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When i turn the TV on it looks like the screen comes on. but there is no picture and menu butto and others do not work. Any ideas

\015 It loomes on but looks like the screen come on. but does not show any channels. It is hooked to cable and good power source.\015

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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When i turn the TV on it looks like the screen comes on. but there is no picture and menu butto and others do not work. Any ideas

... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, I have a 60VS810 60inch LCD projection and the blue power light flashes but no picture comes on...i just got it for free so i dont know how it worked before..yesterday i did get a blury pic on the screen that kept moving so i couldnt read the menu bar but u can slightly see the menu options..only the blue power light flashes nothing else..what could this be..the lamp looks good and the bulb is fine..what else is there so i dont have to pay hundreds to fix it

Flashes of blue light are fault indications. From the number of flashes occurs at one time switch on, you can get an idea about the faulty section circuit board inside. If you wish to get details about these blinks, ... Hitachi 60VS810 60" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Sharp tv has vertical lines back light works fine, picture no just lines. Looked at everything can't see any caps bulging etc. I think it's the t con board or a cable. I heated with hair dryer and got picture momentarily tried to appear. Any ideas?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi i have a Mitsubishi TV the problem is that my inputs don't work and when i plug my cable cord into antenna a or b the picture look like a lava lamp. sound is great, the menu option screen i

... Mitsubishi WT-46809 46" Rear Projection Television

Rolling screen It looks like the picture is rolling the menu does the same. Sometimes when it warms up it works fine.

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more\012details. Click this link. View it in \012"Timeslide" or "Flipcard" option, which can be ... Zenith Z32LZ5R 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I have an lg 50pc55 plasma tv. it was working fine, now it has vertical pink lines up and down. it has sound but no picture at all apart from the pink lines. i have looked inside but have no idea...can some one advise me?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sony trinitron chassis da4 tv that the standby light blinks tv makes a buzzing noise when you press power no sound or picture comes on . Tv worked fine last night ... please help or give me an idea of how much i am looking at to fix

... Sony FD Trinitron KD-34XBR960 34" TV

TruMotion problem. I bought a 42" LG 120hz lcd tv just for the trumotion but after a while the trumotion effect stops working and the picture looks normal even though the menu says it's still on. Can someone help me.

Digital processor board has the fault. Seek tech support. This is a very skilled work. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have Samsug LN-S2651D TV. Recently the screen turned green (no picture). Sound works fine. Cable remote will cycle through channel changes OK. Cable 'TIVO' appears to work OK. TV Menu's seem to work OK. Picture menu: Mode=Custom; Size=19:9; Digital NR=On; DNle Demo=Off; Film Mode=Off; Blue Screen=Off. How can I get the picture back?

... Samsung LN-S2651D 26 in. LCD Television

Sp-R4212 Plasma no picture keeps changing channels when you go to the menu the menu keeps rolling won't stop if I unplug the set for a few days you can go to setup and get it to work I had Sears out to fix it and they disconnected the side buttons. That did not work. they said it would not work. I have had it working for over a year now. But it keeps doing the same thing about every three months.

When the menu starts rolling, take the remote out of the room to see if it's the remote causing the problem.if it's not, check for bad capacitors on the boards.There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors eit ... Samsung HP-T4254 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a Sony KV-35S26 manufactured Aug '97. The picture comes ON only occasionally. When it fails to come ON, the standby light blinks continuously. Sometimes, the picture comes ON initially then goes out after several minutes. The picture looks fine when its working. Audio works fine. I removed the back cover and inspected the soldering, wires and connectors but found nothing obvious wrong. Just before the picture goes out, the image being displayed collapses vertically then I see a ser

After 4 or 5 yrs EHT ( transformer that supplies voltage to CRT TUBE - TV TUBE ) becomes weak - then few TVs ( not all TVs ) behaves exactly as you have described.............. .......so solution is EHT ( also called as ... Sony KV-35S26 35" TV

I have a 43 inch samsung DLP tv 2004 model# HLN4365W, I was getting a black and white picture, so i replaced the color wheel which was broken. It worked fine for a couple of days then there was no picture, i have sound. The lamp is working - no errors on front panel. If i look in the back of the tv i can see light coming out of the lens, but no picture on the screen. What could be the problem? Thanks

... Samsung HLN4365W 43" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a 43 inch samsung DLP tv 2004 model# HLN4365W, I was getting a black and white picture, so i replaced the color wheel which was broken. It worked fine for a couple of days then there was no picture, i have sound. The lamp is working - no errors on front panel. If i look in the back of the tv i can see light coming out of the lens, but no picture on the screen. What could be the problem? Thanks

No picture on a DLP when you can see the lamp is working is ALWAYS the DLP chip. BECAUSE you recently replaced the color wheel, i suspect that the LVDS/data cable to the light engine was not plugged in well and has come loose. I suggest checking and ... Samsung HLN4365W 43" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I did not receive a remote control with my NS-LCD32. Problem is we cannot turn off closed captioning. I realize their is a menu I can access on the side of the TV, however there is no option to turn OFF closed captioning. I have option to change how closed captioning looks with the menu and I have tried to do that but it always just looks the same. I really just want to turn CC off completely. Also the HDMI ports don't work at all... but I think we may have to live with that. Thanks in

Well you have several options.\015\012\015\012You can order a new factory replacement remote control for your set as shown at the following link:\015\012\015\012 ... Insignia IS-LCDTV32 32 in. Television

My mitsubishi ws-65513 picture makes a pop noise then goes out with the sound but can still see video source info on corner of screen. then i have to turn tv off wait a couple of seconds then back on then tv will work for a shourt time before picture goes out again. i have looked at the four caps on the Dm board they dont look faulty or bulging but dont know if that is the problem

... Mitsubishi WS-65513 65" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a jvc interiart tv and when i turn it on the picture breaks up as if i have no signal however my signal is fine and if i turn it on and off lots of times eventually it starts working and the picture is perfect and works well until i turn it off then back on again any ideas what the problem could be?

A few thoughts and a suggestion first.If using the coax fitting for the signal try connection of any DVD etc to a rear input to see if same problem. This will tell you if the problem is related to the TV's tuner.If using a cable/sat ... JVC Standard (CRT) Televisions

The picture on my lg tv has gone dark. Every button on the remote is working except the menu button.The button on the side for menu is not working either.

Check and repair the remote control. It sounds that it need cleaning. But lack of brightness to a Plasma screen might be to a faulty Z Sustain board. Check this ... LG 42PX5D 42 in. Plasma HDTV

Hello, I also have an RCA G32705 unit, and I have a question for you. Although the unit has Video 1 and Video 2 ports on the back, the internal menu will not allow me to activate them. The only port that will work is the Coax input port. I've been through the TV's menu many times, but can't get the other ports to work. Do you have any ideas on this? I appreciate any input you can provide. thanks, -Brian

Hi,\015\012you must go on menu- set input signal and you must choose RGB or video in complex signal (1 or 2), not antenna or RF input. Coax input port is a RF input port. Your problem is only from tv menu ( input seting) ... Flat Panel Televisions

Need to adjust horizontal position of picture, black bar on left side, lost picture on right side found a procedure to open menu by holding OK button on TV and remote simultaneously "for several minutes". One problem is the TV does not have a button labeled 'OK'. I tried it using 'Enter' and again using 'Menu', neither worked. Note, service manuals are suppposed to be available on the LG site, but I could not find them.

... LG 32LH30 32 in. LCD HDTV

PHILIPS Software /Hardware problem 32pfl5522d blue screen nothing works Checked the basics holding menu , Connecting av source i get nothing Just blue screen, psu looks ok. I also noticed the blue led flashes when pressing menue or program keys Only buttons what work are power and volume keys Any knowlege of this uncommon problem would be ace :D thanks !!

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

The picture on my Vizio E470VA looks washed out almost completely white. Any ideas as to why?

... Vizio E470VA 47 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I am having problems with my Sony Bravia LCD tv model KDL-32L4010. When first turned on the picture looks good for about 30 seconds, then develops white vertical lines. After about 3 minutes, the lines fade slightly and the picture becomes more washed out. There is about 1/2 inch of good picture at the top. After, about 12 minutes the picture is no longer washed out but seem to have low definition. After about 20 minutes the picture begins to jitter vertically creating a double image. The menu

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv works OK except after switching on it takes 30 minutes before a picture arrives e.g. the green light flashes for 30 minutes before the picture comes on. Sometimes when the picture does arrive there is no sound but that is easily fixed by switching the set off and on when picture and sound are restored immediately. Any ideas what repair is required and what it would cost?

There are two most common causes of this problem, and it's accross the board for all types of TVs: faulty electrolytic capacitors in the power board or BGA processor solder failure on the main board.\012\012Of course there are other possi ... Philips 15PF4121 15 in. LCD Television

I have a Sony Wega DLP with no sound through HDMI all of a sudden. Can't give exact model at the moment but it is a projection TV definitely 5years old at least. It has only 1 HDMI input and I've been using a splitter box to run my DirecTV and Xbox through the HDMI input. Worked great for years then recently there's no sound. Picture works fine and sound works through component inputs. Any ideas? Do I need to replace the HDMI input or something?

... Projection Televisions

We bought this TV ex display and saw it working in the shop, but when we got it home, it wont' switch on. The power ligh pulses, but no combination of buttons brings the picture up. I've been told that it may be the parental lock, but can't work out how to get it to work. Any ideas would be great.

Doesn't sound like parental lock to me. Some TV's require you use the power button on the TV to turn them on after they've lost power. Try pressing the power button on the TV to turn it on. If that doesn't work comment back with the model number and ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

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