. But after a couple of seconds, I hear a click again and the fan shuts off and the red LED light comes on, then it starts the process over again. After about three cycles of this, the whole thing shuts down and the two green LED lights and the red LED light blink simultaneously and do not turn off. At no time do we have any pictur

Hi Isnovero, \012The main reasons of your problem is the bulb which\012is already came to its end. The unit will automatically shuts off when it sense\012a bulb failure. But ... Flat Panel Televisions

My sister has a Luxor V19LCDDVD875 TV from ASDA 8 days after warranty expired it developed high brightness. Reduce brightness and store works until next boot when (although the setting value is as stored) the high brightness returns. She has no user manual, it came without. Any help you can give much appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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