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Volume control Can't seem to get the volume control up to the maximum. Can get into the sound menu everything is highlited except the ADV line which allows you to increase the volume, when scolling down to this it just misses this an d goesa back to the top of the menu.

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Volume control Can't seem to get the volume control up to the maximum. Can get into the sound menu everything is highlited except the ADV line which allows you to increase the volume, when scolling down to this it just misses this an d goesa back to the top of the menu.

... Insignia Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 42" FHD LED TV model No. BLED42FHDAE connected by HDMI cable to my set top box, I have to use the Bush remote for volume control and the virgin remote to change channels. Can I get volume control onto the virgin remote? Help please. Betty

... Flat Panel Televisions

My lcd tv display a 'k' sign on top left corner in blue box and when i increase my volume, it rise to 30/60, help ! how can i get my normal volume back ?

... Sharp LC32AD5EBK 32 in. LCD TV

I want to change inputs from AV1 to AV2 using menu controls on top of the tv. I'm able to get there but the input is not changing.

If you are using scart cables, try unplugging the input cable that isnt working, then unplug it from whatever its plugged into at the other end, and reversing it, (example: the end that was in your tv is now in the item, the end that was in the item, ... Flat Panel Televisions

My kids broke the remote that came with my vizio soundbar, I bought a universal that worked fine for about 6 months and now I can not get a remote to work with my vizio at all. I bought a new remote and it blinked to show it accepted the code but it will not work. My vizio soundbar works if you use the power button the top of it and the volume control, so can you tell me what the problem is?

Hello,The remotes you have purchased and tried, are universal remotes ? For an item like that the default remote that came with it would work best. I would email Vizio customer support and get a replacement. I had to do the same thing abo ... Flat Panel Televisions

My panasonic th50pz70b has started every few minutes the colour fades to a dull picture which is returned to normal colour by me pressing the volume button but will repeat this fault continually. i also can not get into the menu via remote control. cheers chris

... Flat Panel Televisions

Volume Control Once TV is turned on volume goes to 100%, can manually bring the volume down atop the TV with manual control but once I let go of it the volume goes back up to 100% on its own. I go into volume control and while in menu can control the volume with the handheld control but when I exit it once again goes to 100%.

Look for any jammed buttons (keys) on remote control and/or on control panel. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Water damage soda dripped onto the controll panle on the right side of the unit. screen works fine but at odd intervels a set up menue apears. the volume controll buttons will on and off switch between setup menue and actually controlling the volume, other buttons have similar problems, if i replace the controll panle will this fix the problem

... Emerson LD195EM8 19 in. LCD TV

Toshiba 32a33. I'll be watching tv and the volume bar shows goes down to 0 (no sound) when it is in this mode the remote control will not work on the volume, you can get up and manually up the volume but as soon as you let go of the volume + button. The volume climbs back to O (no sound). Every once in while it will repair itself and life is good, well it's now back to it's old tricks. I have tried unpluging tv, putting new batteries in remote control, don't know what else to try. HELP I think i

1st check to see if your remote volume down button is stuck. 2nd do you have wireless internet (router) or any other wireless devices phones,ceiling fans, another Toshiba remote, if so try unplugging them (or remove the batteries if it's a remote) wh ... Toshiba 32A33 32" TV

Menu controls I have a 22" Luxor 22-860-cob television. Recently when I turned my Xbox on, the screen displayed in black and white. I have had this issue before and managed to deal with it by changing the PAL settings in the TV menu. However since then I have broken the Luxor remote and I am using a top up tv remote instead. When I am trying to change the PAL settings this time, I can access the menu but cannot scroll through it or change the settings. Is there a way I can control the menu using

Can please help ive a 32 luxor tv which has lost vol and need reseting to get vol working but not got pin number ... Flat Panel Televisions

Technika tv - Volume at zero is quiet but as soon as you put it up 1, 2, 3 etc there is a drone with sound barely audible behind the drone. The drone is pretty loud but it doesn't get louder the higher you put the volume, the sound behind the drone gets louder when you increase the volume. Have changed all the audio settings on the tv but that has made no difference.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Volume will randomly increase or decrease after this happens the volume cannot be manually adjusted with the remote control or on the tv volume control. The only way to fix the problem is to unplug the tv & reset it and that does not work all of the time.

Look for bad capaciotrs they will be vented or swollen on Top. ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

I have a HCT 133S TV/DVD combo, the original remote is missing and need to get to the menu, any idea how to get to the menu without the remote? (no menu button on TV)

Going to need a remote--original if possible as many universals will not program for all sets and if do may not have this feature for your set. ... Combination Televisions

I have an nice tel pm-rc4 universal remote that i would like to use on my admiral tv so i can get to the menu to put on the closed captions on the screen since i since become hearing depaired. i do not have the original remote for the television and there isn't a control panel on the tv to get to the menu screen. could you please help me get the code and instuctions to program the remote. thank u so much!!!!

... Flat Panel Televisions

32 lg lcd tv with lst4100a controller box/ i need to get into installers menu

... LG 32LX1D 32 in. LCD Television

The tv menu screen keeps popping on and off when watching TV. Sometimes the sound volume control screen will appear but you cannot control the volume. The set is only 4 months old.

It should be under warranty still but if not and menu comes up on its own I would suspect a problem with the keyboard where the buttons are---they may look and feel fine but they usually are the cause of this kind of problem----In several cases I hav ... RCA 32" LED HDTV LED32B30RQ - ON Corp US, Inc

Hi. My Sony KDL32EX400 started to have unusual problems few months ago. Channel, volume, menu, setting, controls stop functioning. (The little green led is flashing when trying to switch channels or control volume, but nothing else happens.) The only function works is the power. After I turn it off it shuts off but sound remains for another 30-40 seconds. Also sometimes display info remains on screen after TV turned on then the same problem happens, as mentioned above. I have to note that it do

Hi,Does Standby light flash/ blink on tv when it does not show picture or any display in screen?If standby light blinks, please count how many times it blinks after three seconds long pause to diagnose possible problem in tv.And if ... Flat Panel Televisions

Volume control volume gets louder and softer without touching the control

... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

My tv brand is Vivo I got it from Australia about a month ago. Its 50" Plasma tv with HD Tuner. The menu setting and the source selection menu keep popping up on the screen and then it just change to different channels by itself like someone is controlling the remote control. This has been happening for almost weeks now. I turned off the power and unplugged the tv from the power source for a day and turned it on again but it gets normal for about 10 minutes and then the problem starts to occur

... Philips 50PF7320A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Older RCA Entertainment Series tv won't change channels or control volume with remote.

... RCA F25441 25" TV

My tv (AOC LE22H037) automatically lowers the volume down to zero. it depends on what kind of sound is it outputting: during movie whispers or song's almost silent intros, volume gets lowered down. its annoying because i always keep missing the first 2 or 3 words of any line. it is like, if the tv "senses" silence or almost silent sounds, it shuts down sound output. But if the input sound is continous, like in the middle of the song or the shooting of a submachine gun, output volume remains cons

... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 26pfl5522d/05 turn the tv on, blue screen once warmed up and DIGITAL TV the only menu option that works from the remote is the volume bar. Cannot Factory Reset as cannot access menu. Turned on tried once on holding and releasing MENU (on TV control panel button) nothing. Cannot select HDMI source (cross in grey square displayed), the tv has locked me out!! Please Help

... Flat Panel Televisions

Volume increases to 100 or drops all the way to 0 when pressing the volume button on either the remote or back of the tv. I can't control the volume I want.

Keyboard issues and answers:A problem that is more common than most people think is anissue with buttons on the controlkeyboards of modern TV sets.Recently for whatever reason I have seen more questionsabout this so I have composed this answe ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My tv picture comes on bright and clear--within a few seconds, 1/3 of the bottom screen is blacked out and on top of the rectangular black out is writing including the date and time and other lines of information that makes no sense to me. When I hit the volume button on the remote to increase or decrease the volume, the rectangular block disappears and the whole picture is there again. As soon as I remove my finger from the volume button, I lose the picture again.

Whats the model and make of the tv that is having this issue? LCD or plasma?thanks,michael ... Flat Panel Televisions

My lg42le5400 gets stuck on one channel and will not let me change volume, channels, go to the menu or anything and the volume sometimes goes all the way to a 100 and you have to unplug the tv

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

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