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TV hit by lightning. Will Best Buy replace without questions?

\015 3 month old LG 47" 3-D TV was hit by lightning. I purchased the TV from Best Buy but did not buy the extended warranty. It is however under factory warranty for one year. If I take the TV back to Best Buy and just tell them the TV won't power up, will they be able to tell it was hit by lightning. I've never had problems with Best Buy but have a feeling they won't replace it if they know it's lightning damage. My deductable for home owners is $1000.00 so filing a claim is out of the question.\015

Answers :

Ask and see but I would not mention the lightening---if its 3 months old the LG warranty should cover the repair or replacement.

They will not know at all it was lightening unless you tell them.

"This thing just stopped working" they will either get it fixed or get you a replacement set.

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TV hit by lightning. Will Best Buy replace without questions?

Ask and see but I would not mention the lightening---if its 3 months old the LG warranty should cover the repair or replacement.They will not know at all it was lightening unless you tell them."This thing just stopped working" they w ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

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Yes the board is available at the following link http://tvrepairworld.com/sony_lcd__plasma_tv_circuit_boardsthe board with the HDMI on it i ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V3000 Television

Transonic tc3258lcd Hello. i have a transonic 32" lcd tv which came without a remote. I purchased a replacement today and the tv blanked/blacked out. When turned off and unplugged for a couple of hours sound and picture were obtained for about 10-15mins then same problem occured. I've since replaced the power cord to no avail. I've played with the remote hitting random buttons but to no avail also, my partner had a try and managed to obtain 2 channels but with audio only (no picture).

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Dp46480 46480 was hit by lightning. lost power, and replaced the power supply. it turns on now but the screen goes black after about 15 seconds. any suggestions or help on what i should try to replace next?

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Hi I have a power problem, with my Sony RDR-HX717 DVD Recorder. I have no power at all in the display or anywhere else in my recorder. I suspect it could be the fuse, on the power supply board, which is a Newton Power NPS-51AP. The fuse is a T4AH-250V. My question is - what is the best way to replace this fuse, as it is in a closed fuse socket, which is not easy to open? Thx for any help. Fritz Diedrichsen

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I wanna know why my new television's 3D looks nothing like it did in the store! Same movie, same tv,Sony 3G bluRay! But not nearly the same effect. How do I achieve this same picture quality and 3D effect without having to pay Best Buy 200+ $ to do it???

It sounds like you may need to switch to using HDMI cables. If you already are using HDMI cables, you may need to have your TV professionally adjusted/tuned. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sony tv model kv-32s26 and the scrren turns off and on every 10 seconds ..i think the screen no longer works ..my question for you is...can this problem be solve without having to buy another screen..? thank you.

If the screen does the same thing with all sources (TV,VCR,DVD), then it is most likely the main control board. The cost to fix or replace it would be more than the cost of a new tv. ... Sony KV-32S26 32" TV

Dynex tv Same as most I am reading - Lightning hit, now no power. I hve the back of the set off. Before I throw it away just wanted to see if I could replace fuses etc.

If your TV dead after the lightning, then your TV doesn't power ON with red light stays on lit you possibly have faulty main board.If totally no indicator try to replace the fuse on power supply board if busted or blown (it is usually connect ... Dynex 32 in. LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

Okay... i hit the screen tv whit a baseball and crack the screen.i woulnt like to get rid of it,so is threre a way i can buy a replacement screen?

A new screen would cost you moire than an entire new tv so the only option that's worth doing is to search for a second hand one or (much easier to find) an entire defective tv set on specialized sites like Ebay or Craigslist. But you must be careful ... Flat Panel Televisions

My symphonic tv is zoomed in an i dont have th remote...is there a way to zoom out without havin to buy an original or replacement remote?

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I have a apex 32-inch tv model (AT3208S), This tv was connect to a converter box, the other day electric power went out in our area for about 8 mins or less, once the power was back on the tv screen was blue and have remain this way. I have disconnect, scan, unhook, chg to 3/4. I went to Best Buy, came home a connect, with the same problem. I called Best Buy Tec support, they tried different things, reset, unplug, disconnect ect, same problem the tv screen still blue. The tv is working and the c

OK, I have one of these TVs, and here's a thought: There's nothing wrong with the TV nor with the cable converter box. Please bear with me. Since I don't know how much you may know about TVs in general and this one in particular, I'm going to assu ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sharp Aquos Lightning Hit

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My Toshiba flat screen appears to have several dark shadows in the center of the screen. It almost appears as though there are tornados within the picture. A tech looked made the conclusion that the display panel has seperated. He further stated that he has never seen such a thing. The TV was purchased at Best Buy in 2008 and has never been moved. Apparently Toshiba or Best Buy refuses to incur the cost even though it has been determined that the seperation is a manufacture defect. This sa

Exact same thing happened to my Toshiba. Purchased at Costco in Dec 2008. I haven't received any help either. Guess I will be buying a new tv. Not Toshiba ever again. Let me know if you found any way to repair. ... Toshiba REGZA 52RV530U LCD TV

Replacing bulb in hd61lpw42 rca. Question: I have replaced the bulb before but this time the glass covering the mirror is broken. I suppose the additional heat of the bulb cracked it. My wife said the picture was fine, a loud pop, and no picture. The bulb is burned out. Before replacing, I am concern about the availabity and replacing the class cover.

Lbcofer,\012\012Just make sure that you purchase the entire module, not just the lamp. Also make sure that any glass is removed from the set. I have a tip at \012\012 ... RCA HD61LPW42 61" Rear Projection HDTV

My panasonic tcp50x3 turned off after lightning hit the phone pole behind the house and everything else works but the TV , it clicks several times but not red light and wont turn on

If the power indicator doesnt come on at all then chances are its the power board if the standby supplies are not present. ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 70 aquos tv. paid 2800.00. it has a cracked screen. I told best buy to give me the best warranty possible. now they say i have no assidental coverage and to :ditch it:. sickening. advice??

Try checking with your home and contents insurance under the accidental glass breakage clause ,if you have this coverage they may pay the cost of replacement . ... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

Failed Repair Job. A friend of mine called a loocal repair shop to fix their LG50PC3D 9 x 10V 3300uf 105c Capacitors on the Power Board were swollen 1 x 50v 680uf 105c Capacitor on the Power board was swollen. He replaced them with the following. 8 x 16v 3300uf 105c 1 x 25v 3300uf 105c 1 x 50v 1000uf 105c The replacement of the capacitors didn't help and he simply left the tv unrepaired. My question is, can you get away replaced the 10v 3300uf with 25v 3300uf? and the 50v 680uf with a 50v 10

Replacing the 10V caps with 25V caps is perfectly fine. In fact, if it was manufactured like that, those caps may not have blown.Replacing a 680uF with a 1000uF could be problematic depending on it's function.680uF is pretty specific when ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

I have a devant t.v then i went to a service center d said it was the chips to be replace but i need to buy the whole ip board is it possible that i have to replace the whole ip board

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung hlp5085w with a light bulb symbol, my question is what else i have to change, i already replace the light bulb which was blown, i replace a color wheel too and still got the light bul

... Samsung HLP5085W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Can my Panasonic TC-P42X1 receive digital channels without an antenna connected? It sounds like a stupid question considering its a high-def TV, but I'm having troubles getting the TV to pick up reception without an antenna. Even with an antenna I cannot receive NBC, ABC, or PBS. Thank you for your help.

No.Tv can't pick up any reception or receive any free AIR broadcasting tv channels at all if tv have no antena hook up to a tv.Buy a better antena design to used like a Digital atenna,will solved this problems. ... Panasonic TC-P42X1 41.6 in. Plasma HDTV

My TV is samsung plasma 51"i bought ilive sorround model IPT280B,the prob.is I cannot hook it bec.the TV output need Optical while the sorround is RCA,now plizzz help me where can I buy that cable to connect that two,ive been in best buy & radioshock but they have nothing for that,,,hrlp me plzzz.

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Can I buy the main board or the power supply and replace it myself, if so where can I buy it at?

I've helped quite a few consumers repair their own TV sets. The answer to your question is yes but there are a few precautions you will have to take. You can buy from reputable parts dealers on Ebay, or Shopjimmy.com, and several others. Just make su ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

HI, I have a samsung 933HD which is being a pain it sometimes turns on and the blue light displays but no responce when pressing the power button but other times it turns on but off after a few seconds and then other times it works fine untill I put it on stand by again I have replaced all the capacitors on it apart from the large 450v 100uf I was going to replace all the resistors but hit a snag - there is one with only 2 bands on either side a black and a yellow and on the board next to it

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Pltv3250 will nto turn on...can i replace the power supply? where cani buy the replacement?

Check on EBay.\015\012\015\012You can buy a whole new power supply circuit board, or just the repair kit with the replacement capacitors that you have to install and solder in yourself.\015\012\015\012See the following link fo ... Flat Panel Televisions

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