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I have a hitachi tv model x21q5tffhsc hit serial no f7k002607 when i switch the tv on all i could see a horizontal line in the middle of the screen. the sound was ok. that would you think the problem is, and is it worth to fix it.

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I have a hitachi tv model x21q5tffhsc hit serial no f7k002607 when i switch the tv on all i could see a horizontal line in the middle of the screen. the sound was ok. that would you think the problem is, and is it worth to fix it.

... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

My T tau GiGA 1080i is having screen problems..... It started with the screen sinking laterally inwards and sound would then go.... It seemed to fix itself after 5 to 10 mins. It is now progressively worse.... Is it time to invest in a new tv or worth fixing for now?

... Panasonic Projection Televisions

Hi I have a electroboard pdp tv model no gptm-4200 which I can turn on but when I do I get black screen and a little whining sound, can this be fixed and wat do u think the problem would be??? Can anyone help??

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

TV has a vertical line in the middle of the screen, you can hear sound. What do you think is the problem and a rough cost to fix it. Thanks KG

Hello\015\012You haven't mentioned about the model number or type of TV you owns. Yet I consider it to be a TV [CRT based]; and posts this solution.\015\012Your TVs horizontal scan section has some trouble with it. Horzontal scanning is ... Flat Panel Televisions

My samsung model#HL-R5067W shows check fan no 1 on screen,I did clean dust off fan and it worked for 24 hrs, then it came back on screen, and the tv would cut its self off, so I called sears and ordered the fan, changed it and it would not even stay on for 5 seconds before cutting its self off, before it would at least stay on for at least 20 min. or more before it would cut off. In essence the new fan did not fix problem. I talked with sears, they seem to think a lamp is bad. but on screen of

... Projection Televisions

A friend gave us a 27" orion (model # stv2762) two years ago. about a year ago we noticed that the top part of the screen lost pixies ( appox: 5" to 6" long ) Now,there is no picture, there is just a line through the middle of the screen Does this mean we lost the picture tube? can this problem be fixed? if so, what would be the approx cost to repair?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv has a little screen crack it turns on and it has sound but no picture .what can I do And how much would it be to fix this problem?

If the screen panel get damaged you can not get picture only white screen, if you want to replaced the screen only it cost like you buy new tv. and then usually you can not found in any electronic store unless in the manufacturer or in some repair sh ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Dell flat screen model # w2607c . Has been setting around for 2 years or so . When last used it would not power up , understand this model had on going problems in thia area. Is it worth fixing ? Thanks

Look on power supply for bad capacitors bulging out and replace. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Philips 32PFL5604H TV has had a sound problem for a while. It originally occurred when I the TV was turned off for less than an hour then turned back on the sound would not work. If left for over an hour and then turned back on it would work fine. The problem seems to be happening more frequently now and rarely does the sound come back on. Can it be fixed or is it time for the bin.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Can you fix this cracked screen problem on Vizio VW42LFHDTV10A? and no sound?

We used to say have a short service on the patio and buy a new set---damaged panel display unit is more than set cost (if it is even available)Let it go---when damaged it can instantly damage other boards/parts in the set.Run a car with n ... Vizio VW42LF 42 in. LCD HDTV

I have a vizio vz37l tv. When i turn it on the screen lights up, however there is no picture on the screen. the sound works, its just no picture on the screen. I read on a couple of the posts on here, and figured the proper course would be to replace the t-con board. I just finished replacing the tcon board and still the same thing. I called vizio about the problem and they say that if the screen lights up then the problem wouldn't be the backlight inverter boards, that it might be as simpl

Its the main board... ... Vizio VX37L Television

Hello, Im having problems getting a pictur on my screen. The screen stays black but the power button is green so that means the TV is on but it wont show anything.. I also don't hear sound either im not sure if this could be a power supply issue or black light inverter issue or even a burned out pixel..I have only had the TV for 3 yrs so i don't think the problem should be that major but i am concerned because i don't no where to start help me please!!?? :)

... LG 32LB4D 32 in. LCD HDTV

Help My element flat screen has picture and sound when I turn it on. After 15 minutes of being on the screen will flicker then back to good then it will completely fade to black but sound will be good . I turn it off and back on and it works again . How do I fix this problem?

Check its back light inverter board and back-light CCFL lamps. ... Element Electronics Flat Panel Televisions

At the beginning the screen turned green or blue. I thought it was the lamp and I replaced it. The problem was not fixed. Now the screen is white and it has sound. What is the problem of my TV?

If you are using a box of some type for signal here and have not tried it, remove box and set from power for a while and then connect power back---cannot hurt and may help. ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF55E2000 55" Projection HDTV

I have a 3 yr. old Panasonic model # TH-50PZ80U flat screen T.V. a month ago , after watching T.V for short while , then turning off, then turning back ON screen would be black, no sound or picture, red little light on front bottom blinks 10 times stops for a few seconds then repeats the 10 times blink & so on, until unplugged. The T.V will start to work if left unplugged for 1 hr. or so. Whats the problem ? What part would it need ? Appreciate the help. Kirstin Tidwell in L.B. , CA

The full fault guide explaining this and the solution can be downloaded athttp://www.mauritron2.com/downloads/Panasonic/while for the service manual googlemauritron.com ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I had LG 50pc1da Plasma TV for the last 5 years never had problem untill last week. The screen keeps blinking, I can barely see the picture, the sound is ok. Ysus board making ticking sound matching the screen blinking. Please help how to fix it?

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for\012more details. Check this link and\012select the site named above. View it\012in 'Flip card' opti ... LG 42PM3MV 42 in. PLASMA TV

Main Board? Had issues for years, where I had to unplug once in order to get the tv to turn on. Then one day, it would not turn on. The TV shows a quick lightening of the screen like it is going to turn on, but nothing appears. It also clicks once or twice. Took to a repair shop and they diagnosed with main board failure and refused to fix due to lack of parts. Do you think it is the main board and where would I find one? I am pretty handy, do you think I could DIYthis job?

The fault must be due to a main board fault. Generally, it will be impossible to get this board repaired. A replacement must be done. Most of the parts in this board are not available by local electronic spare part market. After power ON, there sh ... Proscan 47LB45H 47 in. LCD TV

I think the sensor has gone bad in my TV? ordered a new remote but it did not fix the problem. i have to manually turn the tv on an off. You can change the TV chanels with the cable TV remote and adjust the sounds. how can the TV sensor not work with the TV's remote but the Cable remote will work on chanels and sound? what could be the problem?.

... Sansui 32" TV

Hi there, I have a Sharp Aquos LCD TV model number: LC-37PX5M. Out of the ordinary, i have encountered a problem with it. When i switch it on, the screen comes on for 2 seconds and vanishes off. It just display's a black screen. During this time, i only have sound but no picture. Any suggestions to fix this problem ? Much appreciated ppl.

It sounds like the light tube in the back is going dead. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but thats the most likely problem. kind of common especially if there was a power spike. hope the bad news doesnt effect my rating lol but this is what i f ... Sharp LC-37PX5M 37 in. LCD TV

TruTech Plv 16190 flat screen connected to converter and antenna. Progressively over past month, TV has taken longer (15-45 minutes) for sound to come on. Yesterday it took 2 hours. Today, no sound at all. What is the problem and how can I fix it. I do not know how to begin to troubleshoot this problem.

The audio processor has some garbage in it do to a small power surge and if you unplug the TV from the wall for 40Min. then it will reset back to normal. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung plasma PN42A410, First my tv would turn on for only about 10 seconds, the screen would turn grey as if starting then it would turn black and the set would shut itself off,2 days later it stays on, the sound works fine, but the picture looks like moving Monet master piece, mostly black and white and few colors, very psycadelic but not what I want. what's the problem

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

My Samsung T220HD was having problems turning on. The red light would flash once instead of 3 times, there would be an odd sound, and the screen would look a little weird. I would have to wait a few minutes and then it turned on. Now, a week or two later, it won't turn on at all. It's completely dead.

... Samsung T220HD 22 in. LCD TV

Tn61x81 My screen has a horizontal black arcing line across the top and bottom of he screen. The bottom is worse. It almost covers 1/2 the screen. I changed the convergence chips with no luck. I can tap on the side of the set and it works for about an hour, then it comes right back. Also, I have tried to get a service manual for this tv and cannot find one, any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

I have a toshiba 52hm84 I just recenlty put in a new bulb and it has been working great. today I turned on the television and would get a good picture for about 1-2 seconds and then the screen would go black. I would change the channel and onlly get sound. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Make sure the bulb door is secure..if not it will shut down the bulb ... Toshiba TheaterWide 52HM84 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Our 2004 rca tube tv screen went recently went out on us. When you turn on the power, you can hear the tv and you'll only see a blue line in the middle of the screen that shrinks and fads out and the tv eventually turns off completely. We cannot see anything on the screen besides the blue line and only for about 3 seconds. We would like to know how to fix this in the cheapest manner possible. I looked online before and it said something about the tact switches possibly needing replacement?

Hello\015\012It is reparable problem. You see a blue line across the middle of the screen I thinks and posts this solution. The fault is due to the absence of vertical scan. In your set, there is an IC used for this purpose, and it has been d ... RCA TruFlat 27F520T 27" TV

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