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My jvc iart 32'' tv picture has shrunked 4'' either sides , looks like a small pillow , plz help

\015 WELL , FIRSTLY THE SET HAD NO POWER , so I replaced a diode on the power relay , the set powered up but the picture is pincussioned and either sides around has about 4''of screen cut off , looks like a small pillow , i have checked all the caps , resistors transistors on the deflection circuit , the supply voltage on the horizontal collector is 135v looks norminal , could this be a signal processor ic or an eprom problem ? .I shall greatly appreciate anyones help thanks a million\015

Answers :

Check its main power regulator section. The output voltage from the SMPS is low.

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My jvc iart 32'' tv picture has shrunked 4'' either sides , looks like a small pillow , plz help

Check its main power regulator section. The output voltage from the SMPS is low. ... JVC AV-27D305 27" TV

Hi I have a toshiba dfs 100 hyper progressive rear projection 67" tv, model 61A9UA and when i turn on the tv rows of what look like are black small rectangular boxes appear. Its still there wether i play dvds or just watching tv. The picture and sound are very good except for these shapes. My remote doesnt have a button marked cc or closed csptioning that i have seen being discussed by others , so im just wondering what we can do. Thanx for any help at all Donz

Hi i have a Toshiba Dfs 100 & hyper progressive i hve no idea what wrong with my tv.. when i turn the on button the box down the bottom its on nd showing blue color..**** nothing showing on the screen.. pls help me thnx ... Toshiba Projection Televisions

I have a 50 inch Samsung dlp. It looks like there's a small smudge on the inner screen. you can still see the picture through tje smudge/shadow.Its in the bottom right hand side. How do I go about fixing it.

You might want to post this question in a different section. This is the computer laptops section... ... Projection Televisions

Your website said free to ask but if i want an answer i have to pay ya im not giving my card number over this site solve it and i do have a phone you may contact me on i have an rca 52 hdtv the picture has double images blurry looks like it is round or curved at top and bottm of screen was watching tv last night heard a small snap of a noise and the picture looked like that is this a piece i can replace myself or need a pro and approximate cost of part

Press menu and then scroll down to setup and then enter setup and see if the Auto convergence option has disapeared from the setup menu. If so you may only need to replace the FL231 fuse and then resolder the flyback. I a, pasting apicture of where ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

The left and right sides of the picture on the T.V. stretches things out a bit. like when there is someones head near the side then it looks pretty stretched out. its very annoying. is there anyway to fix this? there is really only quality picture in the centre of the picture.

Speaker magnets can distort TV pictures. ... Panasonic TCP46C2 46 in Plasma TV

I have Sony's 43 inch Projection TV, its model no is KP-ES43 ME1. Problem with it is that it has lost Blue color from its pictures. Anything that is of Blue color turns into different shades of Green color. But one important thing which i would like to share is that when we turns on PIP (Pictue-in-Picture) mode, images on the right side of the TV screen looks absolutely fine but Pictures on the Left side of the screen still have the same problem. I want to know what is the real problem and its

... Sony Projection Televisions

I have problems with my picture. It looks zoomed in and is very poor. The picture looks like it changes colors and has shadows throughout the picture. Whats wrong with it. Is it a DMD board, DMD chip or is it the main input board. Please help..

Before I can suggest anything its best if you can get me an image of the screen with the tv on so that I can see for myself. ... Samsung HL-S5679W 56" HDTV

My dad cannot find the remote control for this Daewoo tv. The picture is small and there are black borders on either side. He turned the tv off and on again and it did not reset. He is in his 80's and my mom is bedridden, this is so important to them. They are in FL and I am in NJ trying to help them with everything I can. Please, I need your help! Isn't there something we can do to reset the picture to it's normal size?

Hi,You need tv remote to adjust picture size, there is no other option.Thanks. ... Daewoo DTQ-14N2FC 13" TV

I have one side of my tv is black and look like you have a negative picture

LCD it is likely an inverter board--one drives left and one drives right side of screen--a few combine both into a single board. ... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

The picture bottom centre has gone out of shape. For example some one standing to the side in the picture looks pregnant. The picture is out of shape please help ;(

Tv have a problems,known as a convergence problems it is dead.Tv have R,G,B colors lines mis alignments,have colors shahows pictures or 3D pictures look alike?Yes,the tv convergence board it is dead.Convergence board must be replaced 2 STK convergenc ... Toshiba 50A61 50" Rear Projection Television

One year old Samsung PN51D550C1F. If shut off for some time picture comes back but color is off. After using for awhile tv loses picture and looks like video. Please help.

Hello, it looks like you have a bad y-sustain board, but without checking it out it's hard to say for sure. It's possible that the plasma display it's self is bad. you may want to contact Samsung about this issue if it is the display, it may still be ... Flat Panel Televisions

My kdf-55xs955 has small blue spots all over that show up mostly in dark picture backgrounds... I also have a large yellow (background) blob that is free form and looks like it flows from the upper right to the lower left, covers 40% of the picture

... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-60WF655 60" Rear Projection HDTV

I have the Sony KDS- 60A2020 60 inch TV. Recently, my picture has appeared more yellowish. Everyone on it looks like there dark yellowish or have fairly dark (bronze) sun tans. I changed my lamp yesterday but problem didn't change. I have adjusted all video picture settings but no changes have worked. Please help if possible. Thank you for your time.

I have a older 2006 SXRD rear projection TV. I had the same problem after the TV warmed up this yellow tint started in the corner and crawled its way down the TV. It turned out that Sony had a recall on the optic block of the TV. If you replaced the ... Sony KDS-60A2020 60" HDTV

Hi,i have a Ilo 42 Plasma tv.It has power and has picture.The picture looks like a kaleidoscope of colors meshing together.What could be wrong?and where to look?Im no stranger to a soldering iron and electronics.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would have to say that the screen is cracked.If so,it would cost more the TV itself.If you have any questions,please let me know.Thank You very much!\015\012\015\012 Tyler ... TruTech PLV16320 Television

Hello there. I need some help with my tv and any help will be much appreciated. I hava a samsung LE46M87BD with a picture problem. I'm getting some black patches on the screen. This patches are not there all the time and sometimes if you tap the back of the tv they go away and then few minutes later come again. This happens from a 1/4 of the screen down. Googling it it looks like it could be the tcon but not sure. Anyone with same problem and sorted it? Thanks

The problem here is that it is intermittent--you may have to gamble and try that board and if fixed are done--if not go for another board--way of the world with these sets ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vivitek RP51HD41-A TV. Yesterday it made a pop sound then sizzling and the picture went out. I unplugged it, the plugged back in. No picture. Looked to see if lamp burned out but small green light is on inside. The front lights blink on and off orange. No message calme up to replace the lamp like in the past. Any suggestions?

Hi ryser,\015\012\015\012Pop sound is coming from the parts either on the ballast board(lamp's driver) or power supply(ballast board supply). It means that you're bulb is not the issue that's why you've not encountered the led lamp indicator. C ... Vivitek V37655 56" DLP TV

I have a Samsung hlp5063w dlp tv. 1- loud buzzing noise coming from the left side of the set (looking from the front). When I tap it the noise tends to go away and come back. So I'm thinking it's the cooling fan for the lamp which I just replaced. Would the color wheel act like that when I'm tapping the side of the tv? The picture is beautiful and there are no problems there. 2- If its the cooling fan, how do I replace it?

It is much more likely considering all these the wheel fails to be your issue.The problem is often described as a fan like or high pitched sound which since the motor on the wheel turns at over 12,000 rpm is likely to be the cause.Hin ... Samsung Projection Televisions

In my tv is 10 years old and by the 2007 we replaced with new board(Only the CRT is the old one). Last day I was switched on my tv only sound only came and no picture. I can able to see the menu setting in TV live volume increase and decrease, Chanel nos etc. When I remove the external cable connection the display comes like blue screen(looks like the CRT is ok). When I inserted the cable the blue screen goes off and became black color during that time the audio of the tv is good. Pls help to s

Hello\015\012Your TV is fitted with Toshiba kit I understands from your description. There is a sub-brightness contorl on board [a small preset resistor, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver] fitted near to the LOT and towards its le ... Flat Panel Televisions

SD Tech: Looks like your are the source for all things Samsung...I have a Samsung HL-R4226W that all of sudden started making that loud vibration/humming noise, and the picture started flashing pale, off color images of the show mostly in black and white. I shut it off before anything popped or stopped. Is this likely the color wheel? Any way to diagnose this for certain before I buy the part? Thanks in advance for the help - much appreciated.

It is definitely the color wheel. The flashing images and the wird colors confirm it. Replacing the color wheel should resolve the problem. As for the loud whirring noise, its due to wear and tear in the motor that spins the wheel. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 60 Inc LCD led 120 hertz . sharp aquos . And I want to know what is the best settings for the picture? I tried adjusting it but it looks like a normal tv want to know the beat settings for picture on this tv? Please help me.

The best way to set up a TV such as yours without a calibration device is to get a high definition picture of someone's face on the screen and adjust the color, brightness and contrast until the face looks as life like as possible. ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

When switched on, the power light flashes on and off on the front of the TV but no picture. We have the back part of the panel off and there are no puffed capacitors. Everything looks good except some goop around some of the capacitors. Is it normal to have goop that looks like its flowing out of the caps? Is it a glue that helps it seat better? I have access to a multi-meter and have the checked the output of some of the connectors. Anything to suggest?

It is not normal to have goo coming from the cap. Usually a cap will pop and you'll have the top or bottom puff out. Sometimes a cap will explode and you'll have a little more of a mess. So if it looks like goo is coming out if it then that is probab ... Samsung PS42B430 42 in. Plasma TV

Picture curves in on the sides looks like an hourclass

Below are two of the most common problems encountered with projection TV sets. Problem #1 - CONVERGENCE PROBLEMProjection TV sets need to have all three colors - RED - BLUE - GREEN - lined up correctly on the screen in order fo ... Philips Magnavox 60PP9701 60" Rear Projection Television

While plugging in a D.V.D.s connection the unit stopped responding to the remote control or the manual controls under the front panel. It will not respond to anything except pulling the plug out of the power point. There are two lights on the front of the unit: a green one under what looks like a clock symbol and a red light on the right side of that.Any help would be appreciated!

Hello\015\012You haven't specified anything about the device you uses. Without its brand name and model number, how can I powt a solution to you? Please provide these to me by FixYa please. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a panasonic th-50px75u tv, the problem Im having is it will power up and i can pull up all the menu's but theres no picture or sound. Kinda like it dosent see the input. On the video and tv input there is a white and green line on the right side of the screen going from the top to the bottom. Thin lines. Please help me, thank you.

This is definitely an issue with the main Audio/video board of the tv. Replacing the same should resolve the problem. Replacement board costs about 100-125$. let me know if you wish to do it yourself so that I can give you the instructions ... Panasonic TH-50PX75U Plasma HDTV

Hello everyone, I am having an interesting issue with my 60vs810 recently and was wondering if some of you guys can help. After the TV has been turned off for a while (about 4 hours or longer), when i turn it on, the screen is fuzzy for about 10 minutes until it is warmed up and then the picture stabilizes. It's hard to explain but it looks like the horizontal hold is shaking really bad. It does it on all of my inputs also. After about 10 minutes, the TV seems to be warmed up and it works

Is the fault affecting the OSD also? If no then it's the signal board. If yes it's the digital board.\012\012\012In both cases the fault is in their respective processor: to decode and process the data they must first size it according to a fi ... Hitachi 60VS810 60" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

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