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Have an older tv model # AV-27533. A black rectangle shows up on the screen & we can't exit out. We tried the menu. Menu works fine, but still can not close black rectangle from screen.

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Have an older tv model # AV-27533. A black rectangle shows up on the screen & we can't exit out. We tried the menu. Menu works fine, but still can not close black rectangle from screen.

... JVC Flat Panel Televisions

My rca r52wm24 Tv turns on but after about 20 minutes the screen goes black but I still have sound. Sometimes the picture will come back up and work fine after 10-30 minutes but it will go to black screen again. Then sometimes the picture will be fine for around 20 min utes agin flash to black then flash right back to normal. rnWhennthe screen does go to black it slowley fades out takes about 10 seconds to go black

Hi mcpheeters16,\015\012\015\012First to isolate the loose connection from fault, check the cable connectors from the lamp and the ballast board. Pull-out the cables and then re-insert. Also check the ballast board from bad solder joints (crack ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

Black screen I have a Samsung un46d8000 flat screen TV which is about 8 months old. It has so far worked without problems but yesterday when switching on there is just a black screen. Sound from all inputs is fine and it looks like that there are 4 small lights in the back that you can see glowing through the screen. Its still under warranty if I can find the receipt!! If I dont find the receipt any ideas? I did have a peek in the back and there looks to be one big board that drives the Screen.

You are on the right track suspecting a power supply problem. If you are tehnically inclined you might be able to repair your TV, especially if a board swap seems feasible. As always you have to dtermine the cost of repairs vs replacement ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

My Vizio VF550XVT1A works fine for 30 minutes, then the screen goes black but the sound still works. This happens again and again. How can I fix it?

... Vizio VF550XVT 55 in. LCD TV

My 2001 Toshiba TV will at times work fine. Other times the screen goes black. When it goes black after repeated times of unplugging/plugging it from the wall (no obvious process makes it work - it seems random) it will then start working fine as long as I keep it turned on. When the TV is in it's "Black Mode" I can't even get the OSD to display. When it's been "warm and working" I can turn it in and off at will and it performs properly. Starting cold, I have go through repeated plug/unplu

These Sets are well known for Poor Solder Connections pull out chassis and resolder the Board and this should fix the problem. ... Toshiba 36A60 36" TV

Power supply works fine for about 25-30 min. then screen goes black but sound is still there what would cause that?

... Polaroid TLA-01911C TV

Tv works fine for awhile then screen goes black but can still hear sound

Here's a video L.J. Koller suggested as a solution to your problem from YouTube: ... Spectroniq PLTV3250 32 in. LCD TV

Tv was working fine then the screen just blacked out.( no picture) still had sound though. i can hear a humming sound from tv when it is on. just wondering if theres an easy fix or part i can get to fix it or if it is junk now. thanx michael

This is usually due to a fault with the backlight controller. It could be due to bad capacitors, which is easy to fix, or the inverter transformers may require replacement, which is not as easy to fix. The backlight controller board can be replaced i ... Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic hdtv 1080i model PT-47WX49E wont turn on. it was working perfectly fine...suddenly turned off..and wont turn back on. i can hear it 'clicking' like its trying to turn on...?? (the noise u hear when any tv turns on and starts to boot up)..or possibly IS turning on.. but the screen is still black.. im not super savvy at this tech stuff.. but i can follow directions.. help ??

Does the power indicator blink? If so thats an error code let me know how many time it blinks ... Panasonic PT-47WX49 47" Rear Projection Television

My TV was working just fine yesterday. But now when I turn it on I can hear it but it is just a black screen. When I take it off on CH.4(my cable channel)it is no longer all black, the fuzzy screen appears like usual. And then I turn it back to CH.4 and again just a black screen, but I can hear the TV just fine, even when I turn the cable channels.

... Sylvania 6419TA 19" TV

What's your problem?Toshiba 40E220U has sound, no picture. stand by mode maybe? How is this reset? Worked fine, screen went black after 10 minutes. Blinks light on screen, at power up. Can see bac

... Toshiba 40E220U 40" Class LCD TV

Plasma Screen flicker then goes black..sound works fine

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vizio VF550XVT1A. First problem was a flickering screen that ended with the TV turning off. I replaced both invertor boards and the TV seemed to work fine for a few weeks. Now the TV works fine for approx. 30 minutes then the screen goes black but the sound keeps working. This cycle repeats itself after the TV has been left to sit for a few hours.

Good day sir Alfred!!!!If your screen turns to back after a minutes but the sounds is normal..That problem is very common to all flat panel specially to LCD TV..OK,I need to know first if your TV having a back-light when the picture w ... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

Black screen was working fine, put TV on, black screen but sound works. We have checked connections, tried to unplug and reboot and checked the remote to see if the mode changed

... Samsung 63 PN63C8000 3D Plasma TV

We purchased a Vizio LED Razor model #VM230XVT on 1/4/11 and it worked fine till this past weeked. Now when we turn the power on, all we get is the Vizio screen on the TV and will not connect to the channels. I've tried everything to get past the "Vizio screen" including unplugging the power fow awhile and still no luck. I brought in another tv and hooked it up to the same source and everything worked fine on the other tv. I took our new tv to another source and the same thing occurs, just the l

... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

TV was working fine and then the picture has totally gone, just a Black screen as though it is switched off, Audio on all channels are fine and turns over as normal. No Text no nothing on the screen though, just black. 2 years old, not sure of model number

Solution\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\012step 1 : at first\015\012 test your fly back transformer \015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012step 2 : A.C. t ... LG 50PS60 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a Philips lcd tv and it turns on just fine but within about 10 seconds the picture fades to black. the audio still works however... please help

... Philips 47PFL3603D LCD TV

My 24SL410U Toshiba flat screen only has a black screen, no sound, green power light comes on and that is all it is only 7 months old and worked fine then just went out. None of the other buttons work

... Toshiba 24SL410U LCD TV

I have a hitachi plazma TV, I asked about it last week. It went completely green with sound then completely black with no sound. I was told it is shot but if I took the back off and took the boards apart and put back it may work. My question is after doing that nothing happened but I noticed that movies in the DVD player work perfect and video games work fine. If they both still work could it be something simple to repair, or is the TV still shot?

Sounds like a problem in the tuner if the inputs work fine. I assume all that isn't working is when you try watching cable? ... Flat Panel Televisions

My new flat screen tv was working perfectly fine last night, i turned it off last night at around 3am...and then when i turned it on today, it wasnt working, i either would get a flashing black screen or a grey screen, i checked to see if it was my dvd player but it wasnt, i checked to see if the right input was on, but it didnt even show up...help?

Take it back to the shop for a replacement. ... LG 37LG30 37 in. LCD HDTV

I have a 50 inch lg flat screen model 50pq30c-ua. my screen is black but i have sound. i hear clicking as if it wants to turn on. the on light turns blue and begins to blink. i changed the power board with a working one from another tv to see if is the reason it stopped working but it still doesnt work. what do you think is wrong with it?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have a RANK ARENA RALD56 and I just plugged my computer into the VGA port. Starting up it registered fine, but as soon as it went from the "windows is starting" screen to my login screen, the TV screen turns blue and says Not Support! I had my computer plugged into another rank arena tv before and it worked fine, but the resolution was much higher, so i reduced the resolution... still nothing. What should I try next?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My kdl55nx810 screen is blinking. While watching TV, the screen will go black for about 2 seconds, then come back on. It appears to happen intermittenly, every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. TV was working fine, when I went into the menu and adjusted the motionflow. I ended up returning TV to the original setting. When I started watching TV (after returning to original setting), the problem started. The TV does not turn off, but the screen goes black temporarily. Any help would be appreciated, thank

This problems,it can't be repair.The tv Tuner signal board is problems and the the causes.The tv Tuner signal board have intermittent problems.That the board,where the tv incomming signal cable plug into it.Tv is still useable wright?Use it the tv as ... Sony Kdl-55hx701 54.6 in. HDTV LCD TV

Our TV has been perfect for many years. We now suddenly have the picture compress, if you will, to the bottom 2/3's of the television screen, and it makes an angle like a triangle going toward the bottom. The top of the screen is entirely black. There are fine lines that are moving in a wave-like form throughout the image. The audio works fine. We changed the cable box and that did not change a thing. We did move the TV to a new room a few months ago - no fluorescent lighting nearby, but I

This fault sounds like failure of the LINE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER.\015\012It can be fixed, but may cost you around $120, possibly more if \015\012you have to call out an engineer.\015\012Best NOT to use the TV as it is, because it could ... Sony KV-32S42 32" TV

Can you help me with a new 32 inch Philips flat screen TV that I cannot get my DVD to indicate a picture, yet I do get audio. The model is 32PFL3505D/F7. I have downloaded the latest software release version, ZPBF2QA_078_0_3202, and still same results. The DVD player is an LG Brand, model DV172K. I have tested that on another flat screen TV and it works fine, yet with the Philips TV I just get audio and no video, and have tried several ways to hook up the wires. Still all same results. It jus

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

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