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Rechannel tv GVA PDP3208- stuck on 1 channel only. I tried to follow solution: menu>picture>mode(enhanced setting only)>power up(max)>exit and then go back and use auto install, but still one channel coming out even if I switch to other channels.

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Rechannel tv GVA PDP3208- stuck on 1 channel only. I tried to follow solution: menu>picture>mode(enhanced setting only)>power up(max)>exit and then go back and use auto install, but still one channel coming out even if I switch to other channels.

... Flat Panel Televisions

We are installing COMCAST Digital Converter boxes into all our tv's at my hotel. But the tv needs to be on Channel 3 inorder for the digital boxes to work. Unfortunately the tv goes directly to Channel 79 everytime we turn it on and you have to manually change the channel to channel 3. I deleted all the channels and auto programmed it. But it still comes up on a static Channel 79. Then I changed the programming of Channel 79 to "BLANK" and you can still here the static but can't see it. Hopefull

Leave Comcast connected to Tv then Go to Menu and Change from Air To Cable Then run Auto Programming. ... Zenith C27A24T 27" TV

I bought a TOSHIBA 32KV500B tv. At the Initial Installation mistakenly I selected "yes" for 'do you want to search analogue channels?' guestion. And then I lost all my automatically selected digital channels and I cannot go back to retune the channels. I have no SETUP in the main menu and then no INSTALLATION option. I have 6 main thing: picture, sound, feature, install, program table, Source: tv. I have tried to use the APS but this one retunes the analoge chanells only. Please help me how I c

I had this problem and searched the internet for hours looking for an answer and was given the initial same reply as this and it does not work. To solve this problem all you simply need to do is press source button on the controller followed by press ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I've LG 42ld450 television with cable tv connection. i don't have any problem with video but problem with Audio. i'm using auto tuning option for get the all channels after got channels i only got videos but not audios. after check the manual option don't find BG option in system. one of my friend using same TV but he got this option of BG in manual turning and i can't changed it to Stereo. need your help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have recently bought a sharp aquos lc 40 le811e tv set,im havin problems tuning it i have a new antenna installed and when i try and auto tune it says there is no signal,i have also tried 2 differant types of portable antenna made for digital tv and still nothin works,cos of this i have to continue using my digi box although the tv has built in freeview,also cos of this i cant use most of the features on the tv set,i have tried so many times to tune it but still nothing works,could u tell me w

Does it have a built in digital tuner? unplug wait 5 minutes hold power button while you plug it in you should get into a secret menu usd by techs look and see if you have a digital tuner hope that way works for that set ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Audiovox TV Model no. TV92722. There is no Channel 52, 53, and 54 when cable was installed. When it is in channel auto search, it stopped searching. But if manually searching for channels 55 to 98, its ok, but still the three channels(52,53,54) is not existing. The cable man told me, to call you. Hope you can answer immediately.

... Audiovox Standard (CRT) Televisions

My thanks to Guest however as mentioned I have no problems using the SET-TOP BOX remote with my TV! I want to use my NEC remote as a stand alone; as I still have ANALOG reception? So disconnecting my SET-TOP and using my coax cable direct from wall socket to my TV I should be able to receive the ANALOG channels? and that's not happening; so when I use my NEC remote and go to menue the AUTO TUNE BOX DOES NOT DISPLAY! and that is the problem!

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

Everything was fine for about 1 year of use, the suddenly it lost all of the channels except the Latino channels and one of the shopping channels, all locals gone. Signal still good, no problem, antennae good, remote won't accept "enter" after keying in the 999 reset code.

If you have had a recent power outage this may be part of the television's fail-safe to protect it self from a surge. Televisions and other devices detect sudden losses of power and have safeties built-in to them to prevent a surge from damaging the ... Westinghouse SK-32H240S Television

Hisense HL81V88 Have just disconnected my Austar Box and plugged in for normal TV. Have auto tuned the Tv several times however channels not being picked up. Have checked to ensure antenna coax connections are correctly installed. Have now reset to factory settings. have auto tuned again and still no result. Thought it maybe related to the system setting needing to be set for Australia BG however dont know how to bring this screen up to check this. Cannot bring the TV back to original first time

... Flat Panel Televisions

I purchased a Toshiba LCD TV/DVD 22 DV500B for our great grand daughter in setting it up, I went through the auto set up, then it asked annolog yes or no I pressed yes thinking I would get a few extra annolog channels for her, all I ended up with was 4 good annolog channels and one not so good. To retune the manual states. Press MENU on the remote. Select SETUP and then INSTALLATION. I press menu but only get picture/sound quality changes. 6 different areas of change but no SETUP

Hey, i had this exact problem, made the same mistake with selecting yes. Worked out the solution is to press the source button, then scroll down one to DTV/USB, and this will be the free view. Hope it helps, Ben ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

LG LED 42LE5300. We just bought this TV last week. When we first installed it, we noticed uniform horizontal tiny lines on the picture. We tried to change the cable box, use high res. HDMI, even tried playing blue ray disc on it, but still had the lines. We were going to return it, but one evening, we turned it on, & it was clear, w/ no lines. We thought that was it, a few days later, the lines are back. What can we do to fix it? Or do we just need to replace the TV? We're very disappoint

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an alba LCDW16HDF tv and cannot tune it. I have tried the auto tune function and nothing! We bought a new antenna which claimed to be the best but it still shows 'no channels found'. It worKs when hooked up to our arial in the living room? This tv os for our motor home so we can't use this method as the tv and antenna need to be portable. I have fiddled with a lot of the settings, will I need to reset? How do I do that? How can I tune it?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I cannot get my stations to log in and stay on my t.v. When I scan it, will only hold on channel three. I turn it off and turn it back on and three is still there. However, if I try to change the channel it will not pick up another channel and then it also loses channel three. I have to scan all over again. I have purchased a new antenna and it still does not work. Channel five popped in one time and left again. I cannot find my instruction manuel. I purchased the t.v. 3 mos ago at HHGre

... Coby Flat Panel Televisions


This is called image burn, or image retention. There is no cure for this. The image has been burned into your picture tubes from having the same image tuned in for too long. ... Hitachi 57S715 57" Rear Projection HDTV

I have just replaced the bulb in my Panasonic PT50LC14, I have used two different remotes, one that came with the TV, the other that came with Fios. I have held the vol, button down on the TV, while holding the split button down on the Panasonic remote, no message that the timer has been reset, I have used the other remote using the PIP button still nothing. I have held down the mute button on both remotes, and still nothing. Now what do I do?

Are you getting the "replace lamp" etc message on the screen? ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

Insignia NS-LCD22-09 lost its channels. It keeps telling me to run auto program, but finds no channels. I've run the autoprogram 3 times. I also unplugged the TV and moved it to a different location, attached it to a different antenna which I knew was working with another TV. The auto program still found no channels. Would I be correct in thinking I need to take it in for repair or replacement?

... Insignia NS-LCD22-09 LCD HDTV

I have an LG 26LZ5RV TV. I have connected it from the RF output of my Sky+ box (using a coaxial cable) to the "Ant In" socket at the back of the TV. The RF output on the Sky box is set to Channel 35 and the power is on. I know that the output is working, as I have tested it on an old portable TV with manual tuning. My problem is that I cannot get my LG TV to tune in to the signal, using either auto or manual tuning. I have used System "I" and tried setting the Channel to 35 then searching b

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

We lost local tv from Dish on one of the local channels. We want to use the TV (model LC-46D85U) to view the local channel. How do we get the TV to view in local over the air instead of the satellite. We have never used open air channels before.

Connect air antenna to RF(coax) input of tv. Go to the menu and look for channel setup.Select antenna and auto scan. When done scanning you should have whatever stations you are able to pickup. Connect Sat reciever to one of the other input on the tv ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

LG37LG5020 Our remote control batteries died, so we used the side panel buttons for a while. This morning, after our son used his Playstation on the TV, the TV won't programme channels in and is saying to check the antenna connection. The antenna is still connected as it was yesterday, when it was working fine. TV works fine with the Playstation, just won't programme channels (autotune)... Have done a factory reset. All advice very welcome!

Hi. that:s be reset factory could do. if no you need a technician . good luck! ... LG 32LG30 32 in. LCD HDTV

Sony kd-36xs955 Turn tv on all channels fuzzy,once warmed up,everything is good.Now when you try to use the hdmi port for PS3 nothing there.The tv has had problems before like it would shut off and blink red lights.It was difficult to get it to come back on.Now it doesn't shut off anymore, but the above described problem still exist. I don't mind the blurry channels,but it won't alow me to use my PS3 anymore? Please help don't want to get rid of tv?

Count how many times the standby light blinks at one time. These blinking are fault indication. You can get an idea about the faulty circuit part inside, from these number of blinks. After make it sure, if you wish to get more details about Blinki ... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

I have a Curtis 24 inch Full HD LCD TV 2425A never used Trying to set it up and their was no book in the box it says to run Channel Auto scan .it is hooked up to Dish satelite ant. .to run the auto scan.I cant get it to go on channel 60 to program the dish remote Thank you Mr McMillan sr.

Used the tv remote go into tv Menu goto SETUP go down Ch. enter pick CABLE and enter again.Tv now will go into auto scanning for CABLE channels.After the auto scan done for the CABLE channels are finish.After this u will able to go to channel 60 to u ... Curtis Standard (CRT) Televisions

Appearing on one channel in the bottom right hand corner is a correction symbol in red (a tick mark) directly underneath that are two semi circles (resembling an ear). I cannot get rid of this and it only appears on one channel. Not sure how this suddenly appeared I must have accidentially hit something on the remote but nothing I have done removes it, including resetting the factory settings in the installation menu.

CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start taking things apart, lets try your simple remove power plug routine and power system back up. Also, please try your unit on ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

The t.v. was running fine until the usb orange button on the remote got pushed and now it's saying to run channel auto scan which I did. It did not correct problem. Still no picture. I went to set up Wizard and tried both the air and cable settings to see if I ran auto scan that way and still no luck

What happens when u hit the usb button again? ... Sceptre X405BV-FHD3 40 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, i have an LG 42LH5000 which is about 18 months old. Recently I lost all of my digital tv channels, each one said no signal. I re-scanned the channels and got most of them back, however the following channels will not be detected ni matter what I do, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV 2, Dave Ja Vu, E4 and E4+1. I thought it might be the antenna but my flat mate uses the same roof antenna as me and he receives all of these channels fine. I've tried unplugging it from the mains power and also perf

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I am having 21inch CRT BPL color TV. when i switched it on channel is coming and its automatically tuning and only grain are coming.. (means missing channel) I tried auto tuning,semi autotuning and manual tuning its not working. But Fine tuning is working until i stick to one channel. howerver if i change the channel , same problem occur.. Please help me in this regards

Check and replace its main system memory IC. It is faulty. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

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