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My ge 27GT720 TVA picture went completely red for some reason and I don't know why all I see is red and white, doesn't matter I try watching a movie or play in the wii, any help that can be provided would well helpfull

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My ge 27GT720 TVA picture went completely red for some reason and I don't know why all I see is red and white, doesn't matter I try watching a movie or play in the wii, any help that can be provided would well helpfull

... GE Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Insignia DVD player connected to my Emerson HDTV. I used the channel Video1 to play DVD to see movies. It worked well until my son randomly pressed the Insignia DVD remote control. Now whenever we try to see movie using the channel Video1, the screen shows ' not supported format'.

Hello did you try to reset the system of your TV?go to the menu page and look for the reset command..thank you ... Emerson LC320EM9 32 in. LCD HDTV

The other night I inserted a DVD and it played beautifully. When I switched back to watch cable TV, the screen had a red tint. I've tried unplugging the screen and checked the video cables. Still red. The other TVs in the house are not having this issue.

The problem sounds like it is with the Light Engine, I would contact Customer Support for help, possible repairs. Thank you for using FixYa! ... Flat Panel Televisions

While watching tv, we lost sound. We thought it was the tv but when we use the wii or netflix through the wii, we have sound. We are using a Zenith tv digital converter as well as have things routed through our dvd/vcr player. When playing a dvd we still do not have sound. I'm thinking it may be the digital converter. How can we find out? Has this happened to anyone before? Thanks.

Hi.\015\012The Wii has a RCA cable to connect the Video, Audio(R) and Audio(L). Then you have your Wii connected to one of the inputs of your TV.This input is working good (you have sound with your Wii)\015\012\015\012If you have co ... Flat Panel Televisions

This is about an approximately 10-year-old Toshiba DVDVideo/Audio Player SD-4700. Has always worked well. Problem. I am watching TV series The Tudors from Showtime Network. Got the DVD's from the public library. All of the series's disks have played except the last disk in the final series. The DVD display window says "DISK ERROR" and there is no picture or sound. I have tried four different sets from the library and no one else has complained, but this "DISK ERROR" happens every time on this on

I think you must in this case give the benefit of doubt to the player. Since all the disk in this series is playing well then the particular disk can have fault or damage on the tracks that seems to send in the errror as the scan encounters the error ... Flat Panel Televisions

When I view the tv over the cable the picture has a green tint, I can't get any true reds or proper flesh tones; however when I play a dvd the picture is fine. I've tried to correct the problem using the picture settings but can't get the color right when watching cable. What can I do?

Check the connection of your cable wire and the plug. It seems that you have a loose/bad connection either on the cable box or from the cable wire itself. First you have to confirm a good signal from your cable provider.\012Thanks for using fixya. ... Sony KDF46E2000 46" Projection HDTV

I was watching TV tonight and when I looked back at the television (KF-50WE620) there was a dull red hue to the whole screen. I tried playing a video tape and it was there also. Turn off all input sources, and there is still a reddish background glow to the whole television. I didn't think that I could have adjusted anything to do with the colour since I wasn;t even touching the romte, but pressed reset anyhow, and it made no difference. Help please!

Its a failing optic block and needs to be replaced they are however very expensive to but and quite alot to install too im sorry to hear of your misfortunate mishap good luck ok ... Sony Grand WEGA KF-50WE620 Television

Dear Sirs, Recently, my Sharp dvd-video combi player has been encountering some problems regarding the playing of dvd's. When I watch a movie, in several occasions the movie will freeze up. And for exactly one minute the dvd player will make strange sounds, after which the movie will continue. This happens quite often and is always exactly one minute. For example: the movie freezes after having played for 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The time played on the dvd player will show as 010.10

The DVD unit in your sharp is a self contained unit. IT is only repaired by replacing the DVD as a assembly. the cost of replacing may exceed the cost of purchasing a new one. \015\012 The most likely cause of your problem is in the brass gear ... Flat Panel Televisions

I've been playing wii on an old JVC tube tv, and last night i pressed a ch. up button on the tv by accident in the dark. I have navigated up and down the channels trying to find the one to play wi

You by accident changed the input it would seem--only a original remote will undo this ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I bought a 'Goodmans LD2614 LCD Tv' I am trying to watch the movies on my computer netbook on the TV screen, but I don't know how? I thought I'd just be able to plug in my hard drive but it's 'not compatible. My movies are saved as DivX or VLC files. I am not technical minded, so if you have any solutions, please try to keep iy very simple. I would be very grateful. I did go back to the shop & was advised that the DivX format WOULD work if I bought a memory stick, put what I wanted to watch on i

... Goodmans Flat Panel Televisions

I have LG LCD TV model no 32lg60 . i am unable to play movies from usb . I have converted movies to mpeg1 mpeg2 and divx format. But the movies play only for 5 mins and then it goes play to tv. i tried it with another usb but the problem remains.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I AM USING SAMSUNG C370 DVD PLAYER.IT HAS USB PORT TOO. I AM COPYING MOVIES FROM MY PC TO PEN DRIVE AND PLAYING THEM IN MY DVD PLAYER. it plays well. BUT THE PLAYER SKIPS THE MOVIE WHICH IS ABOUT TO FINISH WITHIN IN FEW MINUTES and returns to the disc menu again. this happens in all most every time. I am able to see the whole movie but i am missing last few minutes approxiamately 10-20 min. I am using the same format movie files. but i am able to see few movies till the end and few creates the

... Flat Panel Televisions

My toshiba 32av800a lcd TV wont play movies from a 1 gig hard drive. I have a usb part on the tv and my older TV I can hook up a 1 gig hard drive which I have movies on and am able to watch them through the TV, the Toshiba has a usb connection but when I connect the hard drive it shows the movies but wont let me play them through the TV

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I was watching something which I had recorded on my SKY+ box. It came to the adverts and I fast forwarded. When I stopped the rewind to play again, the picture became all jumpy. I tried to fast forward and back but still the picture jumped. I tried to play another recording but the same thing happened. I then went back to the "live" TV programs and selected BBC1, but again the picture jumped. It iis also as if there are 2 different frames ( one top of screen and one at bottom) and out of synch w

... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

ONIX 54CM FHD LED TVWhat movie files will it play? I've tried playing MP4 movie files through my USB in my TV, but it says Unsupported file? Anyone? :/

... Initial DTV-201 20 in. LCD Television

I'm trying to play movie files through my toshiba lcd tv via a usb and it won't work. i've tried converting mvi and wmv files to mpeg or avi and still won't play. can you tell me which type of file works through the tv. thanks

I'm the same just brought a toshiba LED TV model 40BL702B and I've just tried for the 1st time to watch a movie via a USB stick all the files so up but won't play any ideas anybody ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

No Signal Watched a DVD, when we switched back to watch TV there was no picture and it said no signal. I tried another TV to make sure the problem was not the antenea or the cable. All checked out fine. It did this once before and we found all the stations were one point off, for example 10.1 was now 10.2. We manually restored all stations and all has been well until now. I have tried many things and I can not get a picture back. In diagnostics it says my signal strength is zero. Thank you, Greg

Have you checked on all inputs including the rear audio and video jacks? ... Sony KDF-50E2000 50" HDTV

We tried to watch a basketball game on the projector. We used a vcr player, and had it switched to t.v. for the receiver. The picture was not good at all, it could be focused in, but the contrast and color did not seem to help much. The room was dark. We could not make out the images very well, and thus watched the game on regular t.v. the vcr player did work well, and we even slipped in a vcr tape, and it was much better. How can we have a good tv picture.

Try running a picture streaming from laptop or desktop / tower pc. use a 15 pin din connector (monitor cable) to achieve this and your picture on your projector will be much better. HDTV quality. any other questions email me back at ... Flat Panel Televisions

When playing music in USB, sorround speakers are not working. It starts when i use HDMI cable when watching a movie then after that time when playing music through USB some of the speakers are not wor

Hi please select your sound mode (standard) then check a song and will be working surroud speaker ... Sony DAV-DZ940K DVD Home Theatre System with Karaoke Functions

Parental control it can play avatar but when i try to play john carter a bell like ding sounds and once only once a parental controls phrase came up stating parental controls will not allow movie to be played. all other times it goes to the commentary credits automatically when i push play on any menu on the john carter dvd.

Visit this site "Electro-help". It has details to unlock the parental lock. Type in this site name in yahoo search and enter. Pull up older posts there. The site is purely techincal one, about repair to electronic equipments. ... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

Today, while watching tv on the Dish, tv suddenly started powercycling. I unplugged it, waited, and then tried a DVD -- worked fine. Tried Dish again, power cycled again -- on off on off, 1/2 second of picture, no sound, struggles until I unplug her. It's an LG 47LD520 5 months old. Dish network through HDMI, DVD through red / white / yellow. Tried Dish though component cable, still power cycles. Tried all HDMI ports, too, same thing. Brought in my old tv and hooked to Dish thou

If you are using a powerstrip may not be supplying enough power to run the LG HDTV and your HD receiver. If you are using a powerstrip make sure the receiver is plugged directly into the wall. Otherwise this may be a grounding issue please reply if t ... LG 47LD520 47 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I have a JVC LT 32 EX 18 TV. When connecting my laptop over HDMI, playing on a playstation or WII the sound and picture work perfectly. When I want to watch normal TV over cable though the problems start arising. First, I am able to watch TV, I receive all the right programs but the picture is black and white, sometimes very fuzzy and instead of sound all I receive is a constant buzzing sound. Is there anything I can do so I can finally start watching TV?

If the rear inputs work consider connection for the channels with a box using one of the rear inputs--sounds like a tuner related issue and going to the rear inputs bypasses that. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Panasonic Viera Model TH-50PX600A Just went dead while we were watching it tonight - have tried turning the power off and back on. Red standy by light comes on and when you power it up green light flickers and then turns to red again. After that the red light flashes. TV does not turn on at any time during this process. Thanks

... Panasonic Viera Th-50px60u 50" Plasma Widescreen Hd Tv

I just bought an LG 32LE3300 digital ready tv hd tv and am finding that though the sound quality is great when i am watching Foxtel (satellite tv) through it, when i watch a dvd i have to turn it up to over 36 or 37 to get any decent sound. I don't have a hearing impairment and have tried changing all the sound settings to no avail (i stress it is ok when i am just watching satellite tv but not so with a dvd) - so i am wondering what i can do to improve the audio quality when i am viewing a movi

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Panasonic 32 inch HDTV. TV worked great until one day tried to turn on and nothing. It acts like it has no electrical power. We have tried plugging into different outlets with no luck. The red light does not come up with pressing power. Tried remote as well, nothing. Any ideas?

One simple solution may be to replace the power cable or the power strip that the TV is plugged in to. If you cannot get any power to the TV even after this step, it is most likely a motherboard or some sort of circuitry issue. Make sure you are usin ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

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