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My LG Golden Eye Model No CT29K35VE 72Cm TV fell when my son pulled the door cabinet open. The cover near the speakers cracked. The picture is fine but I have no sound. I opened the back. I did not see any loose wires. A friend of mine has a meter reading gizmo and a soldering iron. What do I need to look for? Unfortunately I have lost the TV Manual. Any help would be appreciated. William Thompson

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My LG Golden Eye Model No CT29K35VE 72Cm TV fell when my son pulled the door cabinet open. The cover near the speakers cracked. The picture is fine but I have no sound. I opened the back. I did not see any loose wires. A friend of mine has a meter reading gizmo and a soldering iron. What do I need to look for? Unfortunately I have lost the TV Manual. Any help would be appreciated. William Thompson

... LG Combination Televisions

My Golden Eye LG TV Model No: CT29K35VE has perfect picture but no sound. It fell off the stand and the cover near the speaker is broken. I opened the back but saw no loose wires. A friend has a meter reading gizmo and a soldering iron. I lost the manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cherisse Thompson

Have the speaker and wires tested, follow the wires back and see if where they plug into the circuit board the plug came out or the board itself got cracked, a visual inspection should be able to find a crack etc. ... LG Combination Televisions

Tv won't read the cable when hooked to the cable wire without cable box

... Vizio VW26L 26 in. LCD TV

Volt meter Hi there I am using a Sperry dm-210a volt meter. I want to test to see if i have power coming from a wire to an ice maker. I have no clue how to use this thing just to test for power to see if the problem lies with the ice maker or power coming to it. Any hep would be appreciated james

If you've never used a volmeter,Google it.There is a lot of info for free. ... Projection Televisions

Recently I moved my tv by truck to another home and it was very cold out( winter in massachusetts) the tv had some condensation then plugged it in and it was working fine for 4 hours or so...while changing channels I beleive a friend of mine hit the off button and now the tv tries to go on as the orang timer light blinks and it starts to go on but then shuts right down just about when the picture is about to come on...also friend did have it near a baseboeard heater vent and now I have it moved

I have no sound ... Samsung PCL5415R TV

For a yamaha clp 860 keyboard can you tell me how the pedals are wired (order of colors)? Mine came apart when I was trying to repair one of the connections and now I don't know how make the connections. there are 5 wires and i need to know what contacts they go to.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Buzzing noise I have a ViewSonic N3020W 30". I have always had a buzzing noise from the factory speakers. I am not apprehensive with taking anything apart to check. Sounds like a possible wire or wires are to close or touching. Has anyone had this problem or can help me resolve mine?

... ViewSonic N3020W 30 in. HDTV-Ready LCD Television

I need to reconnect the power cord back on my RCA tv. I have the black wire soldered back on to the tv, but I don't know where the white wire goes. Thanks!

The white will go to the main On/Off switch. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I purchase this TV from Currys in London through a friend of mine! Once I open inside the TV it look older Model but not UE55D8000YUXXU. I can send you photographs taken! Please let me know how I can

Just search for user manual, service manual of this product from open, free websites and then compare. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo 24 in flat screen model DS24425 Screen slowly goes fussy and slowly goes black , a slight tap on the rear left side brings the picture back to good screen,for a few minutes or a couple of hours no set pattern of time. When one turns the set on again some times come on clear other times very dul or black, slight tap and good screen. Sounds /act like a bad solder connection but which one do you have a wiring diagram or know where to get one? Thank you

Hello\015\012Your flat panel TVs picture tube base board has soldering loose contact with it. Just unplug your TV from AC mains socket, and open it. Pull out the picture tube base card from the picture tube neck. Pull it out straight, no sha ... Toshiba 55ZV650U 55 in. LCD HDTV

Mitsubishi WS55711 TV. 'm OK with a a soldering iron and have done similar repairs in the past but I'm far from an expert. I had a convergence problem and have installed a new convergence chip and replaced two bad resistors. First time I reconnected the set came on but the convergence screens didn't show the grids. I discovered I missed connecting a wire and tried again. Got the grid but had two problems: 1) I could align all but the top and bottom right corners which remained prett

Since you said replaced a chip, I presume it was the one STK-393-110 which is used in some models--most of their sets use two chips------I know these sets very well.I have a offer for you---if you have Yahoo IM we can chat there and ... Projection Televisions

Mine stays in standby mode. When I press the power button it goes green for a half second and goes back with a loud clck from the Speakers. Please tell me its just soldering work.

Hi Brian,\015\012\015\012Bad solder joints will affect the performance of the power supply and may cause a subsequent shutdown but that's is only one of the factors. I've suspected that you have a leaky capacitor in that section or a faul ... Pioneer PRO-200 60" Rear Projection Television

This unit is practically brand new, has no dust nor dings nor damage on the unit anywhere, not even a scratch, but I haven't been able to get the unit to power on. Power cord is connected. The switch on the unit sounds like the others when pressed and everything looks and smells good inside and out! There are no cracks on the circuit boards, no broken wiring no broken or missing or out of place connectors. The fuse is also intact and appears good, but I haven't used a meter yet to check for

Hi jesseley,\015\012\015\012Do it has a led light when you plug the unit to the outlet, make sure that the outlet is live, what happen when you pressed the power on switch in the front panel?\015\012\015\012Jdvillanueva ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a mitsubishi projection tv model wt-46805. It started not responding to the remote control, and over a period of about a week, it got worse. You could only turn it off and on with the power button. Eventually, the volume went to max, and then the tv turned off. I can tell I have power to the tv, because when you press the reset button, the green light flashes. A friend of mine tells me that I will need a tuner unit. Are you able to tell me exactly which part I need and if you have i

... Mitsubishi WT-46805 46" Rear Projection Television

Static in both speakers. Checked , all wiring looks good, no breaks in solder joints and the speakers are in great shape

... Sanyo DP32647 32 in. LCD TV

Dim screen. I just received this television from a friend of mine. He was going to junk it, so I gave him $25 instead. Ok so the screen works but it is very dim. I have googled the problem and have come up with three distinct possibilities. They are the bulb, the ballast, and or the color wheel. Ok, so when I turn on the television the lamp light flashes green about five times as the t.v. turns on. Not sure how much more information I can give as it is just the screen is very dim. I would

Hit the menu button and go to setting and look for brightness. might fix the problem ... Samsung HL-S5086W 50" HDTV

Just set this new tv up. It has a great picture but no volumne. When going to audio to try and program it's not highlighted so cannot get into it. Give a pop up that reads "wired headset connected" we do not have any headset connected. How can we get volume to work.

Hi,\015\012\015\012You may follow the steps below.\015\012\015\012First check the speaker set-up on the menu.\015\012\015\012> Go to menu(Audio setup)\015\012\015\012> Scroll down to the Tv speaker\015\012\015\012> Selec ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

I have a Sanyo DP50747.. a friend of mine, who repairs electronics has looked at it and said that the power supply needs to be replaced. I was wondering if there's any way to repair a power supply? OR if there's any way I could use a power suppy from a different Sanyo model?

Check the fuse as described at the following web page:\015\012http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Repairing-Sa ... Flat Panel Televisions

I use RG59U cable for wiring and the distance is about 20 meter . but the picture on display has horizontal lines that moves up. what's the problem? with regards

You have mains borne interference caused by either the cable too close to a mains cable and it is picking up the magnetic field and because it is wire it converts to an AC voltage and becomes interference or you have an earth loop due to earthing bot ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony KV-35S26 manufactured Aug '97. The picture comes ON only occasionally. When it fails to come ON, the standby light blinks continuously. Sometimes, the picture comes ON initially then goes out after several minutes. The picture looks fine when its working. Audio works fine. I removed the back cover and inspected the soldering, wires and connectors but found nothing obvious wrong. Just before the picture goes out, the image being displayed collapses vertically then I see a ser

After 4 or 5 yrs EHT ( transformer that supplies voltage to CRT TUBE - TV TUBE ) becomes weak - then few TVs ( not all TVs ) behaves exactly as you have described.............. .......so solution is EHT ( also called as ... Sony KV-35S26 35" TV

TH42PZ85U Panasonic that will turn on for a couple of seconds, not even long enough for picture, then it shuts off. Red power light blinks 2 times with about 3 seconds in between the 2 blinks. I am reading LOTS of problems like mine.

1. Reseating the connector P25 may solve the problem. If it does not.2.Right before the unit shuts down, check the VSUS voltage at connector P2 of the power supply. If VSUS voltage measures zero volt, disconnect the connector P2 and SS11. Check ... Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

My 36' Philips Magnavox Smart Plus Series television always shows up so dim whenever I change it to the "AUX" ch when playing PS3. It will be normal for a second on that ch, but I notice it will get dim after a few seconds. I've tried messing with the brightness and all that stuff, nothing seemed to work. It's driving me crazy because whenever I watch a DVD it just shows up way too dark and dull. I got the TV as a hand me down from a friend of mine, and he's had it for awhile. When watching

... Flat Panel Televisions

My apex 3230 tv wont turn on, i stored it a few monthsago when i got a new one,and it was running fine, i was giving it to a friend so before i did, i made sure it worked (just for some reason) and it didnt turn on. i read onlinea little about it and it seems that its usually a fuse, where is the "power" fuse? or is it just a general fuse that runs more than the power? and how much would this fuse cost, where would i get it? (radio shack?) and is it easy to fix if i did it myself ? thanks a bun

... Apex Digital PF3230 32" TV

It seems as if there is no power to the unit even though it is plugged in. I disconnected cord from unit and checked with a meter and read 120 volts so the plug is good. Still no power after replugging into unit.

Take the cover off the TV and remove the power board. It is not too hard to do.\015\012\015\012Then initial it with a marker and contact us to have it shipped for repair.\015\012\015\012if we can't fix it within two business d ... Sharp LC-37D43U Television

Failed Repair Job. A friend of mine called a loocal repair shop to fix their LG50PC3D 9 x 10V 3300uf 105c Capacitors on the Power Board were swollen 1 x 50v 680uf 105c Capacitor on the Power board was swollen. He replaced them with the following. 8 x 16v 3300uf 105c 1 x 25v 3300uf 105c 1 x 50v 1000uf 105c The replacement of the capacitors didn't help and he simply left the tv unrepaired. My question is, can you get away replaced the 10v 3300uf with 25v 3300uf? and the 50v 680uf with a 50v 10

Replacing the 10V caps with 25V caps is perfectly fine. In fact, if it was manufactured like that, those caps may not have blown.Replacing a 680uF with a 1000uF could be problematic depending on it's function.680uF is pretty specific when ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

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