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I have my 32LG70 LCD tv since 2009 and it has been perfect, but this morning i was watching it and it just shut off by itself. Everything else is still on, tried switching outlets, reset, but theres no lights or anything to indicate its getting power. Typical day nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this. I called LG the tv is out of warranty and its discontinued. I really dont want to pay an arm and a leg for repair id rather get a new one but im open to suggestions. I don't know anythi

Answers :

Try to pull out some cable connected on it just leave the power cord and cable connection then try to power it on again.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have my 32LG70 LCD tv since 2009 and it has been perfect, but this morning i was watching it and it just shut off by itself. Everything else is still on, tried switching outlets, reset, but theres no lights or anything to indicate its getting power. Typical day nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this. I called LG the tv is out of warranty and its discontinued. I really dont want to pay an arm and a leg for repair id rather get a new one but im open to suggestions. I don't know anythi

Try to pull out some cable connected on it just leave the power cord and cable connection then try to power it on again. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

50" Plasma Hi Hopeing some can help got up to put tv on this morning and found i have no picture but sound on the tv, i am unabe to use remote and change the input on tv also connot put volume up or down, I have phoned Lg and the answer i got was he had worked for two years at LG but never came across this model??????? advised me to call domestic and general as they would help , phoned domesctic and general and they were unabe to help 1. cause they only do warranty plans and she was unable to

Just replace the y sustain ... LG 50PC1DRA 50 in. Plasma Television

Hi i got a vhs/ dvd recorder from a friend who upgraded,but dont have a manual,i have set it up to my portable tv upstairs,which has a set top box,but dont really know if i have the cables right. the problem is i can watch the videos but cannot record them to dvd,when watching them the dvd button does not record,but when you switch to dvd the record button works, im sure i have the cables in wrong. please can you help me audrey

Hello Audrey,\015\012\015\012If you can watch the videos on the TV, your cables are correct, but you don't generally record a video to DVD using the record button. Most VCR/DVD combinations have a DUBBING button on the front of the ... Flat Panel Televisions

I really dont know the size i think it is a 52 in the problem is the picture has like little squares and lines dont know what happened

... JVC HD-56FB97 HDTV

I bought a LC DVD 199A in November for a Christmas present. Until today, I have not tried to used the DVD player because I haven't really had a chance. I put the source mode to DVD but the DVD won't load, I did press lightly, the DVD went in only part way and I removed it. Why won't it load? Also, it goes from DVD mode to TV mode in a matter of seconds which is frustrating as well. What can I do. Of course it is out of warranty. Help? Patty

The DVD player has a problem with the loading mechanism. Probably something has dropped inside it such as a coin or something else. It is really a simple problem. The reason why it would switch back to TV is because it is getting stucked. Get a flash ... Curtis Flat Panel Televisions

My mitsubishi tv 55 inch WS-55517 CRT Projection TV i just got from a friend it was apparently moved a long distance and now only half of the screen shows up when its turned on :/ Im wondering what causes this. it turns on great and i dont have any real issues with anything else on it that i can Tell

... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

My Venturer 42' plasma tv PDV28420C has power but wont turn on. I dont have the remote cause the person i got the tv from lost it.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I purchased a sanyo flat screen t.v in sept 2010 from wal=mart in nov it stopped working. lost all paperwork receipt warranty ect..ect.it wont power on and it was manufactured in july 2010. I dont have moey like that .quite frankly I'm pised both with wally world ad sanyo can anybody help me please

If I were you, armed with the fact that the machine was made in July 2010. It is , by default, within warranty.Contact Sanyo, not a shop or service centre, Sanyo can authorise a repair/replacement of this machine.Most unfortunate and I am ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

My Zenith tv rarely turns on clicks and goes to standby and im not sure what its call but a yellow transformer on the power board make a squealing nose for like 5 seconds after it goes to standby. No Capacitors are swollen and after i used the auto convergence it turned its self off and i haven't been able to get it to turn on since even if i can get a new power board i dont know where to look?

To find a new power supply board all you need to do is search on Ebay or Google etc with your model number. Also try shopjimmy.com ... Zenith Projection Televisions

I accidentally change the xenon videoke to insert coin.. so i cannot make sing thought that is not for rent.. that is for family use.. i really dont know how to back in normal...pls help me...thanks!

... Flat Panel Televisions


... Disney DT1350-C 13" TV

Hi....i have a horizontal faded green line at the bottom of a 42 inch full hd philips lcd ....the line started showing through hdmi cable(tried to replace the cable but in vain)...now the green line is showing even when i use dvd player and all the other scarts...can someone guide me as i really dont have any idea ....tks

Hi, Lines across TV are caused by leaky condensers. Horizontal lines mean the faulty condenser causing the lines is located in the vertical section of the TV's PCB. You will most likely have to get a technician to repair it unless you ar ... Philips Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Sanyo DP50747 (May 2007) it has worked perfectly fine for 4 yrs and then one day while on it shut off and will not power back on. No light - no nothing - as if it is unplugged. Any ideas? I am afraid to call the repair guy because we really can't afford to have them come out and with my back being bad there is no way I can lift this to get it into the vehicle to bring it somewhere.

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like about an hour later.The tv should resetting itself back to the factory setting.Now,the tv should be working again.If tv have the same result,the tv power supply board is the causes and the problems.That the board,w ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a Toshiba TP50G60 Rear-Projection 50" TV. It only stays on for a few seconds and then turns off. I heard this is a common problem for this type of t.v.. Is it a lost cause? If not, what should I do to get this fixed. would really appreciate some help Thanks a lot.

Deesturkey,\012\012Your unit was made in 1997. That is going on 14 years of use. While I like to fix all the TVs I can this one is probably going to keep having problems even if you solve this one. I have a tip at ... Toshiba TP50G60 50" Rear Projection Television

Red power light flashes really dim. It did light the whole thing once then back to the red dim light. I suspect the power supply has a bad capacitor. No visible damage. No schematic or service manual. Do you which cap could be causing this?

Hello memory maker, hi, cannot tell if the capacitor is the cause, but what you can do is measure the secondary AC voltage from the main transformer, there should be a 600V ac reading for normal operation on a 220Volt AC main line. A missing secondar ... Soyo Crystal DYLT032B 32 in. LCD Television

Just bought an LG, 42LD550 LCD TV. The remote sensor doesn't sense the remote control unless 5"-12" straight in front of sensor. We have extra warranty, but any clues before calling?

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My 32 LCD sony bravia tv now already 1 year and has shaking problem after exactly its finish the 1 year warranty... I seldom switch on my sony tv. can say once in 3-4 days.. One day I watched a movie using my sony tv...at first its its goes well but after 1-2 hour the tv starting to shaking... so can you tell me what exactly the shaking problem in my sony tv since I dont want to pay double for the repair.. the price for the repair is just same like the new one!!!... can you please tell me which

If you were to contact Sony they are very helpful and if it is on the brink of warranty, you may have a pleasant surprise.Good luck. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-46S2000 46 in. LCD HDTV

Buttons on bottom dont work u have to really play with it to get power to go on and now the menu sighn wont go awayi have it opened right now but havent touched any thing yet

Maybe the button pad has failed and one of the buttons is shorting, or possibly a power supply fault. When it did work were there any other symptoms? ... Acer AL2671W 26 in. LCD Television

After being an avid Sony owner for year..... I would no longer recommend them any longer...this is not to say all Sony's are bad but my recent experience has really turned me off.....a little over 2 yrs into the ownership of my 52'XBR5 i started having issues with ghost images...after my extended warranty sent out a tech they said it was a bad LCD. they offered me 1900 or a KDL52EX series...the person I spoke with told me to check out Samsung.....I paid a little over 3500 for it.....not to men

... Sony KDL-52XBR5 52 in. LCD HDTV

I have a 1999 Panasonic TV Model# CT32SF35W Serial# MD83450372. When I turn it on the picture doesn't always fully expand vertically, or it will fully expand and there will be blank white lines through the picture, or it will start the shrink and collapse toward the center line of the screen. I've read that this issue may be caused by the vertical IC, or leaking transistors or capacitors. I was wondering if this sounds correct and how costly of a repair this would be. I would really like to salv

... Flat Panel Televisions

Turn power on, power light blinks 3 times and goes back to "standby" mode. tried unplugging for 1 minute to reset, plugged back in and same result. called support line but can not find reciept for purchase date so can not get warranty repair.

Many tvs are having problems with the capaicitors on the power supply. I would remove the back of the set, locate the power supply, and look at the top of the capacitors "barrels", if the top is bulging up slightly, they are bad. Usually 6 of them ... Flat Panel Televisions

I just got a WS 65807 from a family member who didn't want it anymore. By the time we moved it to our home, it doesn't work at all - no lights, no error blinking, nothing. The only thing I can notice is that when I plug it in, I hear a slight "squeak" so I know that electricity is getting into it but I don't know what to do from there. Any thoughts or should I just go ahead and contact a repair guy? ('cause it's a really nice TV if I can get it working)

Yes,if u want put in like $400-500 bucks into the tv unit?This tv is completely dead,like have no major high voltages response to the tv at all.Mean the FBT-Flyback transformer is totally dead,that why tv have no high voltages at all,that why there i ... Mitsubishi WS-65807 65" Rear Projection Television

When i turn the tv on the left side is dark and refresh slow. as it warms it will really slow and i will get vertica lines. after 30 or so minutes it wwill clear up and looks normal. what woould cause this and how do i fix it? thanks

... LG 42LG30 42 in. LCD HDTV

Bought a phillip tv from a pawn shop they said it was a motel tv it work fine but dont seen to get all the cable channel it seen like it still program for a motel,,it might said HBO channel 35 on top but it really chanel 15 nbc

If your TV unit is cable ready no need for tuning to get all the cable program.if the TV is what we call surplus and already repaired with the technician maybe it was re channel so you can't see the exact channel from the cable. if the problem is th ... Flat Panel Televisions

How the heck do i get regular tv? i dont have cable but do have a cable box an rf converter no hdmi cord cable thing my dvd player just broke and I really need a distraction from my 6 and 5 year olds!!! HELP!!!!

In the menu, you need to change your Antenna setting from "Cable" to "Air" and hook up an antenna to it, then auto program the channels. ... Maxent MX-42VM7 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

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