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Toshiba Regza 42XV500C - Sound work well, but Picture not works.

\015 Hello.\015\012\015\012I have a problem with my LCD, Toshiba Regza 42XV500C.\015\012Turn on tv, the sound work well but the screen still\015\012black (from behind turn on light white).\015\012\015\012I try to check several things.\015\012Another cable HDMI and connect in input HDMI1,2,3.\015\012Another cable coaxial to connect to Cable company.\015\012Another cable convertor of Cable company.\015\012\015\012All this cant help. I hope get help here.\015\012Thanks!\015

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Toshiba Regza 42XV500C - Sound work well, but Picture not works.

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Hi, I have searched all over internet and I think you are the only one who may exactly know whats the problem. I have a Toshiba Regza 37" which has no picture but sounds works perfect. The thing is if you really focus the picture is there but its too dull and dark to see it properly. Ive heard something about switching T-Con board.. please let me know which one of the boards is that(any sign or specific connection?) and where can I buy one? Thank you very much and best regards kamran

If you can see an image and it's OK - no distortions or corruption - then it's not an image problem, it's a backlighting problem. This means that the faulty part is not the T-con or any other board that works on the image, it's the inverter - the bo ... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba 23HLV87. DVD Player works and plays well on screen. When TV is hooked up to cable screen is black, no sound, no picture. I have checked the input and all is correct. Display of channel and

... Toshiba 23HLV87 23 in. LCD Television

Toshiba regza 32av555d 4 yrs old picture ok overlay of fuzzy horizontal bands 2 inch in height the whole way down the sreen, try all different inputs n the sound works fine. I was thinking it needs a new t conn board but just looking for second opinion b4 spending money

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This is about an approximately 10-year-old Toshiba DVDVideo/Audio Player SD-4700. Has always worked well. Problem. I am watching TV series The Tudors from Showtime Network. Got the DVD's from the public library. All of the series's disks have played except the last disk in the final series. The DVD display window says "DISK ERROR" and there is no picture or sound. I have tried four different sets from the library and no one else has complained, but this "DISK ERROR" happens every time on this on

I think you must in this case give the benefit of doubt to the player. Since all the disk in this series is playing well then the particular disk can have fault or damage on the tracks that seems to send in the errror as the scan encounters the error ... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba regza tv switches on but has no picture or sound

I can try to help but: what is the model number and how old is this set? Model and date made will be on rear of set. ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio e420vse It has worked fine for just short of a month with great picture and sound. Now I moved back to school, plugged it in, and it has worked well for almost a week. This morning when I powered on my tv I received audio but no video picture. Powered on and off multiple times, same thing. Now I just have a short blink of the white indicator light, no display, no sound. It appears to not power on at all. Any advice?

Its the led driver board in upper left corner. Replacement board hard to find ... Vizio E420VSE 42" 1080p 60Hz LED LCD 2.4" ultra-slim HDTV

My new toshiba 32 inch regza turns on but thats all it does? no picture, sound even menu dosnt come up

First if a "new" set and if in warranty--have them deal with the problem.If nothing on remote except on and off works--it is a micro problem (microprocessor) in the set.I assume you did unplug the set---wait and plug it back as that c ... Toshiba REGZA 47HL167 TV

Toshiba 36a43 i have picture but no sound. Volume control works but again still no sound.

Things to check:In menu are speakers (audio area) switched on or off?If you put sound all the way up and listen right at speaker what if anything do you hear?If using a cable or sat box is sound turned down on it?Is so ... Toshiba 36A43 36" TV

I have a toshiba regza 46xv645u lcd tv and the picture cuts out, screen goes black and no sound. The green led light stays green while this is happening and the toshiba letters on the front panel sta

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Toshiba 32C3500E Regza suffering for the old power issue BUT NOT the three yellow blinkis of the power LED - TV comes on after full power down - say 10 mins; starts ok, sound and picture ok, the the 'surge' noise, picture goes off, sound goes GREEN LED stays on - need a cold start again but less than 60 seconds same old prob. Know where I can get firmware as I would like to try this before calling bob-the-builder

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Our Toshiba Regza 32HL67 sometimes when turning on our set the picture will appear for a second and go off but we still have sound. It may stay like this for an entire day or sometimes a couple of days. Then there are times you can turn it on and everything is fine. we have tried turning it off and back on but always get the same thing a picture for a second then just sound

... Toshiba 32HL67 32 in. LCD Television

No picture or sound on my toshiba regza tv - Toshiba Regza 37HL17 37 in. LCD TV

... Toshiba Regza 37HL17 37 in. LCD TV

I have a cable running from my set top box to another tv. Although i have a good picture there is not enough volume on the sound. It has worked perfectly well until I had to dismantle everything . I have a video recorder and a DVD attached. they are both working perfectly well.

Hello,\012\012This is not how you explain your problems to others. It should be precise. In this case, you could have said that you connected the cable between the RF out put of set-top box and RF input TV. Or Audio/video output of set-t ... Sharp 25N-M100 25" TV

I have a Westinghouse LTV-32w6HD that has no picture but faint multicolor vertical lines that change according to the input (the lines change as the picture would normally change). I'm on HDMI input but have tried other INPUTs as well with no differences between them. Sound is OK. Remote works. Set powers up normally- just no picture. Where do I start? A schematic with voltages would be nice!

Two possible causes for that problem..1- T-Con board that drives lcd panel (screen) is bad and need to be replaced.2- LCD Panel (screen) itself is bad and replacement may cost you more than tv worth.Schematics in service manua ... Flat Panel Televisions

My problem is: samsung hl-p5063w. I have a new lamp and it works fine. The fans work all right. The color wheel works well. But no picture, only the screen is black. Low light without image. The timer light blinks only when changing channels. The sound is good. Spleaker

I'm not a tech person, but from what I have learned it sounds like your digital board (input) connections. Try diffrent connections to see if you get a picture. \015\012\015\012If you are using a coax cable for your input, try the rca typ ... Samsung HL-P5063W 50" Rear Projection HDTV

What's your problem?Toshiba 40E220U has sound, no picture. stand by mode maybe? How is this reset? Worked fine, screen went black after 10 minutes. Blinks light on screen, at power up. Can see bac

... Toshiba 40E220U 40" Class LCD TV

Toshiba Model # 57h94 plugged something in outlet and tv picture and sound dont work

... Toshiba 57H94 57" Rear Projection HDTV

The LCD TV Toshiba Model No 32 AV700E after three months working have a prblem.The Tv will works for 4-5minutes then the picture cannot be seen but the sound is OK. What will be problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My 67" samsung tv work well when its on but when you turn off tv and turn back on you get sound and no picture unplug tv and plug in again picture come back on

First thing I would try is to remove set and a box or receiver if used from power for a while and then plug all back up--should reboot all units that way--cannot hurt and may very well help. Not just the set but any unit between signal source and ... Samsung HL-67A510 67" DLP HDTV

My Toshiba 46g300u1 has sound but no picture. It will display a picture when I play a movie on my Blue Ray. I have checked the cords and inputs. It worked last night and no cords or inputs were switched. I think my 2 year old got a hold of the remote. How do I fix this?

... Toshiba 32AV500U 32 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, i have a lcd toshiba regza LV733N, and i get no audio when connected to pc on hdmi connection. but i do get audio on the same hdmi cable when is connected to my ps3. on a lcd panasonic, both the video and audio connection works fine. i use win 7 x64, and the sound icons mutes when connected to regza. thk you

You must use HDMI 1 port when conected to a PC (to have a picture). Also set the audio in to HDMI not to PC. Look at SOUND/ADVANCED AUDIO. You can use separate analog cable also... Please just read the F manual ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a toshiba tv rearprojection the sound works but no picture but some times when u hit the side of it the picture will come on

While percussive maintenance works in the short term, it's going to be time to fix it sooner or later.I would specifically check for cold solder joints on the power board.Touching up the solder connections even if they don't look bad may ... Toshiba 43A10 43" Rear Projection Television

I have had my samsung LN40B530 for 2 days now (got it used) BAD IDEA I Know I just dont have the $ for a new one anyway... everything was fine worked perfect and all of the sudden the picture almost paused it was moving very slowly and the colors were blending strangely I turned off the tv and turned it back on. All i have now on the screen is vertical lines white, blue, red and green. no picture sound is still there as well as all of the buttons being functional. Just vertical lines. I am a ver

The T-CON board is the place to start. If everything else is working (i.e. change channels, sound, etc) then this is almost certainly the problem.\012It's possible the problem is the connector(s) to the T-CON board. Over time the co ... Samsung LN40B530 40 in. LCD HDTV

46" Lost Picture then when I attempted to change channels lost sound as well. Green light on tv is on and Verizon FIOS box appears to be working. Other tv on system works

Hi!That's a clear indication that you have a bad power supply in your TV.If\012 you know how to DiY...I suggest you open your TV. Locate the power \012supply section, it is where the end of the power plug is connected. \012Replace all blown o ... Toshiba REGZA 47HL167 TV

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