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Panasonic tv i have a panasonic tv model tc-21fx20p, my problem is, it would automatically shut off after a few seconds, could you help me find the solution for this problem?

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There should be some short circuited component/s in the circuit board. Your TV need a through check up. Contact any service technician.

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Panasonic tv i have a panasonic tv model tc-21fx20p, my problem is, it would automatically shut off after a few seconds, could you help me find the solution for this problem?

There should be some short circuited component/s in the circuit board. Your TV need a through check up. Contact any service technician. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic PT-60LC-14 Getting the 1 orange flash every 5 seconds code at random times. This code says fan stopped. I cleaned all 3 fans and filters I could find...bulb is only 300 hrs old. Tv had shut off again (with same orange code) while I happened to have the back still removed and all 3 fans still running. Can someone help??

... Panasonic Projection Televisions

My panasonic 1080i will not turn on. Hit the power button and the light starts flashing green but nothing happens. After about 20 seconds or so the light goes back to red and flashes. Nothing works on the remote now. I bought this from Sams club as a close out as it was the last one (floor model) and did not have the manual. Have not seen any solutions to this problem as of yet. Please Help! W have not TV and are paying for service now.

... Panasonic PT-50LC14 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a Panasonic CRT TV TX29-P150X bought in Dubai. When the TV is cool it turns on for about 30 seconds and goes on standby by itself again with the red light on. Now it is on permanent standby until the TV cools off then it turns on again and then again goes off after 30 seconds. What could be the problem? My technician has replaced all the CAPS, one resistor and the regulators but still no go. What could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Plasma Panasonic I have a TV Panasonic model th-42pz8e bought 4 years ago. Everything went well until yesterday. When i tried to turn it on the red led start to blink 10 times then stop them start blinking again. Since that i could never turn on the TV. Could you please help me with a solution?

Replace the Power supply board very common issue with that chassis. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I am having problems getting cable on my TV. The cable man told me on the phone to change it to either #4 on the back of my cable , and then the cable will work. The problem I have is when I look into the back of my Shart Flat TV I could not find where I am suppose to switch to #4. Right now I cannot get cable on my Sharp Flat TV. Can you help with this, getting the cable working on my TV?? Where can I find this switch #3 or #4 behind my TV Monitor? Sharp Liquid Crystal Flat TV digital Mode

Like i said in ur other post u have to find the input or source buttons on ur remote. Also fyi it's never a good idea to post ur phone number on the internet. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I recently received a 42 in Vizio LCD Tv with Model number Gv42I. To get to the main point. There is no picture but there is sound to it, and it powers on with the change of the orange light to the white. But that's it. So i was wondering if anyone has the same problem and has a solution or know what it could be? I know nothing about tvs. So if you could help out that would be totally awesome!

Good very early morning from meYou are right I think about there being no garantee. So you will have to put the picture on the screen yourself. I will give you the advice I got in a similar situation and things got better.1. Adjust the ... Vizio 42 in. LCD TV

Good afternoon, Sirs! I bought an LCD TV Sony KLV-32S200A four years ago. Yesterday the TV didn't turn on. The standby light blinks 5 times and pauses for 2-3 seconds, then blinks 5 times again. Could you please let me know what the problem is and whether it is possible to solve the problem without fixing. Thanks for your help in advance!!!

Hello\015\012Blinking of standby light is Sony TVs are fault indication. Five blinks denotes \015\012AKB circuit (AKB), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about\015\01230 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. ... Sony KLV32S200 Television

Have a Gateway rear projection TV that power up for 1 second and turns off and repeats the same. Can not get to turn on. TV was working fine. Gateway was no help and refer to Toshiba, also could not help. Thank you for your possible solution

If it is a DLP television, check the lamp for damage inside the bulb. If it has 3 picture tubes you could have a convergence issue going on. A shorted convergence in a lot of rear projections will cause the set to shut down. I would know more if y ... Flat Panel Televisions

As I switch on my TV LCD Samsung (model LE37A656A1FXXC), some vertical coloured lines (semi-transparent though) appears in the left-center of the screen. After more than 30 mins they disappear and they come back from time to time. Unfortunately my warranty has expired. Someone says it's a problem with the T-CON Board. Could you help me find a new one or suggest me how to fix the problem? These are the numbers I've found on the board: 72.37T04.003-O-JC1 Rev. N.: 2007-08-23 Code.no: BN41-0944A

... Samsung LN52A650A LCD TV

This is a Samsung 42 inch LCD tv model number S42AX-YB08. My problem is the tv will turn on and there is sound but there is no picture! I was wondering what the problem could be and what a resonably cheap solution would be. Please Help! Thanks!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Kdl-52W5100 The TV gets many vertical lines on start. I let it work for half hour and then turn it off and back on and it's almost ok. there's still a horizontal line in the firts top quater generate a difference on image quality on top. Can somebody help me find the solution. I changed the LCD controler but was not solution the problem.

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

What's your problem?Hi I need help and support with my new purchase the PANASONIC HC-X900M FULL HD and I do not understand the record set up as I would like to record/ then burn on to DVD disc

... LG 50PC1DR 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a panasonic TV model PT-47WX42F and it was working just find until last night . I turned it on came on for 1 second then turned off also in front of tv is red light that is flashing 3 times then stops and then 3 more time I think this is a code can someone help thank you

Tree flashes on the Led means that the convergence ICs' need replace and will cost around four hundred for the repairs ... Panasonic PT-47WX53 47" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a panasonic TV model PT-47WX42F and it was working just find until last night . I turned it on came on for 1 second then turned off also in front of tv is red light that is flashing 3 times then stops and then 3 more time I think this is a code can someone help thank you

You have come to the right person:3 blinks constant is short protection and a 98% chance one of the 2.2 ohm resistors in front of the convergence chips is toasted---very common and known--I have fixed several hundred with this problem. ... Panasonic Projection Televisions

The problem of my sharp tv model 21V-FR80M is after powering it ON 3-5 seconds the tv will turn OFF?what could be the posible cause and trouble? PLS KINDLY REPLY AND HELP ME TROUBLE SHOOT!THAKS!!!!

The tv goes to "safe mode" to avoid damage to the main board, your problem should be related to a bad caps on the power supply due the tv turns on and offhope that this help u out ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

I have a panasonic pt-wx42f tv everything works great but the picture kinda looks 3d does anyone know what the problem could be and would I be able to do it my self please help

That's a common problem known as a convergence failure. Sites such as www.TvRepairKits.com have parts to fix this. ... Projection Televisions

There's a colored bar on the rightside edge of the screen. Unit's a 32" samsung. Could anyone help me out please and tell me what the problem might be? And the solution as well? Thanks a lot!

It may be whatever device is outputting that image to the tv, cable box, dvd player, satellite box and so on... That would be the first thing to check.1:) do you have cable?2:) Do you use a digital cable box with this tv?3:) if you do have a ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Wharfedale L15T11W-C which was previously connected via a Sky box. I have now moved the TV to another room and cannot get a TV channel. I have purchased a portable digital aerial to connect to the TV but as I thought perhaps this might be the problem I then connected the TV to the main aerial which services the main TV in the lounge. I still could not get the TV to find any channels. Help!

Seems like you may have damaged the tuner. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Vizio VT420M tv and ordered a mainboard. The back light comes up, but I still have no on screen disply when I hit the menu button. I have searched for firmware for this model and can't find it anywhere. I have even contacted Vizio technical support and they are no help. Could you please contact me with possible solution. Thank you

Did you check the T-CON board to see if it has switched 12vdc feeding it? You will need service manual to get the test points reading.\012Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 50 inch Panasonic Viera, and periodically when watching, the picture goes black(and sound shuts off) for about 4 seconds, and then both come back on? The problem is very random, sometimes it happens 5 times in an hour, sometimes not at all? Its been like this for several years, I just learned to ignore it, but I would love to finally fix it! Thanks for any help!

... Panasonic Viera TH-50PX80U Plasma TV

I have a 3 yr. old Panasonic model # TH-50PZ80U flat screen T.V. a month ago , after watching T.V for short while , then turning off, then turning back ON screen would be black, no sound or picture, red little light on front bottom blinks 10 times stops for a few seconds then repeats the 10 times blink & so on, until unplugged. The T.V will start to work if left unplugged for 1 hr. or so. Whats the problem ? What part would it need ? Appreciate the help. Kirstin Tidwell in L.B. , CA

The full fault guide explaining this and the solution can be downloaded athttp://www.mauritron2.com/downloads/Panasonic/while for the service manual googlemauritron.com ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

HI I have a Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Sound System Mod SC-BT735 which works fine manually but the remote will not work although the DVD is receiving the signal. Every time that we press a button on the remote we get a message on the display which reads SET 2. Could you please help with this problem. Pete

That is because the remote control is set to remote number 2. Set it to remote number 1 and all will work or set the switch on the Blu Ray to number 1.Hope that helps. ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I have an olevia lcd lt32hv tv that i picked up from an electronics dump... it seemed that there wer no problems with it but come to find out the aspect ratio is off a bit and the picture is a little bit colorless (on rgb out) and for some bazzar reason i cannot get into the menu... when i click the menu button it sits for a second and the screen goes black flashes and goes back to the input i was on (source) i have no clue whats wrong but can someone help with the menu button?

... Olevia LT37HV 37 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Hello everybody!!! I purchase a TV LCD Samsung model LN40A450C1XZP. I plug the power chord and the red light blinks, I can hear the sound, and then, it power off. After a seconds ir power up itself. The remote control doesnt control anything. It's a random problem. Anybody could help me?

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

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