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My tv dont turn on i press the power button and it turns on for one second and bang right off the screen doesn't go on but the light turns blue and u hear click but then rite off i know the scree

Answers :

This sounds like a very common issue.

If set is hard to turn on (have to try several times) but will eventually turn on here is what my guess would be.

Every set has a standby power supply that is running 7/24 if the set is plugged and it supplies voltages to the remote circuit that turn the main power supply and the set hence ON.

This is an area where companies cut corners by using lower rated caps. By this I mean standby usually supplies under ten volts to to trigger the set on----what they do is use a filter capacitor/s rated at say ten volts max in a circuit with 9 volts----With the standby on all the time the filter caps (electrolytic caps) dry out inside and fail.

The problem usually begins where you have to turn set on one or two times and gradually gets worse---takes longer and more tries to get it to come up.

Once its on it will stay on until turned off for a period of time.

The caps will begin to work better (regain some of the capacitance) as they get hot===hence once on it will seem ok.

The beauty of this problem is most of them happen when the set is a year or two old and all you have to do is look at them.

They are generally black and round and vary in size---they have two connections on each: a plus and a minus---easy to replace.

The tops are silver and metal looking with creases in them and if bad in this way they will be puffed up on top----the tops must be flat and perfectly so.

If this is your problem once you id them by location(make a drawing of them) you will find the plus and minus marked on the board as well as a location number for each.

Here is the critical part--on side of each cap the value is also marked like 220 uf 10vdc= 220 microfarad at 10 volts DC (maximum working voltage) if you find for example 6 puffed up and all are 10 vdc replace with same value but go up to at least 16 volt or higher rated caps.

The only issue is when you go up in voltage rated value the cap is larger so sometimes a issue of space to fit them in the board.

The reason they cheapen these sets this way is if 10 caps and you make 25,000 sets the difference in part cost for those is enough to be important to the maker.

They do not care as long as it lasts the usual 1 year parts warranty.

I have taken the time to be long winded because this really sounds like what your problem may be.

see attached photo of typical cap and if you have questions or need advise let me know---I also have a blog just started for experts here and people with questions sd-tech.blogspot.com


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My tv dont turn on i press the power button and it turns on for one second and bang right off the screen doesn't go on but the light turns blue and u hear click but then rite off i know the scree

This sounds like a very common issue.If set is hard to turn on (have to try several times) but will eventually turn on here is what my guess would be.Every set has a standby power supply that is running 7/24 if the set is plugged and ... Insignia NS-LCD42HD-09 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

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This is a protection circuit that prevents the tv from coming on (to stop damage of the components) ....you need to check your voltages off the power supply and make sure they all read well (EX: 24v12v5v etc). Also look for popped capacitors th ... Proscan 37LC30S60 TV

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Look for loose contacts in power outlet, input RC cables or such other devices, connect a different input device and see. Switch off TV manually, switch off power outlet, remove plug and cool it off for 48 hours. If problem persists, it might need ... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

Have a mitsubishi 65 inch flat screen model 65735, I replaced the dlp chip because it went bad. I put it back together and now the screen stays dark blue with the timer light on green. I can still hear sound but my screen is so dark blue i can bearly tell its not a black screen. I rearranged the connectors and got different results, one time the lamp light was flashing orange, the other time when i turned the tv on it would turn right back off instantly with the lmap light orange and timer ligh

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We have a 60 inch plasma LG t.v. and it will not turn on. It will make clicking sounds over and over again until we unplug it. The red light will continue to flash and something it will click red and blue. When we unplug the system it will stay a solid red light but when we try to turn it on it will start clicking again. HELP!!

Start first by looking at the power supply---this may not be a do it yourself repair......General information:I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no powe ... LG 60PC1D 60 in. Plasma Television

When the tv is turned on i hear a click the red light turns on then another click and the red light blicks. is there a reset

Count the number times the red light blinks this is an indication of the error code as to what the probem is, if it blinks 10 times then this is a power supply failure. ... Panasonic TCP42C2 42 in TV

I have a PALSONIC TFTV681U. When I turn it on I here a clicking sound it had the red light, so I press on and nothing happens. I turn off at the power then try again , I get the blue light . There for it should boot up . But no just a back screen and a clicking sound. Thanks

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I have a Samsung LN52A750 It has worked for about 3 years until the other week I turned it on to a blue screen (wrong input setting) and left it alone for about 10 mins on that screen after which it turned itself off. Since then it won't turn on, I try and turn it on and it clicks red light activates like its going to turn on it clicks again and it never actually turns on. Thoughts.

This is the famous bad capacitor problem on the power supply board. Samsung has a semi-official policy for repairing these, free of charge. Go here http://www.samsung.com/us/capacitorsettlement/ to find out how to make a claim. We recently had the is ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

My LG 52sz8r tv wont turn on. It suddenly stopped working. I presumed the bulb needed replacing as the bulb light was on before it stopped working, but did not come back on. however after replacing the bulb the problem remains. After pressing the power button the red standby light comes on, but when i try to operate the tv the standby light turns green and blinks about every second and nothing happens. I can hear a small click in the unit a few seconds after trying to turn it on. any suggestions

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Mitsubishi Lt-52149 will not turn on, and there is no Led indicatior lights turning on. You can hear the tv clicking.

... Mitsubishi LT-52149 52 in. LCD HDTV

I have a Olevia lt37hvs, When i plug it in the blue(olevia)light comes on then goes off and the screen will be blue for 5-6 second then go black for 1-2 seconds then screen goes blue again and it just keeps repeating this process. i hear the big transformer on the power supply clicking like its being overloaded then the screen goes black. When i disconnect the main board from the power supply the clicking and flashing stop. Any ideas?

Tried to connect again the supply for main board and disconnect the supply for the inverter board of back light. and turn on the tv, if the indicator stay the inventer board was the cause of voltage drop at the power supply board. ... Olevia LT37HVS 37 in. LCD HDTV

This TV has a light bar on the front that is red when off and blue when on. When we attempt to power the TV on the light will momentarily light blue, then turn red and the TV won't power up. It varies how many times we have to hit the power button before it powers on and stays on. I suspect there is a bad "starter" or capacitor, but don't know how much needs to be replaced internally to repair this problem

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Puffed up caps can cause that or other issues. ... Samsung FPT6374 63 in. Plasma TV

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Hi. It seems that the g2 voltage of the picture tube is too high, resulting in a white screen, often with white horizontal lines. The g2 (= second grid) voltage is derived from the flyback high voltage. The voltage divider is mostly integrated in the ... Sony KP-57WV600 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Red indicator light is flashing twice. TV is frozen there, if I try to turn it on without unplugging it it clicks and goes off. When I leave unplugged for at least 10 minutes and try to turn in on you hear clicking then goes back to blinking.

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