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My Samsung plasma tv remote is locked. A message comes across the screen saying, locked. When I push the on/off button on the tv, I get the locked message also. The model # is PN43E440A2FXZA

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My tv went black. What should I do?

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My Samsung plasma tv remote is locked. A message comes across the screen saying, locked. When I push the on/off button on the tv, I get the locked message also. The model # is PN43E440A2FXZA

My tv went black. What should I do? ... Flat Panel Televisions

HI I have a panasonic DMR-XW450- I just finished watching a recorded show and pushed the stop button. I was then in the process of deleting the show from the listing and everything went black. The display says NAVI with a timer recording indicator. I assumes I pushed a button on the remote accidently but I have no idea which one. I can not get the DVD to show anything other than NAVI - no matter what button I push. I have tired to look in the manual but I can't find anything to help. It seems l

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG 42PG20....One day it froze and would not turn off or anything....I unplugged it, and when plugged back in, it just flashes a bubble message saying FRENCH all over the screen. When I try to push any of the buttons on the tv, it says DVD HT. Behind the messages is just a blank black screen. Please Help!

Make a quick call to LG with that model number--most of their sets have a way to do a manual reset of the TV. ... LG 42PG20 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I had a lamp problem. I changed the lamp. Now when I press the on/off button I get nothing. The orange light in front of the TV that says lamp is flashing. Is there some kind of reset button I have to push? Or do I have another problem

... Mitsubishi WD57831 Television

I have the hisense lcd led tv model #50K36OF i lost my remote so i accidentally hit the input button instead of the volume button & now my tv is stuck on 1 of the input channels a blue screen comes up & it says no device connected to tv. Please someone help me how can i get off this channel why won't the channel turn?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Toshiba 32DT1U and whenever I press a button that's not the power button, I get a message saying

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

It says button locked for every button i push except power and its stuck in av mode

Try holding down the SETUP or the DISPLAY button for about 10 seconds. \015\012The one on the remote or the one right on the tv itself.\015\012\015\012Sometimes this will unlock the set.\015\012\015\012Good luck and plea ... Flat Panel Televisions

Safety lock every button pushed on unit or remote says safety lock on screen

... Samsung SyncMaster 400MXN LCD TV

Can model WS55511 (which has a label on the front saying HDTV 1080) show 1080i when connected to ATT U-verse box connected by RGB components cables to the TV? My TV, when pressing the INFO button says it is receiving the picture in 480i Standard currently. How can I get 1080i?

... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television

The picture mode on my tv is stuck to wide. When I try accessing this feature through the remote's "p-mode" or "p-size" buttons it gives me an message on the screen that says "not available." I've also tried accessing this feature through the menu on the remote and on the side of the tv but I still keep getting this same error message. I tried reading through the manuel, but there is nothing under the troubleshooting area that helps or addresses this issue. Is there a way to reset the tv t

If it says "not available" then you have to try the settings of the input source such as a cable box or something. Chnage the aspect ratio to 16:9 . If you can get me the model number of the box I will see if I can get your precise instructions. ... Flat Panel Televisions

A person has pushed buttons on a Olin set Top Box model HVBT-2000 and now comes as locked onto one channel cannot change channels how do I unlock the set top box? Thankyou

... Flat Panel Televisions

When I push the on button the green light comes on for second or two then goes out.(will not stay turned on long enough to even get a picture on the screen.Mitsibishi Model # WS-55315

This set has a self check feature--if set has been unplugged it clears the error buffer--plug in and try to turn on set.When green light comes on and then goes off ON THE FRONT OF THE SET press and hold BOTH the menu and input(device) buttons ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

My Vizio 32" lcd is hung with message "there is no device connected to tv" and the remote will not work so I can push "exit" button shown on screen. Any way to get out of this?

... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

Tcl tv message on screen says "buttons are locked" How do you unlock?

... TCL L32D20

I have a Apollo/Quartet tripod projector screen and need to buy parts. I need the red push button slide lock for the height adjustment. Do you know where I can get?

... Quartet gbc 550S 71" 1:1 Projector Screen

The power went off in our neighborhood and took the tv down along with it. It has now locked us out and it says we need a password to get back in but we do not have one. I thought the model was a VS-55609 but it actually is a VS5003R. We are using a universal remote as the original is no longer operable and I do not see any kind of keypad on the tv. What do you suggest?

You must obtain an original remote, there is no other way of unlocking it. Here it ishttp://remotes.com/store/mitsubishi/vs5003r.htmlThe procedure is done strictly with it. This is it, according to the official repair manual\012\012\012 ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have a 22' viewsonic tv. i'm getting a "channel blocked" message with four boxes showing. tv is about 2-3 years old. prior to this the tv will power off then on with a blank white screen. you can still hear the program. the only way to solve this is to unplug the tv and replug again. then it will work. but this time I push the channel up and down button before the tv could turn itself off. this is when I got the channel block on all stations with no sound.

... ViewSonic N3751W 37 in. LCD Television

Hello, i have the sony flat panel display, model fwd-50px2, and as somebody says, when i plug it, red power light come on, i push it to turn on and the green light come on, makes a click and sounds like doing something but no image on the screen, it stays black, i think could be a board, because the fans don't work either, so, i writting you to ask which board i need to get, or what do you think the problem is, i really appreciate your help. Thankyou so much.

... Sony FWD50PX2/S 50 in. Plasma Television

Hello i have a bluesky BS3705HI model and the menu is blocked. it says BlocAfichEcr when i push the menu button

... Flat Panel Televisions

SAMSUNG PN42A400C2D 2008 model In the past 3 months tv has started turning the volume all the way up & down by itself. Sometimes it stays at the highest level and sometimes it does not. I can eventually get the volume to stop moving with use of remote. BUT... now (this month) it is also changing channels all by itself too & it will not stop even with use of remote OR buttons on the side. Also while I am watching tv a box will pop up that says something like (this action/function not available).

Most probably a leaking electrolytic capacitor in the system control section, or the system Integrated Circuit chip itself needs replacement, have it checked by your friendly neighborhood (qualified) technician. Hope this helps ;-) ... Samsung PN42A400 42 in. Plasma TV

Model No. WD-60738. Trying to use the USB on back of TV. Get message that says "No Device Attached 1

The format of the files on your usb was not matching to the format needs of your TV so that your USB device is not found try to convert it depends on the format requirements of your TV thank you ... Mitsubishi Flat Panel Televisions

Philips tv model 32pfl5322D/37 when i try to turn it on i get a red light that flashes 6 times.If I keep pushing the power button off and on it will eventually come on. Once its on everything works fine

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

I have an ultravision That has a problem sense it was new, and getting worse. When on chanel 4 or 401, sometimes other chanels, bun not often the center of the screen goes Black in aprox the seme area that that displays menu when you push the menu button Then the (ABOUT YOUR TV) button When this happens if you push the nenu button then the exit button it goes away. it is getting very anoying, as it now does it about every 10 to 20 seconds its hard to watch a golf turny with the screen goin

Check both the set and the box if you are using one, you are describing a TEXT feature which on certain channels puts a black box in the middle of the screen----idea was to send text but it never to my knowledge was used.The feature can b ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Picture I was litening to music threw direct box,vacumming,different outlet then tv. turned it off,& used converter box buttons to change channel. got no pic no sound. pushed more buttons,turned it off, then on hit reset, pulled card out put it back,then turned around to get remote, and saw my 82 yr. old dad holding remote as far out as he could,as if he was trying to get around me! I asked him what button he pushed & he said none. now we have sound no pic. it turns on deep blue screen no menu

I assumes that there is a confused memory IC inside, due to improper data inputs. Try a hard reset to this set. Unplug it from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 10 minutes of so. This must make it a hard reset. If it do not help you ... Samsung 50 in. Plasma TV

Hi, I have a samsung dlp tv model #HLT5687sx, TV does not response with remote or button ,with the message on screen not available.

... Samsung LE Standard (CRT) Televisions

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