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I have an Hitachi Projection TV Model #60SBX72B purchased new in Nov 1997. This has been an amazingly dependable set....moves to 6 different homes and not one service technician call has ever been needed. Recently, we have been seeing horizontal static lines across the middle of the screen....randomly and frequently, but not contstant. It happens on all stations. We are also seeing a red and blue blurred rainbow effect in the upper left corner of the screen. Additionally, there are times wh

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\015\012service and repair manual at above link.\015\012
\015\012"moves to 6 different homes and not one service technician call has ever been needed" (sic)\015\012
\015\012well it maybe now that it may make up for it.... :(\015\012
\015\012This could be your color engine, it may also be your color wheel? even a PSU problem, however unfortunately these symptoms you describe, are symptomatic of many many many faults. This realistically precludes diagnosis via, a forum, and one really must examine a set before a determination could be made, well unless a "Clear Cut" fault was exhibited, this one is not. These units never had any "Weaknesses" so to speak, and were/are a reliable set, though very out dated now. Once they start to fault, it is the "Thin end of the wedge" so to speak, and repaired units will usually fail again with 12 - 18 months. (According to statistics)\015\012
\015\012\015\012With this symptom, it is impossible to tell what the exact "Cause" of this symptom is. The LED's do not tell us what is wrong, sometimes it may indicate the "Area" in your case it is the X board. BUT thats NOT where the "Fault is" thats just the part that is affected. T What is happening is that you have a fault in the set, that is potentially very bad, and the Power Supply senses this and attempts to shut it down, now when it shuts down, the fault clears momentarily, and so the PSU, again tries to power up, sense the fault and tries to shut down again, we call this a Hic-upping Power Supply, and is often the symptom of a much larger underling problem. These days unlike the "Old" analogue days it just isn't realistically possible to fix anything but the most basic of problems with todays sophisticated units. This is quite apart from the Safety aspect, any unit that can cause a firs or have an explosion, or both, is NOT to be treated lightly, and and the repairer, of the unit is legally responsible, another thing to think about. Also, one must have tools, a Multimeter, a soldering iron, a deslodering iron, an oscilloscope, a signal tracer, tools, and most important of all, a Service Manual, without which, there is no way to even begin to understand and fix it, and more importantly Program it, AFTER it has been fixed. As these days a TV, is a PC, a Tuner, and an HDTV Monitor, and more, all in one. in the "old" days TV"s were more, rudimentary, and built to last for 20 years, and a "Parts" supply was set aside. They usually used to fail for only a few reasons, and they while still difficult, were less difficult to repair. Electrical knowledge was transferable, and they could be and would respond to, This-is-the-symptom-This-us-the-Fix, But that no longer applies, as now, it can be a Fault on I squared Bus, or "Sensor" failure, or it simple may have "Crashed" just like a PC, It could be a Diode go bad, and that will stop the whole thing. You see, in the day, the sets were Very "Fault Tolerant" because they were Analouge, and a faulty, component, or more sometimes, the set would always diplay something usually, and when they didn't it was one of only a few things, sure there are always the horrid ones, and there are pleanty of those, but all in all it was quite easy. But with Digital Electronics, it either goes, or it doesnt, there are usualy few half measures. I mean thats the definition of logic either going or not. So it can take very little to completely paralyse a set, and generally give the only sysmptom, it can, by not working, usually No picture, or the like. So you, see the list is endless almost for any given SYMPTOM, as that is what is being seen, not the cause, as I keep going on about. Also any fault, usually involves the Power Supply, it is either the cause, the cause of the damage, or it is damaged. or ALL of them. Then after you have done the electronic repairs, you then must program the set to work, and align, and set up in general, any one of those settings missed or done wrong, back to square one.\015\012 So, it is nearly always my professional opinion that one should always get a "Quote" form the manufacturers recommended service center, I cannot stress how important that last point is. It is even worth the cost of shipping. you see an authorised service agent, will have trained staff, trained on their brand, also they have first hand access to parts, original parts. This will actually save you money and ensure you can actually get it back fixed. Of course asking for a "Quote" also gives on the option of repair or replace. Often my clients,do not go through with repair, unless it is moderate, but in some of the more costly jobs they see it, as do i, that a replacement, with a warranty, is a better option. As an aside here, one could then tear the TV down, and sell the Known Good bits. You'd be surprised who needs parts, i myself often must by from third party sources to effect a repair. So money could be recouped, somewhat,and help out someone else
1. the moving could have thrown the color guns out of sync.> your TV unit will need service .
2. the horizontal out put circuit and or the vertical sync circuit may need to be serviced.
3. Your TV may need a TV technician to look at it to determined the fix.
Checking the main board with schematic and Oscilloscope for possible fail components is what will be needed to fully resolve your issue.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Projection Televisions
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I have an Hitachi Projection TV Model #60SBX72B purchased new in Nov 1997. This has been an amazingly dependable set....moves to 6 different homes and not one service technician call has ever been needed. Recently, we have been seeing horizontal static lines across the middle of the screen....randomly and frequently, but not contstant. It happens on all stations. We are also seeing a red and blue blurred rainbow effect in the upper left corner of the screen. Additionally, there are times wh

Http://s100-manuals.com/search.asp?q=60sbx72b\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012service and repair manual at above link.\015\012\015\012"moves ... Hitachi 60SBX72B 60" Rear Projection Television

Model FA2B32570 The screen is black, i have sound. I have cable plugged into it. I have the back off and i do not see that i have a capacitor problem. What is the next solution? I also have a part looks like a strap it has the writing on it. Tennrich-5 AWM2062480cvw what is it? i think it is unplugged. It happen when i took the back off!

Look for a socket with no plug and :Solutions(1)I see so many people here with nosound /picture issues:ISSUES:1. If sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby light check fuse, standby power supply, and lo ... Digital Lifestyle Flat Panel Televisions

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Hi.The PSU looks OK. Double check that Volts are OK on all outputs.Check if there is DC out from main to inverter. If you have no back light: If there is no DC to inverter, then it is usually main board. If there is DC t ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Vizio plasma vp422 made a loud pop and went off. Now it won't come back on. U can turn on and the vizio display turns from orange to white but nothing else. Also u can see the little green light in the back is burning. I have removed the back and don't see any visible damage such as blown capacitors. Also I checked the 4 little white fuses and their is continuity running through them. I don't really know where to start looking next. Would it be one of the boards? Is there any way of checking

You need to get a service manual (good luck) or begin by testing all the marked voltages out of the power supply board at TURN ON.do any come up and instantly go to zero or very low? That is a clue where you would have to follow up. ... Vizio Standard (CRT) Televisions

LCD television starts normal, but after 2-3 secs, the screen turns black and remains black, no picture, but sound is still there. All cables have been checked - all possible input channels have also been tested to see if they produced any images onto the screen. When i look in a dark room to the black screen (with a flashlight), you can see (but very hard to see) some grey images (tv pictures) moving over the screen. I've read onto this very interesting website that on some models, one c

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I have a 36 inch Panasonic CT-36B30D TV. After i turn it on i can see the screen slowly pushing outward. when it finally stop pushing out it become so wide so that am unable to see what is on either sides of the screen it also has hourglass look, in other words anything that is vertical would have a bend in it. height i okay. i even changed the vertical ic and all the condenser oround that area and it still didn't work. can someone help me please.

The problem may be in the yoke, or pincussion circuits. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

When I turn the TV on I can see the picture only a few seconds and then appears a blue box that says 18G1W016 FACTORY. I can not see more the picture. The same happens if I put a DVD, the movie is playing but the blue box can not be removed. I can not watch nothing.

Good day!I think is on the set-up please try to go to the menu using remote control then go to settings and find the default set-up.Thank you ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung HLP 4674w DLP. The picture started to lose color and look like a negative image. Then it would get scrambled and eventually go out. Powering on and off sometimes fixed it, but only temporarily. Sometimes it would also turn off and on by itself. I thought it may be the lamp so I replaced it, but it did not fix the problem. Next I thought it may be the color wheel so I replaced that, but the problem did not go away. Also when this happens the Power switch will not turn the TV off.

You need to change the lamp out, it builds up a internal resistance, and pulls your voltaged down, it will get to the point where you TV will not come on at all. Replace your lamp, you can get one at ... Samsung HLP4674W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

Hello, i have a samsung 42' plasma tv model #pn42c450b1d. the tv doesn't want to turn on. i plug it in and you hear a clicking noise se a red power light. also when you press the power button on the tv in the back u see a green light come on for a second on one of the circuit bords( the one under the power board) and simutanously you see a red light come on and and off at the same time on the circiut board with the av, hdmi, inputs. i looked and thier doesn't seem to be any bulging capaciters. a

Hi.As you know the TV is in protect mode because an internal fault has been detected. I think that you already tried leaving power cable disconnected for ten minutes. After connecting back restart the TV with no device attache ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi there, I have a 5 years old LG PDP42V8 Flat Screen TV. It worked fine and all of a sudden, something happened. Basically, Sound is working, and even you can watch the tv. but its very dim. it just looks like the light behind the tv is gone. so its just not bright, and on a sunny day you cant see anything. but during night time, you can see soomething from the film on the tv. do you know what the issue might be, and can i fix this issue? cheers

... LG 42PC3D 42 in. Plasma Television

Dark screen husband rolled over on the remote, have directtv all other tvs work well just this one dirrct tv says its the tv not them scsreen is dark can see red green and blue thats all the light it puts out also it seems to be in analog mode and I can't see the screen to try using system setup I tried going to tv mode and changing the channel to line one to or aux/ but can't get it to go there any ifeas

... Sansui TVS2750 27"

Hi Cindy Wells, the Sanyo DP19648 LCD TV failed at 2 yrs and 8mth that I bought for my parents. I can see a faint image with a flashlight and there are no apparent burns on the the board that powers the LCD lights. My question is: If you see the faint screen , as in your fix, should I test the bosrd output as well? Also, I went to inventgeeks.com, he was fixing a monitor is it as easy as he should us? Mom's got a new TV, bought her a toshiba LCD with Visa so I've double here warranty but I hate

IF you can see a faint image it means that the backlight of the tv is not operational, usually due to failed inverter board. Replacing the same should help you resolve this problem. In this particular tv the backlight inverter is part of the power su ... Flat Panel Televisions

My samsung 46 inch LCD also has the problem of no picture, but clear sound. I read all the posts about capacitor problems, and have gone so far as to take the back off and the power supply cover to look at the capacitors. But they all look flat...I don't see any of the bulging noted in other posts. When I first power up the TV, it looks like it is lighting up, but after maybe 1/2 second of buzzing, the dim light goes off completely. Looking at it from the back with the cover off, you can see the

Samsung has had a lot of capacitor issues with some models, even if the capacitors look good they can still be open and need to be tested with special equipment to get to the root of the problem. They had so man ... Samsung LN-T4665F 46 in. LCD Television

40 inch ktv model ltw40eh1b. When plugged in the light the blue light will come on but when I hit the power button I hear a multi note tone and nothing else will happen. I can unplug it and can go through the process but same result. I have heard that it may be the media board and also have heard that it may be the power supply. Tthe thing is I cannot find a wiring diagram or also where I may be able to purchase these items. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi i havw a mitsubishi wd 60737 tv the problem that i am having o this tv is they seems to be WHITE DOTS ont the screen (leftside) of screen only ...and i also see Black Dots also ... how do i go about removing them or what can i do to fix it? thank you

Hi,This does not seems to be a good news. Before i provide you with more details, kindly mention the below questions :-Are these white spots star like and are there on all inputs?If you press the sets menu button w ... Mitsubishi WD-60737 60 in. HDTV

I have sound but no picture last time this happen the tv tech who reapired it said if it happen again he probally would not be able to fix it also when i did have picture i started to get green dots on the screen


Why does my tv screen appear gray with no picture, but the sound is okay? It's not the cable. The cable company came out and said the problem is the tv. All wires are correctly plugged in. The screen is gray then a white block, dark gray block, and then another gray block. The sound for tv shows is on, you can hear what shows are on, but can't actually see the show displayed. This wasn't in the troubleshooting section of the manual. Please help? Also, you can't see the menus or input menus or an

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Hi. My Sony KDL32EX400 started to have unusual problems few months ago. Channel, volume, menu, setting, controls stop functioning. (The little green led is flashing when trying to switch channels or control volume, but nothing else happens.) The only function works is the power. After I turn it off it shuts off but sound remains for another 30-40 seconds. Also sometimes display info remains on screen after TV turned on then the same problem happens, as mentioned above. I have to note that it do

Hi,Does Standby light flash/ blink on tv when it does not show picture or any display in screen?If standby light blinks, please count how many times it blinks after three seconds long pause to diagnose possible problem in tv.And if ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I've got a 19 inch alba television with built in freeview. It's a replacement model, I had the first one in June until about November when it started randomly going really bright and no matter how much I turned it down in the settings, it just kept getting brighter, it wouldn't stop! It gets so bright and contrasted you can barely see anything and the writing is all fuzzy. And now it's happened again on this replacement which is a newer model. What's happening and can I stop it or do I need

Yes a replacement will be required. Let's hope, if you bought it through a quality dealer or Argos and get it replaced with a different make/model ... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic PT-47WX42 TV. Picture looks like convergence is out. I also see a Distorted picture like a Filter Capacitor has also gone out. SD Tech said he was familiar with this

It is the the convergence IC that need to be change on the convergence board, and also check for defective electrolytic caps and low ohm resisters that have changed in values too. You can also buy a new convergence module an ... Panasonic PT-47WX42 47" Rear Projection Television

My tv says invalid mode for 10 min before I can see the picture. I tried to unplug it for a minute but that didn't work. It just happened for no reason the other day and everytime I turn on the tv I have to wait for about 10 minutes before anything happens. It just says Invalid Mode.

... Norcent Technologies LT-2722 27 in. LCD Television

I have a 63' projection TV. The picture is off. All of the lights are working, but the images are fuzzy, and you see the image tripled. The three images overlap each other in red, green, then blue. It seems like the colors have to put back in sync to form one clear image. Also I can see a bow effect at the top of the screen.

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading. Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are ... Philips 55PP9363 55" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I AM USING SAMSUNG C370 DVD PLAYER.IT HAS USB PORT TOO. I AM COPYING MOVIES FROM MY PC TO PEN DRIVE AND PLAYING THEM IN MY DVD PLAYER. it plays well. BUT THE PLAYER SKIPS THE MOVIE WHICH IS ABOUT TO FINISH WITHIN IN FEW MINUTES and returns to the disc menu again. this happens in all most every time. I am able to see the whole movie but i am missing last few minutes approxiamately 10-20 min. I am using the same format movie files. but i am able to see few movies till the end and few creates the

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have an Element LCD model number flx-3210 that loses raster after 1 minute. Audio is fine. No blink codes and all caps are fine. Checked ESR and replaced common failing caps already. ec17 and ec18 450v 10uf. Also changed d10 and FETs q17 and q16. Nothing changed. When I lose raster, the LED D13 on the power board lights solid. I do NOT have any backlights on. Dark room tested and backlights go out completely when this happens. I also tested the two transformers on the inverter side of the pow

Hi Jeramy.These TVs are indeed re-branded Polaroid. You will not find the service manual under Element. You must find the equivalent Polaroid TV.The Polaroid Flx-3202 is the same as element flx 3202 and 3212 the FLM-3237 is ... Flat Panel Televisions

Power light is red so I guess it's getting power but when I try to turn it on nothing happens. I know a green light indicates it is on but that is not happening and I also have no remote.

The standby 5vdc power is working , that is why the front LED is on but it may be in the safety shutdown mode due to short circuits or bad 12vdc and 24vdc power supply section, or bad main cntrol baord, shorted circuits in the backlights inverter boa ... Norcent Technologies LT4247 42 in. LCD TV

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