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Lexsor I have a black screen with sound. It is connected to a virgin cable box. I cannot access the source menu button from the remote or the TV set itself. When the TV is powered up a small blue box appears saying searching...then the tv pictures appears for half a second. I have rebooted cable box several times, checked cables, changed scart leads- no change.

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Lexsor I have a black screen with sound. It is connected to a virgin cable box. I cannot access the source menu button from the remote or the TV set itself. When the TV is powered up a small blue box appears saying searching...then the tv pictures appears for half a second. I have rebooted cable box several times, checked cables, changed scart leads- no change.

... Flat Panel Televisions

When I turn the TV on I can see the picture only a few seconds and then appears a blue box that says 18G1W016 FACTORY. I can not see more the picture. The same happens if I put a DVD, the movie is playing but the blue box can not be removed. I can not watch nothing.

Good day!I think is on the set-up please try to go to the menu using remote control then go to settings and find the default set-up.Thank you ... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv will not retain the input 4 setting to receive the signal from my cable box. When you turn the TV on it would say please wait and then the Input 4 box would appear ont he screen and then the picture would appear. The tv now flashes please wait and then goes black. When you press input on the remote, nothing happens.

... Sharp LC40E77U LCD TV

Screen goes black, Bravia logo appears, picture returns for five seconds, and the cycle repeats itself over and over. It happens with cable box and now Blu ray player.

... Sony KDL46Z5100 46 in. HDTV LCD

I have a Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26 in. LCD TV with a built in DVD. When I turn the TV on it will come on as it usually does (the please wait appears in the lower left corner and moments later in the right hand corner the channel box appears and then the picture comes on) and after about 30 - 45 seconds the screen goes blank, the audio stays on and I can change the channels with no picture. When I turn the TV off and wait a couple seconds and turn it back on the "please wait" that appears in the

... Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26" LCD TV

(rca 24v510t) On several channels, a black box will appear covering most of the screen. If I adjust the sound, it will disappear for 10 to 60 seconds.

... RCA 24V510T 24" TV

Hi, I have a Sharp Aquos LC-19DV28UT given to me as a gift. I connect the cable from the cable box to the TV, give the remote the proper code, and the TV turns on OK. But then the picture flashes for a brief second, then the picture goes away. The sound is still there. Whenever I try to display any type of menu, it does not display. I tried the TV on 2 different cable connections that work with the current TV, and same problem. I have a feeling there's some setting I need to adjust, but c

... Sharp LC19DV28UT 19 in LCD TVDVD Combo

After punching some of the buttons in the pip row (bottom of the remote control) a message that says "no signal" appeared on the screen and within a few seconds, the tv set turned off. After several seconds, I can again turn on the tv, but before I can attempt to change anything, the "no signal" message appears and the tv turns itself off. Any suggestions???????????

You'll need to do a master reset of the devicecheck link --> www.retrevo.com/support/Vizio-L32-TVs-manual/id/512dj084/t/2 ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a Pioneer Plasma with a separate media receiver. I just changed cable companies. In setting up with their "box", my receiver when trying to turn on just flashes red/green. Can't get it to work. The tv shows a picture (3/4 screen) and somewhat is somewhat "stretched", but NO VOLUME! Can anyone help? The new cable company says there is nothing they can do. They think my tv is incompatible with their "box"

Hi,\015\012\015\012Please let me know what cord are you using to connect the cable box to your TV?\015\012\015\012Jdvillanueva ... Pioneer PDP-4350HD 43 in. Plasma Television

Vertical white lines appear on the screen. Samsung provides the following information but doesn't say what circuitry they are referring to. Samsung says: DLP TV: I Have Vertical White Lines Appearing On The Screen When I Watch Video, TV, Cable And DVD. If you see vertical lines on the screen of your DLP TV similar or identical to the pictures below, the circuitry controlling the vertical hold has failed, and you need to get your TV serviced. Please click here to go to our online service r

That answer I agree makes no sense.Most of these sets have NO vertical hold and if did it will not cause the lines.A brief educated guess:Set has a main board that communicates and controls the screen--tests for that are not s ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

I have connected my VHD box to my LG RZ-32Lz55 TV using an HDMI cable in the DVI socket in the TV When I change the settings on my VHD box to "Hidef HDMI" and then 720 wide the picture disappers for 30 seconds then then the settings revert back to "widescreen" when the picture returns Does this mean I am not getting HD tv ...and can you help

The tv is capable of displaying 720p and 1080i HD pictures. But that box was designed to accept for use only HDCP capable connectors - the DVI from your tv isn't one so the image is automatically downgraded to SD wide.\012\012\012To get an HD ... LG RZ32LZ55 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

My samsung txm3096whf model Tube HDTV has as a fuzzy distortion line that only appears on HD channels. It doesn't appear at any particular time but just seems to show up randomly on certain channels. Do describe it even more it's about a 1-2" thick line that stretches the entire length of the screen and distorts the picture just in that one area. This will happen for about several seconds and only does so when 1080i is selected as the component output. If I select 480p I do not have this pro

... Samsung TXM3096WHF 30" TV

I have a JVC AV-56WP 30 Rear projection TV. The screen/image is very dark and blurry with lots of lines. It looks like I have the cable box hooked up but the TV is on the wrong channel (ie 3 when its supposed to be on 4). It flashes and I can barely make out the picture. It seems to start randomly and disappears randomly as well. It flashes a normal picture periodically but only for a second. What can I do to fix this? I don't want to spend much money.

... JVC AV-56WP30 56" Rear Projection Television

No signal Either picture won't come on and we just see "No Signal" on the screen or while watching, the picture will simply go black and after about 10 seconds, we'll see :No Signal". We just connected a new HD cable box, but the problem is persisting.

If you have sounds but no picture the problem is t-con board if no sounds you have faulty main board..just replace it. ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have an LG LCD 55 inch model number 32LD400, 42LD400, or 47LD500. Not sure. Problem is I can get sound but no picture. I think it may be my cable box but cable company is saying its probably my tv. The tv is only 3 years old. Please help.

You haven't given more details about the state of screen you see. If there is proper back light, there should be a screen displaying LG logo. If this is not present, the back-light inverter board to LED back light board should be checked. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Can model WS55511 (which has a label on the front saying HDTV 1080) show 1080i when connected to ATT U-verse box connected by RGB components cables to the TV? My TV, when pressing the INFO button says it is receiving the picture in 480i Standard currently. How can I get 1080i?

... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television

Samsung DLP HL56A659CIFXZA is connected to a ATT Uverse Box via a HDMI cable. During power up of the TV the TV works for about 30 seconds and then goes blank and after 1- 2 minutes it stays on. On occasions I have to power down (unplug) the TV and reboot the ATT Uverse box.

The lamp needs change,it has build up a internal resistance, and it will get to the point where it will not turn on at are. ... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

Our Toshiba 42HL196 TV refuses to turn on. The red LED light at the bottom flashes three times repeatedly. In the operating guide it says this means the TV is rebooting, and to wait a few seconds for it to come up. It's been like this for several hours. We've tried unplugging the TV, waiting a while, and plugging it back in, but the LED just goes back to blinking. Is there anything else to try?

My toshiba 47hl167 was doing the same thing. I took off the cover and looked for blown caps like several articles mention, but nothing was obvious. I found an article about reloading the firmware to get the tv out of protected mode. I just complete ... Toshiba 42HL196 42 in. LCD HDTV

Sony Bravia - sound pulsates off and on - several minutes on and then 10 seconds off. We checked cable box and HDMI cord on another TV, and sound was fine, so narrowed down to the Sony Bravia.

Actually try one more thing before concluding that there is something wrong with the sound board or one of the wires in it on this Sony Bravia television. The cable box settings might not be just right for this television. Are you currently set to pc ... Sony Bravia KDL-40V4100 40 in. LCD HDTV

Westinghouse LD-4695 led hdtv bought it less then a month ago and its showing white cloudy spots around edges to pictures of it and they came out blue idk if its because the home theater speakers were all placed around the tv or what bt they would pop till i changed the audio cords from cable box to receiver to a optical audio cord nd then it stopped and now the tv is showing spots i think its a dead pixel and dont knw how it happened my lady says they were there when we got it the tv at this mo

Depending on how big your speakers are and how they were to the TV....that might be the reason. Magnets are the worst thing you can have next to electronics. It either that, or you bought a lemon, or you have a kid in the house and they put magnets o ... Westinghouse 46" LED TV HDTV 120Hz Full 1080P

Hi I have recently got a Hitachi HDR255 250gb Freeview + recorder. The problem i've got is that when I am in live Tv Mode and I want to rewind it will only rewind back about 5-10 seconds and then automatically starts playing without me touching the play button. It has been doing this several times and I can't rewind back to the beginning of a program which the box says it can do. Please HELP Jim

Jim, it may say it on the box, but as i found out today, this recorder does not allow the rewinding of live TV. In fact, it seems that few freeview+ boxes do, even if the box says so. I had to return a hdr255 to Argos today for this very reason. ... Flat Panel Televisions

We recently purchased a vizio 47 in lcd tv. sound goes out , returned that tv, now the replacement is doing the exact same thing. we have a great picture, just no sound. if we change the channel we get sound, then it goes out. cannot figure out why this is ocurring, we have rebooted cable box,

The cable box have problems,tries replacing the incomming broadcasting connecting wires,that goes to the tv Tuner signal board.If u still have the same problems,call ur cable company for a cable box replacement. ... Vizio VO47L 47 in. LCD TV

I have a 37 inch lcd hd tv made by Curtis model 3717A. I bought the set about 18 months ago. When I attempt to turn the set on either manually or by remote, the on/off light begins flashing but there is no picture. After leaving the set unplugged for several hours I was able to turn the set back on. Since that time I stopped using the tv's on/off, instead just using the cable box. My cat stepped on the power strip yeserday and now the tv will not power back up. Help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Just bought SAGEM PVR second hand but no instruction book. previous Toppfield PVR worked fine but SAGEM box says that the aerial connection isn't working...it is plugged into the right plug but checking cable, plug etc and it still won't work...Suggestions please?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sound Problem I have no sound from my tv speakers since unplugging the power source for the TV and theatre system (Sony DAV-Is10). It was unplugged for one week and on return I have good picture quality but no sound either through the TV or home theatre system. Oddly if I play a DVD or Netflix program through separate box sound is fine. I have checked audio settings and all cables. I have also tried to "reboot" the TV and select the Theatre settiing on the remote. Help please

I'm unclear about the comment"If I play a DVD or net fix through separate box" What do you mean by separate box? Please reply.Be specific about what inputs on the tv and what settings you have check in menu as far a sound id concerned. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40S2000 40 in. LCD HDTV

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