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Cant seem to change picture contrast, brightness, sharpness. cursor moves from video mode straght to advance

\015 Cursor jumps from picture mode to advance does not give you option in between\015

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Cant seem to change picture contrast, brightness, sharpness. cursor moves from video mode straght to advance

... Grundig GU19WDVDPCX 19 in. LCD TV

I have Samsug LN-S2651D TV. Recently the screen turned green (no picture). Sound works fine. Cable remote will cycle through channel changes OK. Cable 'TIVO' appears to work OK. TV Menu's seem to work OK. Picture menu: Mode=Custom; Size=19:9; Digital NR=On; DNle Demo=Off; Film Mode=Off; Blue Screen=Off. How can I get the picture back?

... Samsung LN-S2651D 26 in. LCD Television

When playing video games there seems to be a distinct change in the brightness level, especially of background objects, when I move the camera on my LN46B640. This issue is difficult to describe but seems to be some kind of gamma/brightness/lighting issue. Just want to know if this is common with this TV. Also, the AutoMotion Plus feature WILL NOT function with video games. Turning this feature to standard causes terrible stuttering, triple images (such as on cross hairs when turning the cam

... Samsung LN46B640 LCD TV

Hi Guys, I have a SHARP LC37AD5EBK LCD TV. The problem is the picture is pixelated and discoloured (Orange Mostly), if you pull up a menu from the sat box or TV itself the picture is fine. It seems to only be moving picture that is affected. The same applies to the DVD player when playing. Your help on this would be much appreciated, Regards, Eirin

... Sharp LC32AD5EBK 32 in. LCD TV

I Have a problem w/ my Sharp TV 20V-S200 they appear a video in only a seconds and it fade to blue screen the sounds is ok but the video is the only problem when i always turn on the power it always appear the video in only a seconds and it always turn into blue screen please tell me the parts that i need to change thanks in advance hope someone can tell me the problem

Dear Sir:This a problem with HSYN+VSYN, you must follow the signal, and then the RGC. see the diagramGod bless you ... Flat Panel Televisions

New Sharp LC-40LE820UN tv picture flickers with double image and picture break up in an number of different modes mostly during commercials watching DVD and during music videos.

... Sharp LC40LE820UN 40 in. LCD TV

I purchased this Apex Digital LCD flat screen 1080p television in November of 2009. Not long after I purchased the TV, the HDMI1 connection seemed to go bad ("unsupported mode"), and after troubleshooting; I gave up and simply moved the connector to HDMI2 - where although losing 1080p on most of the channels (the rest were available in 720); I could at least watch the TV - albeit with a reduced picture resolution on about 90% of the channels. Then in late 2010; the HDMI2 port seemed to go bad

... Apex Digital LD4088 LCD TV

Hi-rn Thank you for being here- We were watching our Sharp Flat Screened TV, beautiful nice picture. We noticed when we hooked the cable up for Direct TV in our new home, the input connection point was bent and slightly loose. We attached the cable and everything seemed fine. Tried to move it back to the wall and the picture became distored w/ snow and it's saying 'analog' on the screen. Is there another way to connect it to the cable other than that particular connection point until we ca

With Direct TV, you should use the video input (composite video- yellow/picture, red/right stereo, white/left stereo)ORcomponent video- (green/video, blue/video,red/video white/left channel stereo, red/right channel stereo)t ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

My Panasonic TH-42px75u seems to be in a permanent zoom mode. I have used the original remote to change the aspect, but the picture is bigger than the screen and I can't get it to size properly. A

... Panasonic TH-42PX75U 42 in. Plasma Television

Hi my sharp lcd tv when switch to DTV mode, the picture freezes however the sound still remains. I cannot change channels or go into any DTV menu options. Have you encountered this before?

It is probably not the TV , but coming from your signal source, cable box, or statile, and allot of times it is do to bad cabling, need to run new cable, RG60. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Need to reset code for my old sharp tv.Model # 13vt R100. When I changed the batteries, the remote stopped working. The remote we are using is an RCA that doesn't seem to have the word "code" on it, but I know my wife set the code a while back and it worked (she's out of town). I thank you in advance. Lloyd

... Sharp 13N-M100 13" TV

We have a vizio hdtv vp42 plasma screen all of a sudden last night entire screen became dull colors are blurred picture is not sharp at all seems like all faded and we are looking through oil. we tried leaving off all day then reseting color settings but nothing has changed??? help

... Vizio P2 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have a Sanyo CE37FD47-B 1080p but every time I press picture 720p appears how do I change it to 1080p what would be the best mode eg colour contrast brightness sharpness...

The program may only be available in 720 and as such does not mean anything. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sanyo CE37FD90-B 1080p but every time I press picture 720p appears how do I change it to 1080p what would be the best mode eg colour contrast brightness sharpness...

... Flat Panel Televisions

Emerson 20 i lost my remote and need to figure out how to change it to video mode without it. I just moved in my dorm and cant play my xbox

Use the channel change button go under channel three you might see Av and others ... Emerson EWF2004 20" TV

I just purchased the TCL42U25 42 inch. My problem is that it seems like the screen is very dark. even if i change the picture mode to Vivid, which is the brightest mood, the screen still looks dark. for instance, i was watching an HD movie last night and it was a dark scene and i was honestly not able to see anything versus my other HD tv. I was wondering if u got any tips before i return this tv?

... Panasonic TCL42U25 42 in HD-Ready LCD TV

Hi I have a 27 C240 Sharp tv that the picture rolls vertically on. If I hold the channel change button or any button while in menu mode with the remote, it shuts off and will only come back on after unplugging it for several seconds. Any ideas? Thx

Hit your TV lightly on left side or right side or on top & then observe ..........you will get normal picture or it comes & again it goes....if it is happening like that then following ... Sharp 27C-240 27" TV

I have purchased an HX46800 after using an XBR40 full HD for 3 years. The picture on the new set doesn't seem as sharp as the older LCD set except when the source is 1080. It is very unforgiving for even 576 picture source and the picture becomes less than sharp, especailly on long shots - sometimes looking almost blurry. The older set seemed to accomodate most HD sources with a sharper picture. Is this common or do I have a dud? tks Mike Goss

... Sony Bravia KDL40HX800 40 in. LCD 3D HDTV

My toshiba 42h82 has a messed up picture through video mode. we have an xbox hooked up to it and when we turn it on and put it on the video mode, then the picture is so messed up you cant even tell what it is. What could be the problem? And how can I fix it myself. I have a good electronic background.

... Toshiba 42H82 42" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I was given a Sharp TV model LC-26SH12U which was purchased Nov 2007. When I turn on the TV there is sound but no picture. I am using the HMDI input from my cable provider. I do get a picture at times. It seems as if I turn off and on the tv eventually the picture will show up. I have worked tirelessly with the cable provider and it seems to be the tv as when there is no picture I also hook up another tv and get picture from the provider while I'm getting no picture from the LCD tv. Is

Contact the nearest authorised service center for Sharp. You TV need service. ... Sharp LC-26D43U Television

No matter which picture size I select, I cannot ever seem to get the picture from the DVD to fit the screen. For instance, I am watching a DVD right now that is in wide screen, and when in "Normal" size, the picture is sitting at the very bottom of the screen... and some of the picture is missing. However, if I change to other sizes, large parts of the picture are cut off. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried different things in the Menu... nothing seems to adjust where the picture sit

U tries used the DVD player remote to fix this problems,could be the DVD movie?Have the same problems,with the regular tv incomming broadcasting signal?Yes,than the tv Tuner signal board is the problems and the causes it dying and shorted.Tries websi ... Sansui SLED2280 22 in. LCD TV

My logik tv has for some reason just randamly change the screen colour to yellow picture and some times blue picture. whn i try to change it in the settings it wont let me and the picture will only stay on picture mode music and if i try the option bellow that it only goes up one and some oftions i can not click on. the sound shoots to max when i try to increase the level by one any

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have the Sony KDS- 60A2020 60 inch TV. Recently, my picture has appeared more yellowish. Everyone on it looks like there dark yellowish or have fairly dark (bronze) sun tans. I changed my lamp yesterday but problem didn't change. I have adjusted all video picture settings but no changes have worked. Please help if possible. Thank you for your time.

I have a older 2006 SXRD rear projection TV. I had the same problem after the TV warmed up this yellow tint started in the corner and crawled its way down the TV. It turned out that Sony had a recall on the optic block of the TV. If you replaced the ... Sony KDS-60A2020 60" HDTV

I'm using a Sewell SW-23000 PC to TV converter to connect my Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 PC to a Zenith B25A24Z TV. This converter converts a VGA signal to an RCA one. A scrambled signal comes through on my Zenith when the PC is on and it changes when the computer monitor picture changes, but remains scrambled. Changing the PC display settings doesn't help - I tried several different resolutions. My PC's video card is an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset. Do I need a new video card? (that wasn't suppo

Hi,you can try to use different TV if you have an LCD tv try connecting it to your converter just to isolate the faulty.replace the RCA cord use a new one the RCA cord might have a problem.If your TV has two video input try to plug the a/v cord to a ... Zenith B25A24Z 25" TV

The TV has power but no picture, but on video mode it's fine.

I had this problem before on my LG TV. My solution is to put a 12V fan on the tuner board processor. The problem is caused by the TV overheating and the tuner CPU cuts out because it is hot and instructs the power board to shut the tuner board off (a ... LG 42LV4400 42 in. HDTV

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