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Trying to hook up an antenea and I do not get any channels. I keep getting the "Please Run Channel Auto Scan". I have run the scan several times but it still keeps coming up. Help.

Answers :

Make sure your set has a digital tuner, also a digital anntena

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Trying to hook up an antenea and I do not get any channels. I keep getting the "Please Run Channel Auto Scan". I have run the scan several times but it still keeps coming up. Help.

Make sure your set has a digital tuner, also a digital anntena ... Insignia 42" Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV

I have run the auto channel scan several times but it keeps going back and telling me to run it again after i have chosen a source

... Proscan Flat Panel Televisions

We have a Jensen JE3211 tv in our camper. We changed channels & another channel would not come up. We have run the channel scan & tv will not pick up any channels on the cable. we connected another TV so it is not the connection. it keeps telling us to run an auto channel scan It runs thru the channels but finds none. Why?? It did work okay. [email protected] Please help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

KDS R50XBR1 TV green light comes on blinks 52 times then goes solid red and the standby keeps flashing red no picture comes on and fan is running

... Projection Televisions

Purchased 2007. Takes a long time to come on. Goes off for a minute or so , then clicks & comes back on. Sometimes runs several hours with no problems. Is it dying? What can be done? Thanks, David

The set need service. Its back light inverter, and CCFL lamps should be checked. Sometimes, CCFL lamps might need replacement.For more details, just type in the site name "Electro-help" to\012your search eng ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

Run auto channel scan several times, but tv only gives message to run - can't switch source or do anything else

... Proscan Flat Panel Televisions

KDS R50XBbr1 tv green light comes on flashes 52 times then goes solid red and the standby keeps flashing red no picture comes on and fan is running

This is of course a strange fault to Sony. You might have made a mistake, in counting the number of blinks of standby light. If blinks do not stop, ie, continuous, the fault should be to its II2 bus line. To locate this, if it is, is a very diffic ... Projection Televisions

My toshiba 1080p led model# 4de22ou keeps blacking out and then comes back on repeatedly several times a minute.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My TV cuts off by itself. Example. I can have it running a long time. I cut it off and go to work. When I come home I cut it on it stays on I few seconds. I turn it back on and it cuts off faster. I have to keep letting it sit for a while then try it again sometimes it will stay on and sometimes it won't. Please help. I'm getting really frustrated-

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a WT-46805 mitsubishi 46" that runs perfectly except periodicaly the picture will go black with the sound on. sometimes i can just turn it off and on and the picture will come back and stay on for days, and sometimes it will go off several times then work perfectly. is there an easy fix?

Hello\015\012As the fault is intermittent, it will be somewhat difficult to detect the exact cause. When the TV works properly, all the voltages and other things will be very correct. The fault can be obtained when it is in OFF state. Theref ... Flat Panel Televisions

My 46" orion tv keeps saying run channel auto scan i have 4 times but its not doing anything

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My brand new rca tv keeps asking me to run channel auto scan when i have done it many times already

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

Well the tv 46 inch Orion tv keeps saying run auto scan but our cable box is at my brothers house so we font have the cable box yet and it keeps sayibg run auto scan what do I do ?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My screen won't come on, however the blue light does come on to show it has power. Sometimes the screen just stays black, other times it seems like it's going to turn on but doesn't, meaning the screen lightens a little but it never fully comes on. This happens intermittently; when I unplug the power source for a small amount of time it sometimes fixes the problem and the screen comes on, however it often takes several tries. Periodically it just comes on right away. Also the remote frequently s

Mi tv no tiene imagen ni aparese el menud esta blanca sonido tiene y se escucha bien. ... Element Electronics FLX-2610 26 in. LCD HDTV

Jensen 19" LCD JE 1909 will scan and play cable channels but will not scan and play air or antenna channels. After running auto scan a window comes up that says "please run channel auto scan".

... Jensen Flat Panel Televisions

Can't get rid of "Please Run Channel Auto Scan" stays on tv screen

For some reason it is not seeing you cable signal. you will need to make sure you have it set up for cable and not air. check your input options, like tv/av/hdmi/ ect\012hope this helps ... Dynex DX-LCD32-09 LCD TV

Soniq QSP320T drops the channel tunings when turned off. When it is turned on the owner has to run a manual scan to find channels. After doing the scan it works well until it is turned off when it loses all this information. Sometimes it is necessary to run the scan a couple of times to find stations. This has been happening for the last few days. What is wrong? TV is almost 3 years old

Hello,Saw your response, does this means that your problem is solved? If not, please let me know so that I may assist you further.Bye for now. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG 60PC45 that takes forever to turn on. When u on it from stanby mode the red standby light goes off for almost 20 mins then comes on and u have to on it more than 10 times as it keeps going on and off till it goes green and then has only sound and no picture. U have to swith it off again twice b/4 it comes on with both sound and picture. The time it takes to turn on has been getting longer progressively with time.

It will be leaking capacitors on 1 or 2 of the boards, yu can buy the new ones from maplins/farnells and replace or buy new boards completely from sites on the internet - just type model no and replacement boards into google ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

We have a new Mohu razor antenna. We tried to run auto scan but it will not run. Just keeps floating across screen saying "Please run auto scan". Whats the fix?

... Dynex DX-L22-10A 22 in. LCD TV

I have a Samsung TV model LN40C530F and I have 2 problems with it. 1. Suddenly, the sound rises for a few minutes and it comes back at the initial level. It can happen several times during a program. 2 . Every time when I switch from HD channels into analogical channels, the picture moves to the right about 2 inches. I have to look out in the settings and make an image test so, the picture comes back central. I called Samsung customer service and they told me the problem was coming from the sign

This happens a lot. I would blame the tv itself. I've worked on samsungs with faulty CCFL lamps, faulty backlight inverters....faulty mainboards ETC. I believe this is a video signal issue going from digital to analog which corrilates with the tuner ... Samsung LN40C530 TV

Will not set tv channel to 3...keeps telling me to please run channel auto scan

You can do it manaly. ... Haier Flat Panel Televisions

RCA m61wh74syx1 bulb keeps shutting off, reinitalizes and image comes back. then does it all over again and I dont hear fans running.

... RCA M61WH74SYX1

RCA 29" LED TV won't work properly. It keeps says to run channel auto scan even after I have already scanned for all channels.

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

Hl72a650 Hi I have a Samsung hl72a650. Replaced lamp a year ago. Tv suddenly one day started to shut itself off and back on again. I have tried everything else I have researched online. Took lamp out and back in several times. When the tv comes on the picture is very bright and clear then suddenly the picture begins to loose color and shuts off and back on several times untill all 3 lights start blinking. I also started the tv with mute 182 power and selected options clear lamp, reset user setti

Color wheel issues replace light engine ... Projection Televisions

My sony big screne started shutting itself off and wouldnt come back on for several hours. Then it would power up and standby flash 7 times and after a few mins the picture would be gone but the sound stayed on then a few minutes later it completely goes off. When I push power on it blinks 11 times and does not come back on for sdeveral hours. What could be wrong?

On your tv you have cooling fans on the back side you will need to check to make sure that they are running. Lay your tv on the bed take off back cover (it's not hard) and used some air-in-the- can to remove dust from the back! If you need a fa ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

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