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I have a magnavox 26md350b which I never really use. I tried to turn it on today and the power light goes on for a second then the standby light and dvd light turn on. The tv does not power on and the two lights just stay on.... Does anyone know whats wrong with my tv?

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I have a magnavox 26md350b which I never really use. I tried to turn it on today and the power light goes on for a second then the standby light and dvd light turn on. The tv does not power on and the two lights just stay on.... Does anyone know whats wrong with my tv?

... Magnavox 26MD350B/F7 26 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

My sylvania 32inch model#ld320ss8a makes a beep noise then shuts off then the green power light will keep blinking fast and sometimes comeback on other times i have to unplug for awhile and turn back on but it sometimes takes awhile cause green power light will blink faster and faster then go to red stand by light keep doing that till it comes on so any suggestions on whats wrong.

... Projection Televisions

My emprex tv wt323 wont turn on all of a sudden. when i press the power button the power light flashes green for a second then goes back to red and no sound or picture. whats wrong with it ?

... Projection Televisions


Anything is easy ... if you know how.Whether this is an easy fix or not depends on your skill level.Chances are pretty good you have some failing electrolytic capacitors in the power supply or inverter sections.They are usually easy ... Panasonic Viera TX-32LX70 32 in. LCD TV

My TV wont turn on. I push power and it makes the clicking noise and shows the green light by the power but shows no picture. It then makes two click sounds and the power and opc lights blink simultaneously once then two more blinks under power and then repeats itself.

... Sharp AQUOS LC-32GP1U 32 in. LCD HDTV

TH50PZ80U two blinking lights when attempting to power on, if power button is pushed and held for several seconds after initial turn on blink code turns to ten.

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Projection Televisions

TV will not turn on. There are two lights in front at the bottom of the screen - One is the power light, one is the OPC light. When the power cord is plugged in, both lights flash twice, then the OPC light flashes 3 times - Some sort of error code? The power light then comes on for about 20 seconds, and then cycles back to the flashing light routine.

Sounds like your screen is broken or has been impacted. Force the television on by doing this: Unplug it and on the side of the television where the panel buttons are hold down the ch- and vol+ buttons. Then plug in the television while still holding ... Sharp LC46SB54U 46 in. LCD TV

I have a insignia 26inch lcd flat screen tvmodel number ns-ltdvd26-09 dvd combo and i turn it on with no other hookups just power cord ..and it powers up goes to blue dvd screen if i dont touch it it will stay on 20 60 seconds then powes off it does it every time ..and some times wont even come on ...and for the few seconds it does the screen is white with fat lines in it ...i look for a blinking diognostics light but have never seen it blink when tv is on stand bye the power light dont blink ..

... Insignia LCDTV26 26 in. Television

Hi I have a TH50PZ80U that is flashing two red lights when I plug it in. If i press the power button for 5 seconeds it will flash 10 times. When applying power the AC relays click, after pressing the power button the fans turn on and the optical audio port is red. It will stay 'on' for 3 seconds and then the relays will click on turn off. No red optical light. If I test the P25 connector pin 1 voltage it will go to 15 Volts for about a seconed and then 0. This is only achieved by plugg

I'm 100% confident that a D-board replacement will fix this issue. I've worked on 8 of these and a D-board replacement fixed the issue you are having now. I had all the same problems with them but it is all related to the D-board (from previous exper ... Flat Panel Televisions

What's your problem? Tv wont turn on the little red light next to the power button is blinking Turn it off two days ago to sleep and in the mornin tryed to turn it on and nothing i try pushing the

What is the model of your tv? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Every morning first start the picture does not come only the sound is Turn of then on it's ok but lately the tv will not even turn on Press on button either remote or tv the power light flickers for a couple of seconds then turns off again several attempts so Then I turn off power from wall gpo wait two minutes then try restart It does the same again but takes longer to turn off again until after More attempts it finally turns on but with no picture so turn off again then turn on and it's ok

The standby power supply has dried up capacitors, need to replace them, the tops have probably vented ... LG 60PY3D 60 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a mistubishi WD-Y57. I replace lamp 7 month ago, and now my tv doesn't work. I have sound but no picture. I took off the plastic grill from the back of the tv to see what it was doing when I tried to power it on. I see the fan turn on and see the light trying to cut on. It flickers light. It try two times before shutting down. If I see light flicking, does that mean the lamp isn't the problem? I tried to read the code light by holding those two buttons in front of the tv. But am not sure

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SELL IT ..LET MY NO LEE ... Mitsubishi WD-Y57 57" Projection HDTV

I have a Panasonic TH50PZ77U plasma. (1) recently the unit would power off, without warning. (2) The power light blinked several times two nights ago, but finally came on. (3) Last night, no power light on the front of the unit, and it will not turn on. The unit is plugged into a surge protector and all other components plugged in are operating correctly. I have read through several forums on similar Panasonic models, and a "power supply" failure seems to be way to common.

Its probably the main filter capacitor thats gone on the power supply, (sorry for mentioning power supply again but it is actually a power supply problem) If you are good at soldering then you can replace yourself, Google Panasonic capacitors and th ... Panasonic TH-50PZ77U 50" Class Plasma HDTV

I got a Sony Bravia KDL-40WL135. Blank screen. There's two LED lights: red standby and green power light. When I turn on the TV, green led comes on, then after about 30 seconds red led blinks once, then green resumes. The green led stays solid. I think that's a SONY error code, I tried to look it up but can't find anything useful. I have replaced the power supply, AU board, backlight inverter, logical board, and the second power supply board. Any suggestions? I haven't checked the t-con bo

Http://www.smpcshop.com/KDL-40WL135-KDL-46WL135-p-8895.html\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Above is a link for a service manual.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Toshiba TZ50V51 / i have seen several people with the same issue on this TV but no fix answers posted. The TV wont turn on, when you power it up, it blinks a after a5sec pause... still no powering up.. it has done this now for over a year. It has always turned itself on after a day or two.. now after 5 days not turning on... what is wrong, and how do i fix it?

Hi,\012\012 this could be a problem with the power supply in the tv, it is common especially on some Samsungs \012and specific repair kits are available quite cheaply if you have good\012 soldering skills this can also apply to many ... Flat Panel Televisions

When I turn my TV on it will turn off by itself in about a minute and the red power light on the front of the TV will blink. The remote control nor the power button on the front of the TV will turn it back on. I have to unplug the TV for a few seconds and plug it back in to make it come on. It usually takes two or more of these unplug and plug back in sessions to get it to stay on. Some times it takes up to fifteen before it will stay on. Please help.

This is what 's happening: you give the command to start the tv so the power source is initiated and starts to deliver power to the rest of the components of the tv; one of these components has aged and it requires much more current than normal to st ... Toshiba TN55V71 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a Mitsubishi DLP WD-73737. Two days ago it worked great. Today I went to turn it on and the green power light flashes but the screen stays black like it is still turned off. Eventually the green light stays on but then a little bit later the tv just turns off. I'm not sure if it is the bulb. Holly

It's not the bulb. Google Mitsubishi WD-73737 blink codes. The blinking light is a self diagnostic tool and each blink code represents a certain problem. ... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

When I power on the Haier Tv the red light on the front turns to blue and the screen lights up for about 5 sec then the screen goes dark and light turns to red again. My daughter plugged it in with the wrong plug adapter cord one time. Can you help?

... Haier HL19D2 19 in LCD TV

I have a dynex 32 inch w/ dvd & the red power button is on, but when I go to turn the tv on the blue (on) light comes on as normal but then no picture comes up on the screen. then the indicator light is completly blank & the red power light comes back on.

Power supply issue most likely bad capacitors you can get replacement power supply boards or repair kits from www.tvrepairworld.com ... Dynex 32 in. LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

Sony KDS-R50XBR1 /(2005) Red stand-by light blinks 4 times.Tried new bulb (Philips) 1 week ago ,same problem as before .Whole new light engine replaced two yrs ago by sony.What happens is it will turn off on its own the odd time or not turn on sometimes.Red light will blink 4 times.So far after waiting or pushing the TV power it does still works.Is there a more frequent failure part that will cause this?Short of the whole engine? I still love it ,my wife says buy new ?

The error code of 4 blinks indicate a fan problem.the fan is slowing or internitantly stoping. the fan is stallling. or the fans not getting power. Always rember anything that moves will eventally stop. this fan is on all the time. also there mor ... Sony KDS-R50XBR1 50" HDTV

ViewSonic N3752w - No Power-up, The red light on the bottom turns green when turned on. I let it sit for two months, and today it turned on. The control panel at the top didn't work and it stayed

You if changed parts or boards OR NOT may want to carefully read the owners manual--MANY SETS NOW HAVE A FEATURE WHERE BOTH THE REMOTE AND KEYBOARD CAN AND DO GET "LOCKED OUT".At least see if your set has this as it is unusual for both to not ... ViewSonic Flat Panel Televisions

Mitsubishi tv model vs-60111 will not turn on. The power comes on then turns off a few seconds later. I tried holding the input and menu button on the front of the console. The power LED light blinks once pause the blinks twice. Do you know what is wrong with the tv.

... Mitsubishi VS-60111 60" Rear Projection Television

My tv was stored for 3 months, now when i plug it in and turn it on the power only stays on for a few seconds then the green power light turns red and flashes 4 times in a row. What is wrong with it?

Possibly dried out capacitors due to not being charged up, like an old car battery.As you give no other information, I have no idea on make or model for common faults.Hope that helps ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

TH-42PZ77U ... I had the ten red lights, so I fixed the power board by adding a fuse to help control the power. The television turned back on without the red lights, but now the colors are messed up - almost negative. What else could be wrong?

... Panasonic TH-42PZ77U TV

My mother-in-laws Magnavox 32MF338B/27 TV is no longer working. We bought it for her 2 years agoe. When you turn on the TV the green light flashes a few seconds, then a higher pitched beeping/buzzing occures for a few seconds and then the TV shuts off by itself and the red stand by light comes on. When we attempt to turn it on the screen does not come on or show anything either. We had the back off and can tell that the beeping/buzzing is coming from the power supply board in the area of two

... Philips Magnavox 50ML8105D 50" HDTV DLP TV

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