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No picture My LG tv has no picture, screen is black. Sound ok. When I select menu I can all menu options on screen ok. The "canned" picture for adjusting picture on the menu shows ok, but when menu mde exited, screen is black again.

Answers :

Sounds like you have a backlight problem. To verify this, turn on the set, dim the lights in the room, and shine a bright flashlight on the screen. If you see a faint picture you have a backlight fault. It could be as simple as a bad capacitor in the power supply, or a faulty inverter board, or in rare cases a bad backlamp.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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No picture My LG tv has no picture, screen is black. Sound ok. When I select menu I can all menu options on screen ok. The "canned" picture for adjusting picture on the menu shows ok, but when menu mde exited, screen is black again.

Sounds like you have a backlight problem. To verify this, turn on the set, dim the lights in the room, and shine a bright flashlight on the screen. If you see a faint picture you have a backlight fault. It could be as simple as a bad capacitor in the ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

Black Screen - Can not get menu to show to adjust brightness.

You need to replace the inverter board thats what preventing the backlights from lighting up so you can see the picture. You can get the inverter board from www.tvrepairworld.com ... Dynex DX-32L151A11 32-inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV - 720p - 300 cd/m2 - 16

Have an older tv model # AV-27533. A black rectangle shows up on the screen & we can't exit out. We tried the menu. Menu works fine, but still can not close black rectangle from screen.

... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

Have a Samsung LNS4041DX. When I turn it on, just get black screen with vertical colored lines. Happens when I put in dvd/vcr also. Hit menu, to try to adjust picture, same thing. Just black screen with colored vertical lines.

Defective panel, or bad ribbon cable that is associated with the color lines. ribbon cables are at the bottom, or th sides and will be in line with the color lines on the p ... Samsung LN-S4041D 40 in. LCD HDTV

Ok, i have a SONIQ plasma tv that wont show the full Wii picture wen i change it to AV, the picture all zoomed up, it only show the top left corner n its in black n white, so i hooked up my VCR to the tv n tried to do the wii on that but wen i change it to the AV channel the screen flickers, then i tried it with our DVD RECORDER which has 3 AV inputs, n it show a black screen with the bottem of the screen flickering, seriouly, wussup with the SONIQ tv? N DONT say its the Wii, coz it not, the Wii

... ViewSonic Flat Panel Televisions

Ws-55907 I am trying to connect a WD HD Live to my tv. It will not show the picture across the screen. Instead I see four rows at the top of the television of white lines. If I go into the MENU to adjust the settings I see the small PIP and it has the display I want. Any ideas what is going on?

... Mitsubishi VS-50111 50" Rear Projection Television

I've a LG 32LC56 that suddenly becomes black screen while i was watching it. Since then, i was never able to get any picture on screen, even the menu picture. Sometimes, when I switch it on, i see some colored lines on the upper left screen part, but never a menu. I've replaced the main board by a new one, the problem is still the same. May i try to change the screendriver board?

Learn about T-CON board: \012http://www.scribd.com/doc/25276757/E40951307-TCON-Troubleshooting-10-22-09-OPT ... Flat Panel Televisions

No matter which picture size I select, I cannot ever seem to get the picture from the DVD to fit the screen. For instance, I am watching a DVD right now that is in wide screen, and when in "Normal" size, the picture is sitting at the very bottom of the screen... and some of the picture is missing. However, if I change to other sizes, large parts of the picture are cut off. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried different things in the Menu... nothing seems to adjust where the picture sit

U tries used the DVD player remote to fix this problems,could be the DVD movie?Have the same problems,with the regular tv incomming broadcasting signal?Yes,than the tv Tuner signal board is the problems and the causes it dying and shorted.Tries websi ... Sansui SLED2280 22 in. LCD TV


... Flat Panel Televisions

I had nothing but problems with my plazma since I bought it. But a couple months ago there was too much red on the screen so I adjusted the red to almost 0 and it was OK not great picture. Then the other day the whole screen turned green , no picture just green with sound. A few minutes later it went black no sound and said searching for signal then went off completely. I turned off and unpluged it over night. But now nothing at all just black.

Your main digital and sub digital have failed. incredibly expensive.there is one attempt that you can make to try (by chance) to save it temporarily.The digital and sub digital are the two boards in the center of the TV where the input ja ... Hitachi 42HDS69 42 in. Plasma Television

My sony kdl-40ex700 TV had Negative Picture which was repaired by Sony Service Center and installed newsoft wear version PKG 4.086 AAL. Now when i start my TV entire colour of TV screen shows in RED COLOUR with word SONY and NEGATIVE PICTURE after three hours it become normal.In normal condition screen shows black colour with word SONY.Please advise.G.B.Tare,Mumbai

... Sony KDL40EX700 40 in TV

I have a RCA L26WD26D Flat Screen TV. When you turn it on it will say "please wait". This lasts for 30 seconds or so. Then that goes off and the screen turns black with some sections turning white. It will vary the back and white and will stay like this for maybe 20 minutes. Then it will start showing vertical colored lines. They will change also and eventually turn back to black and white. After leaving the TV on for about 5 or 6 hours, the picture finally shows up and looks fine. So now I'm af

Hi coefremont,\015\012\015\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\015\012common caused of this fault is the leaky\015\012elec ... RCA L26WD26D 26 in. LCD TV

3122882 1/3rd of screen is black (left side). we have direct tv for service. tried to play d v d. the only picture I got was "Samsung" (the dvd player) and it was the same, 1'3 black screen. the d v d never showed on the screen.

... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

My kdl55nx810 screen is blinking. While watching TV, the screen will go black for about 2 seconds, then come back on. It appears to happen intermittenly, every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. TV was working fine, when I went into the menu and adjusted the motionflow. I ended up returning TV to the original setting. When I started watching TV (after returning to original setting), the problem started. The TV does not turn off, but the screen goes black temporarily. Any help would be appreciated, thank

This problems,it can't be repair.The tv Tuner signal board is problems and the the causes.The tv Tuner signal board have intermittent problems.That the board,where the tv incomming signal cable plug into it.Tv is still useable wright?Use it the tv as ... Sony Kdl-55hx701 54.6 in. HDTV LCD TV

Hello, Im having problems getting a pictur on my screen. The screen stays black but the power button is green so that means the TV is on but it wont show anything.. I also don't hear sound either im not sure if this could be a power supply issue or black light inverter issue or even a burned out pixel..I have only had the TV for 3 yrs so i don't think the problem should be that major but i am concerned because i don't no where to start help me please!!?? :)

... LG 32LB4D 32 in. LCD HDTV

Produtools.com my diboss tv has sound but no picture only black screen after warm up it starts to show a skipping picture image I just recently got hooked up to the internet and had a cable connection installed it was from this time that my trouble seemed to start peter model no l t 261 HMF 24 v there seems to be a small image on the left hand lower side of the screen with 3 tiny green lights on it

... Flat Panel Televisions

My samsung syncmaster 225 md displays a black screen. When turned on it shows picture for 2 seconds then returns to the black screen

My TV had the same symptoms. Opened it up and on the inverter board I noticed that two of the four capacitors near to the output connectors had discoloured and were bulging. Replaced all four capacitors (470uF 25V) and all works fine now ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hey, I am watching a dvd's called Dilemma. I have been having trouble with subtitles on that movie because the subtitles is too big to fit the screen or maybe it's my picture screen position! I have SHARP Aquos Plasma, i searched the menu to see if i could adjust the picture size or anything to make it smaller so i can read the subtitles properly but i couldnt do it at all! :( I have no problems with subtitles on any other dvds at all. :)

Most pirated dvd having problems like this due of illegal copying they omit the subtitle and sound enhancement data. try to use original dvd. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an ultravision That has a problem sense it was new, and getting worse. When on chanel 4 or 401, sometimes other chanels, bun not often the center of the screen goes Black in aprox the seme area that that displays menu when you push the menu button Then the (ABOUT YOUR TV) button When this happens if you push the nenu button then the exit button it goes away. it is getting very anoying, as it now does it about every 10 to 20 seconds its hard to watch a golf turny with the screen goin

Check both the set and the box if you are using one, you are describing a TEXT feature which on certain channels puts a black box in the middle of the screen----idea was to send text but it never to my knowledge was used.The feature can b ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

My sanyo hdtv shows no pictures when you turn it on (the screen is black) but you can hear the audio. The remote control can change the channels and volume up&down but the picture won't show

Good day!The problem of your TV could be the inverter board or the cold cathode light is busted.Follow this instruction on how to fix that problem:\012\012Remove the back cover of your TV ... Sanyo DP32648 32 in. LCD TV

My AOC Envision L24H898 24-inch 1080p LCD HDTV was bought about 3 years ago and when I turn it on shows the loading screen but its a yellowish tint. It's pluged in to my via hdmi but its a black screen and I try to switch it to s video but same thing. The only input it shows are pc hdmi and svideo. I acnt pull up the menu I need help I don't know what's going on

Just replace the T-con board and it will work fine again..thats it ... Flat Panel Televisions

My LG model # 37LC2D won't turn on. The green power light will blink on standby then stay green. The screen will be black. Occasionally the picture will work fine and other times it is either black or flashes gray lines. What would be the issue to make it not want to power on and show picture?

Hello there,I believe the Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs could be going out .If you are using the HDMI try the Component cables and connections or AV cables with the S-video if you swap the cables around and the proble ... LG 37LC2D Television

Need to adjust horizontal position of picture, black bar on left side, lost picture on right side found a procedure to open menu by holding OK button on TV and remote simultaneously "for several minutes". One problem is the TV does not have a button labeled 'OK'. I tried it using 'Enter' and again using 'Menu', neither worked. Note, service manuals are suppposed to be available on the LG site, but I could not find them.

... LG 32LH30 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a RDVR90VE Sylvania combo VCR/DVD player/recorder. It is presently set up with a CT-27HL14 Panasonic HDTV. When playing the VCR the picture comes through beautifully. When switching to DVD the picture initially comes on for approximately 5 seconds then a huge black box comes on in the middle of the screen with only the top, bottom and sides of screen showing image. What really makes this a mystery is that when the VCR/DVD were connected to a 19PFL3504D Philips TV the DVD worked fine. Do h

Hi -\015\012\015\012\015\012I hope you read my other message. You need to make sure closed captions / subtitles are switched off on both the your TV and the DVD/VCR. I'd suggest starting with the Panasonic TV.\015\012\015\012\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a mitsubishi VS50VA1. Sound is ok for cable channels and menu options show up on screen. However, there is no picture on any channel. Thought it would be bulb, but doesn't menu screen being visible mean that the bulb is working?

First of all this is a CRT projection tv - one in which the image is generated by 3 small tv tubes = no bulb in it. If you have menu it means that those tubes and most of the tv is perfectly functional.I'm assuming that you are using the tuner ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

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