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I have a 42 inch maxent but i dont know where to plug my cable cord because i have a comcast box and theres no where in the t.v to plug my cable cord

\015 Please please tell me how to plug up my cable cord because its no where on the t.v i can plug it up at\015

Answers :

If your comcast box has video (yellow), audio R (Red), audio L (White) out, just connect RC cables to the input of the TV at video, audio-in RC Jacks. If your comcast box has only RF out, buy one RF to audio-video converter and then connect these to the TV.

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I have a 42 inch maxent but i dont know where to plug my cable cord because i have a comcast box and theres no where in the t.v to plug my cable cord

If your comcast box has video (yellow), audio R (Red), audio L (White) out, just connect RC cables to the input of the TV at video, audio-in RC Jacks. If your comcast box has only RF out, buy one RF to audio-video converter and then connect these t ... Maxent MX-42HPM20 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a toshiba 42h82 tv and my telus high def cords(blue green and red rca cables) work fine on the tv with good picture but when i plug my x-box 360 up to the same inputwith the same kind of cords i get a really fuzy picture. can i plug my x-box 360 into the telus reciever then transmit the picture to the tv from the reciever?

I have my Wii running thru my receiver with no problems, dont see why it wouldnt work for yours ... Flat Panel Televisions

PC unsupported plug in my pc via vga cable and it shows unsupported. Yes i have it set to PC, yes the cord works, yes its plugged in. On my PC i try and bring up the other moniter and it says theres something plugged into the vga port on my laptop but theres nothing on the receiving end. Is there any way to get software for this tv to support vga? or is there atleast a way to reset to factory configuration?

... Venturer 19 Class 720p LED LCD TV w/ DVD

I have an Aveis model tv. I am curious to know what types of hardware I can plug into the USB port on the side? Is it for peripheral computer only? Is it compatible with ipods and iphones? Are their any types of converter cords or boxes that I can plug my iphone/ipod into that will allow me to play video or music through the television???

... Flat Panel Televisions

42 inch Hisense Led LCD tv Says there is no device connected, Xbox is plugged into side with red white and yellow cables, can not get tv to do Anything! Xbox was recognized fine until I plugged something in using hdmi cord. Please help, Skyrim calls...

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv is an Emerson 20" HDTV. Last week the closed caption just popped on and we can't get it off. My cable company, Comcast, said my box is not equiped to support closed caption so it is the tv. Emerson said that if the closed caption is set to "off" (which it is) then it is not the tv, but the cable provider. Do you know how to remove the cc? It is so annoying. Thanks.

I think Comcast doesn't know much about their equipment; their box has no influence on CC since it is embedded in the program material and is passed through their receiver to your set. \012There are two possibilities; the remote is no longer sending ... Emerson CR202EM9 TV

I have a 19 inch high definition led tv model: clc504e i want to know when i hook up HDMI cable to cable box for one tv to the led tv can i watch seperate programs thanks!

... Craig Flat Panel Televisions

My TV will cut on but will not show a picture. I don't know whether I plugged the cable cords wrong or whether there is something wrong with the tv. Can this be resolved without sending it back?

If it is still under warranty, send it back now! ... Flat Panel Televisions


... Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U Plasma TV

I just purchased a 47 Inch Visio LCD TV, I have Comcast Cable with a black box,my wife hit the input button thinking she had hit the turnoff button and now i can't get it to come back on,it jsut says no RGB signal, power will be turned off

... One For All Projection Televisions

I have a Gateway p46m103 flat screen television that will only turn on after plugging and unplugging the power cord many times. It would eventually turn on each time I tried this. Now, however, the green power light comes on, and I can hear it is on, but the screen is all black. I even tried pressing the Input button on the front of the television, to see if I had accidentally changed it, and even the icon on the screen will not show, to see if I am seeing the cable box, or the dvd player, etc.

... Gateway PLSM46TV 46 in. Television

Where do i plug my cable cord into on my 42 inch sylavania

Hello - The fact is that your TV, as a HDTV ready device, is really a display monitor that does not contain any TV tuner. There is no place to attach your coax TV connector.\015\012\015\012\015\012To view TV on the unit you would have to ... Sylvania 6842PE 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Plug my cable cord into my JVC LT-40A320 but it only picks up channels 2-10

... Sony XBR Flat Panel Televisions

I plugged this TV into a new cable box (digital signal, not HD), and the picture now does not fill the screen. Previously, I had another TV (different brand, same tyoe and age) plugged into the same cable box, and never had a problem. Is there a way a) to adjust the picture to fill the screen without using the zoom feature, or b) if not, is there a way to make the zoom feature permanent so I don't have to activate it every time I turn on the TV?

... Samsung TXM2756 27" TV

So I went to play a dvd by removing the HDMI from the back of the HD cable box and plugging it into my DVD player, then returned it back to the cable box when done. Then the volume would not work on the TV, a plug symbol appeared in place of the speaker symbol ...but the lines and numbers appeared for the level of volume. What am I needing to do for the volume to return?

Try to unplug the box for a while and then power it backup and let it reboot---never remove a HDMI connection with set/box on.You can if that fails call the cable company and have them reboot the box over the line. ... Sharp Aquos LC-45GD4U 45 in. LCD HDTV

How do I program my comcast cable box (motorala DVR) to my Olevia universal remote (model RC-LTU)? I have not been successful, even with the assistance of Comcast Technical Support, at programming the Olevia TV to the Comcast remote, so I thought I'd try programming the Comcast set top box to the Olevia remote. Thanks of your help.

Hello\015\012You can use code search functtion to find and synchronise the remote with that device you wants to use with. There are some codes prerecorded to the remote's memory. If anyone matches with the code of your device, it will synchron ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a hyundai plasma tv 42 inches. Yesterday I unplugged the tv because i needed to use the socket it was plugged into, but when i plugged it back in, the usual red light on the main tv button wasn't on and it wouldn't turn on. I know it's not the fuse in the plug because I've tried swapping it with other things and they seem to be fine. I've had it for about 2-3 years and sometimes when there is a blackout down my street it takes a while for the tv to turn back on. do you know what the probl

... Hyundai ImageQuest HQP421SR 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have a 1998 Daewoo and want to connect a gamecube game system to the tv, but I don't have a cable box or dvd player. Is there any way I can connect the game system without additional cable or video boxes and just connect it straight through the tv? All I see is an auxiliary port but no places to plug in the rca cables.

... Daewoo DTQ-20N2FC TV

I can't get the TV to coordinate with comcast cable bod - just get a black picture. Coaxial cable comes out of wall into the "in" on the cable box. The box and TV are connect with an HDMI wire

... Flat Panel Televisions

The TV works however I cannot get the set to read the channels. I have cable but no cable box. Have tried to program it for over 3 hours. I've tried it using ch.3 and ch.4. through the remote. After I scan the channels, it tells me none were read. My other TV's work, so it's not the cable company. I even plugged the plug for about 30 minutes.

Check you cable or air settings. I would try cable setting first then scan channels, if that doesn't work I would try air and scan.I am not sure cable setup.\015\012also check tv input settings. the lcd's have an input selection button. it will ... Flat Panel Televisions

Okay, so i plugged my xbox in and then i plug it into the tv, but no picture pops up at all, it says check cable signal, but i don't know what cable, and i tried hooking it up in the 1 component(under the 2 cmponent because there's only 2) can u tell me what "check signal cable is" or help me out please?

What colour are the plugs on the lead you are using, if you have a component lead it will have a green a red and a blue plug if its composite you will have a red white and yellow plug ... Flat Panel Televisions

The coax input on my tv is broken off how can I connect the cable to it other than the red white and yellow cords which don't have a good connection either I have my dvd player hooked up to hdmi is there a way to hook the cable up using the hdmi cord without a cable box just the line.

Hi, unfortunately the only ways to get the signal to the tv is with either coaxial, the red white and yellow rca cords, or hdmi and also the " RGB " inputs, also called "component video input ". some dvd players have component video outs-that could ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Well the tv 46 inch Orion tv keeps saying run auto scan but our cable box is at my brothers house so we font have the cable box yet and it keeps sayibg run auto scan what do I do ?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My hisense 32 in hdtv iv had for almost a year has worked totally fine, than today we moved it to a diffrent spot in the room turned it and cable box on for bout 15 mins and come back in room after wiping it down with a paper towl with windex sparayed on towl and it is off and will not turn on or no lights nothing or remote tried fuses n plugs everything on cable box works just not the tv no power. Is there anything I can try or see to do why would out of no where it just die like this! Makes no

Check to see no master power button on rear, other than the cord not being in all the way the set would have to be opened to see if a bad fuse or not...... ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Jenson JE 3211 TV in my motorhome that I just purchased the head phones are radio shack (09A08) there are four red leds on the front these led's are on when pluged in to the power source.. There is a power cord and a recharcing cord also either a yelow and red plug or a single plack plug that goes to the TV. I have pluged into everything on the TV without results. The TV is connected to park cable and working fine.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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