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21 inch LG tv switching on for 5 seconds and coming to standby. Again when I switch on the same thing happens. All Voltages are OK. The tv failed due to lightening during rains. I had replaced the vertical IC and H out transistor 1803DF. The anode cap was completely rusted and I had replaced it with a new EHT cap. What could be the problem for its switching off.

Answers :

How about the regulator have you been checked if ok.
The memory ic need to be replced

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21 inch LG tv switching on for 5 seconds and coming to standby. Again when I switch on the same thing happens. All Voltages are OK. The tv failed due to lightening during rains. I had replaced the vertical IC and H out transistor 1803DF. The anode cap was completely rusted and I had replaced it with a new EHT cap. What could be the problem for its switching off.

How about the regulator have you been checked if ok. ... LG Standard (CRT) Televisions

At first,It blown the horizontal output tr. in sec right after I switched on, and I found that cap. c424 was short cct.,so I replace it, tv now works, can see a normal picture, but only last about 5-10 sec , then switched off by itself and stay in stand by mode. I can switch on again but turn itself off the same. I've got no clue now.

Adjust the screen control on the flyback transformer and see if it will stay on longer. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a r52wm24 and have replaced the flyback. The main fuse continues to blow. I have replaced the two diodes on the MID (found faulty), Plugged everything in except the PSD board at MID powers ok. I have replaced many caps and some transistors to be sure they were new. I think the PSD have a direct to ground causing the diodes to fail. Im am at a lost, please help thanks.

Replace the deflection board you have the same deflection board as the R52WH74 model or the PSB-260 deflection board. You can get replacement deflection boards from www.tvrepairwo ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

Have an Element LCD model number flx-3210 that loses raster after 1 minute. Audio is fine. No blink codes and all caps are fine. Checked ESR and replaced common failing caps already. ec17 and ec18 450v 10uf. Also changed d10 and FETs q17 and q16. Nothing changed. When I lose raster, the LED D13 on the power board lights solid. I do NOT have any backlights on. Dark room tested and backlights go out completely when this happens. I also tested the two transformers on the inverter side of the pow

Hi Jeramy.These TVs are indeed re-branded Polaroid. You will not find the service manual under Element. You must find the equivalent Polaroid TV.The Polaroid Flx-3202 is the same as element flx 3202 and 3212 the FLM-3237 is ... Flat Panel Televisions

When switch on my onida crt tv it show a green line on centre. And i replace its vertical ic of upc1488H. Match ic LA7830. but the same prob come again, pls help me

You should replace the vertical IC of the same number used with it. No substituiton will go on. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Our 2004 rca tube tv screen went recently went out on us. When you turn on the power, you can hear the tv and you'll only see a blue line in the middle of the screen that shrinks and fads out and the tv eventually turns off completely. We cannot see anything on the screen besides the blue line and only for about 3 seconds. We would like to know how to fix this in the cheapest manner possible. I looked online before and it said something about the tact switches possibly needing replacement?

Hello\015\012It is reparable problem. You see a blue line across the middle of the screen I thinks and posts this solution. The fault is due to the absence of vertical scan. In your set, there is an IC used for this purpose, and it has been d ... RCA TruFlat 27F520T 27" TV

I have an lg j250r 50in which did not turn on.After searching on the panel i found they were 5 transistor which were short so i replace them from another 42in which had a broken screen.I also took the rf panel from the 42in and put it on the 50in..now its switching on but the screen is not full its just occupying an upper corner the rest is dark.Tried to adjust vs voltage port but no change.Vs voltage is 203v and Va voltage is 58v which seem to be normal.What shall i do? The Rf panel m refering

... LG 50PX4D 50 in. Plasma Television

Samsung tv model cw5082 H output transistor D5072 was short i replaced new but when i switch on tv it goes back to srand by plz give your opinion.thnx

... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

Samsung Ln-T4671F screen is getting darker. The whole screen is darker, not only the right or the left. Also a red vertical line appeared about a year ago, haven't noticed since- don't know of its related. I replaced bad caps a few years ago when I got the clicking problem.

MOST LIKELY YOU HAVE A DEFECTIVE LCD PANEL. Try lightly squeezing the top of the TV. Start from one corner and work your way slowly to the other side. If squeezing the top of the frame clears up the screen problem, you have a defective LCD panel tab. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Like yourself i have replaced 4 x 1000uF 10v caps (high temp) as the were distorted at the top. However my Samsung LE40R8 is exhibiting the same problem......Clicking noise and red LED going on and off. I was convinced this would cure the fault, having a basic knowledge of switch mode power supplies.

Which voltage did you use for the caps? I hope not the same. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung LED TV UA32C4000P bought from Dubai. Now the warranty is over, and it shows vertical lines when I try to increase the volume are try to change to viewing Mode like Dynamic, Standard etc., But when I keep the TV in a stand by mode for 2 or 3 seconds and switch it on, it becomes completely normal, and no lines when I watch for any number hours. Can suggest a solution for this please?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Need instruction for replacing caps on DM module of mitsubshi 65 inch projection TV. Basically need procedure for removing the board containing the caps. Replaced the caps about three years ago but dont recall the entire procedure. Have doubling the capacity of the caps will last longer

Hi,It isn't hard to replace. The complete illustration is explained below :-http://www.jyerdon.com/tv/index.htmlLet me know,if needed further assistance.Hope i helped you.Thanks for us ... Mitsubishi Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung LN-T4661F Colored Vertical Lines/Bars and White Screen

... Samsung LN-T4661F 46 in. LCD HDTV

I was replacing caps and thought I looked at all of them and thought they were all the same but one is a different value. I need to know if anyone has anyway of helping with this.

... LG 50PC1DR 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a samsung ln-t4053h that had a bad caps. I replaced the caps and the tv turned on fine and i put a flashlight to the screen and the screen turns on but the backlight is on 10 and it looks like its not on at all so that leads me to believe the backlight inverter. As I was testing this the power board slipped and touched a metal part in the back of the tv, sparked, and now the tv wont turn on at all. I figure that i shorted out the power board. If I replace the power board will me tv turn o

... Samsung LN-T4053H 40 in. LCD Television

Transistor k2605 failing after replacing it due to short.The fuse and transistor failing after replacing with new one.

... Thomson Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have an element TV with a MLT070A power supply board. I'm not an electrical guy, but a technician came out and showed me the bulged caps and said that was what's wrong with the TV. He said he couldn't get replacement parts (I think the whole circuit board)but maybe the bulged cap components could be replaced by someone. I don't want to junk this TV and wonder what I should/could do. They're going to send me a $350.00 check for the extended warranty I paid 650 for the TV and 150 for the Cir

Hello,power supply board is dead, if you know basic electronics' and soldering you can handle it ? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up o ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hey , wish you well, i bought a replacement lamp for the pt ax 200e it's the et lax 100. Installing it works great. Fits perfect. But when i switch on the projector, it still shows me the same runtime hours count of the lamp, says i need to replace it and switches off after a while. So this is the same behaviour like with the original lamp. The unit still thinks that there is a overused lamp inside. How can i fix this ? Regards , Tino

Reading the manual in this case made the trick. I only had to reset the timecounter. Works normal again , plus , the original lamp is still in use, and holds three times longer now than suggested by manufacturer. ( the time till it says ``change lamp ... Flat Panel Televisions

Is there any replacement for transistor # N4112 it is use in sanyo tv

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Grundig Elegance tv which I switch off with the remote control each evening - but iot switches iteself back on at about 3am every morning unless I switch it off completely with the on/off switch behind the tv

... Grundig Flat Panel Televisions

I use this Alba television in my bedroom and usually watch it for a little while before I go to sleep. Due to the fact that it cannot be turned off completely (always on standby unless the plug is pulled out) I have connected it to a time switch. When I switch off it goes onto standby and shows a steady blue light. However, I have woken up again before the time switch has cut the power and found that the blue light is flashing. This can be cured by switching the television on and off again. Howe

If the tv is not a plasma unit which are expensive to run I would not be bothered completely turning off the power. I have a power supply readout connected in the mains power and Like you I believed the hype about switching every thing off but I lear ... Flat Panel Televisions

My LG- LCD TV has stopped working , This started almost a week ago when i switched on the tv the full screen showed a dull light with several vertical bars and one of the bars is moving slowly from left to right continously .i decided to switch it off . I stopped switching it on BUT yesterday i tried to switch it on and realised some changes as the audio was clear but half of the screen was was white in colour and with few bars - these changes

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

29pt5301/15 chassis GR2.4AA Dead only flashing red LED standby. 148V on transistor horizontal, and 38V on transistor vertical is ok.

... Philips Standard (CRT) Televisions

29pt5301/15 chassis GR2.4AA Dead only flashing red LED standby. 148V on transistor horizontal, and 38V on transistor vertical is ok.

Check the frequency at the base of the horizontal output transistor. It should be in betwen 15.5 to 15.7 KHz. If you want more details about service help, try any service help sites. There are so many can be at internet. ... Philips Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Sony Bravia kdl 32w5500 and it periodically switches itself off whilst watching programmes on one particular channel (WIN TV AUSTRALIA). It goes into a kind of sleep mode or something and sometimes also switches off completely. When it first loses picture, and sound, the green light is on and you can change channel and the picture and sound comes back but when you go back to WIN TV it again switches of picture and sound and eventually the whole set, if left on WIN TV. The remote channel

... Sony BRAVIA KDL32V5500 32 in. TV

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