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PC to LG TV. on PC we have DVI out. We have used a DVI to HDMI cable. we have plugged this into HDMI3 input on the side of the TV. we are using a wall mount, and dont want to damage cables by plugging cables into the back.. how do we use PC audio and feed it to the TV? we have RCA cables, but I don't think I can use these here...

Answers :

Can you assign different audio inputs on your TV to go "with" video input HDMI3\015\012
\015\012If so, you can connect the RCA cable into an input on the TV and on the other end you will need to purchase a "dual RCA female to 3.5(1/8") mini adapter" to go into your PC.\015\012
\015\012These can be found at your local radio shack type store or ebay.\015\012
\015\012I hope this helps\015\012

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PC to LG TV. on PC we have DVI out. We have used a DVI to HDMI cable. we have plugged this into HDMI3 input on the side of the TV. we are using a wall mount, and dont want to damage cables by plugging cables into the back.. how do we use PC audio and feed it to the TV? we have RCA cables, but I don't think I can use these here...

Can you assign different audio inputs on your TV to go "with" video input HDMI3\015\012\015\012If so, you can connect the RCA cable into an input on the TV and on the other end you will need to purchase a "dual RCA female to 3.5(1/8") mini adap ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo DP52440 was unplugged then replugged and then a HDMI code popped up on the sceen and said to plug in dvi into HDMI1 and use audio 3 jacks for sound. I get a picture but now am required to plug i

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Dvi audio When I connect the TV to my PC DVI and Audio outputs, the TV audio does not work. I use an HDMI to DVI cable and set the TV HDMI1/DVI to PC DVI.

... Samsung UN40EH5000 40" Class LED HDTV UN40EH5000FXZA

I have a lg 32lc5dc that powered off by itself and now when i unplug it or turn it on with the remote the remote no longer works and i have a snowy screen. It will not power off when i plug it back in it just comes right back on, every once in a while it will stay powered off when i plug it back in and the remote will turn it on but then the remote will not do anything else. i have changed the batteries and used the reset button on the back of the tv i dont know what else to do

Hello,It's the problem of overheating in the power supply board of the TV.on the power supply board of the TV there are few capacitors and IC.any of this ic is got short or may be weak.so due to this when you start the TV the current passes fro ... LG 32LC5DC 32 in. LCD HDTV

Given to us,i want to hook up a dvd player,but it appears to only have svideo,and jack plug ins(the yellow,red,white plugs),no rf plug (for antenna in/out),so,how do i hook up using the jacks? and will it work with a cable that has only 2plugs(white,red)? and...there is a place on back of tv where the rf cable went,is it broken or was this optional ? if so,can it be replaced? thank you and hope you understand what i'm asking,lol...

... Sylvania 6424TFS 24" TV

TV 2 oldies but goodies..............first problem with the Panasonic...it shuts off a couple of minutes after U turn it on, then comes back on by itself. Does this a few times and then continues to play fine. Very anoying. Second problem is audio with the Toshiba. Thru the cable into the turner...snap..crackle..pop. Using the video 1 & 2 inputs, the audio is fine. Im thinking on this one the cable hook up on the tuner broke loose. And finaly the picture has the slightest tilt from left to righ

The slugs have nothing to do with tilt; unless a tilt setting in main menu bonded yoke has no adjustments for this issue. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have been trying to add external RCA speakers ( 5 speakers with 1 amplifiler) to my LG PK950 directly through RCA audio put with red and white cable, but so far I couldn't get any sound coming out of my speakers. I have tried all the audio inputs on the back, mute my TV and plug it in and out back and forth and yet still no sound. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

The RCA audio plugs on the back of your TV are for input only, the only way to get sound out of the TV is to use the Optical Digital Audio Out plug in the back of your TV. ... LG Infinia Series Plasma HDTV 50PK950

I have purchased a 50inch plasma tv which does not have a headphone socket. I wish to use headphones with this tv - can I use the composite audio red and white jacks on the back to plug into a headphone female socket? Is the audio red and white out socket live all the time or do I need to go through remote?

Hello smiths47 34:What you will need is a Stereo RCA to stereo 1/8" cable that will connect you to your TV. You can get it at any radio shack or electronics parts store.You might also like this which is a wireless headphone setup for your ... LG 37LC2D Television

Hi, I have a Sanyo tv. Turned it on this morning and have no sound! I have sky and a PS3 but cannot get sound from iether! I can get sound from the PS3 using my headphones! I've tried as many different things as I can find online to fix the problem but cannot get the sound back... I've turned everything on then unplugged the sky box for 5 minutes and plugged it back in-nothing I've tried resetting all audio options-nothing I cannot rest the tv as a unit as I am using an universal remote . Can a

Have you checked its speakers? If not, check them. If they are found OK, then there should be some fault to its audio output circuit. Check and replace damaged component/s, or, change it a card bassis. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 27N-S100 TV. It was given to me with no remote. The Cable plug thing in the back is completely broken off, but I was told the TV could work perfectly by using the 3 colored cables (I believe they are called A/V cables: yellow, red and white?) and going through a VCR. I have tried endlessly to hook these cables up with my VCR and I am getting nowhere. Not having the remote, I downloaded the owners manual and read through it and it showed how to access the menu through the two channel bu

What you're trying to do shouldn't work unless the VCR has a digital tuner in it or your cable company still hasn't converted over to digital as of yet. You will need to get a digital cable box from your cable company.Connect the av cabl ... Sharp 27N-S100 27" TV

How do i plug an audio output into this TV with an audio device that uses an 1/8th inch input output jack?? i have coaxial cables and all kinds of other adaption things i just want audio to come out of something besides the tv speakers

You need an adapter to go down to the 1/8th inch. ... Sylvania LC-321SS9 32 in. LCD TV

I bought a 2nd generation Apple TV. I bought a DVI to HDMI cable and connected to my Sharp Aquos LC-30HV6U using the cable on input 3 but I do not get any video or audio

... Sharp Aquos LC-30HV6U 30 in. HDTV-Ready Plasma Television

Want to connect my thinkpad to the Olevia 532-B12 CD TV. Cables I have found show 15pin conenctors for the video and signle RCA plugs for audio. The back of the TV indicates it needs an audio splitter for left and right - is this correct?

What connections to you have on your computer? because it is best to match connections with tv to computer. s video? hdmi? they sell av or color stream cables with a splitter to connect to computer color stream is just for picture av (RCA input) is f ... Olevia Flat Panel Televisions

I dont have cable.i was using this tv just to play dvds and i accidentally hit channel search. now i get a blue screen that says" plerase connect cable system or an antenna to the terminal on the back then press menu". i dfont want to channel search i just want to go back to watching dvds and it wont let me.....help?

Hi:\012Using remote locate a button called tv/video or Input, turn on the DVD player and hit this button until you see your DVD player Logo. Most dvd players use either video 1 or 2, or componet or HDMI outputs. Seems you have changed the TV' ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a shart lc70le640 tv i loses my video feed from my cable box after i turn off my box when i turn my box back thge tv will have audio but will display the what type of tv that i have( HD or STANDERD which is wjat it will do when you set up the tv

Are you by some chance turning the set off (plugged into box for power) by turning the box off? ... Flat Panel Televisions

My LG 42LC7D HDTV occasionally will not power up (remote or manually). I unplu it for a day or so then when its plugged back in, it turns on as if there wasnt a problem at all. No other games, dvd, or blue ray players are connected and i used cable from a dvr box.

Caps leaking on power supply ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

I was watching a movie on my vizio tv using my computer plugged into it with an HDMI cable. I was on a different input (HDMI 2) and accidently pressed parental control then I powered the tv off. Now the tv will not turn back on and the logo is no longer lit up.

Its in the owner manual or call customer service. ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I bought a Phillips DVD and am trying to connect it to the tx32lxd70. I have sound and no picture. The DVD has no HDMI so I am using component video jacks and audio cables. Everything is plugged in properly.....

Hi,Component video will work if you turn On Progressive Scan function in dvd player. Usually P-Scan function can be turn On through Menu or some dvd players has push button on front panel.If your dvd player does not have push button for P ... Panasonic TX-32LXD70 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I have connected my VHD box to my LG RZ-32Lz55 TV using an HDMI cable in the DVI socket in the TV When I change the settings on my VHD box to "Hidef HDMI" and then 720 wide the picture disappers for 30 seconds then then the settings revert back to "widescreen" when the picture returns Does this mean I am not getting HD tv ...and can you help

The tv is capable of displaying 720p and 1080i HD pictures. But that box was designed to accept for use only HDCP capable connectors - the DVI from your tv isn't one so the image is automatically downgraded to SD wide.\012\012\012To get an HD ... LG RZ32LZ55 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

My Sony Wega KDP-51WS550 Turn it on, has audio but no picture then turns itself off shortly after. The timer/standby light blinks 5 times. This happened a while back and we just unplugged it and didn't use it for a while. Before we moved we plugged it in and turned it on again and it worked, now it's doing the turn off thing again. Any ideas as to the problem?

... Sony Grand WEGA KDP-51WS550 51" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a hitachi 51f500 and I plugged my computer directly to the tv using the dvi port on the back of the tv. But I don't know how to get my computer to display the screen onto the tv, all i can do is watch tv and all video inputs, when selected, only display a black screen

I cannot tell you without knowing your type of pc and make and model including OS, however as a pointer,Laptops there is normally a Function (F) key with 2 monitors on it , that when used in conjunction with the FN key (bottem left), will ... Flat Panel Televisions

When ever i plug in my video and audio cable the red white and yellow ones, into the back of my Toshiba 26CV100U TV i don't get the picture i only get the sound what should i do ?

The Red, White and Yellow (AV) cable is for composite video and stereo audio. The yellow cable is the video part of this, the red and white are the audio --\012\0123 possible solutions for you:\012\0121. Make sure you match up the c ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

When I plug in my DVD using the Red, White, Yellow cables the picture is fuzzy. The female sockets on the back of the TV are loose. How can I tighten them

You can usually use some pliers to squeeze the outside of the RCA connector (when it is disconnected from your TV) to give it a tighter fit BUT, few things to keep in mind,\012\012\012All cables are not equal, a high ... Zenith Z35H86R/M TV

This set does not have coaxil plug at on the back of this set. I want to hook up my coaxil cable to this set and change channels using my TV remote. Am I missing a set up procedure to have my channels work on this set?

This set has a tuner so a careful scan of the rear is required as ther is a coax socket, somewhere!\012\012<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript" \012SRC="http://ad.uk.doubleclick.net/adj/geo_cnet;sz=728x90;adch=CNET: ... Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I am having problems setting up my dvd/vcr to my tv. I am useing prntout that came with my dvd/vcr combo, however I cannot get a picture on my tv. I realy don,t know what system to plug the audio/video cables in the back of mt tv.I have tryed them all.Your imput would br greatly appreceted. thank you.

Hello -\015\012\015\012Please can you let me know the following details:\015\012\015\0121. Model number of the DVD/VCR player \015\0122. Model number of the TV\015\0123. Type of cable used to c ... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

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