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There is a black rectangle approximately 3" wide around the picture. I don't think it is the caption button I looked at that. I'm pretty sure it isn't the picture tube going out. Looks like something that has been selected, but I don't know what to unselect.

Answers :

Shut off CC.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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There is a black rectangle approximately 3" wide around the picture. I don't think it is the caption button I looked at that. I'm pretty sure it isn't the picture tube going out. Looks like something that has been selected, but I don't know what to unselect.

Shut off CC. ... JVC AV-32S575 32" TV

Blank Screen When I turn on the tv, it looks like the backlight is going to stay on, but it shuts off. There is sound to the television still, and it looks like there is a faint outline of what is supposed to be displayed on the screen. I heard something about the inverter board, but is it the board or the lamp itself?

... Samsung LN32A550 32 in. LCD TV

Toshiba MW24F51: it looks like the picture is folding back and down at the top of the screen. It like taking a sheet of paper and bending the top (1/4) over backward. When I see credits roll... they go to the top of the screen and roll over the back. What's going on? Thanks

... Toshiba MW24F51 24 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

I have a Sony KF-42WE610. It has developed evenly spaced lateral lines across the picture (double the lines for Hi Def). Looks like a tube television that needs the vertical hold adjusted. The screen jumps when cold, but gets better after warming up. The lines never go away. Looks like electrical interference. I have disconnected everything from it and switched outlets. Still same symptoms. Any idea what could cause this?

... Projection Televisions

Cant remove stand from LC46SB54U - dont see 2 prongs going into back of TV...this is what my model looks like. http://lcdtvsale.devhub.com/blog/167586-sharp-lc46sb54u-46-inch-1080p-lcd-hdtv/

Look at page 7 Quick reference sectionfor similar model here:http://files.sharpusa.com/Downlo ... Sharp LC46SB54U 46 in. LCD TV

I have a Samsung LCD flat screen tv with picture distortion. The model is LN-R377D. The picture starts to look like a picture negitive. It comes and goes. Started over 3 years ago but it would go months without doing it again at first. Now it does it all the time and its lasting longer. The TV is less than 5 years old and has been doing this off and on for 3 years.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi dlp wd-65735 basically wut happens I will be using it then I get a whole set of bars going downwards on the panel I took the lamp out cleaned it looks like new cleaned the port looks dust free worked for a day then all of sudden tv started to do it again I'm thinking it might be the color wheel or something to do with the main board ?? I'm really stumbled asbto wut it is an I just bought from a close friend so I'm hopeing it won't cost a arm an a leg..

Your going into video test screens somehow ,do you have a remote with a button stuck? ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have a sanyo CE32LD90-B which has just developed a line approx two thirds from the left of the screen and it extends about 3/4trs of the way to the top, its only a couple of millimeters wide, it almost looks like an absence of picture along that line. TV is just out of warranty does this sound like its something that can be fixed?

... Sanyo DS32224 TV

I have a Samsung HLP 4674w DLP. The picture started to lose color and look like a negative image. Then it would get scrambled and eventually go out. Powering on and off sometimes fixed it, but only temporarily. Sometimes it would also turn off and on by itself. I thought it may be the lamp so I replaced it, but it did not fix the problem. Next I thought it may be the color wheel so I replaced that, but the problem did not go away. Also when this happens the Power switch will not turn the TV off.

You need to change the lamp out, it builds up a internal resistance, and pulls your voltaged down, it will get to the point where you TV will not come on at all. Replace your lamp, you can get one at ... Samsung HLP4674W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

We are having issues with our projector. When the picture shows up it looks like stars all over the screen and there are more every time we turn it on. It's like the color is going out in spots. Any suggestions on a fix?

For good suggestions I need to know brand and model number of set.......... ... Projection Televisions

My sharp LC-C5262U something wrong with the screen . when its on the screen looks like its snowing , and then its start to have blue lines or snow looking dots . i still get picture tho is that fixable?

... Sharp LC-C5262U 52 in. LCD TV

Very poor picture. Looks like some picture setting way off. LIttle red in picture.

If you are using component cables to hookup to the tv check to see if one has come loose on either end. This will cause the color to be off. ... Samsung HPT5054 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

My hisense lcd 42v88p can go on with on picture it looks like it is instand by mode how do I solove it

... Hisense LHDN32V66AUS 32 in. LCD TV

Greetings, I get a perfectly good picture for about 20 minutes & then it clicks & turns off. I hit the power again & it will go on for less time and shorter and shorter time on until it stays on for about 30 seconds. I have not noticed any flashing lights & the standby light does not come on. Most of the time there is a quck horizontal bar (looks like the whole screen shrunk to 1/4" high) sometimes this horizontal bar will also show on powerup after many tries.

Sounds like a component or 2 overheating and probably in the frame stage of the set. You would need the service manual to fix it and someone who is capable. The manual should be obtainable from sites such as www.mauritron.com The make and model would ... Flat Panel Televisions

Get lines on my television that go away after it warms up. The lines divide the screen into three parts and it looks like it is trying to display the picture on all three sections.

Try reseating the cables to the inverter boards. When this sort of problem starts happening the panel is usually at fault. In that case there will not be any way to repair this problem. Take good high resolution digital pictures and see if perhaps S ... Samsung LN-T4071F 40 in. LCD HDTV

I own a Samsung HLR4667WAX/XAA DLP. The cable guy replaced the hd box and said it was the TV. The Lamp and the fan work and then go out. "Standby/Temp" in red comes on the front of the TV. There is no picture. I'd like to know what the possible issues may be? What should I look at. For example where is the color wheel? Thanks,

Hi,Does Standby/ Temp light blink or solid?How old is this tv and when did you replaced lamp last time?These info will help me to diagnose p[problem.Thanks. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Green light stays on red light blinks set won,t go on but bulb does not look blown also fan does not run after tv is shut off like it use to before and tv shuts itself off after a while when it does work with dim picture

With a dim picture even if lamp looks ok I would make it suspect number one---going to have to decide if you want to buy a new lamp to find out--average life is 1-2 thousand hours. ... Toshiba TheaterWide 52HM84 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

When I try to play a DVD through the player the on screen picture has a scrambled look sort of like when your DIrectv signal begins to go due to a storm. I changed players and tried a different

A few questions for you that might narrow down the issue.Where is DVD connected at?Have you tried it on all rear inputs?Where is Direct Tv connected to at the set and does it work normally?If input it (the player) work ... Toshiba 53HX71 53" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a 50 inch Samsung dlp. It looks like there's a small smudge on the inner screen. you can still see the picture through tje smudge/shadow.Its in the bottom right hand side. How do I go about fixing it.

You might want to post this question in a different section. This is the computer laptops section... ... Projection Televisions

I have a Hitachi 51F510. When I power it up it clicks like it always has and the power indicator light in the front comes on but it has no picture or sound. The remote will power the unit on but after a few seconds it wont power the unit off. I opened the rear panel and only saw a green light on, dont know if there is suppose to be more than one light inside. Any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated. the internals are filthy, going to get a can of compressed air while I wait a rep

You need to follow power cord inside the set; should be a board on right side it goes to----this set uses up to 3 small black relays---one or more is bad---tap on each until power light goes out.if questions let me know. ... Hitachi 51F500 51" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Looking for a replacement lamp also. one said to check bulbtogo but they dont have them and it seems like nobody else does either. wondered if anyone had any luck after posting that they couldnt find one. does anyone know what the voltage and wattage is for this lamp. i guess if all else fails i could try to remove the bulb itself and replace it with something close. that or im out a $9,000 TV...

Mats Electronics Sales Lamps for $89.00- $139.00 1-800-628-1118\012Lamp PN# 915PO16010\012Look on EBay under Electronics TV/Parts type in Lamp number. ... Mitsubishi WL-82913 82" Rear Projection HDTV

Hello there. I need some help with my tv and any help will be much appreciated. I hava a samsung LE46M87BD with a picture problem. I'm getting some black patches on the screen. This patches are not there all the time and sometimes if you tap the back of the tv they go away and then few minutes later come again. This happens from a 1/4 of the screen down. Googling it it looks like it could be the tcon but not sure. Anyone with same problem and sorted it? Thanks

The problem here is that it is intermittent--you may have to gamble and try that board and if fixed are done--if not go for another board--way of the world with these sets ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a RCA 32V432T 36in...the screen is light blue with white horizontal lines...it looks like a film in front of the actual picture...there is still audio though. what's going on?

Hello\015\012There are two main causes for this fault. The first one is, advanced screen voltage to the screen grid of picture tube. The second one is leaky blue video output transisotr.\015\012Just open your TV, and locate the screen c ... RCA 32V420T 32" TV

I have a Samsung hlp5063w dlp tv. 1- loud buzzing noise coming from the left side of the set (looking from the front). When I tap it the noise tends to go away and come back. So I'm thinking it's the cooling fan for the lamp which I just replaced. Would the color wheel act like that when I'm tapping the side of the tv? The picture is beautiful and there are no problems there. 2- If its the cooling fan, how do I replace it?

It is much more likely considering all these the wheel fails to be your issue.The problem is often described as a fan like or high pitched sound which since the motor on the wheel turns at over 12,000 rpm is likely to be the cause.Hin ... Samsung Projection Televisions

Have a LG 50pq30c-ua. it has no picture or sound. the blue light clicks and sounds like it wants to come on. i looked at the main power board and i dont see any breaks, cracks, or burns. the capacitors arent swollen or leaking. i swap out the capacitors if i knew which ones to change. should i change them all?

... Flat Panel Televisions

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