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Got a LG 50PQ30 plasma tv....acquired two red lines with one blue one in the middle going from top to bottom on right hand side of tv. Transparent on certain colors when tv is on. It is only a year ol

\015 Please help before i go back to sears and throw it at them :\015

Answers :

Set should have come with at least a one year warranty and if you yell loud enough they may take care of it (or LG) and give you a concession even if set just beyond warranty.

The squeeking hinge gets the oil--people who persist (LG!) will get it fixed or exchanged---ones who sit back and do nothing get nothing.

Short of that, the set will likely require at least one board replaced and if main board--expensive part and also some real labor............

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Got a LG 50PQ30 plasma tv....acquired two red lines with one blue one in the middle going from top to bottom on right hand side of tv. Transparent on certain colors when tv is on. It is only a year ol

Set should have come with at least a one year warranty and if you yell loud enough they may take care of it (or LG) and give you a concession even if set just beyond warranty.The squeeking hinge gets the oil--people who persist (LG!) will get ... LG 50PQ30 50 in. Plasma HDTV

My LG 47LG50 have one green and one red line running from top to bottom of the screen on both the right hand and left hand side of the picture

... LG 47LG50 47 in. LCD HDTV

There is one pencil thin verticle line from top to bottom of my 46 inch tv. It is 3 inches in from the right hand side of screen (mitsubishi LT 4169)

Hi,All plasma and LCD ts have boards that control vertical and horizontal output to their respective areas. They are connected to the screen by ribbon cables. If one of these boards fails all together, has a failed chip, a bad connection ... Flat Panel Televisions

Blue pixel ring around outermost bottom of tv screen, got tv from neighbor , neighbor says bulb blew once and was replaced in back right hand side of tv, took tv apart to clean and projector is one ro

Check the lens that the image is projected through! ... Flat Panel Televisions

Large verticle stripe on the left hand side of a 40 inch Samsung LCD TV. One can still see the picture & hear the sound on the rest of the tv. Stripe changes color periodically-goes from a solid to a stripe also. What has caused this & what will fix the problem? The tv is 2 years old

You need to find the broken contacts on the offending matrix controllr and resolder it. Not for the faint of heart if your soldering skill ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have Sony's 43 inch Projection TV, its model no is KP-ES43 ME1. Problem with it is that it has lost Blue color from its pictures. Anything that is of Blue color turns into different shades of Green color. But one important thing which i would like to share is that when we turns on PIP (Pictue-in-Picture) mode, images on the right side of the TV screen looks absolutely fine but Pictures on the Left side of the screen still have the same problem. I want to know what is the real problem and its

... Sony Projection Televisions

Samsung TSL2793HF - Slight Right Side Pincushion and Horz Line Bottom to Top Until the TV Warms up

Yes, this is rare but I have seen it before--not fixable if it is what I think it is----It is what is called a Dome effect---the shadow mask in the picture tube is actually contracting and or expanding depending on temperature---Directly behi ... Combination Televisions

Samsung SyncMaster 305T One-half of the screen (the right-hand side) gets dark. It turns black and I can barely read the text in a document. This problem is NOT consistant. In other words, some of the time the right-side lights-up and looks normal. I have read some of the other expert answers and it seems the flourescent back-light bulb is the problem. My questions: 1) Where can I find the part number for this bulb and who sells them? 2) Is there another part in the circuit that may be the

This problem is, as you suspected, almost certainly a problem with your monitor's backlight.\015\012\015\012However, there are a number of possible causes for a backlight problem besides a bad fluorescent bulb. The bulb must receive a goo ... Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30 in. LCD Television

Color distortion and color jumping in from right hand side of screen

... Sanyo 46" Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV, DP46841, Refurbished

My LG 47LG50 hdtv has indvidual colored vertical lines on the right hand side that fade after 15-20 minutes of use. What ar e they and can it be fixed?

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Appearing on one channel in the bottom right hand corner is a correction symbol in red (a tick mark) directly underneath that are two semi circles (resembling an ear). I cannot get rid of this and it only appears on one channel. Not sure how this suddenly appeared I must have accidentially hit something on the remote but nothing I have done removes it, including resetting the factory settings in the installation menu.

CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start taking things apart, lets try your simple remove power plug routine and power system back up. Also, please try your unit on ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

I have a 32 inch element ELCFW327 lcd 720p tv and on ther right hand side of the screen about 4 inches in i have two small vertical lines going all the way down the screen from top to bottom a hair apart and now some have appeared on the other side about 8 inches in. What can i do to fix it?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I just replaced the color wheel on my samsung hln5065w. Picture is great but there is a shadow on the right side of screen from top to bottom. The shadow on the top of the screen is wider across the screen as it reduces in width towards the bottom. Is there a way to adjust that?

Its a Good Possibilty that its the New Color Wheel causing this,if the colors are not complete on the color wheel then that will be why you are seeing shadow on right hand side of screen.\012I know I ordered color wheel for mine and had to send ... Samsung HLN5065W 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Tn61x81 My screen has a horizontal black arcing line across the top and bottom of he screen. The bottom is worse. It almost covers 1/2 the screen. I changed the convergence chips with no luck. I can tap on the side of the set and it works for about an hour, then it comes right back. Also, I have tried to get a service manual for this tv and cannot find one, any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

I changed my two IC chips and three resistances on my Hitachi TV to fix color alignments. Now the problems is that yellow and blue double image are seen at the bottom of my screen with no much effect on the rest of screen. Manual convergence show a white horizontal and vertical lines with focal right horizontal end with red line no aligned, but if I fix this side, the left side is disaligned. So, I am lost. What can I do?, what is wrong?

Ur tv still have dead resistors parts,test all 12 resistors parts around the 2 STK convergence ICS and changes some more dead resistors parts or changes all 12 resistors parts for sure.If tv still have the same problems after tested and replaces more ... Hitachi 43FDX01B TV

I have a black 6in wide bar on left side of the screen and a 2in bar on the right side that run from top to bottom. Only on certain channels and comercials.

Its not the set if only on certain channels, it cannot be. Got a box or something connected for signal?It also should not do it if a DVD etc connected to a rear input is used. ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Hi! I have an inFocus 61 inch DLP projection HDTV. It has worked great for 4 years, though it hasn't been used much. About 18 months ago I moved, not sure if that resulted in any damage as we were very careful moving the beast! With stand it's over 200 pounds. Anyway, I'm not certain when the problem surfaced but over a year ago I noticed a shaded area on the screen. The area starts at the top of the screen, dead center and extends in a straight line to the left hand side of

It is possible that the movement may have affected the TV, a part may be going bad and the movement may have agitated it.Check first for any magnets around the area, speakers for example has magnets. See if moving them would help. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have colored lines from the top to bottom on the right side of the screen. What is the problem?....thanks

Hi color lines might be caused by your T-con board. you can get parts for this TV at www.interliquidparts.com ... Toshiba REGZA 52RV530U LCD TV

Hi, I purchased a Sony Bravia model #KDL-52S4100 two years ago. About 7 months ago when the TV was turned on there was no picture for 15 minutes or so, then when you turn it off and on again half a picture will show with larger images on the right hand side of the screen. Other times there is half a picture and then when you turn it off it will come on with a full screen picture. Once it warms up the picture is fine. Is there any inexpensive solutions here? Thanks for any help you can provide.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have colored lines from top to bottom on the right side of the screen. Can you tell me the problem?....Thanks

Hi the lines could be your screen. It can also be your t-con board. the T-con is the part that connects your signal board to the lcd scrren. it is located on the back of the screen attached to the screen. If you open up the TV it is located on ... Toshiba REGZA 52RV530U LCD TV

I have a casio hand held color television (tv-970) that was soted for about a year in the trunk of me car, with the batteries in it. When I opened the battery compartment, one of the batteries had

... Casio (41644) 2.3 in. Handheld Television


I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Sansui 19 in. LCD TV

I have a SANYO DP46848, 46 inch flat screen hdtv purchased about 2 - 3 years ago. The screen goes dark on the left side (top .25% is ok). It sometimes fixes itself after an hour or so. Sometimes you can fix it by placing your hand on the dark spot for 10-15 seconds. There is a thin horizontal line about 1/4th of the way down from the top with the top of line ok when the bottom of line area goes dark. LCD Controller? or Main Board? or Power Supply or the Panel itself? I have a picture if that

Ray I have just about the same issue . But my only problem is the thin black lines. Do you think cleaning the flex cables coming off the Tcon will help at all? This is the same model DP46848 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I bought my Samsung LN40B530 nearly two years ago from Best Buy. Last night while watching cartoons, a vertical white strip about 4 inches wide appeared on the right side of the screen. This morning, the whole screen is white, and that strip is in color, but discolored. The sound works, the menu buttons work, we just can't see anything on the screen. Is there anything we can do?

It cam be the LCD panel, T-CON board, or main board. Very difficult to narrow down to exact baord without manual and proper tools. I would first find out if the switched 12vdc feeding theT-CON board is OK, also try reseating the ribbon cables on the ... Samsung LN40B530 40 in. LCD HDTV

My tv wont turn on when i press the button, the red light at bottom right hand side of screen just flashes?

The capacitors in the power supply are bad. Take the back off, look at the capacitors, "barrels", if the top is bulging up, they are bad. Caps are around $2 each at radio shack x 6? ... Samsung LE32R73BD 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

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