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NEC PXT42SPKR Hi, I am trying to find a power cord for an NEC tv model number PXT42SPKR. I don't know how old the tv is, my husband moved house before we were married and now can't find the power cable for it. Is it possible to buy a generic cable of the right voltage if you can no longer get an original cable, and if so what voltage cable and what type of pin would it be?

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NEC PXT42SPKR Hi, I am trying to find a power cord for an NEC tv model number PXT42SPKR. I don't know how old the tv is, my husband moved house before we were married and now can't find the power cable for it. Is it possible to buy a generic cable of the right voltage if you can no longer get an original cable, and if so what voltage cable and what type of pin would it be?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi In reference to Nec Model PX-42VM2A Power Supply Part Number PKG-1719 Transistor Q4 Defective Part Number on Transistor appears to be B1229 do you have a exact cross reference that will work for this part.My research indicates it may be 2SB1229 the case is TO 92 lead configuration B C E.I am finding it is very difficult finding this part.If possible would appreciate a diagram or a partial diagram of the power supply. Please Help.Thank You James Birdsall

James, \015\012\015\012Unfortunately, NEC does not make service manuals available to the general public in most cases. The B1229 is most likely the 2SB1229 as you suspect. Perhpas more important is to try and determine why the transisto ... NEC PlasmaSync PX-42VP2A 42 in. Television

I am having problems getting cable on my TV. The cable man told me on the phone to change it to either #4 on the back of my cable , and then the cable will work. The problem I have is when I look into the back of my Shart Flat TV I could not find where I am suppose to switch to #4. Right now I cannot get cable on my Sharp Flat TV. Can you help with this, getting the cable working on my TV?? Where can I find this switch #3 or #4 behind my TV Monitor? Sharp Liquid Crystal Flat TV digital Mode

Like i said in ur other post u have to find the input or source buttons on ur remote. Also fyi it's never a good idea to post ur phone number on the internet. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Memorex model #MVDT2002B, SH 067460905582A, was working fine. There was a short power outage in town during the work day. When we came home, the TV wouldn't power up. The cable box had reset just fine. We upluged and plugged back in, but nothing happened. We plugged a different, older TV into the same power source and that worked fine. Is there a reset button? We can't seem to find one. Also, we can't find our manual. Thank you, Janet and Brian

Hello\015\012There is a protection fuse inside your tV, which can be located at the power regulator section, to which the main power cable enters to the board. It is a class cartridge type, and can be replaced. Check it first. If found blown ... Memorex MVDT2002 20" TV

In the process of my move, lost my Niko power cord to my OTP-2011-R flat screen. When the cable man tried to hook up my cable connection he used a universal power cord. Although we were able to get sound, there was absolutely no picture. The day before my move, the TV was working perfectly. Is the problem in the universal cord connection or in the TV? Niko seems to be out of business as all of the phone numbers for that company have been disconnected. Is there someplace I can buy a power

Using a different AC cord did not hurt your TV. Something more than likely happened internally during your move. ... Niko Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic model th-42px75u: heavy thunder and lightning must have created a power surge. both hdmi ports on my tv do not work now as there is a blank screen. coax works. cable box, xbox 360, hdmi cables all work on my other tv (LG). could th hdmi port been fried? if so, how do i fix? or do i just buy a new tv? i had a protective power surge connected to all tv and entertainment power sources. much appreciated.

... Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80U Plasma TV

I have Hitachi 65f710 projection tv, that has no power, I found a thermal fuse open in the power supply, I replaced that; the Tv came on but has no hi voltage, the tv has b+ but not at HOT hight voltage transistor. what else you think can be done. Right now I have no picture Thanks

Try replacing the H-out transistor, if yours is convergence IC type, replace it. hope this help, please rate and vote. ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hello TV Techs....I 'm trying to locate a manuel for a Samsung 32" lcd, the model # on back is ( LN-R328W S) with a model code # : ( LNR328WX/XAA ) I can't seem to find the right manuel for it , the tv was given to me and I wold like to use it as my monitor for my computer , I powered it up and the menu comes up very crystal clear and use remote to scroll down to PC and hit enter and it say it is not supported , Can you help me find the right manuel and help me set it up as my monitor...P

... Samsung 32 in. LCD Monitor TV

LG 47'' LED. Model No. 47LE5310. Tv was working fine in the morning, was on for a couple of hours. went to turn it on later in the afternoon, but something is not right. there is power going to the tv. the power indicator light is on, but there is no picture or sound, just a black screen. tried using another power point, checked all cables and everything seems fine. Tv is about on month old. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Just look to the picturebored sounding IC ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sansui SV-3715LCD, I switch off the unit at the wall socket, when I plugged it in the next day there was no power, not even the LED indicator light on the front of the LCD activates. I checked the plug power and it has AC supply voltage right up onto the internal Switch-mode power supply board. Any suggestions

Continue to check--every set has a standby power supply that powers the remote circuit to turn set on and it runs 7/24 if set is plugged in.Never a good idea to turn set of by taking the AC away--it can cause micro problems(micro processor). ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sharp lc-42SB45UT flat screen that after a thunderstorm will not turn on any more. Now I am pretty tech savy, and here's what I've done. Checked cable and receptacle and both are good. Taken off back cover and checked fuse, also good. The voltages on the power card seem correct by my multimeter so power is being applied, but the power on led is not lit. Any suggestions?

You are on the right track--follow the voltages--set has a standby power supply--right at or part of main supply---runs 7/24 so likely was damaged.likely you will find a open somewhere between where power AC enters set and the bridge rectifie ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo Tv model DP26670 turns on and back off immediately while plugged in, the power indicator light goes to green and back to red 1 second after starting the power on procedure. and continues to do this on it's own until unplugged. i opened the tv up and reseated all the cables to try and fix a possible intermitant power issue but did not solve anything i did discover a USB port inside the Tv and am wondering if their is some kind of program i can download to my computer and hook up to the TV t

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello! I'm having the infamous black screen issue with my Viewsonic N3252W. I initially replaced the Power supply, because that looked like it was "the fix" for this particular issue. I powered it on, and I was getting the same problem. There was a faint picture (you need to look at the screen from a certain angle, with an appropriate amount of light shining on the screen.) with no back light! All of the voltages coming off the new PSU are right where they should be, including the 24VDC to the

You can do a simple test on the set.\012Turn the set on and place a bright flashlight against the screen. Look around the edge of the flashlight for a moving image. This will show you do not have a back light. If one of the transformers on t ... ViewSonic N3252w 32 in. LCD Television

I have a Rca 26LA33RQ upon initial use screen backlights bright white slowly fadeing to black. I do not know that the speakers work because I have not connect cable to it. I feel as if this could be the T-Con board. Or a low voltage production on my inverter board. I can find almost no information on this unit I repair al types of electronics being Navy trained leads me to try and find a publication to use but for this unit there is none. I am not even sure where the t con is on this one. There

... Flat Panel Televisions

Model number 9801ar class 2 power units power supplieswith extra-low-voltage class 2 outputs input-120v-60hz 0.5a output:12v-60w max where can i find this part in tampa florida

... Projection Televisions

VOLUME STUCK I have the TV hooked up to my DirectTV cable box using the yellow, white and red audio/video wires (the cable jack on it is broke). I turn on the tv to find that the volume is stuck. When I try to turn it up or don, the volume bar comes up on the tv, but nothing happens. When I jiggle the wires, I notice that the right speaker goes in and out. How do I fix this?!

You use auxilry port in your tv as volume problem volume out from direct TV cable bos insert in tv auxilry port ... Panasonic PV-DM2799 27 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

Just bought a used 1998 20 inch tv vcr combo with no remote. I ndde to adjust the color and cannot find a menu button on the front of the tv to bring up color or brightness or sound balance. it has buttons for night/game, fm/tv and vjolume and channels. nothing i push will bring up a menu. how do i find the menu ? it is hooked up to cable tv right now. also, where could i purchase a remote for this tv?

I should think most any universal remote will operate it.\012You can look here for a user guide, but you'll need the model number off the back of it.\012 ... Panasonic Combination Televisions

Panasonic projection tv model tx 43p950x, there is power loss while I turn on the remote and there is no power when I pushed the button on front of the TV. Before it happen I connect an audio cable on the back right above mark monitor, and the other end to my amplifier audio. Then I hooked up a magic sing in front on the TV. I turn the TV and the Amplifier, both is on, then I turn on the magic sing and it works and I could hear the sound in my Amplifier speaker and so in the TV. Now I turn both

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

Input Control Button at Main Power control Panel(near bottom right edge of Unit) has "fallen" into the exterior mounting plate, making it impossible to change Input choice. One Phillips head screw is directly right of this control module.with screw removed, the control module is still immoveable. Is there a "pop-lock" or process that would allow for access to this control module and the possible repair of this problem?

... Hitachi UltraVision 55HDS52 Television

DP46849 Sanyo. I have checked all of fixya for solutions. I hane no sound or screen but have a green light when turned on. It will flash as if it is in protect mode. I have checked voltage and there seems to be 5v, 12v and 15v as indicated on power supply. I cannot find a 24v to read from but I did pull the master inverter to see if I had sound. Still the green light flashes and no sound. I suspect power supply only because when it is turned off I hear a high pitched whistle that slowly goes on

Hi,Power supply board seems defective and causing problem. Please replace power supply board to solve tv issue, required board is available in ... Flat Panel Televisions

We found a vizio LCD tv outside so we brought it in in the hopes that we found a good tv for free. We didn't find a power cord but the one from our computer fits it. And the light on the front comes up orange. We don't get any sound or picture. Do we need to buy a real power cord for it? Or could it be something else inside the tv?

... Vizio VO47L 47 in. LCD TV

Shortly after a putrid stench caught my attention, I noticed smoke coming from the television. Luckily for the stack of my important work documents that were right next to it, not to mention the life of my family, I was not sleeping, so a major crisis was averted. It appears the power adapter wire melted inside of the power socket on the television. Until this one particular instance, the television had worked flawlessly in every aspect for 5-6 years. I cannot find a way to contact Mintek r

Small claims court is the only way to get a companyro repair/replace/reimburse. The problem for you is that you will need to go with a federal saftey agency to let consumers know of the danger for fire. There will be a general warning, but because of ... Mintek DTV-260 26 in. LCD Television

How can i convert my vga cable into a RCA cable???.... i know that i can buy one but i have all the material to do it by my self..... just that i can't find the conversion configuration......

I can't get my computer to view this site as I have run out of time.http://www.ehow.com/how_5690841_convert-cables-vga-monitor-cabl ... Flat Panel Televisions

The power is not working on the actual TV. We have checked all the cables & unplugged & re-plugged in everything! The little light isn't on for the power (lower right hand corner) Any suggestions? thanks!! Shirley

Yes bad power supply, if you take out you will probably see bad capacitors on the PS board. Replace and set will come on ... Protron PLTV3250 32 in. LCD Television

There is no power to the tv. i dont know if its the power cord. can't find a place to buy a replacement.

What is the model of the T.V.? Do you have a power cord from anything else that would fit the T.V. that also has the same power rating? If you do try using that power cable and see if that helps. If it doesn't work try using a different outlet too. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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