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I have a Mitsubishi LT-55265 LED TV with wifi capability. It keeps losing the wifi connection when I turn it off. When I try to reconnect, I have to retry several times before it finally connects. The error message says connection couldn't be completed due to network problems or incorrect password. Re-entering the password doesn't help. My wifi signal is full strength and my laptop and printer never have a problem with the wifi connection. When I first got the tv set up a few months ago,

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I have a Mitsubishi LT-55265 LED TV with wifi capability. It keeps losing the wifi connection when I turn it off. When I try to reconnect, I have to retry several times before it finally connects. The error message says connection couldn't be completed due to network problems or incorrect password. Re-entering the password doesn't help. My wifi signal is full strength and my laptop and printer never have a problem with the wifi connection. When I first got the tv set up a few months ago,

... Mitsubishi LT-55265 55 in. HDTV LCD TV

I have set up my wifi internet connection and it says my signal strength is excellent yet when I click connect it says unable to connect to network. Clicking troubleshoot connection problems results with no findings?? please help

I have had the same problem and have given up trying to reslove this myself, on giving it over to a store to have it repaired was told that it is a corrupt file or files within explorer, the only soulution being to remove all data ( save private docs ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have borrowed a friend's Maxim free to view tv, no manual. I can't work out how to set it up properly to watch the free to view channels. From the source menu, the 'AV1 (Scart)' option plays a channel called Pick TV. From the 'TV' option in the source menu I can scroll through BBC1, BBC2, ITV, channel 4 and Five. But each is a blank blue screen with 'no signal' in the corner. I don't know if it's a problem due to a missing cord, or i've connected the parts incorrectly, or it's the recepti

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have isolated problem to vhf/uhf connection point. white lines flash in pic. w/a popping sound & if they stay for very long there is a buzzing as in over white or over modulation. problem shows when cable signal is fed direct to tv or thru vcr to tv. other tvs do not exhibit same problem so it's not the cable. have tried other ac outlets & same problem. other inputs; dvd, vcr work fine. cable signal thru vcr tuner fed to ht processor is fine but that is fed via component inputs to tv. sony has b

Hi,Problem seems with main tuner in this tv as other AV inputs working fine so please replace main tuner (TU2) to solve this issue.There are two tuners mounted on A board TU1 and TU2, please replace TU2 and part number would be written on ... Sony KP-53HS30 53" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hi, I have a Sharp IC-26sb14u TV about 2 years old. It has 2 HDMI ports, I have one connected into a TiVo box, and it works fine. The TiVo is connected into input 4. Here is the problem, I want to use the TV to view movies from my MAC powerbook. I have the MAC HDMI chord, purchased at a MAC store, and the Sharp TV will not recognize the signal. I have the TV on input 5, no video and no sound. I know that the problem is not my MAC, I just returned from MAC store and they connected my MacBook p

... Sharp LC-26SB14U 26 in. LCD TV

Philips 37PFL5603D/10 tv, connected to Humax HDR-Fox T2 recorder. We do not have the HD signal yet, but due in June this year. Problem is with the HDMI connection, mostly does not work, sometimes green picture, no sound. Also does not switch automaticaly When box is switched on or off. Will only switch properly when a scart lead is also connected. You should not have to use a scart, when you have HDMI. We need the HDMI to cope with the new digital signal when it comes. Have switched Humax

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

I am having trouble recieving over the air digital signals. I have connected a 20 db amplified FM/UHF/VHF antenna to the cable/antenna coax connection, set the input to "TV", and set the TV to recieve signals over the air. When I go to setup, the "antenna setup- digital" selection is grayed out so I can't set it up. It seems like I have another setting incorrectly set. any suggestions?

Hi there,\015\012\015\012I believe you have probably selected the wrong TV mode. It seems that you have set the TV to analog mode. It is common for the digital tuning option to be greyed out in analog mode and only becomes available in di ... Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U 46 in. LCD HDTV

No signal Either picture won't come on and we just see "No Signal" on the screen or while watching, the picture will simply go black and after about 10 seconds, we'll see :No Signal". We just connected a new HD cable box, but the problem is persisting.

If you have sounds but no picture the problem is t-con board if no sounds you have faulty main board..just replace it. ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

Want to connect pc speakers and subwoofer to lg37lc55 tv unfortunaly it doesnt have an earphone 3.5 connection point. My other smaller tv does, the speakers and subwoofer consist of a white and red audio jack and a 3.5 jack which goes in the earphone connection.The tv has an optical audio point.How if i can do i connect the speakers,i have an optical digital cable and a 3.5 female to female connector,but it doent work.how can i overcome this problem many thanks

Hello,Your TV should have an AUDIO OUTPUT other than optic..at least " Headphones" output..You\015\012 can connect TV audio output with a RCA cable.white and red audio jack....since SUB has both RCA and "3,5 ... LG 42LH40 LCD TV

When connecting my Cable box through an Onkyo SR 705 Receiver and then through a Samsung DLP HDTV HL67A750... I first get a message "The HD Protection of your Repeater has been compromised. All of the devices connected will not be authorized to receive video signals." The the picture on my Samsung TV turns green. I spoke to Onkyo Support, and they said that the adapter is not HDCP compliant... and therefore will not work with the Onkyo SR 705. Any thoughts of how to solve the problem

... Flat Panel Televisions

Dvd connection we have our direct tv cables hooked up correctly we believe, because we get the signal just fine. When hooking up the A/V cables from the DVD player to the other ports available however, it doesnt pick up the signal after we change the Source on the TV. So basically, everytime we want to watch a dvd, I have to unhook the direct tv a/v cables and hook up the dvd av cables in the same ports. It works just fine then. But we would love to not have to go thru that process everytime.

Check the connection wire for any internal conductor break. Check it with a multimeter. ... Sceptre X400BV-FHD 40 in. LCD TV

Signal problems set plays great even up to a week at a time but then start to see lines in screen followed by blue screen with no signal then set turns off by its self..happens with cable and antenna connections..turn set off and resets for a while..is their a board to replace..

... Vizio M260VA 26 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Helo, I have problem with HDMI on SONY KDL 26U2000. I bought digital satelite complette with HDMI. I connected it to TV. But video and audio signall is sometimes shortly breaking. More times on HD programs. My service engiener checked cables - all are OK. He checked satelite signall - all are OK He checked satelite complete with another HD TV (Philips, LG, Samsung...) in his company. HDMI on satelite complette worked correctly. I would ask you about help. Thank

Sony's can be picky about HDMI.Check for software update that addresses HDMI issues.Contact Sony for software. ! 800 SONY USA ... Flat Panel Televisions

Scott tv LCT37SHA. The hdmi input doesnt work. It doesnt recognize the signal. Is this a common problem. I tried everything.

I have this same problem as well, While i have not found a true solution i have found a theory as to why. I have 3 hdmi devices to the 1 port. The Xbox 360 hooked up to it works fine, however the dish and the ps3 do not. When run though a switchbox h ... Akai LCT3201AD 32 in. LCD Television

I am having issues with my RCA Scenium D52W135D (playstation 3 connection). Recently, I have been having a very specific problem with this combo. I have it connected using HDMI to a Pioneer receiver (model# VSX-821-K). From this, an HDMI to DVI cable to the TV for HD picture. In the past, no issues at all. Recently, I can play DVDs/bluray discs and get full picture and surround sound. I can play PS2 games and get picture and sound. When I try to play PS3 games, I get sound through the rec

Had the same problem. With mine the other day you probably moved your Playstation 3 too another tv and set your 1080i,720,480 to high deaf on settings in Playstation. You have to change them back to automatic that TV says HDTV but it only plays Plays ... RCA D52W135D 52 in. TV/DVD Combo

When connecting cable in united states to avol tv alt2260m,it says no signal so whats the problem

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG 26LZ5RV TV. I have connected it from the RF output of my Sky+ box (using a coaxial cable) to the "Ant In" socket at the back of the TV. The RF output on the Sky box is set to Channel 35 and the power is on. I know that the output is working, as I have tested it on an old portable TV with manual tuning. My problem is that I cannot get my LG TV to tune in to the signal, using either auto or manual tuning. I have used System "I" and tried setting the Channel to 35 then searching b

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My Emerson TV-DVD combo powers on and runs a channel search or tries to change settings on its own. It also over-rides signals from the remote. It switchhes modes so that I cannot watch DVDs. Occurrences of the problem are random day and night.. I have tried covering the sensor with aluminum fois and by hanging a CD in front of it. I have changed it's position in the room and the direction it faces three times. Nothing works! It is not connected to any input media, I only use it for watc

I think problem not from remocon.\015\012Switches on front may cause it.\015\012Open than replace switch may solve this problem. ... Emerson EWC13D4 13 in. TV/DVD Combo

When i have no wifi signal i cant connect to the internet

Thats logic no wifi=no internet ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Wireless adaptor (TY-WL20E) cannot connect to server. Signal weakish. Is this the problem? What can I do

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

My hisense show no signal when I connect a blu-ray via hdmi but my xbox works fine. I bought a 1.4a hdmi cable but still the same problem

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have connected a Fiber Optic Cable from my LG 32" LED to my AV receiver but it does not work. How can I troubleshoot the problem? Does LG have some sort of testing/notification on the screen that the Fiber Cable is working/transmitting signal to AV Receiver? Thanks a lot. Dimay

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

Hello, I have the Samsung ln40c550 and I have a terrible problem with the speakers hissing. I have tried different connections, and it seems like that is fixing it but it doesnt.

Press exite button on remote for 10 sec until message appears select ok tv will turn off turn on tv after 10 sec plug and play seup will appear you must select home use not store demo ... Samsung LN40C550 TV

Everything was fine for about 1 year of use, the suddenly it lost all of the channels except the Latino channels and one of the shopping channels, all locals gone. Signal still good, no problem, antennae good, remote won't accept "enter" after keying in the 999 reset code.

If you have had a recent power outage this may be part of the television's fail-safe to protect it self from a surge. Televisions and other devices detect sudden losses of power and have safeties built-in to them to prevent a surge from damaging the ... Westinghouse SK-32H240S Television

TV shut off independently and we then got the 11 blinking red light signal The only way to turn the tv off is to unplug it. We unplugged all of the cables and connections and then re-plugged and also tried another outlet...Problem is still the same. This TC-P50VT25 is @ 7 months old

... Panasonic TCP50VT25 50 in HDTVReady Plasma TV

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