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I have been trying to add external RCA speakers ( 5 speakers with 1 amplifiler) to my LG PK950 directly through RCA audio put with red and white cable, but so far I couldn't get any sound coming out of my speakers. I have tried all the audio inputs on the back, mute my TV and plug it in and out back and forth and yet still no sound. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Answers :

The RCA audio plugs on the back of your TV are for input only, the only way to get sound out of the TV is to use the Optical Digital Audio Out plug in the back of your TV.
It are two things or the plasma not ordering this him the sign it gives audio or not this one connecting the amplifier to the audio exit the cables rca have to go connected in the audio exit of the plasma in the part of behind he says exit

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I have been trying to add external RCA speakers ( 5 speakers with 1 amplifiler) to my LG PK950 directly through RCA audio put with red and white cable, but so far I couldn't get any sound coming out of my speakers. I have tried all the audio inputs on the back, mute my TV and plug it in and out back and forth and yet still no sound. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

The RCA audio plugs on the back of your TV are for input only, the only way to get sound out of the TV is to use the Optical Digital Audio Out plug in the back of your TV. ... LG Infinia Series Plasma HDTV 50PK950

I have 2 Flat screen Phillips TVs a 47" and a 20" for my camper. I bought a set of rocket fish wireless speakers for use in my camper. I can not receive audio from the tvs to the speakers. The speaker sender does link up with the remote units but does not receive audio. I tried the wireless on a older TV with a cable converter and they work fine. I tried both tvs using the instructions TV owners manual but still no audio. I used all methods Coaxial,RCA. earphone etc. What am I missing? Are the

The sender plugs into the TVs audio out jack and you may need to select on a on-screen menu for the TV, audio out for the external speaker, in other words, the tv speakers are activated but maybe not the external audio jack for the sender unit. Many ... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

I have a RCA 55 inch projection hdtv and it wont come on!!! when i push the on button the lite comes on but no picture and no sound and then it goes back off... its then tries to power back on by itself and goes back off... It tries three times and then stops... what seems to be the problem?

... RCA D52W19 52" Rear Projection Television

No audio Hi, I bought a CRT Toshiba 32ZP38B today (2nd hand), it came with 4 speakers. I set it all up but no audio, ive tried different speakers and trying to set it up through a dvd surround system but still nothing - the only thing I can think of is that it didnt come with a subwoofer? surely though this TV has built in sound? Thankyou to anybody who replies, it will be much appreciated x

Possible speakers are in menu switched to off, check to see if rear inputs have sound when used. ... Projection Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi cs-35505 tv. This model is an oldie, from '96, but still works... kind of. The remote is not really functional, even with new batteries and the internal speakers got turned off. I cannot get them to turn back on. I have an older Toshiba that actually has a switch on it to turn on and off the internal speakers, but have found no such thing on the Mitsubishi. How do I get the internal speakers back on? When I try to adjust the volume it says "speakers off". The tv is not muted;

If you feel the remote is bad, you will need to find a new remote. The best option here is to find the MCM Electronics website. They will have a brand replacement. Thanks for asking and show a few hands of support! ... Mitsubishi CS-35405 TV

Touch Audio VD-300WR. How do I get the audio back to my camper trailer speakers? I have a Cherokee Grey Wolf...Sound will only come from the television.

... Flat Panel Televisions

32v434t My RCA 32v434t will come on after 10 min of trying if its got a dark background such as blue or Black like the space between commercials and it will stay on unless the picture turns a bright color such as Yellow or White, I had it at the shop 4 or 5 yrs ago after the HV transformer blew they removed the old one put in a new and we got it back home it would come on for bout 15 min didn't matter the color and I took it back and they fixed it had a transformer set wrong, I brought it ho

... RCA 32V430T 32" TV

I am wondering, I would like to hook up a very small pair of speakers to a ts3260c magnavox television, there are out puts on the back that are rca connections. i was wondering if when i plug in rca cords on the audio outputs,do the TV speakers shut off or do they stay on? thanks

They will stay on if you are just hooking up the speakers. If you want the TV speakers to shut off, use a stereo system or something to switch audio inputs. ... Philips Magnavox TS3260C 32" TV

Hl72a650 Hi I have a Samsung hl72a650. Replaced lamp a year ago. Tv suddenly one day started to shut itself off and back on again. I have tried everything else I have researched online. Took lamp out and back in several times. When the tv comes on the picture is very bright and clear then suddenly the picture begins to loose color and shuts off and back on several times untill all 3 lights start blinking. I also started the tv with mute 182 power and selected options clear lamp, reset user setti

Color wheel issues replace light engine ... Projection Televisions

My Panasonic plasma screen TV is stuck on mute? I saw MUTE show up in white letters on the top right corner, but I didn't press mute... now i can't get the sounds to come back on. I've restarted the tv, and the cable box, and tried turning up the volume.

Did you press the mute button again, some TVs use this method. ... Panasonic 50 in. Flat Panel Plasma HDTV

I have rca m61wh74s when i turn it on noise coming out from speaker, i also ear noise coming from inside tv like relay trying to turn the tv on,it does that 4 or 5 time but tv never comes on, i just change the lamp and it does that since

... RCA Projection Televisions

Audio problem sometimes the sound goes out. if i start to put ear phones in the jack, sound comes back. first time it happened, a few weeks ago, sound came back and it was ok for a while. today, had to put the speaker partially in, gently wiggle, let it hang there, would work a few minutes, then i had to gently wiggle again. When the show i was watching was over, I turned it off.

What you likely have is the socket the jack goes into is damaged--it is supposed to cut the speakers off when the jack is inserted.The socket can be replaced: a small round nut secures it (around the entrance) and it only has 3 wires in most ... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

My 35in rca tv won't come on. model # f35100st just stopped working. I turned it off and went to visit my mom for a few hours. when i got back and tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't do or say anything. it's completely dead. no lighst or sounds

... RCA F36669 36" TV

When watching tv the volume suddenly goes off, then when i try to turn it up with the remote nothing happens until I go and shift the tv around. When doing that, it makes a sound(that comes out of the speakers) as if there's a short somewhere, then the volume comes back on. what do you think the problem could be?

There might be some loose solder terminals at its audio output stage. Check it. ... Mitsubishi Flat Panel Televisions

Sound goes out at random times, we have tried using speakers and it still does not work. It goes out for a couple days up to two weeks sometimes left it on for over 4 hours to see if it would come back on. Tried mutint and unmuting it to no avail. Help

Hello,The problem is from the sound chip/IC of your TV. The sound chip is failing/defective and it is giving a sign that it needs to be replaced. It's getting worse that is why it takes up to days..........The sound chip/ic of ... AOC L32W861 32 in. LCD TV

When viewing TV with DTV, the sound will occasionally mute right after the clipping in a program. Just like the function that protects the speakers from loud sounds. (This function is OFF) The sound comes back after 1-3 seconds. This ONLY happens when the program clips. Im using optical cable fra the LG TV to a LG HT.

Just try connecting the input to another TV and check whether the same problem comes. If it does, the problem is with the input. If not, the signal strength is not good enough to the microcontroller IC to switch off the mute. Normally when the ... LG 42le5300

We have a RCA D52M20 52" while we are watching tv or playing games the tv will randomly shut itself off. When we try to turn it back on, the green light comes on for a second but the tv doesn't ac

... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My RCA Model 27R410T Chassis ITC003FAM suddenly has no video or audio when the set is turned on. One can hear it clicking as if was trying but it never actually comes on.

Hi.What is going on, is that you have capacitors that have failed, so that it is not allowing the screen to energize.The capacitors act like a booster battery, they hold a large static charge, so that when the screen is turned ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have a RCA TV, it's pretty old, made in 1994.. it will not come on, we tried unplugging and plugging back, but nothing.. when you plug it in you hear a arcing sound from the cord.. do you think it can be fixed, or is it time for a new one??

The arcing sound usually does not come from the cord. If the LED is not coming on I would suspect the main 6A fuse on the power supply board that is located right next to the point where the cord plugs in. ... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

My RCA flat screen was working just fine and than as I was watching TV the screen flickered off and the it started flashing unusable signal. I did a rescan of the channels a couple come back that I have never had before. The sound doesnt work on the few channels that I do get and the picture and sound doesnt work on the ones I use to get. I also tried to put a dvd in. The sound works but not the picture doesnt. What do I do

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

No sound mute disabled, tried different cables from Dtv box, went in to the menu can see the audio numbers to up/down with remote. Looks like the amplifier has failed. speaker wires are tight

Problem can be either the set or the box if one is used--unplug both and after a short wait plug both up and allow both units to reboot.General answer:Sound issues and answersa short list:sound on set or a box muted or turned ... Projection Televisions

Hi I have an Akai 42 in. LCD TV Model# LCT42Z5TAP,when I try to turn on the TV the green LED light comes on but the screen does not ,then i try to turn it off but it does not comes off the green LED light remains,so i have to unplug the TV in order to turn it off then turn it back on the problem remains the same as before, so I leave it on for 10 mins unplug it again then turn it back on and only then it comes on and works proper.It seem the Tv now needs to be warmed up for 10 mins or more for

... Akai 42 in. LCD TV

My television just went off! We tried to turn it back on but it wouldnn't come back oh. Finally the button flashed red like it was trying to come on and we heard 2 or 3 words then that was it.then the blue power button just kept flashing. we like to never got it to turn off. Its a 50" hitachi flat screen plasma model # 50H401A. Someone told us it may be the power supply the power cord plugs into on the back of the TV? TV is 2 years and 5 months old.

For more info on this set please check out http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/hitachi/38229-hitachi-p50h401-le ... Hitachi P50H401 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have rca model 46LA45RQ tv. The sound will go mute sometimes for no reason. The only way to get it back on is to turn the power off and back on. Any suggestions?

... RCA "46LA45RQ 46"" 1080p Full HD LCD TV"

I have a TOSHIBA MODEL 36-A-40 YR 2000 (Tube Type) which works fine 98% of the time. It is connected to a Comcast cable box. It will occasionally go off for no apparent reason and then come back on in about 3-5 minutes. When it returns, it sometimes comes back on perfectly. Most other times it comes back on slowly with a large red strip across the tube and this will slowly but eventually blossom into a good video picture and the audio will return. If you hit the side of the console, tha

Bad solder connections do eventually happen for most sets from heat and expansion on the board--you have really solved this issue--you have a physical issue in the set and now you have to find where.If the picture were to dim out slowly and c ... Toshiba Standard (CRT) Televisions

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