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My lg plasma tv has sudenly when i put it on crackles and sound goes i switch it off and leave it for a few minutes and the sound comes back on

\015 Tv is 4 years old picture is perfect and only this week the sound went crackly to start then went completely i switches it off and leaves it for a few minutes and puts it back on it comes on then the sound\015

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Rice Crispies? We hope not. You may also want to check your connections for security. Switch out your audio cable (s) to rule that out. If that does not correct the issue and your settings are standard, you may need service. ^CL

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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My lg plasma tv has sudenly when i put it on crackles and sound goes i switch it off and leave it for a few minutes and the sound comes back on

Rice Crispies? We hope not. You may also want to check your connections for security. Switch out your audio cable (s) to rule that out. If that does not correct the issue and your settings are standard, you may need service. ^CLHere is the li ... LG 42PX5D 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a 7 year old samsung plasma t v model hp-p4271. Recently after the tv is running for one to two hours, all of a sudden the screen goes black and no sound Some time it comes back after a few minutes but after 10 to 15 minutes it goes black again with no sound.After going on and off few times it does not come back and I have to switch off. Any suggestion?

Have someone take a look inside at the power board and look to see if any of the filter capacitors look puffed up as this is common in this set. ... Samsung HP-P4271 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have the sanyo model DP46819 and the pic goes out and goes black so often but there is still sound with out picture. If i turn tv off and back on the pic comes back on for about 10 minutes then goes black again.

Your backlight controller is faulty and requires repair. It may be due to bad capacitors or faulty inverter transformers. ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

Audio problem sometimes the sound goes out. if i start to put ear phones in the jack, sound comes back. first time it happened, a few weeks ago, sound came back and it was ok for a while. today, had to put the speaker partially in, gently wiggle, let it hang there, would work a few minutes, then i had to gently wiggle again. When the show i was watching was over, I turned it off.

What you likely have is the socket the jack goes into is damaged--it is supposed to cut the speakers off when the jack is inserted.The socket can be replaced: a small round nut secures it (around the entrance) and it only has 3 wires in most ... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

My rca r52wm24 Tv turns on but after about 20 minutes the screen goes black but I still have sound. Sometimes the picture will come back up and work fine after 10-30 minutes but it will go to black screen again. Then sometimes the picture will be fine for around 20 min utes agin flash to black then flash right back to normal. rnWhennthe screen does go to black it slowley fades out takes about 10 seconds to go black

Hi mcpheeters16,\015\012\015\012First to isolate the loose connection from fault, check the cable connectors from the lamp and the ballast board. Pull-out the cables and then re-insert. Also check the ballast board from bad solder joints (crack ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

My sony big screne started shutting itself off and wouldnt come back on for several hours. Then it would power up and standby flash 7 times and after a few mins the picture would be gone but the sound stayed on then a few minutes later it completely goes off. When I push power on it blinks 11 times and does not come back on for sdeveral hours. What could be wrong?

On your tv you have cooling fans on the back side you will need to check to make sure that they are running. Lay your tv on the bed take off back cover (it's not hard) and used some air-in-the- can to remove dust from the back! If you need a fa ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hi. I have a problem with my 42 inch plasma tv,when tv is turned on green L.E.D appears on bottom right and tv works as normal.After 40 minutes to an hour tv makes click sound and screen goes blank the green L.E.D changes to red on the bottom right there is still power going to the tv hence the red L.E.D.Then when i plug it out and plug it back in red L.E.D appears but screen remains off it stays like this for 3 to 4 hours before tv comes back on and the same is repeated again after 40 minute

Hello,\012\012A common problem for these is bad capacitors in the power supply, Remove the back from your Tv and look at the power supply on the left hand side.\012\012You will see roughly around 9 x capacitors that are bulged / domed shaped on ... Projection Televisions

I have a Sony bravia 42 inch projection tv kdf 46e300. It come on for a few minutes then the picture goes out then the sound and about 3 minutes later it all comes back on. What's wrong with my tv ?

... Sony Projection Televisions

My screen goes blue after about 30 minutes but sound is good. unplug tv, wait 10 seconds and it comes back on normal. 30 minutes later same thing.

... Westinghouse TX-47F430S 47 in. LCD TV

Hi I have a Beko 20" LCD Tv model number 20LB450 serial number M8Q0000000 SN 60900606 and at times when you switch it on the picture goes black but you have full sound after leaving it for a while the full picture and sound can come back on as normal. Have you any suggestions?

... Beko Standard (CRT) Televisions

Will a bad lamp make the sound and picture go out on a Sony KDF-E60A20? Mine goes out every few minutes, but picture comes back before the sound. The green light stays on and does not blink, fan also stays on.

... Sony KDF-E60A20 60 in. LCD HDTV

I have a ten year old 37" Sony XBR TV that works fine until you turn it off and then go to turn it back on. The picture does not come back, but sound does. The only way to solve this is leave it off for 30-45 minutes, although this time period seems to be getting longer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Most likely it needs repiars, (replacement of capacitors in the power-supply.)primary and secondary side.\012Or loose conections (dry joints) ... Sony KV-27V22 TV

Sanyo 24 in flat screen model DS24425 Screen slowly goes fussy and slowly goes black , a slight tap on the rear left side brings the picture back to good screen,for a few minutes or a couple of hours no set pattern of time. When one turns the set on again some times come on clear other times very dul or black, slight tap and good screen. Sounds /act like a bad solder connection but which one do you have a wiring diagram or know where to get one? Thank you

Hello\015\012Your flat panel TVs picture tube base board has soldering loose contact with it. Just unplug your TV from AC mains socket, and open it. Pull out the picture tube base card from the picture tube neck. Pull it out straight, no sha ... Toshiba 55ZV650U 55 in. LCD HDTV

Lg 420wug cut tv on picture comes on then after about 20 minutres it goes out.cut tv back on stays on 5 mines goes out but still have sound

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

The picture will come on when you first turn it on but after 15 minutes or so it fades away. The sound still comes out but no picture. Sometimes it will come back on on its own after a while and then go out again. If you turn it back off for 15 minutes or so it usually comes back on. We already bought a new tv and that one works fine so its not the cable box but I would like to put the old tv in my room.

... Sharp 32L-S400 32" TV

My Panasonic 61 inch projection tv will not stay on. I replaced the lamp, but that didn't resolve the problem. It will come on then picture and sound goes out. The green light stays on until I turn tv off. I wait for the red light to stop blinking, then turn it back on. It may stay on few minutes or few hours...HELP

... Panasonic PT-61LCX65 61" Rear Projection HDTV

While watching my LNs4051Dx TV the screen goes black but sound is still on. I power off and on the cable box and TV and picture comes back but only for 30 minutes or so. Three years ago I repaired the capacitors on this TV with great success. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

Replace CM807 and CM808 1000uf 25V in the power supply section. ... Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

I have a Sanyo DP46849. The screen goes black and then the sound and picture comes back on after one or two seconds. This happens every three to four minutes. What is failing?

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Sanyo 42 in. LCD TV

I have a SONIQ QSP500T Plasma TV. When I turn it on you hear it click off again even though the blue light says. When it does not click a second time it comes on with sound only. If I leave it like this for 10 minutes. I can turn it off and back on and get picture aswell. Would this be something that can be fixed by software?

Hi tinsley_shan,\012\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. This can't be fix by software/programming because it is a hardware malfunction. The very\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

Polaroid 40 inch television. i need a powerboard for it. the set comes on for a few minutes then the color blends and goes out but the sound is still working. if you leave it on like that it starts to screech real loud.

You didn't say what model you had, but I believe this to be a fairly generic issue anyway that's affecting a wide variety of manufacturers at this time.There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power sec ... Flat Panel Televisions


... Flat Panel Televisions

I've hooked up my xbox 360 to my sanyo tv..model:dp46849 and it will hesitate make a white noise sound then the picture goes off and it'll come back on and it'll do this a bunch of times one right after another .... like within a minute

Hi fierro_steph,\015\012\015\012If this symptom only happened when your xbox 360 was hooked up, make sure that the cable connectors are attached correctly, check or replaced the cable as necessary, it may have a internal shorts due to frequent ... Flat Panel Televisions

After watching for about 2-3 hours, the picture and sound will go off. The power light stays on. After a few minutes ,it comes back on. If I hold the power button on the remote when it goes off, it

... Philips 37MF321D 37 in. LCD Television

The sound on my Celcus TV keeps cutting out. When I turn the Tv back on the the sound will come back then cuts out again and this just goes on until I get fed up what is the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a RCA 55 inch projection hdtv and it wont come on!!! when i push the on button the lite comes on but no picture and no sound and then it goes back off... its then tries to power back on by itself and goes back off... It tries three times and then stops... what seems to be the problem?

... RCA D52W19 52" Rear Projection Television

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